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Chapter 741

“The Lieutenant General Qin of the Western Territory War Zone pays a visit to General God of War!”

Qin shouted.

“Get up! Don’t use this set with me!”

The person standing in front of Qin is naturally Levi.

But when Porter’s number one Lord, the shadow, saw this scene, he was frightened.

The general God of War that Qin said was Brandon’s grandson Levi?

It turned out that Qin was not just pointing at people just before the statue.

It’s true!

God of War is like Levi.

Because he is!

Just as the shadow was shaking, a voice suddenly rang in my ear: “I followed me for the second time. Do I have to wait for me to pull you out?”

Oops, it was discovered.

the second time?

The shadow trembled all over.

It turned out that Levi had discovered him a long time ago.

Shadow thinks that the hidden kung fu is invincible, and has never been discovered.

Now discovered by the God of War, he is convinced.

A shadow in black came out.

Then knelt in front of Levi: “God of War, forgive me! The villain following you is also helpless!”

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have killed it!”

Levi said indifferently.

“You continue to be in the dark, someone may follow us next and deal with them!”

Qin ordered.

A lot of Huguo spies were staring at him, and the shadows were dealt with.


After the shadow disappeared.

Qin said with a serious face: “Boss, I’ll go back in the middle of the night tonight, and I’ll be caught off guard against Tiger Country.”

“Huh? So fast?”

Levi looked surprised.

He thought Qin could stay for a few days.

“If I don’t go back again, I have to let the people scold me to death. What’s more, the best time tonight is in the middle of the night! There will be a gathering at the Alton Camp, and I will take the people away immediately!

“All right! Live for Lao Tzu!”

Levi patted Qin’s shoulder again.

“I heard that you are going to remarry with your sister-in-law. I may not be able to attend the wedding, but there must be no less gifts!”

“Go, take me to see my sister-in-law!”

Qin couldn’t wait.

Levi brought Qin to the company.

Sarah looked at the stranger next to Levi and was stunned.

But the moment Boyd Xiao saw Qin, his whole body was almost exploded.


This is the number one leader of the Western Frontier Theater!

Her real sir!


Boyd Xiao was so excited that he stumbled to the ground.

“First First First First… the head is good…”

Watching Qin for a long time, Boyd Xiao panicked and subconsciously called out a name.

“How about the chief??”

Plum dyed a lot of confusion.

But he was very surprised.

How can Boyd Xiao call the head of this man okay?

Does it have any status?

“Hello, beauty, please don’t be so excited!”

Then, Qin looked at Sarah and said, “Hello sister-in-law, my name is Qin! It’s a good brother of Brother Garrison! We came from the same place.”

Chapter 742

Did he come from the same place as Levi?

Sarah subconsciously thought that he and Levi had come out of a prison.

“Hello! Sit down! Boyd Xiao quickly pour tea!”

Sarah is very enthusiastic.

“Sister-in-law, I still have an urgent matter. I heard that you and the boss are remarrying. I can’t attend the wedding anymore. I must have a gift!”

With that said, Qin took out a military green box.

Inside is a golden medal.

There are four words written on it-the king of the west.

This is made of pure gold!

The symbolic medal awarded to the commander-in-chief of the Ninth War Regiment.

Qin gave this medal as a gift to Sarah, showing his sincerity.

“You can accept Sarah, this is the heart of this kid like Lao Qin!”

Levi approached.

Sarah thanked him for accepting the medal.

She didn’t know the true meaning of the medal.

It can be made of pure gold and is of great value.

Boyd Xiao next to him was shocked.

Although this medal is privately owned.

But in a certain sense, this medal can command millions of troops in the Western Frontier Theater.

Sarah’s hand is equivalent to pinching a general seal of the Western Frontier War Zone!

Say goodbye to plum dyeing.

Levi and Qin came to the streets of the city and found a barbecue stall to sit in.

Soon after, all the Alton people came.

They are all comrades-in-arms who share adversities and rarely have such a leisure time together.

When Alton saw Qin, he was full of resentment, just like a resentful woman.

After all, the camp of beasts he trained was going to be borrowed.

“Look at the sorrowful kid Alton, don’t worry, I will return it to you once I have won the battle! Can I give you a hundred more tiger ladies?”

Qin asked.

“You can pull it down! You can take away people, but you have to return them intact! You can’t lose a single hair!”

Alton looked at the Camp of Hundred Beasts like a baby bump.

