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Chapter 771

Qiao Jinqiu didn’t stop until the knife and fork rolled their edges.

The four are already dead…

Qiao Jinqiu returned to the position and sat down, took out a white handkerchief and wiped the blood on his hands.

“Come here, get a new set of tableware!”

Qiao Jinqiu ordered.

Putting on the new tableware, Qiao Jinqiu continued to enjoy the steak.

The corpses in the same place and the smell of blood all over the room seemed to have no effect on him.

He can still eat.

Anyone who knows Qiao Jinqiu knows that this is a moody guy.

He can be a gentleman in a French restaurant, or he can instantly turn into a murderous maniac.

In layman’s terms, Qiao Jinqiu is a pervert.

As long as he doesn’t go well, he will kill.

Over the years, he had to kill hundreds of servant butlers arranged by the family.

Not to mention other people.

Qiao Jinqiu can be said to be a murderous demon.

So in the princelings, many people are afraid.

Even if Ian felt that God of War War God was the patron saint of the Porter family, he did not dare to follow Qiao Jinqiu.

If he upsets him, he will be killed.

There is no chance to even ask for help!

He can only continue to be a doggie for Joe Jinqiu.

Soon, the bodies of these people were disposed of.

The Nelshire princelings also came one after another.

“What? These two women were cut off?”

Everyone was surprised.

Who is so courageous?

She even dared to pick up the woman that Qiao Jinqiu was fond of.

Ten lives are not enough!

“I also want to know who it is?”

Qiao Jinqiu drank red wine elegantly.

With his appearance, no one would have imagined that he had killed five people in a row just now.

“If you dare to snatch the woman that Qiao is fond of, you will die!”

“Don’t worry, Young Lord Qiao, we have sent someone to check it, and we will find out where it is soon.

Everyone flattered.

About ten minutes later, news came: Sarah and Hart Zihan were found.

The two ate at the Zijin Hotel in the city center.

“Go, I’ll go and see for myself, who robbed my woman!”

Qiao Jinqiu also stood up, seemingly curious.

The Nelshire princelings quickly went to the Zijin Hotel.

In fact, Hart Zihan invited the guests to thank Levi tonight.

Levi was not polite, and brought the two directly to the most expensive Zijin Hotel.

Seeing the car parked at the entrance of the hotel, someone immediately pointed and said, “Young Lord Qiao is this car, and people are in it!”

Qiao Jinqiu smiled and glanced at the lane: “Go, let’s go in.”

After the group came to the hotel lobby.

Soon I saw a few people dyed with plums close to the window.

“How could it be him?”

Ian and Mack saw Levi at a glance.

The two of them retreated in an instant.

After a while, it won’t work to be recognized by Levi.

They can’t afford to lose this person.

Besides, the person Levi provoked was Qiao Jinqiu.

Chapter 772

“Young Lord Qiao, there is something in our family, we have to go back to Nelshire.”

Soon, the two made an excuse.

“Hurry up, don’t affect my mood.”

Ian didn’t want to wait for Levi to be killed and call for help.


If it annoys Qiao Jinqiu, kill them all.

The two slipped away.

In the restaurant, Qiao Jinqiu took the Nelshire Princely Party directly to the table of the three of Levi.

The three people who were eating and chatting noticed an abnormality.

When I looked up, there were many people standing nearby.

All of them are dressed luxuriously and have good temperament.

“Is there anything wrong with you?”

Sarah asked.

“Miss Logan, Miss Hart, I have been admiring for a long time.”

Qiao Jinqiu said politely.

“็ Hello Who are you?”

Sarah asked.

“I’m from Nelshire, my name is Qiao Jinqiu!”

“Can you meet me?”

Qiao Jinqiu smiled.

This appearance is polite, but it is not good for people to refuse.


At this time, a voice sounded.

It was Levi who was eating.


All the eyes of Qiao Jinqiu fell on Levi.

“We are eating, don’t disturb us!”

Levi said without looking up, and continued to eat.

This indifferent attitude makes the princelings very upset.

No one has ever given them face.

Qiao Jinqiu still maintained a gentleman’s manner and said: “This gentleman, I did not ask you, I asked two ladies.

“Well, I know. But the two of them are mine, and I refused for them.”

“Hurry up! They don’t want to know you!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Levi said this, the princelings almost laughed out loud.

