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Chapter 766

As soon as Levi said this, the atmosphere on the scene stagnated.

Everyone looked at him.

Sarah’s ideas are the same.

Isn’t it true that Levi did this thing?

The time is reasonable.

Before, Levi said to deal with this matter.

After he came back, Cross Shaogang brought someone to apologize.

This is definitely him.

Did not run away.

But how did he do it?

Huafeng Entertainment is one of the three domestic giants.

Can Cross Shaogang succumb to him?

Still closed for three months? ? ?

How can this be done?

A series of doubts lingered in the minds of the three Sarah.

They are really small heads, big doubts.

“Well, after apologizing and leaving, I also said that I will use Huafeng Entertainment’s resources at will.

Sarah said.

Levi nodded and said, “Well, he is a bit brainy.”

Sarah was not ashamed to ask Levi how to do it.

She thought of a possibility.

After Levi left, Sarah told the little secretary: “Check me the status of Huafeng Entertainment’s shares!”

The little secretary quickly found out: “Except for Cross Shaogang, the Nelshire Porter family holds the highest 20% of the shares!”

“Sure enough!!!”

Plum dye breathed a long sigh of relief.

Before, she had guessed that Levi did all this, probably because he used the Porter family of the Nelshire royal family.

It’s clear now.

The largest shareholder of Huafeng Entertainment is Porter’s.

It was only one sentence from the Porter family that Cross Shaogang did all this.

“My husband has worked hard for you!”

Sarah was very moved.

She understood that Levi hated Porter’s family so much that she would not even recognize each other.

But for the second time she has asked Porter’s family for help.

This is equivalent to abandoning dignity.

You know that Levi is the person with the best face.

Husband, I am very touched…

But where did Sarah know it, it’s not the same thing at all.

This matter has nothing to do with the Porter family…

It was just a coincidence that she misunderstood.

Sarah silently hid everything in his heart, and did not ask Levi.

After that, with the support of all resources of Huafeng Entertainment.

Dongtian Group’s newly launched movie has completely exploded and reached a new milestone.

As the leading actress, Hart Zihan’s popularity has skyrocketed.

It has truly become Velador’s top-tier first-line traffic actor.

This is what Hart Zihan never expected.

Six months ago, she was still a little transparent who worried about her monthly salary of three thousand.

Half a year later, it turned out to be a big star that Velador knows well.

All this is due to Levi and Sarah.

Hart Zihan is very grateful to the two.

Not only that, she also secretly does charity to help people in need.

“Zihan, if I want all the artists in Velador to be like you, would I be angry?”

Levi said with a smile.

Chapter 767

Sarah is also very satisfied with Hart Zihan’s achievements and character.

“Zihan, your popularity has skyrocketed recently. I’m afraid there are many people looking for you. I hope you resist the temptation or don’t fall into the trap!”

Sarah persuaded.

“Mr. Logan, I know.”

Hart Zihan is too hot now.

Overwhelming advertisers asked her to endorse.

Even many companies come to dig her at high prices.

However, Hart Zihan was not moved by his heart, and everything was arranged by Sarah.

Some wealthy businessmen from Hong Kong and Macau exude high prices and ask Hart Zihan to accompany the wine.

Hart Zihan refused even more.

But what Hart Zihan didn’t expect was that she was targeted by the Nelshire princeling.

At this moment, in a luxurious club in Nelshire.

A group of young people are gathering together to smoke and drink.

Ian and Mack were among them.

These people are the famous Nelshire princelings.

How powerful is the princeling?

Chu Tian Chuan, the youngest of the Chu family, is just the last of the princelings.

Even Ian was only medium.

you can say so.

In the future, Nelshire’s strongest sons and youngsters will all be here.

They represent the entire Nelshire.

Especially the few big and young on the head are very good.

The family they belong to is the strongest family in Nelshire, and even the royal family of the Porter family must look up to it.

“Have you heard about it, brothers? Recently, there is an actress Hart Zihan!”

Young Lord Sun Minghui asked with a smile.

“Of course I heard! This woman is a chaste woman. Some wealthy businessmen from Hong Kong and Macau took hundreds of millions to beat her, but she was not moved at all!”

“No, this woman hasn’t been in love yet! After the fire, she can stick to herself, no matter how she pleases, she won’t be moved.”

There is an endless stream of discussions.

Even Mack and Ian are very interested.

