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Chapter 86

Levi thought that Sarah believed it, and immediately said, “It must be true! The Garrison Group will be taken back tomorrow, can it take off?”

Levi stared at Sarah and said seriously: “To be honest, I can’t understand everyone in the Logan family! But those are your family members after all, so I am going to give them another chance!”

“As long as they promise to stand with us tomorrow and accept the Garrison family’s confession and apology. After the work is over, the Garrison Group will take them to make a fortune, and I will work hard to push the Logan family to the front line of Case York, so that the Logan family will become a real giant!”

Listening to where Levi is bragging, Sarah is really annoying.

All this is absolutely impossible.

First, the Garrison family will not apologize.

Second, Levi couldn’t defeat the Garrison Family at all, let alone the Garrison Group.

But considering the last day, she didn’t interrupt.

“Okay, then you give the Logan family another chance!”

Sarah smiled.

Levi dialed Doug’s phone.

“Levi, what are you doing? Help? I tell you, no way!”

Doug’s angry voice came from inside.

Levi smiled: “Looking at Sarah’s face, I’ll call you grandpa! I’m going to give you a chance! As long as you stand with me tomorrow, I promise that the Logan family will replace the Garrison family!”

“Go away, crazy! Is there a bag in the skull?”

Doug’s angry roar came from the other end of the phone.

Later, Levi called Dale again.

As a result, Dale scolded Levi.

“In addition, tomorrow I will come to pick up Sarah, you want to die and die by yourself!”


Finally Dale hung up angrily.

Levi was quiet now.

The Logan family missed the best opportunity ever!

Sarah smiled.

This must be the result.

Who would believe all this?

Unless he is a fool!

Sarah laughed and said: “Well, rejecting you is their biggest regret in this life! We gave him the opportunity to not want it!”

“Well, indeed, the Logan family missed it.”

At night, before going to bed.

Wesley called.

“General! The commander-in-chief of the First Army of the Case York Military Region just sent a message saying that everything is ready! The 100,000 people you want are ready to go!”

Levi said: “Okay, listen to my orders!”

The next day, Levi and Sarah both got up very early.

Driving Sarah’s car to Erick’s grave.

On the way, Sarah saw military vehicles passing by and rows of soldiers running forward. The scale was beyond her imagination.

Let me estimate that there are tens of thousands of people who have seen it.

The military vehicles lined up in a long line, I don’t know where the heads and tails are.

In addition to helicopters flying around in the air, there were also bombers flying by at low altitude, making a huge humming sound.

Sarah was surprised: “Is this going to be a military exercise?”

Levi smiled and said, “It should be.”

“This scale is too big, right? I have never seen such a scene!”

Sarah was shocked.

This aircraft, artillery and everything are coming.

Soon, the two came to the grave.

The old nine had finished repairing the tomb, and Levi also erected a tombstone.

Sarah paid homage to Erick.

By now, Sarah couldn’t believe that Levi could defeat the Garrison Family.

Is he alone?

I thought that Levi would find someone to help him, but now that no one can see it, Sarah is completely disappointed, no, desperate.

Chapter 87

Sarah was also relieved.

Originally, he died with Levi.

What do you care about so much?

Soon after, a Haval galloped in.

Dale and Edith got off the car.

Levi thought that Dale had figured it out and would stand with him.

Unexpectedly, Dale grabbed Sarah and pulled into the car.

Sarah exclaimed: “What are you doing, Mom and Dad? What are you pulling me for?”

“You can’t stay here to accompany this waste to death!”

Dale roared.

“Yes, you must go with us! You can’t die with him!”

Edith grabbed Sarah tightly.

Sarah finally realized what his parents were doing.

They want to take themselves away.

Seeing that he was about to be dragged into the car, Sarah was anxious.

Sarah struggled, calling for help at Levi: “Levi, help me! Help me!”

“He dare? If he dares, I will die with him!”

Dale gave Levi a fierce look.

Levi looked at Sarah with a cold face and did not take any action.

Finally, Sarah, who struggled to no avail, was taken into the car, Dale controlled her, and Edith drove away.

