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Chapter 786

As soon as he saw the prince coming in person, Qiao Jinqiu knew that the matter was settled.

Even if this kid has the background of Nan Hongmen, he is not afraid.

Because he knew that Brian was worthy of Nan Hongmen.

Especially when it comes to the facade of the princelings.

Brian will not give in!


Qiao Jinqiu laughed inwardly.

In his opinion, Levi is over.

It’s completely over.

He had already figured out how to torture Levi, Sarah and Hart Zihan.

He wants to chop Levi into pieces and cook a pot of meat…

“Crack, click…”

Teams of bodyguards immediately rushed to the front of the military area compound and formed an array.

They have weapons in their hands.

There is also a man with bare hands, but from the perspective of his spirit, he is a first-class Lord.

After the prince appeared, there were two rows of twenty people behind him.

Everyone is carrying a Tang Knife behind them.

They are the personal Lords of the prince, and absolute Lords.

Twenty people can kill the four kings of Nanhongmen.

It shows how strong these people are!

Plus the bodyguards of other big and young people.

This time, two hundred Lords came.

Seeing Qiao Jinqiu’s miserable appearance, the princelings were all angry.

This is rubbing the face of the Nelshire princeling on the ground!

How can you bear it?

Come to the front of the compound.

Just as a young man was about to shout, Brian stopped it.

I saw Brian holding up a gun.


Flames spurted from the muzzle.


The army dogs surrounding Qiao Jinqiu were shot headshot.

This sound drew the attention of the people inside.

Levi, Wesley and others all rushed out.

“what’s the situation???”

When Wesley borrowed someone to see the army dog ​​lying on the ground in a pool of blood, everyone was angry.

These army dogs have been with everyone for a while.

He was actually killed.

Can’t bear it!

Levi’s face was calm, and his eyes were sharp.

He is angry!!!

This army dog ​​is no different from a human to him.

To kill in front of him is to seek death!

The sound of the gun shocked everyone around, and everyone came here to take a look.

There were hundreds of people in an instant.

Everyone stared at the princelings angrily.

“Who are you?”

Wesley said angrily.

“Nelshire Frank Jia Brian! Friends join in and call him the prince!”

Brian said neither humble nor overbearing.

He scanned the crowd with sharp eyes, and said coldly: “Entrusted by the elder Qiao Jiaqiao of the Nelshire royal family, come and take Qiao Jinqiu home!”

“I’ll be here to pick up Mr. Joe home!!!”

Everyone shouted.

There was also a group of guards squatting in front and shouting, “It’s too late to come down, Lord, please blame!!!”

Leo was sharp and sharp, and said angrily: “You have a big deal! Quickly let me go! Don’t force us to do it!”

Chapter 787

Brian also said coldly: “Hurry up and let me go. My patience is limited!”

Seeing Levi’s people unmoved, Brian said coldly: “I only give you three numbers!”

Immediately, Brian began to count down.




After Brian had counted three counts, Levi still remained unmoved.

This makes them extremely angry.

Brian waved his hand and said angrily: “Kill in and bring people out!”

At the very moment of the battle, Qiao Jinqiu spit out the rags in his mouth and shouted: “Prince, don’t attack!”


Everyone was stunned now.

Looking at Qiao Jinqiu incredulously.

Brian seemed to have thought of something, he said: “Well, stop.”

Immediately, he looked at Levi and said: “I have changed my mind. I am not going to attack. I want you to send the people out yourself!”

Qiao Jinqiu nodded. The prince really guessed what he meant.

Qiao Jinqiu yelled at Levi and several people: “I want you to know that it is easy to ask God to give it away!!!”

Qiao Jinqiu’s meaning is very simple-

He does not want the prince to come in and rescue him.

Instead, they asked Levi to send him out willingly.

The princelings put up such a big battle to pick him up.

He was sure that Levi was absolutely scared.

Because of fear, he will be sent out respectfully.

This way he will feel good and save face for the princelings.

“Well, I want the six of you to kneel and lift my brother out! The time limit, before tomorrow morning!”

“If I don’t see anyone before tomorrow morning, I will bloodbath here! Do you all know these people? I will kill all the people here! Including you!”

