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Chapter 731

But for her, she didn’t hesitate to use the status of Porter’s grandson to win the project.

Soon after, the investment conference ended.

Sarah’s little secretary excitedly took out a project book.

“Mr. Logan, we won the bid! We got the investment!”

Sarah flipped through the project book.


It really is a 50 billion investment project.

At this time Levi also walked out.

“Have you got it?”

Levi smiled.

“Well, thank you for your hard work!”

Sarah thanked him.

Levi was curious that Sarah didn’t even ask how he did it.

How did he know that Sarah thought he had won it as Porter’s grandson.

“That’s OK, I will tell grandpa the news to them first.”

Later, Sarah returned to Mann’s house.

Almost everyone in the Mann family is waiting.

Everyone smiled when they saw Sarah dyed back.

“How is Sarah?”

Melina asked.

“Grandma succeeded, I got a 50 billion investment project! This is the project information!”

Sarah handed the project information to everyone.

After reading it, everyone showed ecstasy.

It’s really a 50 billion project.

“Sarah, you are amazing, you did it without any effort!”

Melina smiled.

“Grandma, what you promised me counts!”

“First, anyone in the Mann family, including my parents, will no longer intervene in my affairs with Levi.”

“Second, I am responsible for the 50 billion project.”

Sarah looked at Melina and said.


The atmosphere in the field suddenly stagnated, and everyone’s complexion became abnormal.

Sarah was stunned.

What is rhythm?

In the next second, Melina asked in surprise: “Huh? Did I say it?”

Sarah was completely stunned as soon as he said that.


She was struck by lightning and her brain was blank.

The whole person is going to be numb.

“Grandma, you…what do you mean? Didn’t you agree well? How did you change your mind?”

Sarah asked incredulously.

“Girl, it’s not that I changed my mind, I can’t remember that I promised you this! I never promised it?”

Melina didn’t change her face and her heart didn’t beat.

Concubine Mann Jun and Cross Wentao said immediately: “Yes, Sarah, grandma never promised this at all!”

“Isn’t it, when I talked to you, we were always there. We didn’t mention it at all.”

“Sarah, are you confused? Or remembered wrong! There is no such thing!”

Even Mann Jianguo joined in and said, “Yes, Sarah, we won’t lie to you! You didn’t mention this at all!”


Facing the unanimous tone of everyone in the Mann family, Sarah smiled miserably.

She won’t argue anymore.

Chapter 732

Of course she can’t argue.

Everyone in the Mann family testified together-there was no such thing.

What does this make her do?

At this moment, the tall images of Mann Jianguo and Melina in her mind collapsed.

It turns out that they are the same as Grandpa in these respects, even shameless.

Use this method to yourself!!!

There is no family affection at all.

She understood a little now, why Levi didn’t recognize Porter’s family.

The larger the family, the more indifferent the human relationship.

Sarah sneered: “Grandma really didn’t expect you to do this kind of thing too! Granddaughter was shocked!”

“Sarah, what are you talking about? You are disrespectful to the elders!”

Cross Wentao immediately angered.

“You dare to be unclean to grandma, believe it or not, I will smoke you!”

Concubine Mann Jun threatened.

Sarah smiled miserably: “Are you not allowed to say something so shameless?”

“You look for smoke!”

Concubine Mann Jun immediately rushed in front of Sarah, and she was about to slap her off.

As a result, the plum dye opened.

“Do you still dare to resist?”

Concubine Mann Jun roared.

“Get down!!!”

Melina’s voice sounded.

Concubine Mann Jun gave up and stood aside staring at Sarah.

Melina looked at Sarah and said, “For your merits, grandma doesn’t care about you! But there is no next time!”

“Yes, you have always been very obedient, what happened today? I think it is the bad habits of Levi!”

Mann Jianguo said angrily.

Everyone reacted now.

The original Sarah was very obedient and would never resist.

Why is it abnormal today?

Sarah swept around and said, “I don’t want the 50 billion project, so I’ll give it to you! But if anyone intervenes in the matter between me and Levi, don’t blame me for turning my face away and denying anyone!”

“It turned you back! Dare to talk to us like this?”

Mann Jianguo and Melina said angrily: “With us here, don’t want to be with Levi, we will try our best to stop it!”

