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Chapter 776

Qiao Jinqiu saw Levi’s smiling face without being bullied.

I don’t know why, it’s like facing the devil.

Levi seemed terrifying to the extreme.

Especially the look in his eyes, after a glance, he felt as if he had been stripped naked.

He saw the fear in his heart directly.

What’s going on here?

Qiao Jinqiu’s body was shaking uncontrollably.

All along, Qiao Jinqiu has never been afraid of anyone.

Even if he has seen countless big people, he has never been afraid.

But I don’t know why, facing Levi, there is an inexplicable terror.

“You asked me to keep me just now?”

Levi asked.

“I, I, I… I don’t…”

Qiao Jinqiu stammered and said a word incomplete.

“It looks like you have to be beaten to death before you can leave!”

Levi’s eyes were cold.


What else did Qiao Jinqiu say, Levi smashed his face with a fist, blood splashing.




After a few punches, Qiao Jinqiu became a blood man.

“Not any woman can be joked by you!”


Levi wiped his hands and left, and Qiao Jinqiu fell to the ground with a thud.

Qiao Jinqiu seemed to be unconscious, with blood foaming in his mouth.

The princelings all regretted it one after another, so why did you keep this person?

Is this going to kill Qiao Shao?

“Hurry up to the hospital, it’s important to save Young Lord Qiao!”

Everyone drove to the hospital quickly.

In the group apartment building, Sarah breathed a sigh of relief when Levi came back safe and sound.

She did not ask whether the matter was resolved.

In her opinion, Levi has the status of Nelshire Porter Family, and this matter must be resolved.

“Well, Boyd Xiao, you pick two Lords from the security team and arrange to protect her by Hart Zihan! There have been many people harassing her recently!”

Levi glanced at Hart Zihandao.

“Okay, understand!”

Boyd Xiao nodded.

The brand-new security team is composed of retired soldiers, each of which is top-notch Lord with strong combat effectiveness.

Protecting Hart Zihan also meant Natalie.

Recently, the electronic products of Erick Group are on the market. Under the endorsement of Hart Zihan, the sales are very scary.

Sarah also invested 50 billion in the Mann family’s project in the field of electronic products, which is equivalent to the Erick Group’s last share of the Mann family’s money…

“Levi, come with me, I have something to tell you!”

Sarah called Levi to the office.

“Levi, do you have any good ideas about the billion-dollar thing?”

Sarah wanted to ask about the progress of Xia Levi.

He didn’t seem to take this seriously lately.

“Does a billion dollars look down on me? Add more, how about a hundred billion dollars?”

Levi smiled.

“Don’t be kidding, don’t you care about me?”

Chapter 777

Sarah suddenly asked like this, making Levi stunned.


“Grandma, grandpa, they let you earn one billion in a short time, just to prove your strength and match me. Then they have no reason to hinder us.

No matter how I am, they are my relatives, and this cannot be changed. All we can do is to satisfy them as much as possible.

Both parties are very happy, but I don’t think you care about this at all. Every day, there is nothing else except sleeping and drinking tea. “

Sarah said angrily.

Levi smiled: “This thing is easy to handle, you can just wait and see when the time comes.”

This was indeed a trivial matter for Levi.

Ten billion can be taken out at any time.

But in Sarah’s view, Levi’s solution to this matter was to solve it as Porter’s grandson.

It’s too simple to get one billion in the name of Porter’s family.

This was able to deal with the Mann family, but Sarah was not happy.

What she cares about is Levi’s attitude.

Rather than relying solely on Porter’s grandson status to settle everything.

She even hoped that Levi would be the same as it was six years ago, and everything was done step by step with his own hands.

“So be it!”

Sarah sighed.

After watching Levi leave, Sarah whispered: “I still hope that you will marry me with the posture of the king and the strength of the enemy’s country!”

But Sarah understands that at present it seems that this is an extravagant hope.

Levi no longer had the kind of hard work he had done before.

It was impossible to do what she expected.

But she was still looking forward to it.

Levi naturally didn’t understand the meaning of Sarah.

Think she is inexplicable.

Why does it seem to be angry.

At this moment, in a private hospital.

The princelings and young people who were hanging on to the lottery were relieved.

Because the results of the examination came out, Qiao Jinqiu was fine, except that the bridge of the nose and the brow bones were broken.

If something happens to Qiao Jinqiu, I am afraid that the entire Jinling will be overthrown.

That is the top three families in Nelshire, which is worth four full Porter families.

If the behemoth of the Qiao family gets angry.

Who can afford it?

