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Chapter 761



The next moment, the ground shook suddenly.

Thousands of troops are coming.

Everyone looked around in a panic, only to see a neat team stepping in from all directions.

First of all, the soldiers here changed color.

Because this unit is the Tianlong Legion of the Emperor Iron Brigade.

“I see who dares to move my general?”

Tatsuno roared and came.

“Boom boom boom…”

At the same time, all the Tianlong troops arrived in unison, surrounding the place.

That battle was too scary.

Zi Xuan waited for a large number of Internet celebrities, completely frightened.

Where have you seen such a scene?

After Cross Shaogang and Logan Dongliang looked at each other, their faces changed drastically.

This seems to be coming for Levi!

I saw Long Garrison bringing soldiers from the Emperor Iron Brigade to Levi one after another.

Inside and out, Levi was protected.

Staring at Cross Shaogang and others.

“Who said to move my general?”

Long Garrison’s cold eyes crossed the faces of Cross Shaogang and Logan Dongliang.

“This… is this a misunderstanding? Where is the general?”

Logan Dongliang couldn’t help saying.

“No misunderstanding! You just want to do it, right?”

Longye urn sounded the urn airway.

Logan Dongliang was already half-hearted.

Trembling, the look in Levi’s eyes changed.

Does he really have any identity?

Just as he said-no one can bear his apology?

You can even call Xiang Wenjun’s name directly.

What kind of identity does he have?

First came Ding Zhiyuan, commander of the Special Operations Brigade.

Immediately afterwards, even the Emperor Iron Brigade personally came to protect it.

What does this have to exist?

Logan Dongliang knew the position of this Emperor Iron Brigade in the military region, and even Xiang Wenjun had no right to mobilize it.

But they came to protect a young man spontaneously.

The meaning of this is intriguing…

Thinking of this, Logan Dongliang was already sweating profusely, and his body was trembling all the time.

He is very likely to get into a big deal.

At this moment, Cross Shaogang looked at the same flying flag, and he asked, “Are you from the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

“Well, yes,”

Tatsuno nodded: “What’s the matter?”

“Then you should know Rusten?”

Cross Shaogang looked smug.


Hearing this name, Tatsuno was surprised.

Two days ago, Porter’s Patriarch also asked him.

“I know.”

Tatsuno answered honestly.

But Cross Shaogang understood that Rusten was really a tiger general in the Emperor Iron Brigade.

Anyone can know.

The Porter family’s relationship is really hard!

Now Cross Shaogang already believes that Xiang Wenjun will give the Porter family three points of face.

“It’s good to know, Porter Xiaotian is General God of War’s right-hand man, and the pride of the Porter family.”

Cross Shaogang smiled.

Levi interrupted: “Wait, God of War War God’s right-hand man? Then why don’t I know him?”

Chapter 762

“Huh? Who are you? What qualifications do you have to know General Rusten? It’s ridiculous!”

Cross Shaogang looked at Levi with disdain.

Rusten is the right arm of General God of War.

“He is the General God of War in your mouth!”

Tatsuno said.


Cross Shaogang and Logan Dongliang were visibly taken aback, their faces turned green.

“How is this possible! How could he be General God of War, I don’t believe it!”

Cross Shaogang naturally did not want to believe this fact.

“He is General God of War! Good General God of War!”

Ding Zhiyuan saluted a military salute.


This scene is like a bullet penetrating the hearts of Cross Shaogang and Cross Shaogang.

The two were completely dumbfounded.

If one person says it doesn’t count, what about two people?

“Say hello to General God of War!”

At this moment, a group of people hurriedly came to the court.

Headed by the commander-in-chief of the Jinling Military Region, Xiang Wenjun, he saluted Levi.

Several deputy commanders and other officers behind him also saluted Levi one after another.

“This, this…”

Cross Shaogang and Logan Dongliang took a breath, their blood flowed back, their bodies were trembling, their hairs stood up, and their scalp numb.

Two people are not enough?

What about three people?

four people;

Five people:

More than a dozen people all said he was General God of War?

Then he is really General God of War!

General God of War?

How could it be General God of War?

So young?

Still so low-key?

They actually provoked the God of War?

What kind of luck is this!

The person who provokes is the God of War!

It’s not just these two people.

Zixuan and the others, who were kneeling on the ground, were sweating coldly.

Their eyes are about to fly out.

God of War?

The stinking soldier in their mouth turned out to be the supreme General God of War.


