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Chapter 836

“Don’t let the Porter family in other places know that Brandon has such a grandson! Don’t let him appear at the annual meeting!”

“Otherwise, it will be a shame for our entire life!”

Brandon said coldly.

“Grandpa, don’t worry! I will arrange this personally!!!”

Ian’s eyes were already murderous.

The other side.

After receiving Mack’s warning call.

Levi was already very angry.

The Porter family was too blatant.

And it seems that I will deal with myself and Sarah next.

Then I won’t make Porter’s life better!

“Let’s go, let’s go see Hart Zihan!”

After the two arrived in the hospital, Hart Zihan’s face was wrapped.

Her mood is stable.

But as soon as they saw Levi and the others, they began to cry.

A woman, if her face is disfigured, who can bear it.

“Porter’s family? Must pay back!”

Levi squeezed his fist.

“How is her condition with the doctor?”

Levi asked.

“The burn is very serious! There is no way to recover! Unless there is a facelift!”

The doctor’s answer was like putting a steel knife into the hearts of Sarah and Hart Zihan.

Even if the plastic surgery is successful, it will not be what she is.

Hart Zihan would rather not have plastic surgery.

“I can’t get plastic surgery! Even if I look like a ghost, I can’t get plastic surgery!”

Hart Zihan has his own pride.

So basically Hart Zihan’s career can be declared abolished.

“Doctor, show me the report.”

Levi asked.

After getting the report, Levi studied it carefully.

Levi’s medical skills are very strong, but they have been tempered in thousands of battles.

After looking at the checklist, Levi’s brows gradually stretched out.


There is still help!

There is an ancient military doctor in the Emperor Iron Brigade, who was born in a family of Chinese medicine, and he is also a Lord of Western medicine.

Almost use medical skills to the extreme.

In order to reimburse the motherland, he took the initiative to come to the battlefield as a field medic.

On the battlefield, he followed Levi almost personally, following him from birth to death.

I don’t know how many times Levi was pulled back from the brink of death.

Levi’s medical skills were learned from him, and he was fascinated and accumulated little by little.

Now Levi actually has scars on his back, densely packed and criss-crossed…

Burns are more serious than Hart Zihan.

But Frank Feng said he can do it without leaving any scars.

The old wounds behind him are all old wounds that can be eliminated.

Hart Zihan’s injury is a small case.

So Hart Zihan can be saved!

Can recover!

“Sarah, Zihan, don’t worry, I have a way to restore your face!”

Levi said excitedly.

But neither woman would believe him.

In other words, no one would believe it.

The top burn doctors in Jinling have said that there is no way.

What can you do as an ordinary person?

Chapter 837

Hart Zihan smiled miserably: “Brother Garrison, I thank you, you are also for my good, so I have a little hope.”

“Brother Garrison, don’t worry, I can stand it!”

Sarah turned white and Levi glanced at him: “Levi, the more you say this kind of hopeful words at this time, the greater the psychological shock to Zihan, so don’t say it!”

“You treat me as comfort? No, I really have a way!”

Levi was helpless.

The attending doctor glared at him and said, “Why don’t you come? Don’t you have a way?”

“I can’t do this, but I know it’s ok alone!”

Levi said.

“Leave quickly, the patient needs a rest!”

“If you talk nonsense, it will affect the patient’s mood.”

Levi was driven out of the ward by doctors and nurses.

No one believes what he said!

Can burns of this degree recover?


Unless plastic surgery.

Levi was helpless.

With a wave of his hand, Wesley appeared beside him.

“Wesley, you personally come to the Northern Territory Theater to pick up the ancient style!”

Levi ordered.


Wesley left immediately.

Levi asked Suzaku to look for someone who poured sulfuric acid on Hart Zihan.

He will not let the Porter family go, nor will these specific implementers.

Levi was planning for the Porter family at the same time.

Brothers Ian and Mack are also planning how to make Levi disappear.

Mack’s meaning is very simple, just hire a few killers to solve it.

“You can’t send a simple killer to kill Levi. I heard that Levi will do some tricks, and he belongs to the Erick Group.

“In addition, the God of War and his subordinates are in Jinling. If the assassins we send don’t kill Levi instantly, it will be very troublesome. In the eyes of the God of War, these assassins are easy to expose!”

Ian disagreed, and analyzed a bunch of drawbacks.