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion in the ward.

Everyone went in and saw Qiao Jinqiu stabbing a foreign doctor with a scalpel.

The doctor’s white coat is full of blood!

Qiao Jinqiu, who had fainted, woke up and stabbed a knife when he saw someone in order to vent his anger.

This is a murderous demon who exterminates humanity.

After being so insulted by Levi, Qiao Jinqiu’s anger had no place to vent.

He opened his eyes and started to poke when he saw people.

“Don’t get excited, Shao Qiao, this is the foreign doctor who saved you!”

Everyone hugged Qiao Jinqiu.

Qiao Jinqiu said angrily: “I am so humiliated, what disease can I cure?”

“I must cut that kid a thousand knives!”

Chapter 778

“Young Lord Qiao, we understand your feelings, that kid also brought us shame!”

“The prestige of our Nelshire princeling party is destroyed in his hands. If we don’t cut him a thousand knives, it will be difficult to dispel our hatred!”

The others are also extremely angry.

Levi brought them enough shame.

“Young Lord Qiao is still the main treatment! When you are better, everyone will clean up the kid, he can’t escape anyway.”

Everyone persuaded.

“Cure a F*rt! If you don’t kill this person, I can’t swallow it!”

Qiao Jinqiu was a ruthless person, and pulled out all the needles for the infusion.

He actually got out of bed.

The doctors and nurses were shocked.

“When this person is killed, I will come to heal again!”

Qiao Jinqiu left chicly.

But a face was wrapped in rice dumplings, only his eyes were exposed and his mouth was shut.

Everything that happened today is unimaginable.

No one expected that the Nelshire princelings would one day be so miserable.

Don’t tell me everyone was beaten, even Qiao Jinqiu was beaten like this…

If this is to let the people in the Nelshire circle know, there will be an earthquake.

“Today our humiliation must not be passed on to Nelshire, we cannot afford to lose this person!”

Qiao Jinqiu said.

They take face too much.

To let the Nelshire circle know that he was labeled as such, it is probably the laughing stock of his life.

“But Young Lord Qiao, if we want to kill that kid, we must go to shake people!”

Someone raised doubts.

“Should I secretly transfer people?”

“As long as Nelshire’s Lords show signs of action, someone will definitely find it! At that time, my grandfather asked, I can’t explain it!”

Qiao Jinqiu shook his head.

“What should Qiao Shao do?”

Others asked.

“Now there is no underground circle in Jinling, but Ren Garrison, the four heavenly kings of Nanhongmen, is in control of this area. I’m going to find Ren Garrison to borrow some Lords!”

Qiao Jinqiu said.

Everyone in Ren Garrison was also taken aback when he arrived at the villa where Ren Garrison was located.

“You will be beaten like this?”

Ren Garrison was surprised.

To be honest, the Nelshire princeling party, even Nan Hongmen must be jealous.

Before that, Fu Canglong repeatedly warned the students not to conflict with the Nelshire Princely Party.

Once there is a fight with them, the united princelings will not give up.

It is very likely that you are facing the joint efforts of all the giants in Nelshire.

But the Nelshire princelings collectively were beaten like this.

This makes him incredible.

“Brother Ren Garrison, don’t say anything else, lend me a hundred Lords! Don’t ask the reason, it is ashamed to say it! I hope Big Brother Ren Garrison will not tell me about my injury!

Qiao Jinqiu said.

Young Lord Qiao spoke, and Ren Garrison could only agree.

Immediately selected hundreds of Lords to Qiao Jinqiu.

The Nelshire princelings immediately brought hundreds of Lords aggressively to find Levi for revenge.

Chapter 779

In the villa, Ren Garrison was thinking about who beat Qiao Jinqiu.

Are you too brave?

One of the three heads of the Nelshire Princely Party dare to fight?

This is equivalent to opposing the entire princeling party!

“Heavenly King, this is abnormal! Who dares to beat Qiao Jinqiu in Jinling?”

“Yes, I can’t think of such a person! Even in Nelshire, no one dares to do it, right?”

The same was true for several subordinates, and they were puzzled.

Ren Garrison touched his chin and said, “It’s probably his personal business, so I don’t dare to tell me.”

“No, someone dared to move him, the only one in Jinling…”

Suddenly someone reminded.

Everyone looked at each other, and Ren Garrison immediately realized who it was.

There is another one in Jinling!

Wasn’t Nan Hongmen at a disadvantage like this?

He was 100% sure that it was most likely that Joe Jinqiu had offended him!

