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Chapter 831

This night was too long for Natalie.

She really lost sleep.

Wearing dark circles under my eyes, I was extremely tired.

Get up early and make up and change clothes.

Although the mysterious boss has seen her, he has never seen her most beautiful.

She wants to appear in the most beautiful appearance.

Sarah didn’t sleep well either. She was always curious about who this mysterious boss was.

I also want to take advantage of today’s opportunity to thank you very much.

But early in the morning, Sarah received a sudden call saying that something serious happened to the company’s entertainment module and she had to go back as soon as possible.

After Levi heard this, he immediately arranged for Sarah to be sent back by a car, and then arranged for people to protect him.

Originally, Levi intended to let her know the identity of the boss of Erick Group.

I just didn’t expect something happened.

This he can do nothing.

“You go back quickly, if the matter cannot be resolved, call me!”

Levi instructed.

After a busy morning.

At nine o’clock, the celebration is finally about to begin.

Levi and Boyd Sen and the others came to the ceremony.

Because this is an internal celebration, there are no media reporters,

Subsequently, Natalie appeared on the stage in a full dress, shining brightly.

She is beautiful in her own right, and once she is dressed, she is as beautiful as a fairy.

Especially the aura is too full.

Better than model stars.

Seeing everyone showed their eyes of appreciation and excitement.

Natalie is very satisfied with today’s look.

Shouldn’t the mysterious boss be happy when they met?

Natalie also glanced around, looking forward to finding the mysterious boss.

Natalie and Alton summarized the outstanding achievements made by the Erick Group in the past six months and will also issue awards.

It turned out that all the Audi cars purchased by Levi were rewarded.

The current incentive policy is directly money or dividends at the end of the year.

The employees of Erick Group are motivated!

Not to mention making a lot of money, but also to make outstanding contributions to society.

It’s so refreshing to work here.

Erick Group is the most ideal company for every young person to enter.

After a series of processes are completed, we will finally come to the most anticipated link.

The mysterious boss of Erick Group is about to debut.

There is only Takemori in the field, and a small number of people know He Tiantian.

No one else knows.


At this point, Natalie was sweating with excitement, panting heavily.

She was finally about to see the male god in her mind.

Taking advantage of this free time, Natalie immediately checked whether her clothes were neat…

Natalie took a deep breath and greeted the mysterious boss in the fullest state and the most beautiful side.

“Next, our Erick boss will appear.”

“Welcome everyone!!!”


The applause was thunderous.

Alton shouted to a corner: “Boss, when will you hide?”

Chapter 832

Natalie, and many people present, looked at which corner one after another.

Everyone was stunned.

Is the mysterious boss hiding in the crowd?

Everyone looked back.


When Natalie saw Alton, the opposite was the place where Levi and Baoan were together.

She was struck by lightning!

Wouldn’t it be this way?

It turned out to be from the security team?

She knows the security team, is it Takemori?

But it can’t be more handsome than Graham Nanxuan, right?

Are you too old?

Boyd Sen is a reckless man, definitely not the boss.

Who else?

No one else is suitable, right?

Levi was okay, but Levi was ruled out first by her and Sarah.

Who else is there then?

But at this moment, Levi beside Boyd Sen suddenly stood up and walked to the front stage step by step.


At this moment, it seemed as if a hundred thunders fell, and Natalie’s body was completely blasted!

Levi? ? ?

It turned out to be Levi!!! !



Where Natalie stood, the whole person was struck by lightning, like a walking dead.

Levi walked to the stage step by step as she watched.

“Huh? It turned out to be him?”

“Is the mysterious boss Levi? This is impossible!”

“I don’t believe it, it’s incredible. How could he be the boss?”

The whole field was boiling enthusiastically like a blasting pot, and all kinds of surprised voices were heard everywhere.

Because in the company, Levi has no sense of existence.

Even hated by most people.

After all, Levi was expelled once after everyone voted unanimously.

Later he returned to the company.

Everyone treats him as a ba5tard.

Most people have no liking.

But I would never have thought that the number one ba5tard of Erick Group was actually Levi!!!

Especially the company executives were shocked!!!

No wonder the boss knows everything even more, because it turns out that he is in the company.

It happened to be Levi’s ba5tard position.

