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Chapter 746

Later, Brandon took the Porter family’s direct line to the Jinling Military Region.

People stopped at the door.

“What do you do?”

“Comrade, introduce myself. I am Brandon, the Patriarch of Nelshire Porter’s family. I came this time to see General God of War!”

Brandon smiled.

“What? General God of War?”

The sentinels at the door were stunned.

They haven’t even seen General God of War. You want to see General God of War if you come here?

Besides, General God of War is the top secret.

Can anyone meet me?

“Comrade, are you here to be funny?”

The sentry asked.

“No, please tell me, comrades, that the family of the Emperor Iron Brigade warlord Rusten is asking to see the God of War of God of War!”

Brandon quickly explained.

Although the sentry didn’t know Rusten, his face changed after hearing the Emperor Iron Brigade.

“Okay, I’ll notify you right away! You guys wait a moment!”

Watching the sentry leave the announcement.

Brandon was happy, and said with a proud look: “Look, my Rusten is really famous, as long as you report your name, someone will know immediately.”

“Haha, my seventh uncle is amazing, my Porter family’s hope for the future!”

Others also said.

Because Brandon called to see the God of War.

So the news quickly reached the ears of the commander-in-chief of the Jinling Military Region Xiang Wenjun and the deputy commander-in-chief.

“What? Come to see the God of War?”

“What is Rusten’s identity this time? I don’t know!”

Everyone looked surprised.

Soon Tatsuno of the Heavenly Dragon Legion came.

“I found out that Rusten is a small soldier this time, and there is no such general in the Emperor Iron Brigade!”

Tatsuno said.

“A little soldier? How come you become General God of War’s right-hand man?”

Xiang Wenjun squinted.

“Check me Porter’s resume!”

Ordered to Wen Jun.

Soon, the results were found out.

But everyone on the scene jumped.

“Brandon is the grandfather of God of War…”

After the news came out, Xiang Wenjun and others’ faces changed drastically.

They didn’t know the connection between Levi and Porter’s family.

“Hurry up and invite Mr. Porter in. Forget it, I will invite it myself!”

Commander-in-chief Xiang Wenjun hurried to the gate of the military area with a group of people.

“Hello, Mr. Porter, I’m Xiang Wenjun, commander-in-chief of the Jinling Military Region, please come in quickly!”

When Xiang Wenjun and the others revealed their identities, they invited the Porter family to enter the military area with enthusiasm.

Everyone in the Porter family showed ecstasy on their faces.

Their Porter family is really going to rise!

Just mentioning Rusten’s name, the commander-in-chief of Jinling Military Region Xiang Wenjun and several deputy commanders personally greeted him.

This card is too good.

Indirectly explains the importance of Rusten in the Emperor Iron Brigade!

The weight of the location makes the entire Jinling Military Region tremble!

Worthy of being General God of War’s right-hand man!

They were invited in!

Chapter 747

Brandon’s heart was surging, but he abruptly suppressed his emotions.

My Porter family has risen from this generation!

In the future, the Chinese giants will have a member of my Porter family!!!

The juniors of the Porter family were even more radiant and excited.

That was the commander-in-chief and the three deputy commanders who came out to greet him!

As everyone knows, all this is because of Levi’s face.

Otherwise, they won’t even be able to enter the military area gate.

Hearing that Long Garrison was the head of the Emperor Iron Brigade, Brandon couldn’t help asking: “Long Colonel, I don’t know how my son Rusten performed in the Emperor Iron Brigade?”


Tatsuno hesitated.

Rusten is just a small soldier.

How can it behave?

However, according to his identity, he is the uncle of the God of War.

“The performance is very good! It can be said to be an important member of the Emperor Iron Brigade!”

Tatsuno said awkwardly.

The scene was the same as when the Mann family asked him about Mann.

“Hahaha, good, great, I’m so satisfied!”

Brandon laughed loudly.

Others look weird.

Your grandson is the God of War, can you be dissatisfied?

It’s weird!

Brandon and his party were taken to the reception room.

It’s all the highest level of treatment!

Accompanied by Xiang Wenjun throughout.

This made Brandon happy.

The higher the treatment, the more important Rusten’s position is.

“This kid can really hide it, this kind of identity has long told us!”

Brandon murmured to himself.

“Mr. Porter, the Jinling Military Region is going to present a pennant to the Porter family!”

“Come on, bring it up!!!”

Said Xiang Wenjun.

Soon, someone came with a pennant.

There are eight words embroidered on it: the pillar of the country, the minister of the country.

Seeing the pennant, Porter’s family all stood up excitedly.

