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Chapter 821

In just half a year, Erick Group has developed to such a scale.

The Mann family also heard the news.

Call Sarah specifically.

“Grandma, what’s the matter with you, grandpa?”

Sarah asked.

“Sarah, I heard that Erick Group is going to hold a half-year celebration? Are you attending?”

Melina looked expectant.

“Participate, what’s the matter?”

“That’s great! I heard that the mysterious boss of Erick Group is about to show up at this celebration?”

Melina continued.

“En, it is indeed!”

Melina was happy instantly: “It’s so great!”

“I heard that the mysterious boss of Erick Group is young and rich, but still single! It is said that the background is very big, the city and Jinling are turbulent, only he has the last laugh!

Mann Jianguo echoed: “Indeed, how can you get a foothold if you don’t have the ability?”

“Sarah, you have to seize the opportunity and try to get in touch with others! We won’t force you this time, you come by your own ideas.”

Melina said.

“Grandma, what are you talking about? I have Levi, so how can I contact other people?”

Sarah was obviously unhappy.

“That’s wrong, you’re still single now! What’s wrong with contact with people? It’s not against the law.”

Melina pretended to be angry.

Sarah smiled helplessly: “Grandma, you worry too much. Can the boss of the Erick Group like me?”

“If it’s someone else, maybe it won’t! But you have the most hope!”

“The boss of Erick Group has helped you over and over again, don’t you think about it?”

After Melina’s reminder, Sarah’s heart shook.

No one in this world will help you voluntarily.

Except for your relatives, friends and lovers, others who can help you definitely have an attempt.

What she could not figure out was why the mysterious boss of Erick Group helped herself?

Is it really as grandma said, does he have any intentions for himself?

And although everyone has never seen this mysterious boss.

But Sarah understood that their every word and deed was under the nose of the boss.

“Sarah, take it well! What if you meet a real person at that time, you will be tempted? Maybe!”

Melina smiled.

Sarah replied helplessly: “Okay.”

But what I thought was: “I won’t be tempted no matter what, I only love Levi. I just want to ask him why he helped me? Then I will return the kindness!”

Mann’s idea is very simple.

If Sarah can be with Erick’s mysterious boss, it will be a joy to everyone.

Soon, the half-year celebration of Erick Group arrived.

The day before, all the employees of Erick Group were transported to the resort island by car.

Levi and Sarah are also among them.

Natalie took four suitcases of clothes.

Chapter 822

She will try them one by one, pick the best one, and wear it at the celebration tomorrow.

Levi was speechless for a while.

Natalie really struggled to see herself.

Would she be angry if she knew that the mysterious boss was her?

“Levi, why did the boss of Erick help me over and over again?”

Sarah asked curiously.

“Probably because you look pretty?”

Levi said seriously.

Sarah powder fist hit Levi.

“There will be no pies falling for no reason in this world. He must have done this for a purpose.”

Sarah muttered to himself.

Levi touched her head and said, “Okay, stop thinking about it. Maybe he just fancyed your talents, didn’t you also make achievements?”

The conversation between the two attracted Natalie’s attention.

She leaned aside and said, “I also think the boss is a bit strange! Why is Du Sarah so good? She is not an employee of Erick either?”

Natalie looked at Levi with a puzzled look, and suddenly asked, “Is this mysterious boss you?”

“Yes, it’s me. That’s why I said, I won’t let you dress up.”

Levi admitted it generously.

“Ha ha.”

Natalie just smiled.

Sarah also gave a wry smile.

If it was Levi, that would be great.

It’s a pity not.

If Levi is the boss of Erick.

He would not use the status of Porter’s grandson to do things.

The things that had to be accounted the other day were really hammered out.

After a few hours’ drive, I finally came to the resort island located hundreds of kilometers away in the border of Nanguang.

The scenery here is unique and it is indeed a tourist attraction.

The staff of the holiday island warmly received Levi and his party.

But before allocating rooms, warn everyone-except for this island, never go out.

Because the folk customs here in Nanguang are sturdy.

Get in trouble at every turn!

Hundreds of people may come out to deal with you at that time!

Therefore, the staff warned again and again.

At the moment, Porter’s house in Nelshire.

“Don’t worry, grandpa, I have arranged it. This time Levi went to a remote island. I arranged for the local emperor. He will definitely die! No one knows if he is dead.”