Up to Natalie, down to Takemori and the cleaning of the back kitchen, he was in control.

Before, everyone was still discussing why the mysterious boss knew so much about the company.


When Levi stepped on the stage with both feet.

Everyone was horrified and looked at him unblinkingly.

Levi took the microphone and said with a smile: “Hello everyone, I am Levi! Also your boss!”

In a word, it’s like a bolt from the blue.

Everyone has a numb scalp, incredible.

He even vomited blood.

Natalie next to her has been in a state of extreme numbness.

Standing there stupidly, motionless.

Hearing Levi’s speech, she slowly turned her head, looked at Levi incredulously and asked: “You…you are the boss of Erick??”

Chapter 833

Levi smiled: “Have I said I am? I seem to have told you earlier that I am the boss of Erick!

“By the way, you are beautiful today!”


With Levi’s affirmative answer, Natalie encountered five thunderstorms again.

The whole person was smashed to the outside and tender inside!

The first person to be excluded by him turned out to be the boss?

Is Levi the boss? ? ?


At this moment, Natalie’s heart was too shocked.

The mysterious boss turned out to be the most unlikely person he thought!

All this is too dreamy.

But she also gradually understood.

Since these days, the troubles of the Erick Group have been solved by Levi.

She thought it was the boss’s instruction, but he was the boss!

At this time, all the details gradually became clear.

Why does the boss of Erick Group help Sarah over and over again?

Take pictures of the company for her?

Solve this and that for her?

Basically pave the way for all the development routes of Sarah?

Except for Levi, who does all this?

The clues show-Levi is the mysterious boss!

No one can do all this except him.

It’s just that Natalie is preconceived.

From the very beginning, the possibility of Levi was ruled out.

And Graham Nanxuan didn’t tell lies.

It’s all true.

He is really single and an employee…

The huge gap made Natalie unacceptable.

I never thought it would be Levi!

The beautiful fantasies she had with her were all shattered.

She did so much and appeared as a goddess, isn’t she just looking forward to a beautiful encounter?

In the end, this person is Levi!

She has always been the husband of a girlfriend who has always been the lover of her dreams!!!

At this time, Levi took the microphone and looked at everyone who was stunned in the audience and smiled: “Don’t be surprised! In fact, if you figure out two points, you won’t be surprised.”

“First, I was able to build the Dark Horse Garrison Group six years ago, which shows that my strength is not bad.”

“Second, I changed my name to Erick Group to commemorate my brother Erick!”

When Levi said this, everyone reacted.

Well, Garrison Group changed its name to Erick Group?

Who else besides Levi?

Many people’s faces turned red. They actively voted to get Levi to leave the company.

He turned out to be the boss.

“Don’t worry, I’m very open-minded. As long as you have character and ability, this is not a problem!”

When Levi said this, all the doubts in everyone’s hearts disappeared.

“Come on, everyone to a drink to Erick’s future!”

Levi toasted.

After the incident, Natalie was the only one who looked abnormal and did not dare to see Sarah.

“Vice President Fisher, come with me, I have something to tell you!”

Levi shouted.

Chapter 834

When he came to a remote place, Natalie didn’t dare to look at Levi.

“Hey, look at me! Do you really like me?”

As soon as Levi said this, Natalie immediately raised her head: “Who would like you?”

“I have business to tell you!”

“you said.”

“My identity, don’t let Sarah know for the time being. I am going to show my identity at the wedding and give her a surprise. Now I need to hide it for me!”

Levi instructed.

“Okay, no problem. But I wonder what happened to your six-year prison?”

Natalie asked suspiciously.

“Actually, I didn’t go to jail at all! Let me tell you something later!”

Levi smiled.

The celebration lasted until the end of the evening.

Everyone returned early the next morning.

Levi was very concerned about what happened to Sarah.

So hastily left.

After arriving at Erick Group, Levi went straight to Sarah’s office.

Seeing Sarah in the office, Levi was relieved.

“What happened?”

Levi asked.

Sarah took a deep breath and said, “Hart Zihan made someone pour sulfuric acid and hurt his face!!!”


“Who is so vicious?”

Levi roared angrily.

