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Chapter 81

Now Guo Lingfei is naturally not afraid of Levi.

But after all, I was guilty of Erick, and I was still very scared to see Levi.

Levi smiled: “It’s me, what are you nervous about?”

Guo Lingfei’s long legs trembled, but her mouth said, “What am I nervous about?”

Levi smiled and sat down on the sofa: “Well, I just came to see you. After all, when I got married, you were still a bridesmaid.”

“I’m fine! But I have nothing to do with you, and you don’t need your greetings! Besides, I’m very busy, you leave now!”

Guo Lingfei immediately issued the eviction order.

“What are you nervous about? I’m here to discuss business with you!”

Levi smiled.

“What business are you going to talk to me?”

Guo Lingfei asked curiously.

“Talk to you about a video business!”

As soon as Levi finished speaking, Guo Lingfei said angrily: “I don’t need any video business, hurry up!”

“It’s not too late for you to finish watching the video!”

Levi smiled.

Guo Lingfei came over: “What video?”

The story of Erick jumping off the building was broadcast on Levi’s phone.

Guo Lingfei’s face suddenly changed wildly.

After watching, she took a breath and asked in surprise; “You…Where did you get the video from?”

“Then you don’t need to worry about it, I’m here to discuss business with you!”

Levi smiled.

“Impossible, your video is fake! It was Erick who deceived me, how could I harm him?”

Guo Lingfei immediately denied it.

Levi was about to get up: “Okay, then I will leave.”

“Hold on! Tell me about your conditions!”

Guo Lingfei said immediately.

“Well, how about I admit that I did it? But you are not much better. If you don’t avenge your brother, you still have to blackmail me. You are not a good person!”

“What? Is the reality that taught us President Garrison? Want to extort a sum of money severely?”

In Guo Lingfei’s view, Levi had just been released from prison and was unable to make any progress. He wanted to blackmail himself a sum of money to survive.

As everyone knows, Levi wants to play with her.

“One price, one billion!”

Levi sneered.

“What? One billion? Are you crazy? Why don’t you blackmail the Garrison family?”

Guo Lingfei said angrily.

Levi smiled: “My video is posted, and the Garrison family is capable of solving it. How about you?”


Guo Lingfei panicked.

“But one billion is too expensive, I won’t agree!”

Guo Lingfei said.

Levi smiled: “There are four of you in the video. Can’t make a billion dollars? I only give you one day. If I don’t see the money tomorrow morning, I will publish the video!”


Levi got up and Wesley left.


Guo Lingfei collapsed on the sofa with a look of despair.

Even if she is now the president of Xingyu Media, one billion is impossible, and it is very difficult even to spread over two billion for everyone.

“No! I have to discuss it with everyone!”

Later, Guo Lingfei dialed several numbers.

It was a group of people standing with her in the video—Brown Zilong, Yi Pengfei, and Cross Lan.

These three are all friends that Erick met through Guo Lingfei, in Erick’s heart, second only to Levi’s friends.

But it was these people who betrayed him in the end.

Soon these three people came to Guo Lingfei’s office.

The three of them are now the presidents of the three companies, and they are worth a lot.

Guo Lingfei told all three of what had just happened.

Chapter 82

“What? Video? Is there really a video?”

Cross Lan didn’t believe it.

Guo Lingfei nodded: “It is true! I have repeatedly confirmed that the video cannot be fake!”

“In other words, once the video is released, how many of us will be exposed?”

Brown Zilong said coldly.

Yi Pengfei nodded: “Yes, the Garrison Family will also be exposed at that time, but we will be sacrificed by the Garrison Family! You know Garrison Nanhui’s methods!”

Cross Lan almost cried: “Then what should we do now?”

Guo Lingfei said helplessly: “So I called you to think of a solution together!”

“There is no way! Unless you spend a billion to buy it! Otherwise, we will be a dead end!”

Brown Zilong said helplessly.

“Yes, what else can be done besides paying money?”