There would be no second person in Jinling who would dare to beat Qiao Jinqiu.

“Quickly catch up, the big thing is not good!”

“It’s late, this kid has to stop!”

Ren Garrison immediately led people to catch up.

If Qiao Jinqiu offends this one.

Nelshire princelings must be destroyed!

Even the family behind will be ruined.

Stop it if you can!

It’s just that the speed of Qiao Jinqiu and others was too fast, and soon disappeared.

“Shao Shao has found out that the kid is called Levi, and currently lives in the apartment building of Erick Group with Sarah and others!”

Soon there will be news to inquire.

“Okay, lead the way, go to this place!”

Qiao Jinqiu’s eyes shot out cold light.

“I want to bloodbath everyone here! Then I will break Levi’s limbs and muscles. Anyway, if there is any torture method for me, I will love him alive!”

Qiao Jinqiu felt that it was not enough, and said angrily: “No, I want to catch their two women in front of him and sleep in front of him!”

Qiao Jinqiu looked at other people again and said, “When I have finished sleeping, you will come one after another! In front of him, take turns sleeping with his women! I will torture him to death!!!”


Everyone sucked in cold air.

Qiao Jinqiu really is a complete abnormality.

It was scarier than they thought.

Torture a person physically and psychologically.

Still have to tortured to death.

this is too scary.

Don’t offend him!

Everyone followed Qiao Jinqiu with lingering fears.

Soon, everyone came to the apartment complex of Erick Group.

At the door, everyone was immediately stopped by security.

“Who is it? What is it for?”

These security guards were all Boyd Xiao’s comrades in arms, staring at Qiao Jinqiu’s group with caution.

At the same time, they used the walkie-talkie to report the situation to the inside.

“What are we doing? Let’s kill people!!!”

Qiao Jinqiu shot two cold lights in his eyes and gave an order.

Hundreds of Lords all drew out long knives and rushed forward.

Chapter 780

“What are you doing?”

Just then.

Levi brought people here.

Sarah, Hart Zihan and others also came after hearing the news.

Seeing more than a hundred people in front of them, especially carrying weapons, everyone shivered.

“Stop it first!”

Qiao Jinqiu beckoned everyone to stop first.

“Boy, you dare to come out! You will pay a heavy price for your actions!”

Joe Jinqiu shouted.

The so-called enemies are extremely jealous when they meet.

When the Nelshire princelings saw Levi’s face, they all went crazy.

Can’t wait to peel the skin cramps, ate Levi’s meat and drank his blood.

No one has ever given them such a shame.

Especially Qiao Jinqiu, the moment he saw Levi, his eyes were like a knife.

Levi’s corpse had been broken into pieces a long time ago.

Sarah recognized these people just like Hart Zihan.

Sarah’s brain exploded with a bang.

She thought that Levi had handled the matter cleanly.

Unexpectedly, his handling method turned out to be to beat people.

At Mann’s house that day, she knew Levi’s skill.

“You beat someone?”

Sarah asked incredulously.

“Some people have bad mouths, so they should fight!”

Levi said calmly.

“But… but you are in trouble, look at how many people you are facing right now?”

Sarah was a little angry.

It was Levi’s attitude that was angry.

Hart Zihan saw that the two people were about to quarrel, and she started to panic.

“Mr. Logan, don’t quarrel, it’s all because of me. It’s a big deal, I will have a drink with them.

Hart Zihan immediately apologized.

She thought it was these people who came to talk to her to get involved in this matter.

No wonder Qiao Jinqiu stared at her and Sarah dyed in Nelshire.

“It’s okay, with me, I will never let you go out to accompany you!”

Sarah is a good leader who loves his subordinates.

How can this matter be allowed.

Levi smiled: “Leave it to me to solve it! A little thing!”


Sarah looked at Levi in surprise, his first thought was that Levi would use the status of Porter’s grandson.

“Levi, isn’t it? You’re so awesome? Even we dare to fight! We are the Nelshire princelings!”

“Especially the one who was beaten by you is Young Lord Qiao! Boy, let me tell you, you have a big deal!”

The princelings began to clamor.

Sarah’s heart was cold.

It’s from Nelshire.

I definitely can’t afford to offend.

“What? You weren’t beaten enough by me in the evening, do you still want to be beaten?”

Levi looked at Qiao Jinqiu and sneered.

Seeing his arrogance, Qiao Jinqiu and other princelings could not bear it.

“Chop him up for me!!!”

Qiao Jinqiu had only one thought: to kill Levi.

Can make a scene that everyone did not expect to appear.

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