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Chapter 751

An internet celebrity named Zi Xuan also pointed the camera at Boyd Sen and said viciously: “Audiences in the live broadcast room, look at these stinky security guards and stop us from live broadcasting. What do you think?”

The audience in the live broadcast room immediately began to insult Boyd Sen.

He even threatened to take a few people from Boyd Sen.

Expose all their family information!

“Smelly security guard quickly get out! It delayed my live broadcast, can you afford it?”

Zi Xuan insulted.

After scolding, these Internet celebrities will leave.

Takemori naturally refused to agree, and immediately chased up, stopping the group of people.

His character followed Levi.

This situation is absolutely unbearable.

“Two questions! First, you can’t broadcast live, just pinch it off; second, insult us and apologize!”

Takemori was determined.

“We will not apologize, and we will continue to broadcast live, what can you do?”

Zi Xuan sneered.

“Then don’t blame us for throwing you out!”

Takemori said angrily.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?”

At this time, Cross Shaogang’s management came over, and Sarah followed.

“Boss, some security guards don’t let the live broadcast, but they have to drive us away!”

Zi Xuan immediately cried.

Cross Shaogang immediately looked at Sarah: “Mr. Logan, what’s the matter? You are not welcome?”

“Mr. Cross, I’ll take care of nothing.”

Sarah called Boyd Sen aside and asked them to be patient.

“Okay, President Logan, I can bear it for the sake of Garrison Ge’s face. Otherwise, I don’t want this job and I have to do it with them!”

Takemori suppressed his anger forcibly.

Next, Sarah took Cross Shaogang and his party to visit the entertainment area of ​​Dongtian Group.

After visiting a circle, Cross Shaogang sneered and said: “Mr. Logan, after watching a circle, your place is not like a place where you can make a good movie! Right now, it’s all supported by Hart Zihan.”

Hart Zihan immediately said: “No, I’m just a small part. The reason why our big movies sell well is the quality!”

“The quality is excellent, but your conditions do not seem to be able to make a good movie? Are you plagiarism?”

Cross Shaogang sneered.

“Cross’s words are too much…”

Sarah dissatisfied.

In fact, these people at Huafeng Entertainment today began to play big names as soon as they arrived.

It was not here to visit at all, but to pretend to be an uncle.

Sarah has been very angry.

Now it’s even more plagiarism.

Sarah couldn’t bear it.

“Mr. Logan, I’m just kidding!”

Cross Shaogang smiled.

Then he told Hart Zihan without evasiveness: “Hart Zihan, have you ever considered quitting? Now you are developing well, but after all, you are limited to major online movies. You have to develop in theaters. How about? Come to our company. , Definitely more potential than you are here.”

Chapter 752

Dig the foot of the wall in front of the plum dyed face.

But Sarah said generously: “Yes, Zihan, you can consider it.”

“Haha, Zihan, you see Mr. Logan understand the situation better. Come to me.”

Cross Shaogang smiled.

“No, thank you Mr. Cross for his kindness.”

Hart Zihan swears.

Unless Sarah and Levi don’t want her.

Otherwise she will not leave the Dongtian Group.

“Then don’t regret it!”

Cross Shaogang also threatened in public.

Sarah and the others were very angry.

The so-called upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked.

The boss is like this.

The following celebrities will be even more arrogant and domineering, not putting anyone in their eyes.

They didn’t come to visit at all.

It’s here to pick thorns, dig people, and show off their power.

After the visit, come to the reception room.

Cross Shaogang ignored the others and smoked a cigar.

Extremely arrogant.

“President Logan, I want to talk to you about one thing…”

“What’s the matter? Mr. Cross, you say!”

Sarah really doesn’t have much patience anymore.

“I plan to acquire the entertainment part of your company! What do you think?”

Cross Shaogang smoked a cigar.

Smoked plums and coughed.

“Acquisition? Impossible! I am doing very well and I have no plans to sell!”

Sarah refused.

Cross Shaogang smiled: “But what I buy is different, you have to sell it! Because what Cross Shaogang is fond of, I have to get it!”

Indeed, in the Nelshire entertainment circle.

Cross Shaogang is so overbearing, he will get everything he wants by unscrupulous means.

People digging, acquisitions, and forcibly buying copyrights are all common things.

The entertainment circle is afraid of Cross Shaogang.

Sarah smiled: “Then what I believe must not be sold!”

