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Chapter 816


When the name was called, Kameda Ichiro couldn’t hold on anymore and fell to the ground with a puff.


Accompanied by the sound of water and the smell of big movies.

Kameda Ichiro’s crotch is wet.

He was scared to pee…

The samurai behind him were also scared to pee.

What Bushido?

In the face of real strength, it has to be scared to pee in pants.

Levi has been in contact with Japanese Bushido a long time ago.

At that time, Levi’s arrogant words made Japanese samurai jealous to this day-what kind of Bushido? Lao Tzu is fighting Bushido!

“I heard you don’t pay the balance due?”

Frank Xiangqian asked, the newly-changed faucet crutch hit the ground.

“I, I, I… I pay immediately!!!”

Kameda Ichiro was terrified.

Immediately asked the assistants and finance to exchange the remaining 3.5 billion into a check and hand it over to Levi.

“I also heard that you beat people to the hospital?”

Frank Xiangqian continued.

“I will accompany the medical bills, and I apologize! Bang Bang Bang…”

Kameda Ichiro banged his head.

It also paid a high amount of 10 million for medical expenses.

“Old Frank, since I got the balance, I’m back to Jinling.”

Levi approached.


Kameda Ichiro breathed a sigh of relief.

After all, I passed without risk.

But the next moment, Levi’s voice sounded: “I don’t want him to stay on the land of Velador in the future!”


One sentence is like a final judgment for Kameda Ichiro.

He is about to be kicked out of Velador!

“Mr. Garrison understands! Velador has always been a great country, and we welcome friends from all over the world to come and develop together, but I am the first to agree with this kind of rubbish! I will drive him out!”

“I want to make a statement. I will look up all the Gentiles in Nelshire. Anyone who hurts our compatriots with this kind of infringement will get out!”

Frank Xiangqian expressed his stance to Levi.

Other patrons also expressed their views one by one.

Those who want to make money and infringe on the rights and interests of their compatriots, don’t think about it!

“Well, yes, old Frank, your enlightenment is very good!”

Levi applauded.

One sentence of praise makes Frank Xiangqian extremely useful!

Even a little excited.

“You don’t have to send me away, I will go back by myself!”

After Levi left.

Patriarchs of the big wealthy families asked one after another: “Frank Lao, what is the identity of this Mr. Garrison?”

“Fenglang Juxu, Le Moran Yanran.”

Frank Xiangqian only said eight words.


But it brought a terrible impact to the big wealthy family owners.

These eight characters are simple, but they are too shocking.

This represents the highest glory pursued by a general!

It represents the number one military commander today!

That is the God of War!!!


Kameda Ichiro also reacted, spouting blood.

Levi, who was leaving, was about to get in the car, but saw a familiar person—Mack.

Chapter 817

“Huh? What are you doing here?”

Mack immediately stopped Levi and asked curiously.

“Does it have anything to do with you?”

Levi sneered.

“Don’t you want to cling to the Porter family and become the grandson of the Porter family? You actually came to Nelshire specifically!”

Mack suddenly shouted.

In his opinion, Levi came to Nelshire just because he wanted the Porter family to recognize his identity, and he returned to the Porter family.

“I’m telling you! Impossible! The Porter family will never admit your identity! Don’t be foolish!”

Mack furiously said.


Later, Levi got in the car and left.

Mack hurried back to Edburg Manor and told Brandon all this.

“What? He actually ran to Nelshire. He clearly wanted to return to my Porter’s house? What should I do?”

Brandon was worried.

“I don’t know what he’s doing, he just ran out of Mingshang Group anyway.”

Mack wondered.

“I’ll know if I inquire about it?”

Ian immediately used the relationship to investigate what Levi did with Mingshang Group.

“He came to Mingshang Group to ask for the final payment, 3.5 billion! It’s actually coming.”

There will be news soon.

“How is it possible? How could Kameda Ichiro easily give him 3 billion?”

Brandon remained skeptical.

“It is said that Kameda Ichiro was pressured by the wealthy and royal family and had to pay the balance, and Kameda Ichiro also left Velador.”

Ian said.

“Levi is so smart, he actually does things in the name of my Porter family!!!”

“Don’t the royal family say that it is our Porter family?”

Mack suddenly shouted.

