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Chapter 736

Sarah raised his head and replied: “I didn’t mean it! I’m here, just wanting to get justice! It’s you who are aggressive and beat people first. We are just a legitimate defense.”

“Good good!!!”

“It seems that you were completely bewitched by Levi!”

Melina said angrily: “Justice? No! I say it again, I have never promised you anything! Everything is all nonsense by yourself!”

“I order you now to leave Mann’s house with the miscellaneous people and wait! This is not the place where you go wild!”

Sarah and Levi glanced at each other and said: “Let us leave! First, the Mann family must promise not to interfere with Levi and me. Second, I must be responsible for the 50 billion fund project!”

“I want to be beautiful! Impossible!”

“I tell you it’s impossible!”

Mann Jianguo is extremely overbearing: “First, the 50 billion project belongs to the Mann family, and it has nothing to do with you. Second, we will stop the marriage between you and Levi to the end!”

Levi smiled: “I have a way to get justice!”

He dragged Cross Wentao, step by step towards the Mann family.

“You…what are you going to do?”

Melina and the others panicked.

“I said it, force it!”

Levi sneered.


He kicked Cross Wentao’s leg and immediately made a sound of bone cracking.


Cross Wentao looked terrifying and screamed like a pig.

Everyone in the Mann family panicked.

“You… don’t mess around!”

Mann Jianguo persuaded.

Levi started too cruelly.

They are scared.

Levi smiled: “The other leg!”



Cross Wentao screamed again.

Everyone in the Mann family was shocked to see.

I am extremely afraid of Levi!

“Sarah, look at what he is doing? You still don’t stop!”

Mann Xuecheng shouted.

Sarah said coldly: “To tell you the truth is he won the 50 billion project! His condition is to let me be in power! You are to blame for this!”


Everyone in the Mann family was shocked.

“Then it should be the arm!”

Levi smiled indifferently.

“Grandpa and grandma save me… I don’t want to die…”

Cross Wentao was scared to pee on his pants.

“Don’t Garrison brother-in-law!!!”

At this moment, Mann, who had finished his duties, came back.

When they saw Mann, the Mann family knew that the backbone was coming.

Byron Mann and others immediately shouted: “Mann quickly take this beast! He has injured a lot of people!”

Unexpectedly, Mann knelt down in front of Levi with a thud, and pleaded: “Brother-in-law Garrison hopes you will give me a face and don’t embarrass the Mann family.”

Mann knew what the result of angering Levi was.

It’s a pity that the Mann family doesn’t know anything about it.

He can’t do things that violate discipline.

Levi’s identity is top secret.

It must be kept secret.

Chapter 737

“I can go, but I will be fair!”

Levi said lightly.

“What did you do, grandpa and grandma?”

Mann asked.

Soon, he understood the situation clearly.

“Grandpa and grandma, you must be fair to Sarah! Otherwise, this matter is endless! I will take care of everything!”

Mann said.

Melina and Mann Jianguo looked at each other.

They were afraid that Levi would make trouble.

Only temporarily compromised.

“It must be written in black and white, and it must be stamped!”

Levi approached.

“Don’t go too far!!!”

Melina shouted.

“Grandma, listen to me and write!”

Mann said immediately.

Finally, Melina was forced to write two statements.

It can be regarded as fulfilling the previous promise to Sarah.

“Also apologize!”

Levi approached.

“Presumptuous, too much!”

Melina naturally refused to agree, feeling that her dignity was trampled on.

“Grandpa and grandma save me…”

Cross Wentao’s voice sounded.

He felt that his arm was about to break.

“Okay, Sarah, it’s grandma I’m sorry, I apologize to you!”

Melina finally apologized to Sarah.

“Grandma, I hope there is no next time, I respect you.”

Plum dyed.


Melina was furious.

Today is the most humiliating day for her.

She took it down.

But this is not over yet.

Mann continued: “Grandma, I think the cheque has to be repaid to brother-in-law!”

“Huh? Mann, you…”

Melina was anxious.

Mann directly brought the servant Lao Cross: “Please tell me about the check, or I will send you to jail. I have evidence!”

Lao Cross could only say it all.

“I took the check! It has nothing to do with Uncle Garrison!”

“Hey! Do evil!”

Melina felt ashamed of her face.

But nothing can be done.

From then on, her old face could no longer face Levi and Sarah.

Sarah was naturally happy to rectify Levi’s name.

