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Chapter 756

A cold glow suddenly shot out from Levi’s eyes. He kicked Zi Xuan’s leg, and Zi Xuan knelt down in front of him with a thud.

“I want to apologize! But you must kneel and listen!”

Levi said coldly.

Zi Xuan was dumbfounded.

Her team is even more dumbfounded.

When the soldiers next to him saw this scene, they secretly gave Levi a thumbs up.

This is ruthless!

They heard the monitor’s instructions, don’t embarrass these Internet celebrities.

So humility again and again.

But the person in front of you is different, so you can do it when you say it.

After a while, Zixuan and Zixuan’s team reacted.

“You…what are you doing? You hit someone!”

“Do you know who Zi Xuan is? She is a top-notch internet celebrity in Velador! She has tens of millions of fans!”

“You a soldier moved her? You wait to die!”

Zi Xuan’s agents also began to say angrily.

“You guys are too much nonsense. Kneel down and talk!”

Levi kicked a few kicks.



These people all knelt to the ground, without the ability to resist.

Their knees and calves are like lead shots, and they can’t stand up at all.

Kneeling in front of Levi.

“Are you crazy? You’re just looking for death! Zi Xuan, I swear, I won’t make you feel better!”

“I must use all the resources in my life to fatten you!”

Zi Xuan shouted at Levi.

This scene also attracted the attention of others.

Soon, all the Internet celebrities came here, including their team.

“What are you doing? How dare you hit someone!”

“Don’t know our identities? If you hit someone, you will have to bear serious consequences!”

The celebrity internet celebrities refused to agree.

Zi Xuan burst into tears when she saw her companions coming.

The scene was in chaos.

“Come and see, the soldiers are beating people! Come and see, the soldiers are beating people!”

Zi Xuan shouted.


It’s just that Levi slapped her face as soon as she finished talking about being a soldier.

“You say it once, I fight it once!”

Levi said coldly.

“Smelly soldier!”


Just finished speaking, slapped again.

“Smelly…you who are in the army…smack…”

Before Zi Xuan finished speaking, she slapped again.

“Try another sentence…”

Levi looked at her coldly and mercilessly.

Now Zi Xuan covered her face and sobbed softly.

I dare not say a word.

Levi is too domineering.

Town to everyone!!!

“Smelly soldier, can’t you say it?”

A male star fights injustice for Zi Xuan.


Levi kicked him to the ground.

“You can only talk to me on your knees!”

Levi said coldly.

“I want to see who is so bold and dare to embarrass me?”

Accompanied by the voice, Cross Shaogang came to the court.

Chapter 757

Now Zi Xuan and others have the backbone.

Tell Cross Shaogang to add fuel to the matter.

In particular, Zi Xuan kept crying, plus the slap prints left by Levi on her face.

After Cross Shaogang saw it, the whole person was angry.

“Who are you? Do you dare to beat me?”

Cross Shaogang roared.

And the soldiers who do not open their eyes and dare to offend him?

“Who are you?”

Levi asked.

“Listen well, I am Cross Shaogang, Chairman of Huafeng Entertainment! We came to Jinling Military Region this time to shoot a reality show variety show!”

Cross Shaogang said coldly.

“Who gave you the right to shoot a show in the military area? Don’t you know that the military camp is sacred?”

“Look at you guys making the barracks miserable!”

Levi asked coldly.

Cross Shaogang sneered: “Who gave the right back! With my contacts with Cross Shaogang, it is not a trivial matter to obtain the franchise for shooting in the military camp!”

“Furthermore, I filmed a show in the military camp to promote the army! This is a positive energy show! Who are you? Seven or eighty-eight!”

“First, the barracks are sacred and inviolable. They are not members of the barracks and must not enter!”

“Second, my Chinese soldiers need you to promote it? Go abroad and ask, which country is not afraid of our Chinese soldiers?”

“Thirdly, you live broadcast privately in the military camp, filming indiscriminately, and breaking the regulations! Especially your people want to film the internal structure of the tank. This is a major crime of leaking military secrets!”

“Fourth, your people wantonly insult the soldiers!”

“With these four points, it is enough for you to spend the rest of your life in prison.”

Levi listed the crimes and mistakes they committed.

“it is good!”

“The barracks are not where you can go wild!!!”

The other soldiers clapped their hands and applauded.

These Internet celebrities like Zi Xuan are extremely excessive.

They had been suffocating in their hearts for a long time, but no one was in the first place.

Levi’s powerful aura suppressed Zi Xuan and a large number of people. They were all frightened and silently did not dare to speak.