It’s a pity that they got it wrong. The royal family here has nothing to do with the Porter family.

Brandon clenched his fists in anger: “Isn’t it? As long as Levi reveals the identity of Porter’s grandson, Kameda Ichiro is not afraid to blame!”

Ian knocked down the wall fiercely: “It seems that we underestimated Levi! Now we are doing things in the name of Porter’s family! What about it in the future?”

In this matter, the Porter family determined that Levi wanted to pay the balance in the name of the Porter family.

They will not investigate this little thing in depth.

“No, this matter must be known to Erick Group!”

Later, Ian contacted Natalie and told her about Levi’s request for the final payment in the name of Porter’s family.

Natalie was very surprised, but she didn’t expect Levi to have this level of identity.

She hurriedly told Sarah everything.


Sarah was taken aback, then his face was firm.

Sure enough, she was right.

Levi has always acted as Porter’s grandson.

This time is no exception!

“No wonder Levi took the initiative to ask for the balance.”

Natalie enlightened.

At this moment, Levi came back.

“Natalie got the final payment!”

Chapter 818

When Levi handed the check to Natalie, she and Sarah dyed their faces indifferently, without any reaction.


This surprised Levi.

But I want to come to the final payment of 3.5 billion.

Solved the big problem of Natalie’s headache.

She didn’t even react at all?

This is not normal!

Sarah didn’t respond, maybe he didn’t know something.

But Natalie didn’t respond, so she shouldn’t.

“I got the balance back.”

Levi reminded again.

“Oh, I see.”

Natalie still looked calm.

“No, you don’t seem to be right.”

Levi was surprised.

“Oh oh oh, can I compliment you a bit? It’s amazing! Everything we can’t handle is let you take care of it! I’ll leave the bill to you in the future.”

Natalie praised.

But Levi felt yin and yang weird.

“Okay, it’s a trivial matter!”

Levi didn’t care, he didn’t worry about it anyway.

Where did he know that after Natalie received the call from Porter’s family, Sarah and Sarah thought that he wanted the money because of Porter’s family.

Natalie would be more happy to see Levi solve the matter on his own, rather than relying on Porter’s family.

Like Sarah, she looked forward to what Levi could do.

So she was not happy.

Even when I saw the check, I still looked indifferent.

“Natalie, in fact, Levi really hates the Porter family, and doesn’t want to admit the relationship with the Porter family at all. But for my affairs, I have asked the Porter family for help over and over again! I am very touched!”

Plum dyed.

Natalie bit her lip: “But I am worried that Levi will sink in!”

“Do you mean that the convenience brought by Porter’s grandson status will make him less and less enterprising? It may lead to terrible results in the end.”

Sarah reacted.

“Yes, that’s it. The convenience of this identity can ruin a person!”

Natalie’s eyes were full of deep worries.

“Furthermore, the one billion that the Mann family asked him to earn in the end was definitely derived from the Porter family’s relationship!”

“I don’t care, it will be the half-year celebration of Erick Group soon. I have to prepare for the event.”

Levi didn’t know all this.

He returned to his place, playing with the ancient bronze sword.

At this time, Porter’s family actually called.

“Well, you Levi! Very smart!”

Mack’s yin and yang strange voice sounded.

“Say something quickly, let it go if you have a F*rt!”

Levi said impatiently.

“Don’t you know what you have done yourself?”

Mack sneered.

“What did I do?”

Levi was confused.

“Don’t you know why you came to Nelshire? You came to Mingshang Group for the final payment!”

“and then?”

“Your kid is too shameless? You actually asked for money in the name of Porter’s family! Didn’t you say that you didn’t recognize the relationship with Porter’s family? How did you secretly go and ask for money as Porter’s grandson?”

Chapter 819

Facing Mack’s question, Levi didn’t bother to explain.

He hung up the phone all at once.

Mack’s phone call also made him understand why Sarah and Natalie looked cold.

It must be the Porter family who told them that the balance of the payment came from the Porter family’s grandson.

That’s why they did that!

So be it!

Levi didn’t need to explain this for a Porter family.

He is a dignified generation of God of War, can he care about a group of ants?

But Levi would not let go of Porter’s repeated provocations.

He even unified the top 100 giants in Nelshire, and isolated a Porter family.

Provoking him, let the Porter family know what cruelty is.