“Mr. Logan, your path is narrowed. You refused me. You can’t go on the entertainment side. I will block you in all aspects, whether it is channel resources, personal connections, etc.!”

Cross Shaogang is blunt.

“Then I’m not afraid! I have never seen any big storms.”

Sarah was determined.

“Good, good, then you just wait!”

Cross Shaogang got up.

“The people I follow will be blocked by the industry, and you will be unable to do so!”

Before leaving, Cross Shaogang threatened.

The executives of other companies looked worried.

“Huafeng Entertainment is different.”

“For so many years, how many potential entertainment companies have been destroyed by them.”

“We are in danger this time.”

Sarah didn’t know that Huafeng Entertainment was great.

But even if she gave up the entertainment, she wouldn’t let him buy it.

At this time, Levi came.

“I heard that a celebrity celebrity team is very arrogant, how about people?”

Levi asked.

Just after listening to Takemori, he was furious.

Isn’t this provoking him?

How can this be tolerated?

Chapter 753

“Forget it, they have already left, there is no need to entangle anymore.”

Sarah shook his head.

She is afraid of entanglement.

It’s no good for anyone.

“They pray not to let me touch him, or it depends on how I clean up him.”

Levi said angrily.

Sarah was wronged, which he could not agree to.

“Mr. Logan, the original Huafeng Entertainment team came to Jinling for the purpose of not visiting our company. They were going to the Jinling Military Region to shoot a variety show.”

“Originally they wanted to film this variety show in the Hua Navy District, but they were rejected. I don’t know why, the Jinling Military District actually agreed.”

The little secretary explained the matter.

“That’s it.”

Sarah didn’t care much.

But after Levi heard it, his face was full of anger.

“What are you talking about? They are going to shoot variety shows in the Jinling Military Region?”

Levi asked.


The little secretary said.

“Unreasonable, who gave them the courage! Dare to shoot in the Jinling Military Region?”

Levi’s face turned black.

This makes Sarah and the little secretary very strange.

Why is this so angry?

He spoke as if he was the chief of the Jinling Military Region.

“No, this can’t be done first! How can they go to the military camp Huohuo? I won’t agree!”

Levi said angrily.

“Why are you so excited?”

Sarah asked strangely.

“I just don’t want to encourage this unhealthy trend!”

Levi left angrily.

The little secretary asked curiously: “Mr. Logan, what’s wrong with Mr. Garrison? It seems that he is an officer.”

“I guess he can’t get used to this style, right?”

Plum dyed.

After Levi left, he went directly to the Jinling Military Region.

He wanted to see who allowed Huafeng Entertainment to shoot variety shows in the Jinling Military Region?

Are you too brave?

At this time, Huafeng Entertainment’s team has come to the Jinling Military Region.

The filming team, logistics team and celebrity internet celebrities all stayed in military dormitories.

The equipment group has finished laying the equipment and is waiting for the variety show to start.

Several internet celebrities like Zi Xuan are still broadcasting, they are filming the dormitory arranged by the military camp.

“What? This kind of high and low bed can sleep people?”

“This land is all mud, how can you step on it?”

“Too dirty, isn’t it? Too wet?”

When I think that they will be filming programs here in the next month, these Internet celebrities can’t stand it, and they continue to complain.

“And I can only see a bunch of stinky soldiers, all sweaty! It’s really unbearable!”

Zi Xuan frowned her nose.

Cross Shaogang smoked a cigar and said with a smile: “You just bear it! Keep it up for a month. After this show is filmed, I promise that each of you’s traffic will double!”

Hearing Cross Shaogang’s assurance, Zi Xuan and others’ brows relaxed.

Chapter 754

Although the conditions are difficult.

But shooting a variety show in the barracks, the effect is great, they will make a lot of money.

Zi Xuan asked, “Boss, can we broadcast live in the barracks? My fans want to see what the barracks look like.”

Cross Shaogang sipped a cigar and said, “Whatever, let me tell you. Since I can come to the barracks to film the show, can’t I handle this?”

“The boss is amazing! We admire so much!”

Zi Xuan and others cheered.

“No, I have contacts all over Velador! There is nothing I can’t deal with!”

Cross Shaogang finished smoking and threw his cigarette butts on the grass at random.

A small patch of grass has been destroyed.

Next, Internet celebrities began to broadcast live.

An artist and a team began to wander around the barracks and shoot everywhere.

