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Chapter 826

Overlord Chu laughed and said, “In this way, this matter will be regarded as let go!”


His little brothers also gave out lewd smiles.

They have coveted these women like Natalie and Sarah for a long time.

If the boss wants meat, they must have soup.

“Extremely shameless!!!”

Natalie blushed and said angrily.

She never expected that these people would be so shameless.

It doesn’t matter if you pay 10 billion in compensation, you even want them to sleep with you.

It’s shameless.

No one noticed that Levi’s face was gloomy to the end.

These people have already touched his inverse scales.

If you have an idea about plum dyeing, it is death!

Overlord Chu laughed and said, “How about? Promise or not!”

Afterwards, his face changed and said: “If you don’t agree, it’s okay, but the three hundred people under me won’t let you leave the island!”


Naked threat!

Overlord of Chu is the earth emperor here.

This is his site.

He does whatever he wants, no one dares to do anything.

Just like what he said, Natalie can’t even leave the island and can only be at the mercy of others.

“I don’t give you time to consider, I will give you three seconds to answer!”

Overlord of Chu is extremely strong.


Natalie panicked and didn’t know what to do.

“You deserve to be the Emperor of Tu! Have you come up with a set of national laws and family rules?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

Everyone looked at Levi.

King Chu also looked over.

He found everyone trembling with fright.

Only this person has a calm face and even a smile.

Isn’t he scared?

“Levi, aren’t you afraid of me?”

King Chu asked.

Levi smiled.

Not to mention a few days ago, the Japanese samurai sword was carried around his neck.

In the past, the battlefield was surrounded by 100,000 enemy troops.

He didn’t blink his eyelids.

A soil emperor, would he be afraid?

Levi didn’t answer, but lit a cigarette on his own.


He took a deep breath, and all the smoke was puffed out on King Chu Ba’s face.


Everyone in the audience was stunned.

Levi is too courageous, right?

At this dangerous moment, is still provoking the earth emperor?

Is this impatient to live?


Even King Chu himself was stunned.

Does this person dare to breathe smoke at him?


Angry, he snatched the cigarette from Levi’s mouth, threw it on the ground, and slammed it out with his foot.

“Boy, you are looking for death!!!”

King Chu angrily said.

“You stole my cigarette?”

Levi stared at him incredulously.

“What’s wrong with snatching your cigarette?”

The King of Chu was surprised.

“It’s very simple. According to my rules, you should pay compensation for stealing my cigarettes!”

“20 billion! As for you, I am not interested!”

Chapter 827

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

Natalie and Sarah broke out in a cold sweat.

Levi was imitating the earth emperor.

Isn’t he afraid of making things big?

Sarah knew that Levi could fight, but how did the 300th person fight?

This behavior of Levi completely stunned King Chu and his men.

This kid is imitating him?

He actually asked for 20 billion in compensation?

This is a few lives!

“Why? Don’t admit it? You just snatched my cigarette, and I have a witness too!”

Levi approached.

“Boy, I just grabbed your cigarette. What’s wrong?”

Overlord of Chu made him very angry.

“Then make compensation!!!”

Levi stared at him tightly.

“Okay, Levi is looking for death, don’t blame me!”

King Chu said coldly.

A fierce flash flashed in his eyes.

“Come here, send me back to the resort hotel. I can’t let the beauties see blood. I have to be happy at night!”

King Chu gave an order.

Sarah and others were all sent back.

“no, do not want!”

Sarah shouted.

She knew what the consequences of Levi left.

Levi smiled and said, “My wife, I’m fine, I will come to see you with 20 billion later!”

“Little brother, I really admire you, it’s such a time, dare to speak such big words?”

Overlord of Chu was happy.

Levi stepped forward and slapped King Chu’s face with a slap: “Who the hell do you call a brother or brother? Are you qualified?”

The slap slapped the King of Chu dumbfounded.

There was dead silence in the field.

The number three hundred people were stunned.

They never figured out that there are still people in this world who dare to slap the earth emperor in the face.

Frozen for a full minute.

Only then did King Chu feel the pain coming from his face, his face was hideous, his veins violent, and he stared at Levi fiercely, with an expression that he could not wait to eat him.