She did not expect that the Mann family had done similar things before.

“Grandpa, grandma, you are too much!”

Sarah said angrily.

“We are all good for you, one day you will understand.”

Mann Jianguo Road.

Finally, Sarah and Levi, who were fair, left the Mann family.

“No one can bully you in the future, whoever bullies you, tell me!”

Levi approached.

The Mann family was dead.

Today is really lost.

It was actually suppressed by Levi.

This is what makes the Mann family the most angry and unacceptable.

Looking at Cross Wentao, who was trampled on and broken his legs, the Mann family was full of anger.

“No! I can’t bear this tone!”

Melina had a gloomy face.

“Yes, if I can bear it, my Mann family can’t hold my head up!”

Mann’s family is full of hideous faces.

Chapter 738

Cross Wentao, whose legs were trampled off, roared wildly: “I, Cross Wentao, and Levi are not the same in this life!”

Concubine Mann Jun said even more: “I immediately told the Cross Family about this. The Cross Family will definitely use all their strength to kill Levi!”

Everyone in the Mann family has a vengeance.

The shame Levi brought to them is definitely going to get back.

Mann didn’t speak.

But once someone retaliated against Levi, he would be the first to stop it.

After leaving Mann’s house.

“So cool!”

Sarah let out a long sigh of relief.

She has always been tolerant to the Logan family and Mann family.

Never been so tough as today!

Especially Melina was forced to apologize and fulfilled all the promises!

“You were so horrible just now, I didn’t expect you to interrupt the eldest brother-in-law’s leg!”

Sarah had lingering fears and looked at Levi curiously.

“This kind of person is owed! Dare to slap you and try?”

Levi approached.

Sarah hugged Levi.

I feel that this embrace is very warm.

Levi did not hesitate to fight with the powerful for her.

Fight against the entire Mann family!

What if he has nothing?

What if he eats and drinks?

I will accompany him all the time!

In the end, Levi and Sarah lived in the original Sanxing Group house.

Plum dye is very satisfied.

This will make it easier to work overtime in the future.

Also stay away from the harassment of the Mann family.

“Shall we get married soon?”

Sarah can’t wait any longer.

Not getting married is a hidden danger after all.

Levi smiled: “Don’t worry, others can’t interfere. What’s more, the surprise I prepared has not yet been completed.”

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you to give me a wedding day!”

Sarah is really looking forward to it.

Sarah’s next task is very heavy, not only the Dongtian Group, but also the 50 billion investment projects that he won.

Levi was idle.

Occasionally check the progress of the wedding house construction.

A few days later, Qin, the No. 1 chief of the Western Frontier Theater, is coming to Jinling.

This matter has been raging for a long time.

After all, Qin made high-profile propaganda and wanted everyone to know it.

Many rich and famous celebrities held a welcoming ceremony early.

The Porter family even entrusted the relationship to spend money to block half of the airport.

Only for Qin’s arrival.

For this reason, Porter’s family came to Wuhu Villa from Nelshire early.

“Have you heard, tomorrow’s welcome ceremony must be done!”

Brandon specifically asked.

The second day.

The T1 terminal of Jinling International Airport is completely blocked.

Brandon took the Porter family to greet him here.

And the big families in Jinling also came to greet them one after another.

The only thing that did not come to meet was the military district.

After all, Qin came back this time, the outside news was to heal his injuries.

Of course this is to paralyze the enemy.

Qin is fine.

Qin walked out in response to many calls.

Chapter 739

Brandon brought the rich and famous celebrities forward to greet: “Chief Qin can look forward to you! You have been on the front line to fight wars, and you have worked hard for the country and the people!”

“I, Brandon, on behalf of the Porter family, extend my lofty respect to you!”

Brandon almost knelt to Qin.

“Mr. Porter is too polite, this is what I should do!”

Qin was wearing casual clothes, after all, the excuse was to come back to heal his injuries.

“Chief Qin, this is the pennant created by the Porter family for you!”

Brandon ordered someone to send it up.

Four words are written on the pennant: “The most important weapon of the country!”

Although Porter’s family is dedicated, but with Qin’s qualifications, he can definitely enjoy this name.

Qin took the banner and smiled and said, “As long as the Porter family understands a little bit of truth, they won’t come to curry favor with me. There is a big mountain in your family!”

Before he came, he checked the relationship between Xia Levi and the Porter family.

He can only say that Porter’s family is too stupid.

