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Chapter 781


I saw hundreds of Nan Hongmen disciples carrying long swords suddenly all knelt to the ground, shouting at Levi: “I’m waiting for Garrison Shao!!!”

The sound was shaking, shocking the Quartet.

Hart Zihan was stunned.

Sarah was stunned.

Qiao Jinqiu was stunned.

Everyone present was stunned.

Everyone looked at Levi with surprise.

Everyone looked incredulous.

what happened?

What is his identity?

Why are so many people kneeling to him?

This is how the same thing?

Hart Zihan and others were puzzled.

The most surprised is the group of Qiao Jinqiu.

What the hell is it?

Why did the one hundred Lords whom he wanted to borrow from Nan Hongmen to kneel to Levi?

Are these people confused?

what’s the situation?

The disciples of the Nanhong Sect were not confused, but rather sober.

The leader Fu Canglong is a smart man. He secretly showed Levi’s photos to every disciple of Nanhongmen.

I have asked, if you see this person, if you see a god.

Don’t conflict, it’s best to kneel down when you meet.

His identity cannot be passed on yet.

Therefore, every disciple of Nanhong Clan could recognize Levi’s arrival at a glance.

I just learned that the person to be dealt with was Levi, and the disciples of Nanhong Sect were all terrified.

He immediately knelt down.

“Hey, what are you doing on your knees? He is the one I am going to kill. What do you guys kneel down for him?”

Qiao Jinqiu shouted anxiously.

But none of the hundreds of disciples in Nanhong Sect paid attention to him.

All knelt down in front of Levi.

It seemed that if Levi didn’t speak, they wouldn’t get up.

“What are you doing?”

Qiao Jinqiu shouted anxiously.

Due to his excitement, he almost tore the wound on his face, making him grinning in pain.

But the Nanhong Sect disciple was unmoved.

Sarah saw this scene.

Suddenly understood.

She thought these people recognized Levi as Porter’s grandson, so they all knelt down.

Otherwise, she can’t figure out why these people kneel down for Levi?

Only Levi’s status as the grandson of the Porter family can make these people do this!

What’s more, all these people yelled at Lord Garrison.

Sarah’s guess was more certain.

During this period, Levi was doing things as Porter’s grandson.

Although he once again used the status of Porter’s grandson, but fortunately the matter was resolved.

“Not leaving yet?”

Levi said coldly.

“Garrison Shao, offended!!!”

Everyone shouted.

Afterwards, they all got up and quickly disappeared into the night.

He ignored the shouts of Qiao Jinqiu and others at all.

The invited Lord ran away, and the Nelshire princelings fell into embarrassment.

These people are all defeated by Levi, and revenge is impossible.

Let’s slip away.

“Hold on, did I say to let you go?”

Levi’s voice sounded.

Chapter 782

Everyone’s original steps stopped one after another, and the scene of being beaten up by Levi in the evening was heard.

Everyone shivered.

If they were beaten by Levi again, their face would be completely lost, so it’s better to die.

“My turf comes as you go, and you leave? When I don’t exist?”

Levi’s icy voice made everyone inhale.

It’s really unlucky to mess with this one.

“Forget about King’s Landing, anyway, you beat them, and this matter is dealt with. Forget it, I have to forgive others and forgive others.”

Sarah didn’t want to make a big mess, so he took the initiative to make a relief.

“Well then, you are lucky! Get out! Come again next time, die!”

Levi shouted coldly.

If the princelings were released, they immediately ran out of sight.

“Okay, everyone go and rest, don’t talk about things tonight.”

Sarah asked.

Later, Levi thought that Sarah asked these people to kneel down for him.

The result was no.

As if she knew the answer herself.

it’s wired.

Levi thinks Sarah is so strange recently.

Sarah is not even curious about a series of unusual things that he has done recently.

As if she was used to it.

How did he know that Sarah thought he had solved all this as his grandson of the Porter family.

The other side.

Ren Garrison, who hurriedly rushed over, met with the returning top 100 Lords.

“Mr. Garrison brought us back.”

Humanity headed.

Ren Garrison clapped his hands.

Sure enough, it was Levi.

“This is bad, that group is over.”

Ren Garrison immediately speeded up, and eventually ran into Qiao Jinqiu and others who had escaped.

“Huh? That person didn’t embarrass you?”

Ren Garrison looked at several people curiously.

According to Levi’s character, they would not be allowed to leave.

What’s going on here?

“Levi didn’t want us to leave, but his woman persuaded him to let us go.”

Someone explained this.

