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Chapter 726

The next moment, a colonel in combat uniform came carrying a machine gun.

Seeing Levi, the colonel immediately said: “Reporting chief, Jinling Military Region Black Panther Regiment Yi Xi will report to you!”

It turned out that the military district compound where Levi lived temporarily was the jurisdiction of the Black Panthers.

As soon as I heard that the military district compound had been demolished.

Yi Xi immediately assembled the Panthers and killed them aggressively.

“The chief?”

Shao Yuwen and West Youliang looked at Levi incredulously.


In an instant they understood why West Teng would hand over the task of the investment conference to Levi.

It turns out that this is a big coffee in the military!

Before, they thought that Levi was a family member!

Never thought it would be so!

Yi Xi carried the machine gun at Shao Yuwen and the others, and said coldly: “Who gave you the courage to let you go to demolish the military area compound? What do you think?”

“It is said that we can’t aim our guns at the people, but are you worthy? You pat your conscience and ask yourself!”

“Huh??? You still hurt people!”

“You haven’t done anything about human life in the past few years? You vampires, you beasts! I really want to abrupt you!”

Yi Xi said furiously.

Levi’s face was cold and suddenly raised his leg and thumped on the oval conference table.


The conference table was shattered, especially the surrounding parts were directly shattered and turned into dust.

“I, I, I…”

Shao Yuwen was frightened, their mouths trembled, and they became stuttered.

“Chief, we…we don’t know Taishan… please give another chance…”

Shao Yuwen and they immediately begged for mercy.

“Business affairs!”

“Check it out for me!”

“Their illegal records and crimes involving human life have all been found out! In addition, all the charges of breaking into military bases and demolishing the military compound compound have been added!”

Levi said angrily.


At this moment, Shao Yuwen and the others were going to be fainted.

Adding these charges together, they will definitely be shot!

On the same day, the non-governmental organization Jinling Chamber of Commerce was closed down.

A group of people applauded!

Many businesses have been squeezed by the Jinling Chamber of Commerce, and many people have even been killed or injured.

Most people sneered at the Jinling Chamber of Commerce.

After this incident today, many people began to cheer.

They have threatened that this is a great thing!

Especially the interests of middle and low-level merchants are protected.

After all, no one is oppressed.

They cheered naturally.

I don’t know if I don’t check it, I’m surprised when I check it.

Over the years, the Jinling Chamber of Commerce’s private pockets have reached tens of billions.

This part of the money was used to build bridges and roads.

It’s another great deed.

Levi’s mood was calmed down.

With joy and anxiety, the Jinling Chamber of Commerce fell.

The Mann family feels most distressed.

Chapter 727

They went in for 10 million in vain, and they didn’t even fight.

Now, all hope fell on Sarah.

The day before the start of the investment conference.

Melina and Mann Jianguo specially called Sarah to the front and asked about the progress.

Sarah did what it was supposed to do.

She also doesn’t know the progress.

But suddenly I thought of what Levi had told her.

This is all about his one sentence.

Since Levi dared to pack the ticket, he should believe him.

If you lose, let’s carry it together!

“It should be stable!”

Plum dyed.

“Huh? So sure?”

Melina’s eyes lit up fiercely.

Mann Jianguo stood up even more.


“Really, what did I lie to you!”

Sarah trusted Levi more and more, thinking he could do it.

This is a wife out of trust in her husband.

No matter what the husband is.

But as long as the husband is sure of things, he must unconditionally believe.

“That’s great! You never do things that are uncertain!”

Melina was almost crying with joy.

With this 50 billion project, the Mann family will make at least tens of billions of profits!!!

Double the wealth!

“But, I have a condition…”

Sarah turned to Feng.

“What conditions?”

Everyone looked at Sarah.

“This project was taken for the Mann family, yes, but everything is handled by me! This is my condition!”

Sarah put forward the conditions that Levi said.


After this condition was put forward, the Mann family changed their colors.

Although the project has come down, Sarah has the final say on how to develop it.

This can’t work!

“This won’t work! How can the Mann family’s project be controlled by a foreigner?”

“Yeah! What do people think about our Mann family when we spread it out?”

Everyone refused to agree.

“Sarah, look at me and your eldest brother-in-law in order to avoid suspicion, absolutely not mingling with Mann’s economy. Why are you doing this?”