“Is this for our Porter family?”

Brandon asked excitedly.

Qin gave a pennant before.

Unexpectedly, the Jinling Military Region gave it another side.


“Everyone listens to my orders, salute!”

Ordered to Wen Jun.

All the people present salute in unison.

Xiang Wenjun said excitedly: “The Porter family has a good son who protects his family and the country!!!”

“Haha, thank you! My Porter family has a minister to protect the country! I am so proud of him!”

Brandon laughed.

Others are also extremely excited.

In the family, there is a minister who protects the country.

In this way, the Porter family’s future status is completely different.

It can even attack the top family of Nelshire.

It’s just that the person Brandon understands and what Xiang Wenjun said are not the same person at all.

Xiang Wenjun was a pennant given to Porter’s family because of Levi.

The Porter family thought that the pennant was given by Rusten.

But one result-both sides are very happy.

Xiang Wenjun even promised: “From now on, the Porter family will do whatever they want.”

Chapter 748

“It’s great! It’s great!”

Brandon had already imagined the scene of Porter’s climbing to the top in Nelshire.

Although pleasantly surprised, Brandon did not forget the purpose of coming here.

He smiled and asked, “Commander Xiang, is General God of War here?”

“Let me ask.”

Xiang Wenjun came outside and called Levi.

Only then did I know that it was a misunderstanding.

Levi didn’t recognize this one at all.

Xiang Wenjun looked embarrassed.

Should have thought of it long ago.

If the two sides recognize each other, why should Brandon run here to find Levi.

The pennant was given for nothing, so I can’t ask for it back.

“Hurry up and let them go!!!”

This is the last sentence of Levi.

But Xiang Wenjun certainly couldn’t tell Brandon the same.

“By the way, Mr. Porter, General God of War is not here for the time being, and we have no right to know his whereabouts. We will notify you when he comes next time.”

Xiang Wenjun said very tactfully.

“Good job…”

The Porter family did not regret not seeing Levi.

Because today is a fruitful harvest.

Know more about Rusten’s status.

“Hahaha, from now on, my Porter family must walk sideways in Nelshire!”

Brandon said excitedly.

In other weeks, the family was even more happy.

Especially Ian and Mack.

They are all members of the Nelshire Princely Party.

The status is considered medium.

But with this relationship.

Ian is not satisfied with his current position.

What he wants is the highest position of the princeling, that is, the title of prince.

Become the boss of the princeling party!!!

“Haha, my Porter family is a blessing in disguise.”

“I thought I would be played to death by the Warlord Lamar, but I did not expect to achieve his current status. Now Warlord Lamar dare to shout? I killed him!”

Bert and a few people utterly utterly talked about it.

“Fortunately, our family did not allow Levi to come in! Otherwise, our grade would be too low by him!”

Mack sighed.

Brandon glared at him and said: “Don’t mention this person’s name in front of me in the future, he is not worthy of being discussed by us! Especially our current status, he is more and more unworthy to be my grandson!”

At this time the shadow unexpectedly appeared.

“Lord, I shouldn’t say such things in the future!”

Shadow is worried, if this is heard by the people of God of War War God, it will be a big trouble.

“Huh? Shadow what do you mean?”

Brandon asked suspiciously.

“The subordinates think that the fact that Mr. Garrison is your grandson cannot be changed. It is better for you to say a few words less in the future. It will be good for you and the Porter family!”

Said the shadow.

“Shadow, you have something to say? And I feel like you are a different person. You weren’t like this before, and you can’t even say a few words. What’s wrong with you?”

Brandon noticed an abnormality.

Where did he know that the shadow already knew the fact that Levi was the god of war in God of War.

Chapter 749

“It’s me who talked too much.”

The shadow immediately said.

He actually hinted, and it depends on whether Brandon can understand it.

Unexpectedly, Brandon didn’t pay attention to Levi at all.

I didn’t take it seriously.

The Porter family returned to Nelshire with a high profile this time.

The sunroof of the lead car opened, and two people specially held two pennants to show the identity of the Porter family.

The Mann family was afraid to target Levi for the time being.

Sarah is very busy now.

First, the 50 billion project was implemented.

Recently, Dongtian Group has released a big movie starring Hart Zihan.

Refresh the record again and continuously break the click record.

In just three days, the account split exceeded one billion.

It’s a myth in the industry.

Sarah was busy in the office, and Natalie walked in.

“Huh? What is this?”

Natalie saw the dark green box on the table, and she couldn’t help picking it up.

“May I take a look at it?”