Yi Pengfei was dejected.

“Big buddies, that’s one billion, two to five billion per person, are you willing to take it out?”

Cross Lan reminded.

“Isn’t there any way?”

Brown Zilong asked back.

At this time, a bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Guo Lingfei’s eyes: “There is another way…”


Everyone looked at her suspiciously.

“We asked Levi to the place and killed it!”

Guo Lingfei’s cruel side showed up.

The other three looked at each other and nodded: “Yeah, it’s okay to kill Levi. It’s a big deal for me to spend 10 million to find a few killers! Why spend a billion?”

Guo Lingfei nodded: “Well, just do it!”

“I’ll contact the killer, I have the resources!”

Brown Zilong raised his hand.

“I and Cross Lan will pay for it!”

Yi Pengfei smiled.

“Then I will be responsible for contacting Levi and arranging a place!”

Guo Lingfei’s eyes flickered with cold light.

After everything was arranged, Guo Lingfei was not in a hurry to contact Levi.

She didn’t call Levi until eleven o’clock.

“Mr. Garrison, I have prepared the money. We will see you at the Lufthansa Hall at twelve o’clock. Remember, what I want is the original video!”

Guo Lingfei said.

Levi agreed: “Okay, see or leave.”

At this time, Guo Lingfei and several people were in the Lufthansa Hall.

The Lufthansa Guild Hall is Brown Zilong’s clubhouse, so choosing here is convenient for handling things.

“I have arranged five gold medal killers, one million each!”

Brown Zilong said.

“Well, now I’m waiting for Levi to come.”

Guo Lingfei was faintly nervous, but more of a murder intent.

It was almost twelve o’clock, Levi and Wesley came here.

Guo Lingfei was greeted at the door.

A group of people came to the box.

After seated, Levi asked, “What about the money? How is it paid?”

But Guo Lingfei suddenly showed grim smiles on their faces.

“Levi, you still want money? Do you have a life after taking our money?”

Brown Zilong’s complexion changed abruptly, and his anger was raging.

“Yes, Levi, you really are a liar! Did you come when you asked you to come?”

Yi Pengfei smiled sinisterly.

Levi looked at Guo Lingfei and asked, “What? What do you mean?”

“Levi quickly hand over the original video! I’ll spare your life!”

Guo Lingfei said angrily.


The box door was even opened, and five gold medal killers all appeared.

“Levi, you don’t have to struggle, these are five gold medal killers! Why can’t you escape here!”

Brown Zilong threatened.

“Hurry up and hand in the original video, or you will be killed!”

Several people urged.

Chapter 83

Levi’s smile deepened, and the smile was meaningful: “It’s a pity, I didn’t bring the original video with me, but I sent it to someone, and it’s probably coming soon.”

“What? You didn’t bring the original video with you?”

Guo Lingfei and the others are going to explode.

“Kill him to me!”

Brown Zilong let the killer manually.

Guo Lingfei stopped: “Wait! Wait until you get the original video!”

Soon, the original video that Levi said came.

It was sent by Cross Tianlin.

Seeing the original video, Guo Lingfei reached out to grab it, but was caught by Levi first.

“I can give you the original video, but you have to give me the money!”

Levi smiled.

Yi Pengfei yelled coldly: “Levi, you are almost dead, do you still care about money?”

“Do you really naively think that we will give you your money? Tell you! Today we are going to destroy the original, and you and we are going to kill too!”

Cross Lan and Brown Zilong showed grim smiles.

Guo Lingfei had a lofty air, arms around him, condescendingly looking at Levi: “You are as naive as Erick’s fool!”

Hearing these words, Levi lowered his head and slowly raised it.

When seeing those eyes, Guo Lingfei all changed their colors.

What kind of eyes are that?


too frightening!

At this moment, they seemed to see the scene of the sea of ​​blood in the dead mountain from Levi’s eyes.

Countless grievances struggling sounded in their minds.

Levi’s eyes can really kill people!