Looking at the lonely Levi through the car window, Sarah cried with rain.

In her opinion, it is very likely that after this time, there is a separation between heaven and man.

But no matter how she cried, Dale never let go.

After bringing Sarah home, Dale and Edith watched them in person.

Bringing Sarah back is also the meaning of the Logan family.

There is no need to accompany Levi to die.

Due to the separation of relations with Levi, the Logan family will not go today.

Wait until Sarah leaves.

The five kings of the Wesley, Alton, Suzaku, Ron, and Owen appeared, and they all wore black suits.

Wesley also brought Byron and his wife.

“Miss Logan left?”

Wesley asked.

“It’s okay to leave, for the time being I don’t want to disclose my identity!”

Levi said.

Alton approached Levi and said, “General, the commander-in-chief of the First Army is here, everything is ready! They are stationed three kilometers away and will be there in ten minutes!”

Hearing this, Levi nodded: “Well, let them wait for my order!”


Alton nodded.

At this time, Lao Jiu came, but he didn’t bring many people.

Those who came were all big guys like Sanye.

These people also wore suits one after another, and they stood beside them after getting a signal from Levi.

Wesley stood next to Levi and said, “The general has just received news that the Garrison family is about to leave.”

At this time Yejia Manor.

Charlie and all the Garrison family members are ready to go.

Edmund couldn’t wait long ago.

His son Garrison Yaoyang is still lying in the hospital. It is said that there is little hope of waking up.

He vowed to smash Levi’s body into pieces!

As for Garrison Nanhui’s always gentle appearance, there was a smile at the corner of his mouth, which looked very unpredictable.

Van and Colleen looked at each other and laughed: “My brother I was able to beat you to a crippled six years ago. This time, I beat you to a crippled! Do you remember this baseball bat? Yes, that’s right. Abolished your root six years ago! Hahaha…”

Van smiled cruelly and put the baseball bat in the trunk of the car.

Ramond and his wife Boyd Wanruo also sneered: “Son! If we hadn’t picked you up, you would have died! Now you still want to kill your father and mother? It’s ridiculous!”

At this time, Guo Lingfei and the three also came here.

Chapter 88

“Hurry up, we can’t wait for Levi to make a fool of yourself!”

Charlie leaned against the car door, leaning on a leading cane and waiting.

“Father, all of us are ready! All the mercenaries invited by the third child are also in place!”

Ramond said.

Charlie nodded: “Well, the people of the Garrison family alone can kill the old nine many times, not to mention Du Yuesheng and others! This time, I will kill Levi, and let Cox Hang know that I have the Garrison family. How powerful!”

“Father, Du Yue was born.”

Garrison Nanhui ran over.

Sure enough, black cars were parked at the entrance of Yejia Manor.

The second is a Lincoln extension car.

The car door opened, and an old man walked down, wearing a black Tang suit and holding two night pearls in his hand.

He seemed to be in his twilight years, giving people a dying feeling.

But the light that comes out from time to time in the eyes is hard to ignore.

Especially at the moment when he raised his head, a heavy pressure like the top of the mountain spreads, making people unable to breathe.

He is today’s No. 1 boss in Case York-the king of Case York, Du Yuesheng.

As the name suggests, the king of Case York is here.

Thirteen people followed Du Yuesheng.

The Thirteen Taibao, known as the invincible hand of Case York.

Thirteen super Lords!!!

The Thirteenth Taibao was once a big boss like the old nine, but later they were all conquered by Du Yuesheng and all worked under Du Yuesheng.

Not only that, but Nan Xiaodu also came.

He is a palm killer organization!

Seeing Du Yuesheng’s arrival, Charlie immediately took all the Garrison family out to greet him.

With the Garrison Family’s current abilities, he didn’t dare to compete with him!

“Today, please come, Mr. Du, it’s a strong and strong momentum, you don’t need to do it at all! When you get out of the horse, you absolutely frighten Levi to be frightened!”

Charlie smiled.

Du Yuesheng didn’t care about it, so letting him come forward today is definitely an overkill.