Zi Xuan’s manager’s blood pressure went high and she fainted in shock.

Levi looked at Xiang Wenjun and asked, “Xiang Wenjun, what’s the matter? The barracks are so full of smoke, a group of actors are posing for filming?”

Logan Dongliang’s heart flew out of his throat. Sure enough, he dared to call Xiang Wenjun’s name directly.

“General God of War is negligent of his subordinates. I don’t know about it.”

Xiang Wenjun immediately looked at Logan Dongliang: “Logan Dongliang did you do a good thing?”

“No…No, I…I, I, I…”

Logan Dongliang stammered and didn’t know what to say.

“Okay, you are over! In addition, all the personnel of Huafeng Entertainment get out of me! The military camp is not a place where you can go wild!”

Roared to Wen Jun.

Cross Shaogang was terrified.

Now his contacts are not enough.

Porter’s family is not good anymore.

The real God of War is here, and the Porter family has an ass.

Levi’s eyes suddenly fell on Zixuan’s several people: “Do you still need me to apologize?”

Chapter 763


Levi’s words were like a bolt from the blue.

These people like Zi Xuan were struck by lightning.

Everyone was wet with cold sweat.

Does he remember this incident?

Zixuan insisted on making Levi apologize before. Levi said that no one could bear his apology.

Even if he apologized, everyone had to kneel and listen.

At that time, everyone sneered at this.

Until now, everyone did not understand.

No one can bear his apology!

This is the fucking general of the town country!

Who dares to make him apologize!

The point is that he is not wrong at all!

He is on the side of justice.

“The internet celebrity Zi Xuan, right? You have such a big right? Dare to call me a stinky soldier!”

Levi said coldly.


Cross Shaogang’s heads were about to explode.

This this this…

Someone dared to say such a thing?

Calling General God of War a stinky soldier?

This is really boring to live.

“I’m fair and just in doing things! I won’t wrong a good person, and I won’t let any bad person go.”

“Your evil deeds are found in cameras and other equipment! Tatsuno take it over!”

Levi ordered.

Soon Tatsuno seized their equipment.

After opening it, it was discovered that all the photos were taken inside the military camp, including secrets such as tanks and armor.

If these things leak out.

It’s not enough for these people to be shot ten times!

Seeing these evidences, Levi sneered: “What else do you have to say? Do you want me to apologize?”

“We were wrong, we were wrong…”

A large number of Internet celebrities like Zi Xuan began to kowtow and cry.

Even Cross Shaogang burst into tears.

“You apologize! Open the live broadcast to apologize!”

Levi pointed to Zi Xuan.

Zi Xuan opened the live broadcast and apologized one by one to the soldiers who had scolded her for serving as soldiers.

When Zi Xuan wanted to apologize to Levi, Long Garrison stopped her: “Go away, apologize to the general, you are not worthy!”

“My punishment is as follows. Huafeng Entertainment will be closed for three months! Quality education will be provided to all employees. Only if they are qualified can they continue! As for all these people, let them be taken in for education!

“Also, apologize to Sarah of Dongtian Group.”

Levi gave an order.

No one dares not follow.

However, Huafeng Entertainment estimated that it would destroy one-third of the foundation within three months of closure.

But Cross Shaogang dare not agree?

In the end, these net celebrity show teams were kicked out!

After Huafeng Entertainment’s shareholders learned about this, they called to inquire.

Including Porter’s family.

Brandon personally called and asked: “Cross Shaogang, what’s the matter with you? You don’t want to invest in such a big show? You can compensate for the loss?”

It turns out that Porter’s family also paid dividends in this program.

“Mr. Porter, you don’t know, we were driven out of the barracks.”

Cross Shaogang said helplessly.

“Then you didn’t mention my name?”

Chapter 764

“I mentioned it, I not only mentioned your name, but even the name of Mr. Rusten. I was kicked out after speaking. Hey…”

Cross Shaogang is really worried.

This time was completely abolished and offended the God of War.

What to do in the future?

“What? It’s not easy to mention Rusten and me? Is there any mistake? Xiang Wenjun doesn’t give me the face of Porter’s family anymore? He still wants to get mixed up?”

Brandon seemed to be very angry and said angrily.

“Old Porter, you don’t know anything. Today is the God of War! That’s my General Velador Town State University! It’s not easy to mention anyone!”

Cross Shaogang said angrily.

“What? God of War? That really can’t help! But, my Porter family also has friendship with God of War!