Upon seeing this, Cross Tianlin snapped his fingers.



The box door was blasted to pieces.

Dozens of people rushed in from outside.


The five gold medal killers, before they had time to react, all fell in a pool of blood.

The most frightening thing is that Guo Lingfei’s four heads were held back.

Suddenly they realized what it was, and suddenly broke into a cold sweat.


Looking at the tall and strong men with different skin colors around, Guo Lingfei was immediately dumbfounded.

“Guo Lingfei is too easy for you to think? Even the five killers want to kill the one in front of you? It’s ridiculous!”

Cross Tianlin sneered.

All three of Guo Lingfei looked at Brown Zilong, meaning they were asking him how to find someone?

Brown Zilong said with a grieved expression: “This is the gold medal killer I found from the famous Nan Xiaodu? Who knew it would be so weak!”

Nan Xiaodu, who is as famous as Bei Laojiu, is the son of Du Yuesheng. He runs a security company, but is actually a killer organization.

Brown Zilong spent five million to hire the top five killers, but they were so vulnerable.

Brown Zilong and the three were already terrified, their bodies trembling all the time.

Guo Lingfei was a little calmer, she looked at Cross Tianlin in surprise and asked, “Who are you anyway?”

“I found it!”

Levi said.

He grabbed a fork from the fruit plate on the table and came to Guo Lingfei step by step.

Guo Lingfei trembled, and asked in fear: “You…what are you going to do?”

“Let you see the end of the betrayal!”

As soon as the voice fell, Levi’s fork passed through Brown Zilong’s neck next to Guo Lingfei.


Suddenly, the hot blood splashed Guo Lingfei’s face.

“Da da da da…”

At this moment, Guo Lingfei was really going crazy.

Her two legs were out of control at all, trembling all the time.

She made a whining sound unconsciously.

She was scared to death.

Chapter 84


Brown Zilong suddenly fell to the ground.

Yi Pengfei and Cross Lan on the other side screamed in fright.

“Three days later, the three of you will come to Erick’s grave to confess, I am considering keeping you alive! Otherwise, he will be your end!”

Levi patted Guo Lingfei’s face.

Guo Lingfei and the others killed Erick, and they must pay for it.

But Levi first asked Guo Lingfei and the others to kneel in front of Erick’s grave to confess…

Levi left with someone, and also took Brown Zilong away by the way.

And Guo Lingfei and the three of them stood in place, their bodies trembling constantly.

This is definitely a fear they don’t want to face all their lives.

After leaving the Lufthansa Hall, Levi said to Cross Tianlin: “Buy me a coffin!”

The next day.

Early in the morning, there was a sudden earth-shaking noise at the door of Yejia Manor.

This voice shocked everyone in the Garrison family!

Charlie was also wearing pajamas and quickly came out to see what was going on?

“what’s happenin?”

Others are also puzzled.

When I came to the entrance of the manor, everyone was terrified.

There was an extra coffin at the gate!

The red color of the coffin is a bit irritating.

The Garrison Family guards looked at the coffin warily, and no one dared to take a step forward.

Who knows what’s inside?

“Who sent it?”

Charlie roared.

For so many years, who dared to provoke the Garrison family like this?

Are you looking for death?

Edmund said coldly: “Dad, it must be that kid Levi! He came to warn us!”

“Yes, it must be Levi! Others are not so brave!”

Charlie ordered: “Who will open the coffin and see what’s inside?”

But no one from the Garrison family dared to step forward.

After all, this thing is too permeating.

What if there is a bomb inside?

Van hesitated very much when he wanted to go but didn’t dare to go.

At this time, Garrison Nanhui, who looked particularly gentle with glasses, stepped forward and pushed aside the coffin with a bang.


When everyone saw the corpse in the coffin, the sound of inhalation was endless.

“It’s Brown Zilong!”

Garrison Nanhui recognized it at a glance.


The Garrison Family’s complexion changed.