Brian set the deadline.

Qiao Jinqiu laughed loudly and said, “I hope you don’t send me out! Let me kneel here for three days and three nights! Then I can see everyone in this neighborhood have been killed!”

“Brother, we will wait for them to send you out at the entrance of the block! You insist on it!”

Brian led people out of here, but guarded at the entrance of the block.

“Prince rest assured, I can last three days and three nights with this strength, I am afraid they will send me out! That’s boring! I want everyone to be killed!”

Qiao Jinqiu laughed abnormally.

Wesley asked: “What should the general do?”

“Okay, I’ll wait until tomorrow morning to see how he kills all the people here?”

Levi was really angry.

He likes that army dog ​​very much.

“Bury it!”

Levi ordered.

Qiao Jinqiu arrogantly glanced at Levi and said, “Yes, that’s it! Don’t send me out, wait until tomorrow morning!”

“You know my taste, I like killing, I like everyone dead!”

Chapter 788

Qiao Jinqiu has been agitating Levi, disintegrating his psychological defense a little bit.

If Levi didn’t send him out before tomorrow morning, he would be happy to see the scene, and the prince would kill everyone on the entire block.

If Levi sent himself out, then he would see Levi kneeling on the ground and lifting him, moving with his knees inch by inch, like a dog, so that he would be excited and save face.

Levi smiled, patted his face and said: “Send is impossible! You consider yourself, can you survive tonight!”

“Hahaha, I will definitely! I will see with my own eyes the sight of a river of blood and mountains of bones here tomorrow!”

Qiao Jinqiu gave an extremely abnormal smile.

Block mouth.

Dozens of cars piled up here, blocking the entrance stubbornly.

The princelings are waiting here.

“Prince, it seems that the other party has no intention to send people out!!!”

A glint flashed in Brian’s eyes, and he said faintly: “It seems that the reputation of our Nelshire Princely Party is far less powerful than imagined!”

“Yes, in a small place like Jinling, few people have heard of our princelings. Let alone fear us!”

“Yeah, if we know how good we are, we probably won’t detain Qiao Shao!”

Everyone analyzed.

Brian and Leo looked at each other and said, “Then we will kill the sky tomorrow, and the blood will flow into the river! Killing to make the entire Jinling people afraid! After hearing the Nelshire princeling party, I will panic and have nightmares!”

Even though Brian is gentle on the surface, he is actually a vigorous and stern person.

He is good at solving things by extreme means and suppressing everything by force.

“Everyone listens to my orders, wait here for one night, and kill everyone here tomorrow!!!”

Brian ordered.

“Understood, Prince!!!”

Everyone shouted.

Leo smiled and said: “I think it is still possible to send it out! Given them for so long, we should find out that we are great.”

“Austin Shaoyan makes sense!”

Other humane.

Time passed by every minute.

Qiao Jinqiu still knelt in the yard, Levi didn’t mean to send people away at all.

Although Qiao Jinqiu was very tired and his body was in a state of collapse, his eyes were full of excitement.

Waited all night.

I never saw Qiao Jinqiu being sent out.

“It seems that these guys are determined to fight our princelings!”

It dawned.

Brian finished smoking a cigarette and threw it on the ground.

“Go, follow me in and bring people out!”

Brian said coldly.

Behind the princelings, two hundred Lords rushed towards the military area compound.

The world is in silence.

A tense atmosphere is on the verge.

Chapter 789

Soon, Brian led everyone to the military area compound.

“Send some people to guard the passageway of this block. There are people who are fleeing out. Killing without mercy!!!”

Brian’s eyes were cold, and the spirit of killing burst out.

Dozens of people immediately guarded the major entrances and exits, preventing anyone from entering or exiting.

At this moment, Qiao Jinqiu’s physical strength is close to a state of collapse, and he is supporting it entirely by willpower.

However, seeing Brian leading someone to kill, a scene of ecstasy flashed in Qiao Jinqiu’s eyes.

At this time, Levi and several others also walked out of the room.


As soon as he saw them, Qiao Jinqiu burst into laughter.