“My business is not your turn to intervene!”

After speaking, Sarah slammed the door and left.

“Look, how tempered you are now, what else do we have if you want this project to fall into her hands?”

Concubine Mann Jun said dissatisfied.

“Isn’t it, I don’t have much respect now! I’ll pay it back in the future!”

Other humane.

Melina and Mann Jianguo panted with anger.

“I’m so angry! She and Levi must never be together!”

Melina roared.

After Sarah ran out, he did not cry.

Instead, he was very calm.

During this period, after Levi came back.

She has grown a lot.

Become strong.

Finally, Sarah found Levi: “I will live with you in the future, where do you live, where do I live.”

Levi was taken aback, then his face changed.

He realized something was wrong.

“They bullied you?”

Levi asked.

Chapter 733

Sarah can only tell Levi everything.

After listening, Levi said with a cold face: “Go, go to Mann’s house and ask for an explanation! Don’t let it be so unclear!”

“Forget it, just keep less contact in the future!”

Sarah didn’t want to go.

“You must not be weak at this time! Your weakness this time will make them worse!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, I’ll go with you!”

Sarah became stronger.

If in the past, Sarah would only let Levi forget.

Never dare to ask for an explanation.

At this moment, Mann Jiazheng was immersed in a pleasant atmosphere.

They made at least tens of billions of profits for these 50 billion projects.

The Mann family’s worth will double.

And it can also bring a lot of invisible value.

“I have to say that Sarah is very capable, and we can easily solve the things we can’t handle!”

“It’s just being bewitched by Levi. He’s too disobedient. Otherwise, how much benefit would I have to generate income for the Mann family?”

Cross Wentao and Concubine Mann Jun were dissatisfied.

Melina looked serious: “I think Levi brainwashed her 80% of the time!”

“Huh? Why are you back?”

The next moment, everyone saw the plum dyed back.

With Levi by his side.

“I’ll beg for justice!!!”

Sarah said coldly when facing everyone in the Mann family.

She was isolated and helpless before, but now that Levi is here, she is not afraid.

“Just ask for justice? Haha, I went to move the rescuer back!”

“Why, you still want Levi to overturn my Mann family?”

Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei said angrily.

Melina looked at Sarah and asked, “Are you here to seek justice? Who can you seek justice? When did the Mann family owe you justice?”


“Grandma, you owe me justice!”

Sarah said coldly.

“When do I owe you justice?”

Melina’s face was as cold as a piece of ice.

“I have done what I promised you, what about you? What about what I promised? Instead, all the people pretended not to know!”

“Grandma, grandpa, I respect you as the elders! What about you? You go back and forth, do you look like an elder?”

Sarah asked coldly.

“I think you just owe it!!!”

Concubine Mann Jun and Cross Wentao rushed down together.

The two wanted to slap the plum severely.


But Cross Wentao was kicked out as soon as he arrived in front of Sarah.

The audience was silent.

Levi grabbed Concubine Mann Jun’s wrist and slapped her face back.

“The woman who dares to move me? I’m looking for death!”

Levi’s presence, how could they let them bully Sarah.

The Mann family was silent collectively.

A minute later, a violent sound broke out.

“Levi, you are so bold! You dare to beat people!”

“Do you know how big a mistake you made?”

Everyone in the Mann family roared.

Chapter 734

Concubine Mann Jun clutched her swollen face, Cross Wentao struggled to get up, and the two stared bitterly at Levi.

Levi looked at Melina and asked, “You old couple are really shameless!”

“Why are we shameless? Besides, what qualifications do you have to say?”

Melina said angrily.

“Did the things that promised Sarah changed?”

Levi asked sharply.

“What is a change of mind, I never mentioned it! The one hundred and tenth person of the Mann family can testify for me!”

Melina lied, her expression calm.

“Yes, we prove that there is no such thing!”

“Everything is nonsense by Sarah! No such thing!”

The Mann family all spoke up, and Sarah was talking nonsense about this matter.

Feeling the indifference of the Mann family again, Sarah smiled.

“Melina, dare you look at me?”

Sarah said furiously.

“How about looking at you?”

Melina sneered.

“Do you dare to say what did you do if you didn’t promise? Look into my eyes, touch your conscience and say yes?”