“Kill him for me!!!”

King Chu shouted.


Levi waved.

“Why? Afraid? It’s too late to be afraid!”

King Chu shouted.

Levi smiled and said, “Someone sent you to find the fault, right?”

Because the owner of the resort island said that King Chu had a clear plan, as long as he was on the island, he would never be embarrassed.

But King Chu still came to find fault.

Let me explain one thing-someone has to deal with Erick Group.

Moreover, King Chu hadn’t seen him before, just calling his name directly.

Explain that you are also targeting objects.

Dye them and spread the plums.

Obviously, he was going to kill himself.

This is premeditated.

“Dare to tell me who it is?”

Levi continued to ask.

King Chu was taken aback for a moment, and then he smiled: “It’s okay to tell you! It was Nelshire Porter’s family who asked me to do it! He asked me to kill you and then blackmail Erick Group fiercely!”

“I haven’t troubled you yet, you have come to the door by yourself!”

“Say goodbye to this world! The Porter family wants you to disappear!”

Chapter 828

Porter family!

Levi had already thought of it!

From the current enemy’s point of view, only the Porter family will come to assassinate himself.

Does the Porter family hate themselves so much?

Levi understood.

In the eyes of the Porter family, people are divided into different ranks.

He is the lowest level in the Porter family’s eyes.

As long as he is alive, the Porter family will worry that his identity will be exposed, which will bring shame to the Porter family.

So hurry up after dividing!!!

“Kill him for me!!!”

King Chu gave an order.

Three hundred strong and powerful under his men carried long knives and slashed towards Levi.

The posture of three hundred people must chop Levi into minced meat!


A signal flare shot into the air and burst open in the air.

The sudden scene was shocked by King Chu, everyone stopped and stared into the air in a daze.


The next moment, there was a noise.

I saw a fast-flying drone in mid-air.

It’s densely packed, and there are hundreds of them.

“Tweet Tweet Tweet…”

Suddenly, a drone sprayed out flames, intertwined into a dense firepower net, and covered it.




Overlord Chu’s men were attacked on their wrists, bloody arrows shot violently, one after another, a hole came out of bullets.

“Clang Clang Clang…”

All the weapons in their hands fell to the ground.


Everyone covered their wrists and screamed.

Just one round of attacks made Chu Bawang’s subordinates incapacitated.

This is the power of drones.

Not only can reconnaissance, but also provide powerful fire support.

King Chu was dumbfounded.

Where are you standing, dazed and at a loss.

However this is only the beginning.


In the next moment, a rumbling sound came from everyone’s ears, like thunder.

In the sky, there were strong lights shining down, hitting the faces of King Chu and others, making people unable to open their eyes.


A military helicopter appeared in the sky!

Infrared rays came from the plane, aiming at Chu Bawang and others’ faces.

What do they know well?

They were targeted.

As long as they move, their heads will explode.

“Boom boom boom…”

Not only that, but there was a deafening sound coming from the lake next to it, and there were strong winds, even the surface of the lake was blowing up.

It turned out that dozens of military yachts landed quickly.

A heavily armed soldier held a weapon and aimed at Chu Bawang and others.

Infrared rays dangled again.

King Chu was completely panicked.


The weapon in his hand fell to the ground.

The whole person’s legs were soft and trembling, and he fell to the ground with a puff…

Chapter 829

His other men also knelt on the ground one by one, holding their heads in their hands.

They never expected that they would encounter such a cruel mess!

This is the military!

Doesn’t that mean that Levi is a member of the military?

“Do you want me to disappear now?”

Levi smiled.


The Tu Emperor Chu Bawang was frightened and cried directly, and he even peeed in a large pool.

Levi smiled and said, “This earth emperor has been entrenched here for a long time, and I am afraid that it has harmed many people. Get rid of it completely!”

After Levi gave the order, he left.

I don’t need to care about it later.

Anyway, the Tu Emperor Chu Bawang will no longer be there.

As for the helicopter, how did these come from?

Kylin made a call and the local area was dispatched.

When Levi returned to the hotel intact, everyone was stunned.

“Are you okay?”

Plum dye looks up and down.

“What can I do?”