“Well, I will go to the battle by myself, and I will not hurt your people if I die.”

Qin took a sip of strong wine.

“It’s almost the same! But you want to live for Lao Tzu! Otherwise, who will send it to me?”

Alton toasted a cup.

Levi smiled sincerely as he watched the two quarreling.

These guys often quarrel like kids on weekdays.

But once on the battlefield, everyone wants to protect each other.

For each other, you can all work hard.

At this moment, a group of people appeared on the street with knives and sticks in their hands.

In the dark there are Concubine Mann Jun and Cross Wentao in a wheelchair.

It turned out that they were here to avenge Levi.

Cross Wentao vowed to abolish all of Levi’s limbs and not allow any doctor to treat him.

To Levi’s limbs abruptly necrosis.

He was asked to lie in bed for life, unable to move.

Of course, this is what the Mann family meant.

A few days ago, Levi violated the dignity of the Mann family and angered everyone.

Chapter 743

Only by abolishing Levi can the hatred be vented.

“I want him to return it thousands of times!”

Cross Wentao said viciously.

This time he invited dozens of desperadoes.

In order to have to abolish Levi.

Levi, Qin and others were talking about their friendship, but they saw a crowd of people coming over.

They also held clubs in their hands, aggressively.

Upon seeing this, Qin, Alton and others put down their wine glasses.

They frowned tightly, and being disturbed at this moment was as uncomfortable as eating a fly.

“Go on, this is for me, I will deal with it!”

Levi said.

“Your business is our business. With us, how can you make a move!”

Qin sneered.

This kid was a sting when he first joined the army.

On the battlefield, there is a god of murder.

It’s grumpy.

If someone dares to target Levi, he will slaughter all the other nine races.

At this time, Levi smiled.

“It looks like we don’t need to do anything!”

Because the shadow and Porter family Lords appeared.

After the shadow came up to reveal his identity.

The desperadoes were so frightened that they knelt on the ground.

Ran away quickly.

Cross Wentao and Concubine Mann Jun watching from a distance were puzzled.

“what’s happenin?”

“There is a big man in this street, surrounded by the guards of the Porter family of the Chinese royal family!”

The desperado leader explained.

“What? The person guarded by Nelshire Porter’s family? Could it be Qin from the Western Frontier Theater in this street!”

Cross Wentao reacted immediately.

His face paled in shock.

If Qin knew about this, the Mann family and Cross family would be destroyed.

“Then let’s go! Whether it’s Qin or Porter’s family, we can’t afford to offend either of us!”

Cross Wentao urged immediately.

Concubine Mann Jun glanced at Levi: “If your kid is lucky, next time I want to see if you still have such luck?”

“What he has to clean up is a chance. If we want to offend a big man, we are all over!”

Cross Wentao was really frightened.

In their opinion, it was Levi who was lucky, and happened to be on the same street with the big man and escaped the catastrophe.

In the evening, Levi’s group of people dispersed.

Qin returned to the Five Lakes Villa.

Brandon quietly called the shadow in front of him.

“Shadow, why did Qin go this afternoon?”

The Porter family looked at him expectantly.

“He… he went to see God of War Battle… God of War…”

Always calm and calm, the metal-like shadow is short of breath at this moment, and the whole person looks extremely abnormal.

The key to Levi is the God of War.

This is the most shocking thing in his life.

“What? God of War?”

The Porter family was astonished at the God of War, and did not notice the abnormality of the shadow at all.

Ian asked anxiously, “What does the God of War look like?”

He checked the information for so long before he made the statue.

Chapter 744

“The God of War is… Garrison… Levi…”

The shadow stammered.

“Oh, you mean the God of War looks a lot like Levi?”

Brandon got the wrong meaning.

“I thought it was Chief Qin who pointed to a passerby casually. It turned out to be a bit like Levi!”

Ian said several people.

Shadow nodded helplessly: “Yes, very similar to Mr. Levi!”

“It’s a pity, you should have informed me Shadow earlier. Go early and I can see the God of War. What a pity!”

Brandon sighed again and again.

“Yeah, Shadow, you should have notified us long ago.”

Others blamed it.

Shadow can only find a reason: “Someone was making trouble on that street at the time, as if they were going to the God of War. I dealt with those people. So I didn’t have time to inform.”

“What? Someone dared to invade the God of War and them?”

Brandon immediately refused to agree.

The Porter family is in a hurry.