Is there anyone in this world who is not afraid of death?

Don’t you dare to give Qiao Jinqiu face?

Hearing this, Qiao Jinqiu was happy: “Sir, these two are your women?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

Levi said coldly.

Qiao Jinqiu observed that Sarah had a calm face, while Hart Zihan had a shy face.

It really seems like that.

These three people have problems.

Maybe it has a leg.

It’s really interesting.

“Then sir, I want to buy your two women a drink, how about?”

Qiao Jinqiu showed a perverted smile.



This is the real Joe Jinqiu.

In your presence, invite your woman.

This is exciting!

“No time, hurry up!”

Levi was already impatient.

“Haha, well, I won’t bother you to eat. But I will wait for you at the door!”

Qiao Jinqiu unexpectedly left the gentleman.

Sure enough, he was waiting at the door of the restaurant.

“What should I do? This group of people is obviously not good.”

Sarah and Hart Zihan panicked.

“Continue to eat, and nothing will happen.”

Levi looked calm and continued to eat and drink.

Chapter 773

Levi can calm down.

Sarah and Hart Zihan were panicked.

They could see that the people like Qiao Jinqiu just now were unusual.

Whether it is clothing or temperament, it means that they have a lot of background.

If you get in trouble with them, you may be in trouble.

“Don’t worry, there will be nothing wrong with me.”

Levi smiled.

I don’t know why, when Sarah and Hart Zihan heard these words, they felt very safe and secure.

Especially Hart Zihan looked at Levi with admiration.

In her eyes, Levi was very mysterious, unlike everyone talking about it on the surface.

She felt that Levi was extremely powerful, with unique vision and novel thinking ahead.

Definitely a big shot.

“After dinner, let Boyd Xiao come and pick you up! I’ll take care of this.”

Levi said lightly.

“Then be careful and call me if you have something to do.”

Sarah is not worried now.

Because of the Nelshire Porter family’s relationship, no one dared to embarrass Levi.

She has formed a fixed mindset-Levi solved the problem with the status of Porter’s grandson.

After eating, Boyd Xiao picked up Sarah from the back door.

Levi lit a cigarette and swaggered out from the front door.

At the entrance of Zijin Hotel.

A lengthened Rolls-Royce, a dozen sports cars are stuck here.

This has already affected the hotel business.

But after the restaurant owner knew the identity of this group, he didn’t dare to let go of a F*rt.

Seeing Levi coming out, everyone gathered around.

“Good boy, courageous!”

Everyone laughed.

Qiao Jinqiu glanced a few times and said, “Sir, where are your women?”

“left already.”

Levi answered.


Everyone was stunned, why didn’t they find it.

By the back door!

It suddenly occurred to everyone that there was a back door, and everyone regretted it.

A look of sullenness flashed across Qiao Jinqiu’s face.

He said coldly: “Sir, you are a bit immoral, I have said, I want to buy your woman a drink. Why did you let people leave early?”

This is Qiao Jinqiu’s domineering.

In the presence of the husband, ask his wife to drink.

It’s so reasonable to say.

“Does you think you are so cool?”

Levi asked suddenly.


This makes everyone stunned.

Especially Joe Jinqiu.

No one has ever said that to him!

All the people he had contacted, faced him, bowed their heads, and didn’t even dare to breathe.

Outspoken like Levi.

It’s fresh!

“Then what do you want me to say? Be vulgar? Good! Boy, lend me your woman and I will sleep with her tonight!”

Qiao Jinqiu said.


The princelings laughed loudly and looked at Levi mockingly.

Chapter 774

But they didn’t notice a flash of coldness in Levi’s eyes.

It’s ok to make a joke on him.

But it won’t work with plums!

Dragons have inverse scales, and they will die if they touch them.

Sarah is Levi’s reverse scale.

“Does this kid like a vulgar and straightforward one?”

“You have to force Young Lord Qiao to tell the truth!”

“Boy, yes, Lord Qiao is the woman who wants to sleep with you! Obediently send your woman to Lord Qiao’s bed!”

Everyone laughed together.

Qiao Jinqiu also smiled and said, “That’s exactly what I mean, it seems I can’t be too gentleman in the future.”

“Boy, why are you staring at me? Do you want to hit me? Come on, hit me?”