He looked at Charlie and asked, “Where is the project you mentioned?”

Charlie immediately said: “Tomorrow! It can be done tomorrow!”

It turned out that a lucrative project from Garrison’s family got Du Yuesheng’s face in exchange for it.

“it is good!”

Du Yuesheng nodded.

Soon, another car came here.

A middle-aged man got off the car.

“This is the smiling Buddha who controls half of the Case York entertainment club! He is very low-key, but on the Case York Road, no one is his opponent except me!”

Du Yuesheng introduced a middle-aged fat man headed by Garrison Jia. The fat man smiled, very kind, but cruel.

“This one is the eighth Lord in the jade jewelry business. His influence is all over Case York, and the old nine has suffered a big loss in his hands!”

“This one has a lot of background. There are six casinos in Hong Kong, Macao and other places, Jiang Qingming and Jiang Lao who are involved in any business!”

With the introduction of Du Yuesheng.

The eyes of everyone in the Garrison Family were about to fly out.

This time there are all the faces and figures in the underground world of Case York!

Levi’s backing is only one of the forces. There are more than a dozen of them that can compete with the old nine and five, and many are better than the old nine.

Adding these people together and combining the Garrison Family’s forces, it can be said that a hundred Levi can hardly escape the sky.

Du Yuesheng glanced at his watch and sneered: “The time is up, let’s go!”

“set off!”

Immediately, a long line of cars set off to Erick’s cemetery.

Chapter 89

Many people were surprised when they saw the caravan lined up in a long queue.

What’s the big thing happened to the city?

When the Logan family knew about this for the first time, they all started to cry.

“Du Yuesheng, Laughing Buddha, all the eighth Lords have gone, it’s too scary!” Earl trembling.

Doug took a deep breath: “Oh my God! This time Levi is in a disaster!”

“It’s terrible! It is said that thousands of thugs have gone!”

“Fortunately, we cleared up the relationship in time, otherwise my Logan family will be destroyed!”

Nick took a breath.

Mike laughed: “Levi, you are really naive! What are you fighting against the Garrison Family? Garrison Family is now invincible!”

The team leader on the city Road has been known to many people, and Sarah has also received the news.

Seeing so many people driving there, Sarah’s tears started to cry dry.

How could Levi deal with this alone?

“You are not allowed to go out, even if Levi is dying today, you can’t go out!”

Dale and Edith stared at her tightly.

The Garrison family and Du Yuesheng’s army headed to the cemetery mightily.

On the way, Du Yuesheng talked to Charlie: “This kid Cross Tianlin is not here.”

Charlie said with a smile: “He is a hidden boss, I don’t want to participate in this kind of trivial matter.”

Du Yuesheng smiled: “That is, if it weren’t for the face of the project, I would never show up.”

Before Erick’s grave, everyone was waiting.

Byron and his wife were a little worried, and couldn’t help but persuade them: “Why don’t you forget about King’s Landing? The Garrison family is too strong, after all, the arms can’t twist the thighs!”

Levi smiled: “Uncles and aunts don’t worry, I don’t care about the small Garrison family!”

Lao Jiu, San Garrison and others also smiled and said, “No matter who comes across, you have to kneel here obediently!”

Soon, there was a roar.

Everyone sees a long queue of cars appearing here. Fortunately, there are plenty of open spaces around, enough for these cars to stop.

Byron and his wife were stunned as they counted the number of vehicles. To say nothing, there must be hundreds of them!

Many cars are still vans and trucks.

The number of people inside… can’t imagine the number!

The vehicles in front are all extended luxury cars.

The door opened, and Charlie and others got out of the car slowly.

Everyone in the Garrison family held their heads high and was full of spirits.

Their purpose today is not only to solve Levi and Lao Jiu, but also to show the powerful power and connections of the Garrison family to the entire Case York!

They were so arrogant that they didn’t pay attention to Levi at all.

After seeing these people getting off the bus, Old Jiu, Sanye and others changed their colors.