“Boy, don’t worry! After you die, I will take care of your two women, and I will torture them well, hahaha…”

Qiao Jinqiu’s perverted side was exposed.

After kneeling for so long, Qiao Jinqiu’s mind has been thinking about how to torture Levi and these people.

He had thought of hundreds of ways to torture.

“Prince, kill the others directly, and this person will keep it for me!”

Qiao Jinqiu shouted.

“it is good!”

Brian stared at Levi and smiled: “Next, you will pay a painful price for your stupid behavior! I will kill everyone here!”


Brian waved his hand, and the Lords under the princeling party dispatched one after another.

Except for the Lords who guarded the major intersections, there are still a hundred and fifty Lords here.

You must know that everyone is a close guard of the Nelshire Princely Party, a Lord in the hands of Lords.

These one hundred and fifty people are enough to clamor for Nanhongmen!


Soon twenty people rushed to the front.


They drew out the long knives on their backs one after another, and slew Levi a few people.

The six Levi laughed.

The God of War and the Five Great War Kings are absolutely invincible on the battlefield and are a nightmare for the enemy.

If the 18 overseas countries know, these people will kill the six Levi.

It is estimated that the jaw will drop!

What guts does this have?

Are you crazy?

The top twenty Lords all hacked down with sharp long knives.

The sharpness brought by the long knife is unmatched, and it burns people’s eyes.

Everyone is a super Lord, their swords are too fast.

Under a wave of attacks, almost all heads separated.




But the next moment, their knives all slashed on hard objects, making the sound of metal clashing.

It’s almost time to sputter sparks.

Because there was a big man in front of everyone, nearly two meters tall, which looked like a mountain.

It was cut on him just now…

It’s like cutting on steel.


The crowd attacked again, hacking and slashing again.




What is incredible is that a long knife is all broken.

Chapter 790

There was a dead silence at the scene.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This this this…

Is this man Iron Man?


Even the refined knife broke?

Isn’t it terrible?


The big man roared wildly, and his vest was torn apart every inch.

He was covered with terrible muscles, with distinct lines, watered like steel.

Ron King!

Because he was too big, he was too swagger, Levi had always let him act low-key.

I would not use him to do things.

But today this group of people came to the door, and Ron naturally wanted to fight.

He is a monk, but he has practiced Shaolin Kungfu.

Let Levi excavate four years ago, rampage on the battlefield, invincible.

He had helped Levi to block his gun several times, but his body was so hard that bullets could not penetrate.

Not to mention the knives in front of me!

“Boom boom…”

Ron is like a bulldozer, crushing the princeling Lords.

After a while, hundreds of people fell on the ground, all howling.


The princelings were stunned.

Hundreds of Lords are not a person’s opponent!

This this this…


The key is that they know how strong these subordinates are!

He was still abused like this!

Are they not human?

Qiao Jinqiu, who was kneeling in the yard, was dull.

The arrogant arrogance of the princelings just disappeared.

One by one was dumbfounded.

Leo narrowed his eyes.

Brian frowned and stared at Levi.

The problem is tricky.

Make Brian feel a bit embarrassed.

“Go! Kill him!”

Brian said coldly and ruthlessly.

Twenty people who had been following him with knives on their backs pulled out knives one after another and rushed up.

These twenty people are Brian’s biggest trump card.

They use different knives, they are the legendary Tang knives.

Has the edge of breaking gold and cracking stones.


The icy blade slashed across and slashed at Ron’s body abruptly.


With a slash, Ron retreated steadily, and white marks appeared on his body.

If there is another round of attack, I am afraid that Ron will also get injured!

Tang Dao is really different from ordinary knives!

Coupled with the strength of these twenty domestic slaves of Brian.

He forced the Ron back abruptly.

Now the princelings all smiled.

Qiao Jinqiu also let out a long sigh of relief.

The prince is awesome!

Who dares to provoke a shot?

“Ron retreat, this is Tang Dao, very sharp, you can’t hold it!”

Levi approached.

Ron obediently stepped aside, his body was covered with white marks.

Brian stared at Levi and smiled: “It seems that I underestimated you, but I still can’t escape the fate of death. Kill me!”

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