“I like this woman!”

Suddenly a voice sounded.

The people who had been discussing endlessly stopped one after another, and all looked at him respectfully.

Joe Jinqiu!

The future heir of the Qiao family of the first three royal families of Nelshire.

He is Nelshire’s real eldest young Lord.

Ian is a F*rt in front of him!

The Qiao family is too powerful to be able to rival the Porter family for four.

This is the gap.

As the youngest of the Qiao family, Qiao Jinqiu is a genius.

Learn everything from an early age to be able to write and martial.

He is also one of the top three figures in the princeling party, second only to the “prince”.

As soon as he spoke, everyone stopped their movements.

Qiao Jinqiu pointed at a cigar with an unpredictable expression on his handsome face.

“Is there a woman whom Qiao can’t admire?”

Ian flattered.

In their impression, Qiao Jinqiu’s women are only the best ones, and there are few he likes.

Qiao Jinqiu took a sip and said, “I checked this woman, and it suits my taste.”

“But what surprises me more is that her boss, Sarah, is even more superb!”

“Two women, I want them all!”

Chapter 768


Everyone took a breath.

Young Lord Qiao had no choice but to make two moves.

Ian and Mack glanced at each other, and they subconsciously said: “We know that this Sarah is indeed the best of the best! Although he was married, he is still a virgin.”

Qiao Jinqiu’s puzzled eyes fell on the two of them: “How do you know so clearly?”

Mack said, “Because we are outside Porter’s house…”

At this time, Ian interrupted him and said: “Young Lord Qiao, because when we went to Jinling, we saw Sarah with our own eyes. I think it is better than Sarah.”

With that said, Ian stared at Mack fiercely.

He was blaming Mack for almost telling Levi.

The Porter family did not recognize Levi’s identity and existence at all.

Exposing Levi’s identity is a shame for them.

Especially in circles like the princelings, let others know about Levi.

It’s a shame to them.

When the time comes, these young Lords will say: “Oh, do you still have this kind of tramp in the Porter family?”

How does this tell them to mix in circles?

Qiao Jinqiu didn’t doubt it, and said with a smile: “That’s even better! I’m going to decide on these two women!”

“Young Lord Qiao, shall we go to Jinling?”

Others said one after another.

“Okay, then we will leave tomorrow.”

Qiao Jinqiu took another cigarette.

Sarah and Hart Zihan naturally didn’t know that the danger was coming.

They are still preparing for a fan meeting.

On this day, Melina and Mann Jianguo came to the Liziran company in person.

They came to see Sarah under the pretext.

In fact, to view the progress of the 50 billion project.

The two happened to see Levi in the corridor.

See him alive and kicking.

The two were annoyed for a while.

Today, Cross Wentao is still lying in the hospital.

Levi was fine.

How can they not be angry?

“Don’t be smug, kid, the Mann family won’t let you go.”

Melina whispered a warning in Levi’s ear.

“If you have any means, come on!”

Levi sneered.

Can he rest assured of a Mann family?

If it wasn’t for plum dyeing.

With a word of him, the Mann family will surely perish.

Came to Sarah’s office and checked the progress.

Melina and Sarah said, “Do you think you want to marry Levi?”

Sarah nodded: “Yes, that’s right.”

“Grandpa, no matter how you stop, Grandma, I will marry him!”

Sarah’s attitude is very firm.

Melina smiled and said: “Sarah, you can marry him! But Levi must make changes to satisfy us so that we won’t stop him.”

“We ran into him just now, doing nothing, eating and drinking. This kind of situation is definitely not OK!”

Sarah asked directly: “Grandma, please state the terms.”

Chapter 769

“The conditions are simple!”

“There is still some time before you get married! Levi can only rely on himself to earn a billion before getting married!”

Melina put forward the conditions.

Sarah dyed his brows and frowned tightly.

The days to get married are very short.

Where to make a billion.


Levi can rely on Porter’s family.

Sarah agreed: “Okay, yes! One billion is one billion!”

“But remember, no one can help, he can only rely on himself!”

Mann Jianguo emphasized.

“Yes, that’s right! Six years ago, he rose to a worth of billions in just a year, and now he earns a billion on his own! We want him to reproduce his ability back then!”

After listening to the points emphasized by the two of Mann Jianguo, Sarah knew that he had been fooled.

It is simply too difficult for Levi to earn one billion without relying on any resources.