However, Cross Shaogang was angry: “Who are you kid? I’m here to give pointers to the country for a long time!”

“Don’t worry about my identity, I’ll ask you, who gave you approval to let you enter the barracks to shoot the show?”

Levi was very curious.

“Kid, listen carefully, it is a special approval given to me by the Minister of Culture and Propaganda! He is my good buddy!”

Cross Shaogang said proudly.

“Hurry up and let him run to see me! I can’t see anyone in ten minutes, so he won’t use it!”

Levi said coldly.

“Who? Such a big tone? Want me to come to see you? What a courage!”

Accompanied by sound.

Logan Dongliang, head of the cultural and publicity department, is here.

Cross Shaogang told Logan Dongliang everything in his vinegar.

Chapter 758


“How dare you hit someone?”

“Come, tell me which unit you belong to?”

Logan Dongliang was very angry.

“You are not qualified to ask me this sentence!”

Levi said coldly.

“Director Logan, have you seen it? How bad is his attitude! When you didn’t come just now, it was even more terrifying, just get started!”

Cross Shaogang was fanning the flames.

Logan Dongliang’s face turned black: “Well, I don’t care which unit you belong to!”

“Now that you hit someone, you have to apologize to them!!!”

Logan Dongliang said angrily.

“We have to kneel down and apologize before we are willing to accept it!”

Zi Xuan and others said.

Levi smiled: “I still said that, none of you can bear my apology!”

“Boy, are you too arrogant? We can’t bear your apology? I have to try it. Can you afford it?”

Logan Dongliang said angrily.

“you sure?”

Levi squinted his eyes, and there were two cold glows in his eyes.

I don’t know why, when Levi glanced at it like this, he couldn’t stop shaking all over.

This kid is so powerful!

“I…I’m sure, apologize immediately!”

Logan Dongliang said angrily.

“Let me ask you first, did you approve Huafeng Entertainment to enter the military camp to shoot the show?”

Levi turned to ask.

“Well, yes, I approved it!”

Logan Dongliang said.

“What’s the purpose?”

Levi asked.

“In order to promote the army, let the public see a real military camp situation! I think it is very meaningful!”

Logan Dongliang didn’t change his expression and his heartbeat.

Levi sneered: “I know the variety show you are going to film, and you have to take the soldiers to show together, really! You have severely disrupted the order of the barracks!”

“Huh, what I call going deep into the barracks to understand the daily life of the soldiers. Don’t be real!”

“It’s very real! Tanks and armored weapons are also allowed to shoot? Is it possible to leak military secrets?”

Levi asked suddenly.


Logan Dongliang was taken aback for a moment, and then he said: “That’s definitely not possible! What’s more, I believe that the artists of Huafeng Entertainment can be conscious!”

As soon as Logan Dongliang said this, he obviously felt a bit weird at the scene.

Especially Cross Shaogang and others lowered their heads and stopped talking.

But Zi Xuan and other internet celebrities flashed a touch of shame on their faces.

“You…you wouldn’t really shoot…you did it?”

Logan Dongliang was surprised.

“Minister Logan, they are just curious! Even I am curious, let alone their children.”

Cross Shaogang is worthy of being a veteran, and immediately came out to make a relief.

After listening, Logan Dongliang nodded in satisfaction: “Well, did you hear that kid? Everyone is just curious! Nothing has been done!”

“Haha, are you? Then look at the things in their shooting equipment!”

Levi said coldly.

Chapter 759

For a while, Zi Xuan and others panicked.

They took a lot of photos and videos just now.

Almost half of the military region’s appearance is in it.

They also understand these things, they must be military secrets.

If it is investigated, the situation is absolutely serious.

But for the audience, the more taboo things are, the more exciting and the more topical they are.

They will go to shoot, they will go live.

“Boy, you deliberately have trouble with me, don’t you?”

“Immediately apologize! Otherwise I will throw you out!”

Logan Dongliang said.

Hearing Logan Dongliang’s threat, Levi smiled.

“I want to apologize, all of you have to kneel down and listen!”

Logan Dongliang frowned and said, “Who the hell are you? Dare to be so arrogant!”

“You ask who I am? I’m afraid you have to ask Xiang Wenjun!”

Levi smiled.

“What? Xiang Wenjun? The name of the commander-in-chief is what you, a soldier, dare to call directly?”

Logan Dongliang was completely angry.

“Haha, what? I can’t call Xiang Wenjun’s name directly? Isn’t it just for someone to call the name?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

“You, you, you…you are too brave!”

Logan Dongliang was trembling with anger.