“It seems that Levi is a little capable, but he found them! I asked Guo Lingfei to ask!”

Garrison Nanhui said.

Soon after, Guo Lingfei and the three came to Garrison’s house and told everything.

After summing up, Levi is a little capable.

“Levi is terrible, there are many foreign bodyguards around him! The gold medal killers we invited are not good!”

Guo Lingfei recalled this and said in horror.

“Huh, what’s so terrible about this? Can more people be our Garrison Family’s opponent?”

Van and others didn’t care.

Garrison Nanhui said calmly: “We should be more careful. I just know a mercenary in a foreign country. There is still time, so I can just invite them!”

Edmund immediately smiled and said, “That’s great, Levi will have no place to bury him when he is dead!”

After Guo Lingfei and the three learned that the Garrison family had made so many preparations, the three finally smiled: “Levi dare to tell us to repent? You wait to die!

“I’m really looking forward to it in two days, but I want to see what kind of surprise my son will bring us?”

Ramond and his wife smiled triumphantly.

They are Levi’s parents!

But always treat Levi as a dog!

Van and Colleen smirked and said, “We hope that the time will be faster.”

Chapter 85

Levi, who was at home, received a call from Sarah and asked him to visit the construction site.

After Levi arrived, he was surprised to find that only Lao Jiu’s subordinates were working.

All other Sarah’s subordinates are gone.

Levi came to Sarah and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter? It’s not because of you! My employees knew about my expulsion from the family after the media reported. They were worried that I would involve them, and they all went on strike temporarily. This is the case at the construction site, and so is Huating So. Now even my secretary is gone. What do you say now?”

Sarah dyed and stared at Levi.

Levi understands these people.

The Garrison family is notorious for being fierce.

Who is not afraid of being implicated in revenge?

Especially the Logan family expelled Sarah from the family in order to get away.

They should have run away.

Levi touched his head embarrassedly: “Sorry! I didn’t expect this!”

“You should now know how much impact just because of your wanton behavior will have?”

“Why don’t you listen to me? Is our life bad now? The Garrison family doesn’t make it difficult for you. I took on such a big project again. Isn’t it great? Why do you have to destroy all of this?”

Sarah asked again and again.

Levi took a breath and said with a smile: “Yes! It’s fine now, even perfect! But is my brother looking at me in the sky? Can I feel at ease?”

“I’m Levi standing upright! I never take the initiative to commit crimes, but others maimed my body, put me on the back of ethical infamy, put me in jail, and even robbed me of everything! How can this allow me to be alone? “

“You know my style of doing things. I don’t take other people’s things, but they must pay back what they take me! Especially my brother’s life and my past glory! I will definitely get back what I lost, even if I’m bruised and bruised!”

Sarah looked at Levi incredulously.

At this moment she had an epiphany.

It turned out that I had always ignored Levi’s feelings.

He also has a lot to bear.

Sarah hugged Levi, crying: “Regardless of the outcome of Levi, I will definitely accompany you on your journey. Even if you are broken into pieces!”

She glanced at the construction site and said with a smile: “Two days later, I might have lost my life. What do I care about?”

Levi said moved: “Sarah don’t worry, I will deal with this matter.”

“Yeen, I believe in you.”

Sarah believed on the surface, but it was actually to encourage Levi.

In fact, she didn’t think Levi would defeat the thriving Garrison Family!

But she was ready to die with Levi!

Time is fast, and the stipulated deadline will be reached in an instant.

The second day was the date that Levi and the Garrison family made an appointment, which was in January.

That night, Sarah cooked a table full of dishes and brought out good wine.

After drinking for three rounds, Levi suddenly said, “Sarah will be our chance to take off tomorrow. Do you want to call your family? Give them another chance?”


Hearing Levi’s words, Sarah’s first reaction was to scold him.

When are you still talking such big talk?

But considering that she and Levi will die tomorrow, Sarah smiled kindly: “Really? Will we take off?”

It’s the last moment, making Levi happy.

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