Ian said with a smile.

“That’s great.”

Brandon smiled.

It turns out that the Porter family knew that Erick Group celebrated the half-year anniversary, and Levi would also go.

So set up a killing game to wait for him.

On the holiday island, after allocating rooms, everyone gets busy and prepares for the celebration tomorrow.

Only a lazy person like Levi would wander around.

Natalie said disdainfully: “Looking at this posture, it seems like he is really the boss!”

Soon after, Alton also came here.

Natalie led everyone to a warm welcome and arranged Kylin in the best room.

After dinner in the evening, Levi left his room and walked towards Alton’s room.

At this time Natalie was hanging out with Sarah.

Suddenly in the corridor, they saw Levi’s figure.

“Where is he going? That direction is not his room?”

Sarah said curiously.

“Let’s go, let’s follow up and see if we know it?”

Natalie took Sarah and immediately followed.

Chapter 823

The two followed up to the presidential suite floor.

When he saw Levi standing in front of the room, Natalie was surprised: “This is President Graham Nanxuan’s room! Is he looking for Graham Nanxuan?”

“Do they know each other?”

Sarah was also very curious.

Natalie disagrees: “No, they don’t know each other. The Graham head office has been here many times, and I have also seen Levi, and there is no exchange between them.”

“Then why did he come to Mr. Graham?”

Sarah asked.

“I said something, don’t you be angry?”

“Let’s talk about it.”

Natalie gritted his teeth and said: “I think Levi is here to show his courtesy and to curry favor with Graham Nanxuan!”

“Can’t you? King’s Landing is not such a person.”

Sarah’s expression was quite dim.

“The current Levi has changed a long time ago. It is normal for him to be able to do things with the status of Porter’s grandson.”

Natalie smiled.

At this moment, the door of the room opened and Alton showed up for an instant, and he slammed the door shut again.

Levi shook his head helplessly, and then left.

There was no other reason, Alton had two Sarah hiding in the dark and signaled Levi to leave first.

That’s why Alton took a look and then closed the door.

But this scene changed in Sarah’s eyes.

In their opinion-Levi ran to greet Graham Nanxuan with great courtesy, but when Graham Nanxuan opened the door, he saw that it was him and refused to close the door.

“Look, you’re flattened by President Graham, right?”

Natalie smiled triumphantly.

After all, she thought she had figured out Levi’s actions.

With the “facts” before him, Sarah sighed helplessly, with a complicated expression on his face.

Levi changed.

It turned out that he was arrogant.

I hate this kind of people who tend to be inflamed!

Rely on relationships to do things? impossible.

Will fawn on others? impossible.

Be clever all day? Less likely.

After all, Levi still bowed his head to life.

Levi sighed, time and experience will really sharpen a person’s spirit.

The former Levi was so energetic, he was always an arrogant posture that pointed Jianshan and slammed Fisher Qiu.

Now these are all gone.

It is no different from ordinary people squeezed by life.

Fortunately, the relationship between her and Levi has always been the same.

After seeing Levi downstairs, Natalie asked: “Why did you go just now?”

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

The look of Levi made them more sure that he was trying to fawn on Graham Nanxuan.

“never mind.”

As a result, Natalie’s voice just fell, and there was a voice: “Something! And something big!!!”

An employee of Erick Group ran in in a panic.

“President Fisher, it’s not good, something has happened!”

When the man saw Natalie, he shouted.

Chapter 824

“What’s the matter? Don’t panic, speak slowly!”

Natalie said.

“Just now a few of us were strolling on the island, and suddenly a group of people rushed to ask us for money… We had a quarrel. They beat us and detained several people. If they didn’t give money, they wouldn’t let them go. of!”

The employee said in a panic.

At this time, everyone remembered what the staff said.

The local people are tough, and there are many people who find faults.

I just didn’t expect to encounter such a thing on the island.

“No, it should be the King of Chu who has come. He will only take action when he sees you in such a big battle.”

The staff said anxiously.

“Who is King Chu?”

Levi asked.

“The King of Chu is the earth emperor of the local underground circle. This lake and dozens of islands are his territory!”

“Every year we pay him a lot of money to buy peace, and he will guarantee that he will not embarrass the tourists who come to the island. So as long as it is safe on this island. What happened today? They even came to the island. Are you embarrassed?”