Didn’t you pretend to my Rusten in front of the God of War? That’s his right arm. Just say it and give you a little bit of face. It won’t embarrass you? “

Brandon asked puzzledly.

“Don’t mention it, God of War said that he didn’t know this person at all. I was almost shot, Lao Porter, you are too unreliable.”

Hearing what Cross Shaogang said, Brandon was surprised.

This is not right.

How can you not know Rusten?

Angry words!

Definitely angry!

Probably it caused the God of War to be offended, and it was useless to persuade anyone.

“It is estimated that you provoke the God of War? You are really rubbish, you almost harmed our Porter family!”

Brandon quickly hung up.

He didn’t want to talk to Cross Shaogang anymore, because he was afraid of ruining the Porter family.

When Levi returned to the company, Sarah was surprised: “Where have you been?”

“I’m going to clean up Huafeng Entertainment!”

Levi approached.

“Just blow it! I don’t believe it!”

Sarah didn’t take this matter to heart.

But soon, the secretary and Hart Zihan ran in.

“Mr. Logan, the big event is not good, Cross Shaogang has brought a large group of people to the company. It seems that the visitors are not good!”

The secretary worried.

Leaders of other companies are also extremely worried.

After all, Huafeng Entertainment is an industry giant.

It is not a good thing to be stared at by him.

Obviously Cross Shaogang brought someone to retaliate.

“Take me to see!!”

Sarah’s face was cold.

She is not afraid of Cross Shaogang.

Soon came to the company hall.

Even Takemori leaned forward, trying to protect Sarah.

Opposite Cross Shaogang brought dozens of people into the hall aggressively.

“I tell you, don’t mess around, don’t blame me for being impolite if you dare to make trouble here!”

Boyd Sen led the security guards in front, staring at Cross Shaogang and the others.

Sarah looked at Cross Shaogang coldly, wanting to see what tricks they played.


But what they didn’t expect was that Cross Shaogang waited for everyone to kneel on the ground.

Chapter 765

Dozens of people in the audience all knelt in front of Sarah.

This is the big boss of Huafeng Entertainment and the 18 top artists!

What happened to them?

The sudden scene caught everyone off guard.

Why did they kneel down?

Sarah is a monk of Cross Er, who is confused.

This is how the same thing?

Shouldn’t it be revenge?

Sarah, the little secretary and Boyd Xiao looked at each other.

They thought of one person at the same time-Levi.

Is it really related to him?

At this time, Cross Shaogang knelt on the ground and squatted his head vigorously: “President Logan, I’m sorry for you! I shouldn’t dig a wall in front of you, let alone threaten you to acquire your company!”

“Boom boom…”

Cross Shaogang knocked his head vigorously, and the bleeding came.

This is the person Levi specifically named to apologize. How could he dare to neglect the slightest?

Not only her, all the Internet celebrities also apologize.

They shouldn’t pretend to be an uncle and take the air

Zi Xuan also specially apologized to Boyd Sen, and apologized for a series of words she had said.

On Sarah’s side, everyone stared blankly.

They have no idea what happened.

People like Cross Shaogang came to apologize inexplicably?

“Mr. Logan, Huafeng Entertainment will suspend business for three months! However, you can use Huafeng Entertainment’s resource and network channels for free!”

Cross Shaogang even wants to use all resources to help Sarah develop a three-month entertainment project.

“Mr. Logan, please accept it!”

Cross Shaogang lay on the ground.

“Okay, I can accept it, but can you tell me what happened?”

Sarah said in doubt.

This is also the doubt of everyone.

What happened to Cross Shaogang’s incredible group of people has undergone such a big change.

“Mr. Logan, we violated some regulations and were deeply taught. We realized our mistakes and came to apologize to you.”

Cross Shaogang said helplessly.

“Mr. Logan, let’s leave first! Regarding Huafeng Entertainment Resources, I will send everyone over immediately!”

Subsequently, Cross Shaogang left with others.

They want to carry out quality education.

To every artist!!!

After Cross Shaogang left, the little secretary’s news came back.

“Mr. Logan, it is estimated that they committed something in the barracks, and they were eventually driven out!”

The little secretary said.

“But this is a good thing for us. For three months, we can use all of Huafeng Entertainment at will!”

Sarah nodded approvingly.

“No need for nothing, it just happens that Zihan’s new movie is about to be released, so use Huafeng Entertainment’s resources!”

Sarah smiled.

At this moment, Levi opened the door and walked in.

“How? Those people came to apologize, right?”

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