The god of war of a country does not confess or recognize his identity.

Instead came to flatter him?

“Ah? What did you say, Chief Qin? There is a big mountain in my house?”

“Are you referring to my youngest son Rusten? I heard that he has long been a top presence in the Emperor Iron Brigade, and is the right-hand man of the God of War!”

Brandon asked excitedly.


Qin was really going to vomit blood.

Several top-level existences of the Emperor Iron Brigade are all his comrades-in-arms.

Where is Rusten.

Return God of War’s right-hand man, pull the calf, right?

“Well, that’s that!”

Qin answered very perfunctorily.

But this answer was heard by Porter’s family, it was the stone hammer.

Rusten is the right arm of God of War!!!

“My Porter family is out of the dragon!”

Brandon cried with joy.

Qin really wanted to pat him on the head.

Your Porter family has long been out of the dragon.

Isn’t the God of War of a country a dragon?

“Please, Chief Qin! I have arranged a quiet and elegant villa for you, which is very helpful for you to heal your injuries!”

Brandon said.

Qin did not refuse.

He had come to show Huguo about his injuries.

“Okay, please lead Mr. Porter!”

As soon as Qin agreed, this made the Porter family very excited.

This promise meant that Qin recognized the Porter family, and thus was regarded as the Porter family’s contacts.

Brandon walked with his head high.

His son was a warlord of the Emperor Iron Brigade, and God of War War God and Qin were the patrons of the Porter family.

In the future, who would dare to provoke Porter family?

Where hasn’t it been rampant?

Finally, Qin stayed at Wuhu Villa.

The Porter family set up a banquet, extremely luxurious.

Qin accepted them one by one.

The Porter family was very pleased.

The more Qin took, the stronger the relationship between the Porter family and him.

After the people knew it, they refused to agree.

One after another vented their dissatisfaction with Qin.

Thinking that he escaped from the battlefield, the soldiers in front were fighting bloody battles, but he spent extravagantly with the celebrities and the rich.

Chapter 740

For a time, the public’s voice for Qin dropped sharply.

Many people even rushed to the Five Lakes Villa to scold them.

“Chief Qin, don’t care, they are jealous that my Porter family invited you!”

Brandon smiled.

“By the way, Chief Qin, we are going to build a statue for the God of War. Would you like to ask you to give some advice? What do you think?”

Ian asked.

“That can.”

Afterwards, Qin followed Ian and others to the city center.

A statue of more than ten meters high has been erected on this square.

“What do you think of Chief Qin? If you are satisfied, we will also make one for you!”

Ian asked expectantly.

Looking at the majestic statue, Qin frowned.

Brandon and Ian gave a thud in their hearts.

Is it dissatisfied?

“What happened to Chief Qin?”

Brandon asked tentatively.

If they are not satisfied, they will be in great trouble.

“Whose statue did you make?”

Qin asked.

“God of War!”

“Then do you know what God of War looks like?”

Qin’s question hit the nail on the head.

“Although there is no direct photo, but I have checked a lot of data, and the God of War War God has a statue like this!”

Ian said.

“You F*rt!”

“The God of War of God of War doesn’t look like this at all, he looks like… he looks like that…”

Qin suddenly pointed at one person-Levi.

“This… isn’t this Levi?”

Brandon and others looked over.

It happened that Levi was nearby, and Qin subconsciously pointed to it at a glance.

One sentence shocked the Porter family.

Is Levi really the God of War?

He really said before that he was the God of War.

Moreover, he said that he was the person in charge of the investment conference, and drove the Porter family out.

Could it be that it was him!

At this time, Qin continued: “If you check on the Internet, you dare to say that it is the God of War of God of War. I just drag a person on the street, and I dare to say that it is the God of God of War. Anyway, no one has really seen it!”


“It’s not Levi!”

Brandon breathed a sigh of relief.

It turned out to be referring to Levi casually.

“In addition, the God of War absolutely dislikes things like statues! Push it quickly, so as not to annoy him in the end!”

Qin said coldly.


Ian and Mack looked at each other.

Because Levi said that God of War did not like this.

It really made him right.

But the two faintly felt that something was wrong there.

After tearing down the statue, Qin left with excuses.

“Shadow, follow Chief Qin, report his whereabouts, and protect his safety by the way!”

Brandon ordered.

Shadow immediately followed.

Shadow followed Qin all the way to a remote alley.

But he saw Qin kneeling in front of a man.

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