“Fans, look, this is the barracks! This is a military vehicle, this is a military dog…”

Zi Xuan’s live broadcast came to the tank phalanx.

“Fan babies, look, this is a tank!!!”

“I’ll go into the tank later and show you guys.”

Zi Xuan not only filmed the tank phalanx, but even went to shoot inside the tank.

“Hello comrades, shooting is not allowed here, please go back the same way!”

Someone stopped immediately.

“It smells so bad, can you take a shower or not, such a big smell of sweat!”

Zi Xuan frowned immediately.

“Comrades, please go back the same way, no shooting here!”

The man continued.

“Huh, do you know who I am? Do you dare to let me shoot?”

“Furthermore, we entered the barracks legally, do you think anyone blocked it? What are you blocking? Your leader blamed it, can you afford it?”

Zi Xuan sneered.

“Quickly get out of my way, I’ll leave the live broadcast for a while! I want you to look good if it delayed me!”

Zi Xuan insisted on breaking through.

“Comrades, please come back, this is confidential and cannot be photographed.”

The sentry insisted.

“Huh! What’s the secret from now on? Isn’t it just a tank? Who has never seen the same! There are so many TVs, why didn’t people leak secrets!”

Because Zi Xuan was backed by Cross Shaogang, she didn’t put people in her eyes at all.

Do things without restraint.

“That’s different! That’s allowed! We don’t allow it here!”

The sentry insisted repeatedly.

“Quickly get out of my way! If you stop again, I promise to report to your leader, and your future will be gone!”

Zi Xuan said angrily.

“No! Unless you have a superior order, you absolutely can’t shoot!”

Zi Xuan was completely angry.

“I don’t believe it anymore, I must shoot today! No one can stop it!”

“Especially you are a stinky soldier!”

Zi Xuan insisted on breaking through.

“Who is the stinky soldier????”

At this moment, a voice sounded.

Chapter 755

I don’t know when, Levi came to the court.

Zi Xuan was shocked by his sound.

Zi Xuan turned around and looked at Levi incredulously.

“Who are you? What are you doing?”

Especially seeing Levi wearing casual clothes, Zi Xuan was even more not afraid.

She believed that Levi was not a soldier, so he was a worker.

It should be their team.

Then she must be scolded.

“Which group are you in? The equipment group or the logistics group? Dare to take care of my business? Are you impatient?”

Zi Xuan said angrily.

Levi was very angry at this moment.

When he first came to the barracks, he saw teams broadcast live everywhere.

Make the barracks miserable.

This is something he cannot bear!

At a glance, he even saw the internet celebrity Zi Xuan insisting on shooting the tank.

How can this work?

Isn’t this leaking military secrets?

If the model structure of these tanks is passed out, this weapon is equivalent to being scrapped.

And he heard the sentence “Smelly serving as a soldier!”

This sentence completely angered him.

If it weren’t for them as soldiers.

Can you broadcast live here?

Can you eat well?

Levi stared at Zi Xuan coldly and said, “Apologize to him for what you said just now!”


The sentries saw that Levi’s face was black.

One can imagine how angry he is!!!

Zi Xuan was frightened by Levi’s terrifying side, and she was at a loss.

“Who are you? What right do you have to control us?”

The team next to Zi Xuan was angry, staring at Yue Levi.

“I am a soldier, a soldier who cannot understand your behavior!”

Levi said coldly.

“When is our business, it’s your turn to be a stinky soldier!”

Net celebrity Zi Xuan directly angered.

In their opinion, Levi was so young in casual clothes.

At most it is a soldier, not a leader.

The leader is at least thirty-four years old.

Therefore, Zi Xuan’s mouth is not merciless at all.

Levi didn’t get angry but smiled: “Now it’s all right, you have offended me too! I have to apologize too!”

“Apologize to you? Don’t think about it! But you delayed my live broadcast, you apologize to me!”

“Kneel and kowtow to me immediately, and I’ll forgive you once!”

Instead of apologizing, Zixuan’s team also asked Levi to apologize to her.

Levi never expected it.

There are also such arrogant and domineering people.

Still in the barracks.

Is it true that the world is the biggest one?

Is there still a king in your eyes?

“If I apologize, I am afraid you can’t afford it?”

Levi was happy.

“Hehe, I can’t bear your apology from a small person? Funny!”

Zi Xuan sneered.

“Hurry up and apologize to me, I don’t have much time to spend with you!”

Zi Xuan urged.

She couldn’t wait to slap Levi…

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