Levi suddenly lowered his voice and roared in a low voice.

Seeing Levi’s terrifying eyes, Melina hesitated: “I… I didn’t promise her anything…”

“You hesitate! Sarah is your granddaughter, so you treat her like this? You are an old man like this? Are you afraid that your ancestors will blame you? Fortunately, you were once a member of the army, so you cheated your granddaughter like this?”

Levi didn’t give her any chance, and kept asking questions.

Under Levi’s strong attack, Melina could no longer bear it, panting heavily, her body trembling, and she didn’t even dare to look at Levi.

“You don’t dare to look at me anymore, it means you have a ghost in your heart! Losing Sarah and respecting you so much, is this your behavior?”

Levi continued to ask questions.


Melina had a guilty conscience, and quickly couldn’t hold it under Levi’s language attack.


Seeing Melina couldn’t hold it anymore, Mann Jianguo stood up and said angrily: “What qualifications do you have to ask us?”

“Don’t you dare to ask me questions, isn’t it a guilty conscience?”

Levi smiled.

“What is our guilty conscience! There is no such thing at all, okay?”

Although Mann Jianguo said so, there was sweat on his forehead.

Levi’s aura is too strong.

A few words made so many people in the Mann family feel guilty.

Especially Levi’s eyes were sharp like knives, which penetrated people’s hearts.

Let him take a look, and people feel guilty.

“What are you? You are on the Mann family’s site now, get out of me quickly!”

Mann Xuecheng roared angrily.

“Yes, this is the Mann family, and it’s not your turn to be a stranger! Get out! Don’t blame us for being rough!”

The other Mann family members were also angry.

Chapter 735

They turned their guilty conscience into anger.

All the anger must be vented on Levi.

“Hehe, if I don’t ask for an explanation today, no one can force me to leave!”

Levi has made up his mind and must get Sarah justice back.

Otherwise this matter has not been discussed!

“What do you mean, Sarah? Bringing an outsider to make trouble! You have to be satisfied if Levi knocks out the Mann family, right?”

Xiao Ruomei began to put Sarah’s body on the target.

Pick and pinch soft persimmons.


Sarah was speechless for a while.

But Levi stood in front of her, facing everyone in the Mann family: “Something is coming at me! Dare to bully my woman?”

“If you don’t give an explanation about Mann Jianguo and Melina, I will never leave you today!”

Levi was determined.

“Okay, don’t you leave? I want you to regret it!”

Cross Wentao was angry.

Call someone immediately.

Soon dozens of people rushed in with clubs in their hands and surrounded Levi.

“Don’t leave, right? I will break your leg today and throw it out for you!”

Cross Wentao sneered.

He could already imagine Levi being brutally beaten.

Mann Jianguo and Melina said cruelly: “Take him crippled for me! The big deal is that I will raise him in the Mann family for the second half of his life! Treat him like a dog!”

Not good!

Sarah’s face changed.

Realized that the Mann family was going to be real.

This is abruptly wanting to abolish Levi!

“Give it to me!”

Cross Wentao gave an order.

Dozens of thugs all rushed up.

Sarah closed his eyes in despair.

“Boom boom…”

There was a ringing sound in her ear.

After more than ten seconds, the sound was gone.

Sarah opened his eyes and found dozens of people lying on the ground and rolling in pain.

Levi stood like a human being.

Is he so good?

It’s not just plum dyed dumbfounded.

And everyone in the Mann family was dumbfounded.

They looked at Levi incredulously.

They probably didn’t expect Levi to be so good.

Dozens knocked everyone down.

Cross Wentao, standing at the front, was trembling.

Levi stepped forward and threw him away.

It fell to the ground with a bang, and the bones were probably cracked.

Levi banged the table in front of him to pieces.

“Today, if I can’t ask for justice, I will use force to solve everything!”

Levi was ruthless and domineering.

The Mann family was silent collectively.

Levi is really good.

Mann Jianguo refused to admit defeat and said: “What? Are you still going to beat us and fail?”

Melina also said: “Yes, you move my finger to see!”

Mann Xuecheng even said to Sarah: “Sarah, you betrayed your ancestors! You dare to persuade outsiders to beat us! You want to kill your relatives righteously!”

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