After Natalie opened it, he was curious when he saw the golden medal.

“What does the king of the west mean? Isn’t it the king of the west war zone, right?”

“Recently, news about the defeat of the Tiger Nation Army in the Western Territory Theater is everywhere, and the leader of the victory is the King of the Western Territory!”

Natalie said casually.

Boyd Xiao next to him was shocked.

Natalie got it right.

Shouldn’t your identity be revealed now?

Sarah raised his head and smiled: “This is a wedding gift from a good brother Levi! I don’t know what the King of the West means!”

Sarah also knows the news in the Western Territory Theater.

But she would never think that Qin was the King of the Western Realm.

Because Levi was drinking with Qin that night, the battle started in the middle of the night.

how can that be?

Qin would not teleport.

“Oh, Levi’s friend, it must not be anymore.”

Natalie’s subconscious way.

Levi’s friend, that must have nothing to do with the Western Frontier Theater.

At most, it’s in a prison.

Sarah also smiled and said, “Boyd Xiao, like you, almost treats Levi’s friend as a leader.”

“Isn’t it, I almost thought a piece of gold was really the sign of the King of the West.”

Natalie said.

Throw the medal on the table casually.

Seeing Boyd Xiao gasped.

How can this be gold.

This is the general seal of the millions of troops in the Western Theater!

As long as Sarah holds this medal and raises his arms, the millions of troops in the Western Region will immediately come to protect her.

Boyd Xiao couldn’t help but reminded: “Mr. Logan, this box should be kept properly. It won’t be good if you lose it.”

Boyd Xiao’s words drew the eyes of Sarah and Natalie.

“Boyd Xiao, what do you mean? Does this box have any special meaning?”

Sarah asked.

Reminiscent of Boyd Xiao’s abnormality when I saw Qin that day, even Sarah felt that Boyd Xiao had a problem.

Chapter 750

“Ah, President Logan, I mainly see this thing as a military medal. When I see it, I have a special feeling and I want to protect it!”

Boyd Xiao lied quickly.

“This is understandable. I will keep this box safe and lock it in the safe.”

Sarah smiled.

Boyd Xiao just breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, Sarah looked at Natalie and smiled: “Are you looking for something to do with me?”

“Yeah, didn’t your company’s big movie set a new record recently? No, Nelshire’s top entertainment company, Huafeng Entertainment, has come to learn the experience specially. In the afternoon, the team will be here. Please take a good reception. There may be follow-ups. Cooperation.”

Natalie said.

“Okay, no problem, leave it to me, just in time I have time.”

Sarah made an ok gesture.

Huafeng Entertainment is one of the top three domestic entertainment companies.

Its celebrity internet celebrities are all first-class big names.

Don’t look at the rapid development momentum of Dongtian Group now.

But Hart Zihan is the only one who can really tell.

There is still a long way to go.

There are great benefits to learning from such a big entertainment company.

Sarah deliberately turned off all schedules and came to wait.

In the afternoon, three cars and four nanny cars stopped in front of the Erick Group Building.

Huafeng Entertainment’s team is here.

What surprised Sarah was that Cross Shaogang, chairman of Huafeng Entertainment, personally led the team.

This is considered very important.

Sarah personally led the team to greet him.

Levi was sleeping and was awakened by the sound.

“what’s up?”

Levi asked dissatisfiedly.

Boyd Sen smiled and said: “Brother Garrison, Huafeng Entertainment organized a group to visit Dongtian, and there have been a lot of big celebrities and Internet celebrities. Everyone is going to see beauties. Would you like to see it?”

As soon as he heard that it was an Internet celebrity, Levi had no interest in an instant.

But if you can benefit your wife’s career, just let them go.

This time Huafeng Entertainment can be said to be out in full force.

Not only the management headed by Cross Shaogang came seven or eight, but also all the biggest celebrities and Internet celebrities, a full eighteen.

The stars are full of style.

But the Internet celebrities are actually broadcasting, recording everything.

Including the internal situation of Erick Group, etc., all in the live broadcast.

Takemori couldn’t stand it anymore.

After all, this involves the company’s internals, many of which are confidential.

How can it be broadcast live.

Boyd Sen immediately rushed up with the two of them.

“Hello, Erick Group Company does not allow live broadcasts! Could you please cooperate, thank you.”

Takemori said.

It’s just that these Internet celebrities simply ignored them and continued to broadcast live.

Boyd Sen had to remind one more time: “Hello, live broadcast is not allowed here, please pinch it off!”

“What do you guys look like? Where is the rule that the live broadcast is not allowed here?”

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