“I checked it out, it’s the local Mann family!”

Shadow Road.

Brandon commanded: “Xiao Kun, go to the Mann family and give a severe lesson. It’s a bad idea! I’m in a hurry, I will kill the Mann family!”

Mann’s house.

Cross Wentao and the two are still talking about what happened.

Bert brought people to kill in a fierce manner.

After identifying himself.

Melina and others were surprised.

This is the true Nelshire royal family!!!

It is much better than the Guo family and the Chu family.

The Mann family hurriedly greeted each other.

“It was you who made trouble on Zhengning Road in the evening?”

Bert asked.


Everyone in the Mann family burst in their heads.

Realize that something big has happened.


Bert forced to ask.

“It’s… it’s us, we have taken care of some private matters…”

Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei quickly admitted.

Bert stepped forward.


He slapped Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei on his face.

It’s crackling!

Everyone got ten slaps!

Their faces are swollen like pigs’ heads…

Concubine Mann Jun was beaten and cried.

Cross Wentao was even more sad.

What happened recently?

Always beaten!

“Do you know who is on Zhengning Road? The God of War and Qin, the head of the Western Frontier Theater, are there. You sent a lot of people to make trouble? Your Mann family is almost gone!”

Bert kicked Cross Wentao from the wheelchair.


Melina and Mann Jianguo’s face changed drastically.

God of War?

For the Mann family, what a topic of Yao!

He is the supreme being!

General Zhen Guo!!!

They almost violated the power of Zhen Guo’s God of War…

“You should reflect deeply, but next time, I will straighten out the Mann family for you!”

Bert left angrily.

There was a dead silence in the Mann family.

Almost, the entire Mann family was over.

Chapter 745

“Levi is so lucky, right? I just met God of War and Qin!”

“I didn’t expect to deal with Levi once and almost ruined the Mann family!”

The eyes of Melina and others are full of incredible.

If this really offends the God of War.

The consequences are unimaginable.

Melina and Mann Jianguo had long been born in a cold sweat.

At this moment, more and more people slander Qin on the Internet.

They are all calling him a deserter, doing privileges, and harming the people…

Almost Qin was infamy.

Obviously, someone deliberately brought the rhythm.

Don’t even think about it, but also know it belongs to the tiger country.

The warlord Qin fought Tiger Country and couldn’t raise his head.

They hold grudges.

You can’t kill it on the battlefield, but you can use cyber violence and public opinion to destroy Qin abruptly.

But in the middle of the night.

Qin secretly left the Five Lakes Villa.

The Beast Camp, which had been prepared long ago, went to the Western Territory with him.

Before dawn.

The West Territory Theater suddenly launched a surprise attack on Tiger Country.

In particular, a thousand-man army directly defeated the four lines of defense of the Tiger Country with unrivaled strength, and the subsequent western army pressed on all the lines.

The Tiger Nation was completely defeated and kept retreating.

The stalemate between the two sides was completely interrupted.

A big victory!

Velador began to cheer.

All talents know Qin’s strategy.

Countless people began to rectify Qin’s name!

Levi knew the result and was very proud.

This is the soldier he brought out!

Qin is.

Even Hundred Beast Camp can be considered.

“Qin, when you triumphantly, I will personally put the wine for celebration!”

Levi comforted Qin for the first time.

This battle will be recorded in the annals of history.

Especially Qin was praised by everyone.

Beast Camp also made its debut for the first time.

The God of War is also praised by everyone.

The Porter family was embarrassed.

Qin disappeared overnight, and they were at a loss.

Now all Jinling is laughing at them…

Everyone in the Porter family realized that they were part of Qin’s plan.

It stands to reason that part of the credit for the great victory was due to them.

But the Porter family couldn’t be happy.

Because the goal was never achieved.

They only care about their own interests. Regarding Velador’s interests, they simply don’t care about it.

“We are all jokes! Did you just leave in such a dingy way?”

The Porter family is very unwilling.

Brandon shook his head and said, “You can’t leave like this! The God of War hasn’t seen you yet!”

“Can we see it?”

Everyone is skeptical.

“Chief Qin is sure. The seventh is a general of the Emperor Iron Brigade, the right-hand man of the God of War War God. Why can’t you see him in the name of his family?”

Brandon said.

“That’s true! Otherwise, the God of War will not help us solve the Warlord Lamar!”

Ian said.

“Then I will personally take you to the Jinling Military Region and meet the God of War!”

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