Fearing that Melina and the other two were expected to do so, they dared to release such conditions.

“Sarah, you have agreed, but don’t go back!”

Melina and his wife smiled joyfully.

After the two left, Sarah sat slumped in a chair.

I blame myself for agreeing too quickly.

This allows Levi to make a billion in a short time?

But she had agreed, she could only go to Levi.

When Levi finished listening, he couldn’t help laughing: “Just one billion? I thought it was ten trillion?”

Seeing Levi’s confident face, Sarah was startled.

Are you so confident?

Is one billion like Chinese cabbage?

“You may not listen to the conditions clearly, no one can help you, you can only rely on yourself!”

Sarah reminded it again.

“Yes, there is no problem!”

Levi smiled.

In his black card, I don’t know how many billions there are.

Both can kill Mann Jianguo and his wife.

“Okay, come on, then I will pay attention to you, but I won’t provide any help.”

Sarah said.

But for some time to come, Levi disappointed her.

He didn’t take any measures at all.

I still eat and drink every day.

Sarah ignored it and continued to work on the Hart Zihan fan meeting.

After the fan meeting was officially held.

Sarah and Hart Zihan went together.

The fans cheered thoroughly.

I was happy enough to see Hart Zihan.

Unexpectedly, Hart Zihan’s boss was even more charming.

The trip was worth it.

There were a few people not far away, staring at Sarah and Hart Zihan.

“Young Lord Qiao sees it? I’ll just say that Sarah is the best!”

Ian said with a smile.

“Well, not bad! After getting these two women, your benefits will be indispensable!”

Qiao Jinlong’s eyes under the sunglasses never left Sarah’s body.

The two were the prey he was looking at and couldn’t escape.

Chapter 770

Qiao Jinqiu ordered: “After the fan meeting is over, please bring me these two women!”

“Understand, Lord Qiao, promise to complete the task!”

Everyone said in unison.

Qiao Jinqiu then left.

He was in a French restaurant, waiting for the arrival of the two.

He likes the sense of ritual.

Everything needs romance.

Otherwise, such a woman would be a violent thing when she slept.

The atmosphere must be in place.

So he sent someone to invite.

Instead of forcibly bringing it back.

In the evening, after the fan meeting is over.

When Sarah and Hart Zihan were about to leave, an extended Rolls-Royce stopped at the door.

There are several servants by the car, all wearing tuxedos.

The leading butler even made a gentleman’s gift: “Miss Logan, Hello, Miss Hart! On behalf of Nelshire Qiao Jia Qiao Jinqiu Young Lord, I invite you to dinner!”

But at this moment, Levi drove to the front, blocking in front of the bonus Rolls Royce.

“Let’s go, get in the car, and invite you to dinner.”

Levi approached.

Sarah and Hart Zihan refused the invitation of Qiao’s housekeeper, got directly into Levi’s car, and then drove away.

These servants were stunned for a long time in the same place, and then they reacted one by one.

“What’s the matter? How did people get picked up?”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

People weren’t invited, but they were picked up by a man.

“Chasing, chase me quickly!”

A group of people chased out, but there are still people there?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

After being snatched away, how can I explain to Shao Qiao when I go back?

French restaurant.

Qiao Jinqiu looked at the servants in front of him, and he smiled.

“In front of you, did you pick up both of them for me?”

Qiao Jinqiu asked with a knife in his left hand and a fork in his right, eating the steak.

The middle-aged butler lowered his head and tremblingly said: “Yes, Lord, we didn’t catch up!”

“But Lord, I have sent someone to find it.”

Qiao Jinqiu waved at him: “Come here!”

The middle-aged butler came to Qiao Jinqiu puzzled.

“Lord, you have something, please order.”

Suddenly, a flash of coldness flashed in Qiao Jinqiu’s eyes.


The fork in his hand pierced into the butler’s body.




Qiao Jinqiu didn’t stop, repeatedly stabbing the fork fiercely.

For a while, blood splashed.

After more than ten stabbings, the butler has lost his breath.

He fell straight to the ground with a bang.

“What’s the use of raising your waste?”

Qiao Jinqiu roared.

“Lord, we were wrong…”

The other servants immediately fell to their knees in fright and kept begging for mercy.

Qiao Jinqiu took a knife and fork and came to these people.



A random stabbing at the four servants, blood spattered everywhere.

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