Seeing Levi staring at him, Qiao Jinqiu smiled and put his face in front of Levi.

Qiao Jinqiu has done this kind of thing many times.

But no one dared to beat him!

Often the last person will kneel in front of him and apologize…

Also send his wife to him.


Suddenly, a blast of strong wind came.

There was a large black shadow on Qiao Jinqiu’s retina.

His face changed drastically.


The crisp voice resounded, and Levi slapped Qiao Jinqiu’s face with a slap.

Qiao Jinqiu was beaten and flew seven or eight meters away and hit the sports car severely.

A few teeth splashed out from the corner of the mouth…


Everyone was stunned.

They looked at Levi in disbelief.

Did he actually do it?

Lying on the hood of the sports car, Qiao Jinqiu’s face was numb, and his eyes were full of shock.

This is something he never expected.

Will he do it?

Immediately afterwards, a burst of heart-wrenching pain hit…

A full minute.

Everyone was stunned for a minute.

This reacted.

“You actually did it, do you know who this is?”

“This is the eldest Lord of the Qiao family of the first three royal families in Nelshire, and one of the three Lordminds of the Nelshire princeling party!”

“Do you know how stupid you have done? You brought disaster to your family!”

The princelings scolded one after another.

Not to mention in Nelshire, it is in the entire southern Velador.

No one dares to have the courage to slap Qiao Jinqiu’s slap, right?

But in a small Jinling, someone beat Qiao Jinqiu.

In their view, this is an unimaginable thing.

It seems to be an ant shaking an elephant.


“A woman who dares to insult me ​​should be beaten!”

Levi looked at Qiao Jinqiu and said: “You are lucky, if you follow my previous temper, you are already dead.”

Arrogant, extremely arrogant.

Levi was right.

If in the past, when he just came down from the battlefield, if Qiao Jinqiu dared to say something like this, he would die immediately.

After speaking, Levi was about to leave.

“Stop him right away for me! Never let him go!”

Qiao Jinqiu shouted.

Chapter 775

The princelings immediately stopped Levi.

“You want to leave after hitting Young Lord Qiao, do you think we are a decoration? Didn’t take our princeling party in the eyes?”

Most princelings are arrogant generations, and they encounter Levi who is even more arrogant than them.

How can they stand it?

Levi Linle said: “What? Do you have to let me kill him?”

“You, you, you…you are too arrogant!!!”

The princelings were stunned.

Never seen such an arrogant person!!!

He is facing the Nelshire Princely Party!

That is the princeling that makes the entire South tremble!

“You are the first person who dares to be so arrogant in the face of the Nelshire Princely Party!!!”

Everyone angered.

“So you left me because of my arrogance?”

Levi smiled.

“Boy, you are looking for death!!!”

“Dare to beat Young Lord Qiao!”

“Today, I will definitely break your limbs, knock out all your teeth, strip your hair, remove all your nails, and gouge your kneecaps. Let you kneel in front of Young Lord Qiao to apologize!”

The princelings said viciously.

There are many ways of their cruel methods.

In their eyes, Levi was already a tool.

They had already figured out how to torture Levi.

“Hurry up and get rid of him first, I don’t want to see him still standing!!!”

The pain on his face and mouth made Qiao Jinqiu growl angrily.

These princelings are going to do it right away!




But what they are facing is the invincible God of War, the peerless powerhouse who has overwhelmed the 18 nations overseas!

These princelings may have some skill.

But in Levi’s eyes, it was too weak and too weak.

The same as a woman without the power to bind a chicken.

Levi punched one.

After a while, the ground was full of people.

These princelings wailed.

They regretted it.

I thought that coming to Jinling was absolutely invincible, and no one dared to provoke them.

So these people didn’t even bring personal bodyguards.

Caused this situation.

“Dare to move us? You will die!”

“You will regret this!”

The princelings were still very hard, lying on the ground threatening Levi.


Levi stepped on it.


Everyone let out a scream.

It turned out that these princelings lay on the ground and paved a path with their bodies.

Levi stepped on it and walked over step by step.

The princelings screamed bitterly.

Not only the pain, but also their dignity being completely trampled by Levi.

Their dignified princelings were actually trampled underfoot.

What a shame this is!!!

Levi finally walked in front of Qiao Jinqiu.

Qiao Jinqiu panicked: “You…what are you going to do?”

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