At this time, Kirin called and asked: “General, it will be the half-year celebration of Erick Group soon. All the top executives want to see your boss, especially Vice President Natalie eagerly want to see you!”

Levi smiled and said: “During this period, the scale of Erick Group has taken shape. I should show up too!”

In fact, even if Levi drinks tea and sleeps every day, he is responsible for the decisions and directions of the Erick Group.

It is equivalent to his hands, pushing Erick Group forward behind the scenes.

“Okay, then I will let you know.”

Alton laughed.

Soon, Erick Group began to cheer.

Except for a few people and the old department of the Garrison Group, the others have never seen the boss at all.

So I heard that the mysterious boss is coming out.

Everyone is very excited.

After all, the boss has enough expectations.


Nothing is more exciting than Natalie.

When she received Graham Nanxuan’s notification, she cheered and danced.

She is finally about to meet the legendary boss.

That’s her male god!

The dream girl who missed day and night!

During the period of returning to Velador, Natalie’s eyes were higher than the sky, and no man looked down upon it.

Levi is the most exposed male.

She doesn’t want to fall in love, she just wants to pursue what she likes.

The mysterious boss planted a deep mark in her heart.

Natalie swears that as long as the boss is single, she will go crazy to pursue him.

No matter what he grows?

Because of his talent, Natalie has already felt it.

Erick Group can get to this point, and it is the big boss who controls everything behind.

She is just the implementer.

Natalie rushed to Sarah’s office: “Sarah, tell you a good news. The boss of Erick will show up at the half-year celebration!”

“Will you go there too?”

Natalie invited.

“Is this bad? We are just a partnership!”

Sarah actually wanted to see what the legendary Erick boss looked like.

“What’s wrong? I’m the vice president, I can arrange it.”

Chapter 820

Natalie directly agreed on behalf of Sarah: “Besides, don’t you want to see Erick’s mysterious boss?”

“And Levi will go to your house too! I heard that he is very familiar with the boss of Erick Group! He is indispensable for this occasion.”

Sarah nodded: “Well then, I’ll go.”

Next, the entire company is busy for the half-year celebration.

In the end, the half-year celebration was held on a holiday island, which was considered a holiday for everyone.

After Natalie met Levi, she smiled and said, “Levi, you have to participate in the half-year celebration, right?

Levi smiled: “Of course, if I don’t participate! This half-year celebration is meaningless!”

Levi is the most important guest.

Everyone wants to see his true colors.

So it can be said that this half-year celebration is held for him.

He is not here, half a year celebration is meaningless!

“You just blow it! Half a year to celebrate more, you don’t have more, and you’re less than a lot.”

Natalie glared at him.

Thought Levi was wrangling.

“But, I want to see my male god! It’s so exciting to imagine!”

“What? Your male god?”

Levi frowned and asked.

When did he become Fangziqing male god.

“That’s right! The mysterious boss has always been my male god! The day I meet him, I will dress up the most beautiful! Even more dazzling than Sarah!”

Natalie exclaimed excitedly, like a young girl in spring.

Levi: “…”.

Levi glared at her speechlessly and said, “I haven’t seen you before.”

“What are you talking about? The boss has seen me?”

Natalie was surprised.

“I must have seen it. There are no employees in the company that he hasn’t seen before! Including cleaning Lao Cross and back chef Lao Logan.”

Levi said.

Natalie’s complexion changed.

She finally realized the problem.

They haven’t seen the boss, doesn’t it mean that the boss hasn’t seen them.

“That’s different. This is the first time we two officially met! I must dress up beautifully! Probably, a love will come.”

Natalie is already fantasizing about the scene, her face is sweet.


Levi was about to vomit blood.

Natalie has a crush on herself?

She is a wife and best friend!

“You don’t need to dress up, it’s good just like this.”

Levi said.

“Don’t worry, it’s not for you!”

Natalie gave Levi a proud look and left.

In the following days, we are preparing for the half-year celebration.

The news quickly spread to Jinling, Case York, and even the entire Jiangnan province.

Although the Erick Group is low-key, everyone knows that after the reshuffle of the major forces in Case, York and Jinling, the biggest beneficiary is the mysterious boss of the Erick Group.

No one is curious about him!

I want to know what the boss looks like and what is his identity?

It’s so amazing.

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