“It really makes sense! For Levi to disappear, he must not leave any traces, as if it had evaporated from another person.”

Mack said.

“Yes, that’s right! If you want Levi to disappear silently, the killer must leave silently without leaving any traces.”

Mack said: “So you must choose the top killer!”

Ian nodded approvingly.

Mack’s eyes lit up: “Brother Ian, it means you already have a candidate in your heart?”

“Hmm! Have you heard of Killer 47?”

Ian asked.

“What? That’s the 47 of the Nordic Killer King? The commission started with tens of millions of dollars, and 47 of 1,899 people were assassinated in the ten years since his debut?”

Mack jumped up.

“Yes, that’s right. He is already on his way to Velador, and he is now on the plane.”

Ian nodded.

“Brother Ian, let the killer king come to kill Levi. Isn’t it overkill?”

“It’s overkill! But we want to ensure that Levi must disappear! So it’s worth it!”

Chapter 838

A flash of cold light flashed in Ian’s eyes, showing how determined he was to get rid of Levi.

“Levi made 47 assassins this time. I want to see how you can escape from life?”

Ian smiled.

Mack was also happy.

Levi was finally going to be eliminated.

The faces of the two of them were full of excitement.

At the family annual meeting soon, their Nelshire Porter family must shine.

Even the two of them will be eye-catching!

“By the way, Grandpa asked us to invite the God of War to participate in the Porter Family Annual Meeting!”

Ian remembered this.

“Brother Ian, do you think God of War will agree?”

Mack was a little nervous.

Their Nelshire Porter family’s biggest trump card in defeating other branches of the Porter family is the God of War.

If he doesn’t come, Nelshire Porter’s house will be over!

“Don’t worry, it will definitely be! Uncle Lloyd has already notified him, and he probably said hello to the God of War War God. If we invite him again, he will definitely come.”

“What’s more, he even accepted the gift we sent. This represents the protection of my Porter family.”

Ian smiled.

“That’s great! Brother Ian, let’s hurry up and send the invitation!”

Mack said with a smile.

The other side.

After Suzaku shot, he quickly caught the murderers.

Levi locked them up temporarily.

He will settle the Porter family’s account.

At this time, Xiang Wenjun personally delivered the invitation for the Porter Family Annual Meeting.

Looking at the content on the pure gold invitation, Levi smiled: “The annual meeting of the Porter family in Nelshire once every ten years?”

“Yes, General, that’s right. Nelshire Porter Family, sincerely hope that you can participate in this annual meeting!”

Said Xiang Wenjun.

“Okay, Lao Xiang, go back and tell the Porter family that I have participated in this year’s meeting! I will go there in person!

Levi’s eyes shot out a ray of cold light.

Then at the Porter Family’s Ten-Year Conference, settle everything with the Nelshire Porter Family.

When Xiang Wenjun told the Ian brothers that the God of War was participating in the annual meeting, the two rushed to Nelshire almost non-stop.

The news was told to Porter’s family for the first time.

When Porter’s family heard it, they cried with joy.

Brandon blushed even more.

“I have been waiting for this day, Brandon, for almost 70 years! This time, my Nelshire Porter family must be brilliant!”

Brandon shouted excitedly.

If God of War participated, it would definitely crush the audience, and no one would be afraid.

“Hey, remember, the news of God of War War God’s participation in the annual meeting will be hidden first! Don’t disclose it!”

Brandon reminded.

He wanted to hide it first, and waited until the annual meeting to directly pull out the God of War, stunning the audience, and establishing the strongest position of the Nelshire Porter family in one fell swoop.

“By the way, what happened to Levi?”

Chapter 839

Brandon always felt that Levi was a hidden danger, and he would not be practical if he didn’t get rid of it.

“Grandpa, 47 of the Nordic Killers will arrive today.”

“Levi will never see the sun tomorrow!”

Ian sneered.

“Okay, well done!”

Brandon praised.

At this time, Bert asked: “Dad, Levi’s hidden danger is solved. But what about his mother, Ollie, a b!tch woman?”

“Yes! She is a slut who corrupts my Porter family’s style! She can easily affect the face of our Porter family!”

Others said one after another.

“Don’t worry, she won’t! Ollie has been permanently imprisoned in Zhenjiang City by the capital! You will never step out of Zhenjiang City forever!”