The staff was surprised.

“Let’s go, let’s go and see!”

Everyone soon came to the place where the accident happened.

Six employees of the Erick Group were tied to a tree.

There were more than a dozen people standing next to him, the headed man with a big waist, tall and straight, and a full nine meters away.

He has a fierce look and a look of dragon and tiger on his body.

It’s really a bit of Chu Overlord’s attitude.

These dozen people couldn’t move their eyes away when they saw Natalie, Sarah and the female employees of Erick Group.

Every one’s saliva flowed out.

Have you seen so many beautiful women there?

They are almost out of control.

They were the people who arranged for the Porter family to get rid of Levi.

“What’s the matter with King Chu?”

The person in charge of the resort island asked tremblingly.

The King of Chu said with an annoyed voice: “Just now we saw these people pee in the lake! We caught them!”

“You nonsense! Where are we going to pee in the lake? It’s you who charged us for protection for no reason, and beat us if you didn’t give it!

The employee immediately retorted.

“Haha, no? Obviously we saw you peeing with our own eyes. This Mingjing Lake is my site. If I dare to pee on my site, I can’t tie you up.”

King Chu sneered.

Natalie said coldly: “This gentleman, don’t worry, all the employees of Erick Group have a bachelor’s degree, and their personal qualities are all good. They can’t urinate and defecate like a rough person.”

These words made Chu Bawang angry: “What do you mean? Say we are vulgar? Look down on us? You are noble!”

“Yes, who do you look down on!”

“You noble, haven’t you peeed in the lake? Urine and defecate anywhere!”

Others were also angry.

“No! You are slanderous! Impossible!”

Chapter 825

“Hehe, I said no, we all have witnesses!”

King Chu sneered.

“A witness?”


Natalie knew that the other party was bad, and immediately asked.

“Let the witnesses come out!”

King Chu gave an order.

A rustling sound came from the surrounding reeds.

Two or three hundred people emerged from the surrounding area.

Every body is sturdy and has a fierce look.

He also carried a long knife and other cold weapons in his hand.

Besieged Levi’s group fiercely.

Immediately, Natalie and the others panicked.

These white-collar workers in the workplace have experienced this.

In Case, York or Jinling, Boyd Sen and the others would protect them, and they would never have access to these.

But now when I went to this remote place, I encountered it unexpectedly.

Can you not be afraid?

Natalie also panicked.

If she encountered this situation in Case, York or Jinling, she would not be afraid.

The key is that this place is not working well every day, and it is too bad for the earth.

No one knows when it’s dead.

Natalie regretted it.

You shouldn’t have chosen this place to hold a half-year celebration.

As soon as these two or three hundred men appeared, they all shouted: “We all saw them pee in the lake!”

So many people shouted together, magnificent, and suppressed everyone in the Erick Group.

“I have nearly 300 witnesses here, don’t you still admit it?”

King Chu smiled.

Everyone understood that this was convicted of an unwarranted crime.

If they don’t recognize it, they must recognize it!

“Dare you still say you didn’t pee in the lake?”

Bawang Chu brandished a long knife and put it around the neck of the employee who was tied to the tree.

The employee was pale and sweaty.

“I… I pee…”

In terms of coercion, he can only admit.

“How about you?”

King Chu asked the other person again.

“I…I peeed too…”

Overlord Chu questioned the six people in such an extreme way.

All admitted to peeing in the lake.

“First, you guys admit it!”

“Second, I have 300 witnesses who saw it!”

“Now, what else do you have to say?”

Overlord Chu stared at Natalie and the others.

“Okay, I admit it!”

Natalie sneered: “Let’s talk about it, how about it? Can I let my people go?”

“State-owned, national law, family rules! I also have my own rules, you should be punished heavily for such shameless behavior!”

The King of Chu said one by one.

His three hundred men also shouted together: “Heavy penalty! Heavy penalty! Heavy penalty!”

This big battle frightened these white-collar workers.

“In this way, 10 billion compensation!”

As soon as the King of Chu exited, he was interrupted by Natalie: “Ten billion, it’s impossible!”

“Don’t worry, girl, I haven’t finished yet!”

“I ask for 10 billion in compensation, and you women have to sleep with me for one night!”

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