Levi smiled.

“Ah? How is it possible? What about the earth emperor?”

Natalie looked at him incredulously.

“I took care of it! Don’t worry, everyone can sleep at ease.”

Levi smiled.

The worried Natalie deliberately went outside to watch with others, but in the end there was no one, and the scene was handled cleanly.

No trace was left.

“What’s the matter?”

Natalie is incredible.

“I dealt with it!”

Levi smiled.

At this time, the owner of the resort island hurried over and said: “Great happy event, the earth emperor Chu Bawang has been completely eliminated. From now on, dozens of islands will not be bullied anymore!”

Upon hearing this, Natalie and Sarah both looked at Levi curiously.

“You really did it?”

“If you don’t believe me, I can’t help it.”

Levi was helpless.

Sarah thought of something and pulled Natalie into the corner: “It wasn’t made by King Lin.”

“Who did it?”

Natalie asked curiously.

“Your boss!”

Sarah reminded.

Natalie slapped her forehead suddenly and exclaimed: “Why didn’t I expect it? It must have been too scared just now!”

“Even the boss and Mr. Graham are here, what am I afraid of? With them, this matter can definitely be solved!”

Sarah smiled and said: “Yes, the mysterious boss is so magical, and a soil emperor is definitely not his opponent.”

“By the way, I suddenly remembered a question-the boss doesn’t seem to be here yet. He will be attending the celebration tomorrow. It’s impossible for him not to come?

Natalie was surprised.

“I think your boss has already come!”

Plum dyed has this strong feeling.

“Do you want to say that the boss is among these people?”

Natalie looked shocked.

Sarah nodded: “I think the boss of Erick has been hiding in the crowd. It is very likely that a certain employee is him!”

Chapter 830


This conjecture of Sarah shocked Natalie.

This possibility is very high.

Otherwise, the boss knows how to understand everything within the group so clearly.

It is impossible to just listen to others.

The only possibility he is in the group is one of the employees.

Who is the one?

The first thing Natalie and Sarah eliminated from their minds was Levi.

Because of the Porter family identity incident, they concluded that it was definitely not Levi.

“I’ll go to Mr. Graham and ask!”

Natalie and Sarah came to Graham Nanxuan’s room together.

“Mr. Graham, is the boss here?”

Natalie asked nervously and expectantly.


Alton gave an affirmative answer.

“Did the boss of Tu Emperor Chu Bawang deal with it just now?”

Natalie continued to ask.

“Yes, the boss got rid of it!”

Kylin answered the two questions just now.

There is no concealment.

Natalie and Sarah looked at each other and whispered: “Look, it has nothing to do with Levi.”

“The boss is here? Where does he live? I have arranged the best room for him.”

Natalie was surprised.

Alton shook his head and said, “He has indeed come, or he has been there all the time. I don’t know where he lives!”

“Huh? Isn’t the boss one of the employees?”

Natalie’s mouth was wide open.

“En, is one of the employees!”

Graham Nanxuan said.


Get an affirmative answer, Natalie was struck by lightning.


The mysterious boss of Erick is among the employees.

It’s just that she never knew it.

In other words, her every move is under the eyes of others.

Just like what Levi said-I haven’t seen it before, so why do you dress up?

Who is the one?

Natalie began to think.

But the company is too big, many employees have never seen Natalie.

She is not good at judgment for a while.

“He will admit his identity tomorrow?”

Natalie said.

Alton replied: “Yes.”

“Mr. Graham, is the boss handsome?”

Natalie asked expectantly.

Alton smiled and said, “Handsome than me!”

Natalie looked forward more and more: “Then is he married? Or is he single now?”

Alton smiled meaningfully: “Not married, now single!”

indeed so.

Levi and Sarah are divorced and are single now.

Hearing this, Natalie’s heart was already beating.

Fully meet her criteria for choosing a spouse!

You are the one!

Natalie is already determined to take the initiative to pursue that mysterious boss.

Sarah was very happy to see the way his best friend was carrying spring.

She had never been so caring about that man before.

After leaving the Alton room, Sarah smiled and said, “You hurry up and rest. I’m afraid you will be too excited to sleep tonight.”

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