Mann Junfei said.

“Yes, that’s not good! Let the elders laugh!”

Cross Wentao also said.

“This is my condition. If you don’t agree, I will give up the project!”

Plum dyed.

“Well, grandma and grandma promise you! You will be solely responsible for the project!”

Melina agreed.

After getting a positive answer, Sarah left.

After he left, Mann Xuecheng and Byron Mann immediately said with dissatisfaction: “Parents, is she really responsible?”

“Haha, let’s wait for the project to come down first! How can she be the Lord at that time!”

Melina smiled.

“Mom, didn’t you agree to subdue it?”

Someone asked.

“Don’t admit it! You will all testify to me at that time, Sarah can’t help it!”

The Mann family all smiled.

Chapter 728

The routine is the same as the original 10 million check.

He knew it was picked up by someone from the Mann family, but Levi took it with one bite.

After all, when Sarah is alone, he can’t talk about the entire Mann family.

Mann Qingfeng still worried: “Grandma, this is not good, isn’t it? It hurts your image!”

Melina smiled and said, “For the benefit of the Mann family, what is my personal image?”

“Furthermore, Sarah is focused on Levi. This project allows her to manage this project. Isn’t she going to become Levi?”

“Yes, we must not let Sarah be in power!”

Concubine Mann Jun and Cross Wentao said in unison.

Sarah still foolishly believed in the Mann family.

After all, in her eyes, Melina is an upright person.

Speaking must count.

But everything is appearance.

The next day.

The investment conference begins.

The address is in the Convention and Exhibition Center, and merchants from all over the world have arrived.

Local small and medium businesses are also actively participating.

If it were not for the fall of the Jinling Chamber of Commerce, they would not have this opportunity.

As the person in charge of Levi, he wanted to finalize everything.

Levi came to the convention and exhibition center, but when he was about to enter, he was shouted.

“We are too unlucky these two days? How can we always meet him!”

It turned out to be Ian’s group.

They also come to participate in investment conferences.

Relying on their identities, no one takes it seriously.

After all, Porter’s family is the biggest merchant in this investment conference.

Who is more powerful than Nelshire royal family?

“You are also here to attend the investment conference?”

Mack asked.

Levi smiled: “Otherwise?”

“Aren’t you just a security guard? What? You want to get investment projects too?”

“Or you knew that the Porter family was coming, and wanted to borrow the status of Porter’s grandson to make a fortune?”

Mack asked.

Ian even warned: “Don’t let me hear anything about you borrowing Porter’s identity, otherwise I will be rude to you!”

“I’m not here to get investment projects!”

Levi approached.

“Then you are?”

“I’m here to decide the investment project.”


Levi amused everyone with a word.

“What? You want to say that you are the person in charge of the investment conference?”

Mack sneered.

“Hey! Do you change your status a day?”

Ian shook his head helplessly.

Two days ago, he said he was the god of war in God of War.

Today I said that I was the person in charge.

This kind of behavior, in Ian’s view, is stupid.

Looking for a sense of presence in front of Porter’s family is not like that.

You have to come up with real materials!

For example, if you come up with a worth of tens of billions, the Porter family will recognize you.

Or if you carry a star on your shoulders, you are a major general, and the Porter family must provide for you.

It’s a pity that you Levi is just a ba5tard.

Levi glanced indifferently at Porter’s family and said: “You go back, the investment conference has nothing to do with you.”

Chapter 729

As soon as these words came out, everyone in Ian was stunned.

What do you mean?

The investment conference has nothing to do with them?


The Porter family came to Jinling to participate in the investment conference. It was condescending to show face.

Will they not get the project?

impossible things!

If they can’t get it, no one can get it.

It can even be said that the Porter family controls everything.

“Impossible, who wouldn’t give the Porter family face?”

Naturally, Ian didn’t believe it.

“Hehe, then you guys can do your own thing and be kicked out at that time, don’t say I didn’t remind you.”

Levi left a word and entered the Convention and Exhibition Center.

“Haha, let’s go in, I’m going to see who will rush out Porter’s family today?”

Ian and his party swaggered into the exhibition center.

After arriving at the venue, Porter’s family went directly to the front seat.

“Sit somewhere else!”

Mack drove away all the merchants who were already sitting in the front row.

Everyone dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak, who would dare to fight the Porter family.