Brandon said coldly.

“Ah? Levi’s mother was actually imprisoned in Zhenjiang City. Where did I think I went?”

Everyone was surprised.

The Porter family had always thought that Ollie’s whereabouts were missing.

Unexpectedly, the small town of Zhenjiang between Case, York and Nelshire!

“She doesn’t have to worry about it! A lifetime of fate! It won’t affect the face of my Porter family! I won’t mention anything about her in the future! The Jingcheng Garrison family is unhappy when they find out!”

Brandon said, everyone closed their mouths obediently and stopped talking.

At this moment, at Jinling International Airport, an international flight from Northern Europe slowly landed on the boundary of Jinling.

Soon, a tall man appeared at the exit. He was wearing a sweater, a hat and a mask. He couldn’t see his face clearly.

He is carrying two large suitcases.

“It’s really weird. The two suitcases of this size are empty, and there is nothing in them!”

“This foreigner probably wants to go home with Velador’s good stuff.”

The staff inspecting the suitcase was surprised.

The man carried two suitcases and walked directly to the bathroom.

Soon, he came out.

It’s just that the whole person changed a look-

Wearing a leather jacket and black sunglasses, the look is completely different from the previous one.

Even the suitcase has become different.

It seemed that another person came out.

Hitman 47!

Known as the king of Nordic killers!

In ten years of killer career, he has never failed.

He has assassinated world-class billionaires, politicians and even military leaders.

Is a terrifying killer.

At the same time, he is also an international wanted criminal, SSSS.

Extremely dangerous existence!

It can even bring turbulent existence.

After leaving the airport, he took a taxi and handed the driver a note.

The address is written on it.

Soon after, the driver took him to the destination.

There are several floors under construction around it.

Soon, the foreigner appeared on the highest floor.

After checking the circle, the position is safe.

Killer 47 opened the suitcase.

The inside is no longer empty, but…

Chapter 840

Inside are weapons and equipment!!!

There are pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles, and even a bazooka!

Daggers, sabers and hidden weapons are all complete.

All this is of course prepared by the Porter family!

The suitcase with weapons was changed to him at the airport just now, leaving no traces.

Assassin 47 inspected these weapons and equipment. After the inspection, he smiled with satisfaction.

Obviously, these weapons are to his liking.

Afterwards, he inserted a photo on the wall with a dagger.

The person in the photo is Levi!!!

Assassin 47 looked at the photo with a cold arc across his mouth.

Levi was just prey in his eyes.

He took out his cell phone and dialed out a number: “I have arrived, and I will end the goal at night! Now call the money!”


Ian on the other end of the phone did not hesitate to transfer 10 million U.S. dollars into Killer 47’s overseas account.

The reason why you can make money if you don’t finish it is because Killer 47 will definitely succeed.

Moreover, he has a credibility guarantee in the killer world, which is also his rule-pay before you shoot.

Almost two thousand shots were taken, and no one failed.

That’s why Ian trusted so much.

After seeing the money arrived, Killer 47 directly destroyed the phone.

He wants to erase any traces of contact with Porter’s family.

This is the horror of the top killer.

After killing people, you won’t find any traces.

It will not leave a little bit of customer information.

I don’t know who made it when I die.

Especially the 47 assassin king, can protect everything.

Although the commission is expensive, it is reassuring.

He can kill anyone no matter it is.

Killer 47 engraved Levi’s appearance in his mind, and then burned the photo.

He disassembled the weapons one by one and hid them in every part of his body. The bazooka and other weapons were put in a backpack.

He carried his backpack, chewing gum in his mouth, and bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Immediately, he plunged into the night.

Tonight, Levi will undoubtedly die!!!

Levi Linhun didn’t know that the huge danger was approaching him step by step.

He is in the hospital tonight.

Wesley just brought back the old military doctor from the northern theater.


Frank Feng saluted with excitement when he saw Levi.

“Xiaofeng, you have worked hard.”

Levi replied.

“Xiaofeng picks you up this time. It’s my personal business. I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Frank Feng wiped away his tears and said with a smile: “General, you gave me my life. What a trivial matter.”

“Okay, let’s not say much! Come and see the condition!”

When Levi was about to enter the ward with Frank Feng, he was stopped.

“Who are you? Doctor? Where is the doctor? Why are you running to our hospital?”

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