In the Jinling Military Region, anyone would dare to call Xiang Wenjun by his name?

Isn’t this looking for death?

“Minister Logan has him here, and it feels like our show can’t be filmed anymore. Hey, it really can’t, let’s leave.

“Minister Logan, it feels a bit difficult for you today, you can’t speak at the barracks.”

Cross Shaogang said.

He deliberately intensified the contradiction.

When Logan Dongliang heard this, he immediately refused to agree.

“Can’t go! With me, who would dare not let this show be filmed?”

Logan Dongliang said.

Cross Shaogang showed a look of embarrassment: “Minister Logan is embarrassing you too much, right? Look at this situation!”

The more Cross Shaogang said this, the more angry Logan Dongliang became.

“Why? Does it matter if I Logan Dongliang speaks here?”

Logan Dongliang shouted loudly, taking a deep look at Levi.

The soldiers around still knew it, after all, this was the Minister of Culture and Propaganda.

But the corner of Levi’s mouth raised, and he said faintly: “It doesn’t work with me! You are far from qualified!”

When Levi said this, Logan Dongliang was furious.

“Are you from the military region? How do you only wear casual clothes? Is it possible that Mr. Cross belongs to your team?”

Logan Dongliang roared.

“Minister Logan, it’s not our team, I don’t know him!”

Cross Shaogang replied.

“Then it’s not from the military district, come here, blast him out for me!”

“If he resists, put him in a confinement room for three or five days!”

Logan Dongliang said angrily.

With a few people in his department, he immediately stepped forward to control Levi.


At this time, a gunshot sounded.

Chapter 760

The whole audience was stunned.

Everyone shivered.

Looking around, looking for the source of the sound.

“Mom, who dares to move him? It’s the opposite!”

With a burst of shouts.

I saw Ding Zhiyuan, commander of the Special Operations Brigade, running over with a group of people.

Ding Zhiyuan trot all the way and said: “Hurry up and notify Commander Xiang and Colonel Tatsuno!”

Ding Zhiyuan trot all the way to Levi’s presence.

“Brigadier Ding, what brought you here?”

Logan Dongliang saw Ding Zhiyuan smiled.

Even if he is a minister, he is also a civilian.

There is not much right to speak at all.

He might be useful to rehearse an evening show.

But in the barracks, but the place where the fists talk.

“what are you doing?”

Ding Zhiyuan said angrily.

“Brigade Commander Ding, this person is not from the military area. He ran in from the outside. He wanted to destroy the variety show that Huafeng Entertainment was going to record, but I stopped him.”

Logan Dongliang said.

When Ding Zhiyuan heard this, he became even more angry: “When did the barracks become the show ground for these actors?”

“Brigadier Ding, we will not discuss this issue, what I am talking about is this person’s problem!”

Logan Dongliang quickly changed the subject.

When Huafeng Entertainment came to film the show, he was indeed the one who confirmed it.

He gave the right to enter the barracks.

Many people don’t know, including people like Xiang Wenjun.

What he thinks is that when Xiang Wenjun and others react, their variety show will be finished.

During the period Cross Shaogang answered a phone call, and he was not afraid anymore.

Because he just talked to Nelshire Porter’s Patriarch.

Porter Jia is one of the shareholders of Huafeng Entertainment.

This time Huafeng Entertainment came to the Jinling Military Region to film a show, Brandon knew about it.

He also told Cross Shaogang that the commander-in-chief of the Jinling Military Region gave the Porter family three points.

His son Rusten is also a tiger general of the Emperor Iron Brigade.

The right arm of God of War.

Ask him to relax, in the Jinling Military Region, everything can be arranged.

After hanging up, Cross Shaogang was overjoyed.

Even said that no one cares about it anymore.

I just heard that Ding Zhiyuan is the brigade commander of the Special Operations Brigade, and there is still a trace of worry.

Now I am completely relieved.

With the Porter family’s relationship, what is he afraid of?

“Please answer my question head-on, who let these people into the barracks?”

Ding Zhiyuan asked sharply.

Logan Dongliang was very embarrassed and was first questioned by Levi.

Now he was questioned by Ding Zhiyuan.

It made him lose face at all.

Especially seeing Cross Shaogang’s disappointed eyes, Logan Dongliang was angry.

“Ding Zhiyuan, you have no right to ask me this! I am dealing with this person now, please let go!”

Logan Dongliang doesn’t care about Ding Zhiyuan.

Just let him throw Levi out.

“Do you know his identity?”

Ding Zhiyuan sneered.

“I don’t care what his status is? Come here, tie me up!”

Logan Dongliang was crazy to do this.

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