Ren Garrison Changsong breathed out: “That’s good.”

“By the way, I will send someone to escort you out of Jinling and return to Nelshire! Jinling is not a place of right and wrong. If you stay for a long time, it is easy to be murdered!”

Ren Garrison urged.

If these people continue to stay here, they are likely to offend Levi again.

I don’t know how to die by then.

I have to hurry away.

In other words, he and Qiao’s family also have friendship, and don’t want to see this scene.

“Wait for now!!!”

Joe Jinqiu beckoned.

He looked at Ren Garrison and asked, “Brother, tell me what’s going on? When you see that kid, why do all of you kneel down and shout to Shao Garrison.”

“Yeah, I think they seem to be very afraid of the one named Levi.”

“What’s his identity? Can Nan Hongmen be scared like this?”

The princelings asked curiously.

“Yes, what is his identity?”

Chapter 783

This problem can stump Ren Garrison.

Should I tell these people?

Having said that, will the above be blamed?

At this moment, a voice sounded: “You also deserve to know my identity?”

Along with the voice, a figure appeared.

After Ren Garrison saw it clearly, his eyes were about to fly out.

He actually followed!

Sure enough, I won’t let these princelings go!!!

This is his character.

Ren Garrison was about to kneel, but when he saw Levi wave his hand, he could only stand aside.

After Qiao Jinqiu and others saw Levi, they were scared to death.

How did this plague god catch up?

Didn’t he let it go?

“Brother Ren Garrison, today you help me get rid of him, you can open any conditions!”

Qiao Jinqiu shouted immediately.

He made up his mind to kill Levi.

“I will give you 10 billion!!!”

Seeing Ren Garrison unmoved, Qiao Jinqiu expelled 10 billion directly.

Ten billion to kill a person.

It can be seen that Qiao Jinqiu’s degree of madness and the degree of hatred for Levi.

The audience took a breath.

Too ruthless!

To spend 10 billion to kill one person, really willing.

But Ren Garrison didn’t do what he wanted, and flashed to the side.

“You handle your affairs by yourself, I won’t interfere!”

Ren Garrison said indifferently.

Ten billion is certainly tempting, but if he accepts it, it’s lifeless.

Ren Garrison’s neutral behavior caught Qiao Jinqiu off guard.

This is how to do?

They are all in Nelshire.

It is isolated and helpless in Jinling.

Can’t beat Levi.

“You… didn’t you promise to let us go just now?”

Qiao Jinqiu asked tremblingly.

The invincible Nelshire princelings are docile like little sheep in Levi’s hands.

He even feared Levi.

“It was my woman who promised to let you go, not me!”

Qiao Jinqiu was speechless when he said this.

“If you want to kill me, it’s not so easy to leave.”

A sneer crossed the corner of Levi’s mouth.

“You… what are you going to do?”

Everyone shivered.

After all, I was really scared by Levi.

Even the perverted Qiao Jinqiu was shocked by Levi.

Dealing with ruthless people must be more ruthless than him.

“Dare you let me go back?”

Qiao Jinqiu said coldly.

He vowed that as long as he went back, no matter if he was ashamed or ashamed, he would call on people to come and level Jinling.

Cut Levi a thousand swords!

“Don’t you dare? I think you are also a cruel person, we made an appointment! How many people can come from your side?”

Seeing hope, Qiao Jinqiu continued.

“Yes, are you a man? If it’s a man, let us go and fight you for a real fight!”

Others also began to agitate Levi.

Ren Garrison was stunned next to him.

The princelings actually had an appointment with Levi?

Will Levi agree?

Chapter 784

Levi couldn’t understand the intentions of these people.

After putting it back, you will come to seek revenge after gathering your strength.

“You stay, the others go back!”

Levi pointed at Qiao Jinqiu.

“What? Are you detaining me?”

Qiao Jinqiu was surprised.

Levi nodded: “I am not good at killing innocent people indiscriminately now. You and I won’t kill, but you can’t escape the crime!”

“You must kneel for three days and three nights to confess your behavior! After you kneel enough, I will let you go!”

Levi waved his hand, and Wesley next to him immediately grabbed Qiao Jinqiu.

The rest of the princelings can only watch.

“You must come to rescue me! You must come back to rescue me!”

Qiao Jinqiu yelled anxiously.

Let him kneel for three days and three nights?

how can that be!

He is one of the three heads of the dignified Nelshire Princely Party.

How to kneel to other people?

Three days and three nights!

He couldn’t bear this kind of shame!