Unless you don’t want to live anymore.

As soon as Ian sat down, a voice sounded: “You can’t sit here! Please leave the exhibition center!”

It turned out that several security guards who maintained order came to the front road.


Ian everyone was stunned.

“what are you saying?”

“You hurry up and leave! There is no place for you in this investment conference!”

Security said seriously.

Ian didn’t get angry but smiled: “You found the wrong person? Do you know who we are?”

“Nelshire Porter Family, it’s you! Right away, right away, get out of here! Don’t force us to drive you!”

The security attitude is very hard.

This stunned Ian.


Could it be true that Levi was right?

Will they really be driven away?

how can that be?

“Knowing that we are Nelshire Porter’s family, still dare to let us out?”

Ian lowered his voice and said in a low voice.

“Leave quickly! I don’t want to say more!”

Security said coldly.

“I just won’t leave today, let me see who dares to move me?”

Ian said coldly.

He doesn’t believe that someone will move him in Little Jinling?

Mackji were also arrogant and didn’t pay attention to these people.

Security picked up the headset and said, “Call, ask for support! Ask for support!”

Soon rushed over to dozens of security guards.

He couldn’t help but set up a few people from Ian and threw them out of the exhibition center.

“Hey hey, what are you doing?”

“Let go of me, I am the young Lord of the Porter family!”

“You are looking for death!!!”

Ian struggled, but it was in vain.

“A group of stinky security guards, dare to move me, you are waiting!”

Mack, who was thrown on the ground, said coldly.

“Okay, we’re waiting for the Porter family to retaliate! I have registered myself, Cross Shilong, Lieutenant of the Black Panther Regiment of the Jinling Military Region!”

Chapter 730

“Yu Dongfei, Captain of the Black Panther Regiment of the Jinling Military Region!!!”

“Lieutenant Boyd Fisher of the Black Panther Regiment of the Jinling Military Region!!!”

After these security guards reported their names, Ian was completely stunned.

It turns out that the security guards at today’s investment conference are all soldiers!!!

“Excuse me, excuse me!”

“We said the wrong thing…”

Ian immediately apologized.

No matter how powerful the Porter family was, they wouldn’t dare to go against them.

They came to Jinling to leave a good impression on the God of War.

It’s not here to make trouble.

“This is not right? First, how can the security of the investment conference belong to the Jinling Military Region?

Second, Levi said before that we would be kicked out, so were we kicked out? “

Mack was surprised, with a look of confusion.

“Could it be possible that this matter really has something to do with Levi?”

“Could it be that he is really the person in charge?”

Everyone was surprised.

Ian frowned, touched his chin, and thought: “It’s strange, we are going to be kicked out of the investment conference? It seems that it really has something to do with Levi?”

At this time, a car came to the Convention and Exhibition Center.

The plums that got off the car stained a few people.

Sarah didn’t enter the meeting place, she just sent her secretary in.

“Brother Long, do you know who that woman is?”

“She is Levi’s wife!”

Mack’s investigation was very clear, and he recognized that the plum was dyed.

“Then let’s go and take a look!”

Ian led people to Sarah.

“Levi’s wife?”

Ian asked.

“Yes, you are?”

Sarah’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly, and a trace of confusion flashed in his beautiful eyes.

“This kid Levi also has such a beautiful wife?”

“Yes, this kid is lucky.”

Porter family sneered.

Ian smiled and said: “Miss Logan hopes you keep your eyes open and don’t be fooled by Levi. My Porter family will not recognize his grandson status! He has nothing to do with him! He may use Nelshire Porter’s grandson status to deceive you!”

“No! My husband won’t recognize his status as Porter’s grandson. Don’t worry.”

Sarah immediately defended Levi’s dignity.

She could say that Levi was wrong.

But others can’t.

“Then you can do it for yourself!”

Ian and his party left.

Sarah frowned. Through Ian’s words just now, she thought of one thing.

Levi promised the 50 billion project.

This time, the boss of Erick Group will not control it.

She couldn’t imagine what method Levi would do.

She seemed to understand now.

There is a high probability that Levi secretly strived for the project as Porter’s grandson.

In the name of the Porter family of the Nelshire royal family, it is not difficult to get a 50 billion project.

“It must be so!”

Sarah was very moved.

She knew that Levi hated the Porter family very much.

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