“the city Wang Du Yuesheng… Nan Xiaodu… Laughing Buddha… Eighth Lord… Jiang Lao…”

They screamed out the names of these bigwigs.

On the Case York Road, these talents are the real bigwigs. Compared to them, the old nine-thirds and the others are just gangsters who can fight.

Anyone who jumps out here can destroy them.

“I don’t know what conditions the Garrison Family made, so many big men gathered together!”

Old Jiu took a breath.

Seeing the surprised eyes of Old Nine Third Lord and others, everyone in the Garrison family laughed.

Sure enough, as they expected.

The old nine and these people saw Wang the city as if a mouse saw a cat.

Tianke can’t help it!

Chapter 90

But seeing where Levi stood, it was like a spear, standing upright, swallowing mountains and rivers with anger.

The Garrison family was angry.

“Levi, you haven’t even realized the danger is coming!”

Charlie sneered.

Seeing the Garrison family look at herself, Levi nodded with a smile.

Van and Colleen chuckled, “How can you laugh later?”

“Yes! Your patron Laojiu is just an ant!”

Ramond and his wife can’t stand it anymore.

And Du Yuesheng, these bigwigs, are just side-by-side.

The real trump cards are naturally those under them.

“Hi! Thirteen Taibao appeared together! This is the first time!”

When seeing the thirteen people slowly walking behind Du Yuesheng, Old Nine Third Lord and others took a breath.

The Thirteen Taibaos are well-known super Lords on the Case York Road. One or two ordinary things are enough to suppress and balance. There has never been a situation where five Thirteen Taibaos have appeared together. This time all the 13 Taibaos have appeared, which is known as the first time. what.

Behind the Thirteenth Taibao followed a large group of people with black pressure. At first glance, there were hundreds of people, all wearing black clothes and wearing a scorpion style around their waist.

Du Yuesheng took out all his hole cards, and a total of five hundred thugs gathered!

Not only that, but the smiling Buddha, Ba Garrison and Lao Jiang’s men all appeared, all following the Thirteenth Taibao, and they came across together.

There are thousands of people in total!!!

Such a battle is definitely the first time!

The Garrison Family is also worth it!

They also get all the hole cards.

Including guards, bodyguards, and even they spend money to hire a lot of security.

Together, there are 500 people.

In order to be cautious, Garrison Nanhui specially hired a mercenary organization. Although there were only a few dozen people, it had all the weapons and had super combat effectiveness.

Now everyone added together, there are also two thousand children.

Old Jiu San Garrison and the others were frightened, their hearts throbbing and throbbing, and they were about to fly out of their throats.

There are too many people!

Byron and his wife were even more frightened…

After all, there are too many people.

Looking at the crowds of people behind him, Du Yuesheng sighed, “Old Garrison, I made a big fuss! One-tenth of the people can handle it!”

Charlie smiled embarrassedly: “It made King the city laugh. I’m more cautious to avoid all possible mistakes!”

“Well, today, I, Du Yuesheng, will give you great power!”

With a wave of Du Yuesheng’s hand, nearly 2,000 people blocked the water surrounding the cemetery. There were three floors inside and three floors outside, and no bird could get in.

The eyes of these thugs were full of killing intent, and the weapons around their waists were gripping tightly.

As long as an order is given, they will definitely rush forward and chop these people into pieces.

Du Yuesheng took a step forward and sneered: “Old Jiu Hongsan, don’t you kneel down?”

“Yes! Old Jiu Hongsan, you have eaten Zionxin Leopard courage! Your little strength also wants to compete with us!”

Eighth Lord, Smiling Buddha and others sneered.

The old nine and the third Lord were passionate, watching Du Yuesheng sneer and said: “The King of the city usually respects you three points! But today it is impossible!”

“It seems that you are going to protect Levi to the death?”

“I don’t know what benefit he gave you? It made you work so hard!”

Du Yuesheng laughed.

Old Jiu sneered: “Du Yuesheng, you never understand, what kind of existence are you facing today?”


Hearing this, the whole audience burst into laughter.

“Isn’t he just a trash who just got out of prison?”

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