He is now expecting others to bring rescuers to rescue him!

Naturally, Sarah couldn’t let Sarah know about Levi’s capture of Qiao Jinqiu.

So it was sent directly to the military district compound.

The walls and doors of the compound have all been repaired.


Qiao Jinqiu naturally did not yield.


Wesley kicked it down, and Qiao Jinqiu knelt on the ground.

After that, his entire hands and feet were tied, and he could only kneel.

There were also large dogs staring around.

The pain and humiliation struck, making Qiao Jinqiu’s metamorphosis tears.

The thought that he really had to kneel here for three hours.

Qiao Jinqiu was even more angry.

As a result, his mouth was stuffed with rags.

This is torturing him abruptly.

If you kneel for three days and three nights like this, even if you don’t die, you’ll have to peel off your skin.

This made Qiao Jinqiu more fearful than any torture.

Levi’s principle is not to starve to death.

The others let Qiao Jinqiu kneel and ignore it.

The Nelshire princelings returned to Nelshire as quickly as possible.

They didn’t dare to tell the family, let alone tell the Qiao’s family.

Early in the morning, they found the other two leaders of the princeling party.

One of them is the only boss of the princeling party, Brian, who won the title of prince.

He is the first arrogant of Nelshire’s younger generation.

He is also the heir of the Frank family, the largest royal family in Nelshire.

Brian is almost perfect regardless of ability, wrist, background or all aspects.

Especially hard Dragonry is invincible.

It is said to be able to fight against Fu Canglong, the leader of Nanhongmen.

He has been firmly seated as the princeling boss.

No one dares to violate.

He was regarded as the “prince” by all the sons and buddies of Nelshire.

At this moment, Brian was only wearing a bathrobe.

Looking at the crowd in front of you.

There was a little more worry on a handsome face: “Since it is my princeling matter, I should solve it myself!”

Chapter 785

“Order to go down, gather people, we set out to Jinling!”

Brian ordered.

There is another leader, Leo Austin, who is as famous as Qiao Jinqiu, also went to gather people.

In this way, the Nelshire princelings gathered a large group of Lords and set off for Jinling together.

This is the first time such a big thing has happened to the Nelshire Princely Party in more than ten years.

One of the three leaders was not only beaten, but also detained.

This is simply an insult to the entire Nelshire princeling party.

For them, face is more important than fate.

If you lose face, you have to get it back!

This time, the princelings were completely angered.

Even the famous prince came in person.

After Ren Garrison Tianwang got the news, he was shocked.

“Even the prince is here?”

Ren Garrison was surprised.

“It is said that the prince Brian has brought up all the Lords under his hand. It seems that he is really angry.”

“The prince has always been an arrogant fellow. Nelshire doesn’t care about anyone except that person! Including our leader in Nanhongmen! But he will suffer this time, because the person facing him is that person!”

Ren Garrison sighed.

“Do you want us to notify the prince, the king of heaven?”

The subordinate asked.

“Do you want to die? The purpose of the one who detained Qiao Jinqiu was to get rid of the princelings in one fell swoop. When the gods fight, why should we join in the fun??”

Ren Garrison glared at his hand fiercely.

Kneeling that night, Qiao Jinqiu was physically exhausted, and his body was trembling constantly.

Had he not been tied tightly, he would have fallen to the ground.

Kneeling all night, he passed out seven or eight times.

This is still good physical strength for his usual martial arts practice.

Asking other people to suffer from this injury, become inflamed, and kneel here all night, fearing that they will burp early.

But Qiao Jinqiu knew that he could last a day and a night at most.

No matter how long it takes, he will die here.

“Why don’t people come yet??”

Qiao Jinqiu’s psychological defense is about to collapse.

He cried so much that he had no tears.

The most annoying thing is that these people raise him like a dog.

The food for him is the same as the dog.

But in order to save energy, Qiao Jinqiu had to eat.

This is definitely the darkest moment in his life.

It is also the most humiliating moment!

His Qiao Jinqiu’s face was crushed by Levi’s foot on the ground!

Unless you kill Levi, don’t even think about turning over in this life.


I heard the sound of a car engine.

Qiao Jinqiu’s drooping eyes suddenly opened, and his eyes lit up fiercely.


The person he was waiting for finally came!

Qiao Jinqiu cried with joy, and if it hadn’t been for his mouth to be stuffed with rags, he really wanted to shout a few times.

Dozens of vehicles were parked in front of the military district compound.

Hundreds of people walked down from the car.

Among them were the prince Brian and the other leader Leo.

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