“The person ran away, but I didn’t catch it! Zihan is in the hospital now. It is estimated that her face will not be cured unless she has a plastic surgery! The impact on her career is too great, and it also caused huge losses to the company.

Sarah sighed.

Levi understood that Hart Zihan was disfigured when he was the most popular.

It had too much influence on her career and company.

It is very likely that she will not be an entertainer in the future.

“This is someone who is clearly directed at my company! I must find out who it is!”

Natalie said coldly.

Levi thought of a possibility-Porter’s family.

The Porter family tried to kill themselves but failed, and instead came to deal with Sarah. It was very possible.

The Porter family wanted to destroy everything about themselves.

“That’s right, besides, all the resources of Huafeng Entertainment were suddenly interrupted and they were not allowed to be used. It was too strange. Could it be that Hart Zihan’s disfigurement incident affected?”

Sarah said in doubt.

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

He was basically sure that it was Porter’s family.

The largest shareholder of Huafeng Entertainment is Porter’s.

They must have interrupted the use of resources.

Good week!

The mud bodhisattva still has three points of anger!

Do you really think Levi is so annoying?

At this moment, Levi received a call from Mack.

He sneered: “Do you know what happened? Your kid is really dead!”

“This time, it’s a punishment for doing things in the name of the Porter family! If there is another next time, it may be another person!”

Levi’s eyes suddenly became extremely cold.

Mack said that next month is Sarah!

Chapter 835

Nelshire, Porter’s family.

After Mack hung up, he sneered: “Levi wants to play with Porter’s family? Don’t you want to die?”

Ian sighed, “Speaking of which, this kid is really fateful! He escaped the catastrophe!”

“He must disappear! Otherwise I am unstable! My Porter family is going to reach the top of the Nelshire Sea, surpassing the Frank family! How can we tolerate such a lowly person?”

“Just like his b!tch mother. Fortunately, I kicked her out of the house early! Otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble now!”

Brandon said.

“Don’t worry, grandpa, we will plan another one to make sure that Levi will disappear before the Porter family annual meeting.”

Brother Ian and Mack said.

Why is Brandon so anxious to get rid of Levi?

That’s because in the near future, there will be an annual meeting of the Porter family once every ten years.

At that time, all the Porter family factions in Velador will come to participate.

This week’s annual meeting was held in Nelshire Porter’s house.

The Porter family attached great importance to it.

The eyes of the entire Chinese Porter family are focused on this.

So what Mr. Brandon asked for was that there should be no mistakes.

For example, there must be no hidden dangers like Levi.

If you let other Porter family factions know that he has such a grandson, who lives on the streets, like wild species.

It is estimated that Nelshire Porter’s family will be laughed to death.

This is something he doesn’t want to see.

Face is great!

So Levi’s traces can’t be left. Now that they appear, he can only disappear.

“Well, the family annual meeting soon! A lot of Porter family blood will come to participate, including the Porter family in Saintberg, the Porter family in Nanhu and so on! They will come!

My requirements are not high. I have to suppress all other Porter Clan and make me Nelshire Porter Clan to be the strongest in the line of Hua Xia Porter Clan! “

Brandon said loudly.

Each annual meeting has to compare each other, the Nelshire Porter family did not take advantage of the previous two, so Brandon is very eager for this time.

Ian smiled: “Grandpa, maybe I didn’t have confidence before! After all, the Porter family in Saintberg is similar to the Porter family in Nelshire.”

“But it’s different now! My seventh uncle Rusten-a general of the Emperor Iron Brigade, the right arm of the God of War War God! Can this other Porter family compare?”

Brandon shook their heads again and again: “It’s incomparable!”

“Second, even the famous Warlord Lamar in Southeast Asia has to kneel with the Nelshire Porter family. Can other Porter families do it?”

“Can’t do it!”

“Third, the most critical point is that my Porter family is now backed by the God of War. The God of War also received the bronze ancient sword two days ago, which means that he will be a powerful backer for my Porter family! Let alone the Porter family! , Even Frank’s family can’t compare!”

Ian said with a proud face.

“Yes! With the God of War, you can kill everything in seconds!”

“I’m already looking forward to making a big splash at the annual meeting!”

Brandon looked longing, wishing time to pass faster.

I suddenly remembered something: “You must deal with Levi!!!”

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