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Chapter 841

Hart Zihan’s attending doctors are complete and responsible. He naturally stopped him when he saw a stranger trying to treat Hart Zihan.

“Yes, I am a doctor!”

Frank Feng nodded.

“Where’s your ID? Let me take a look.”

Completely unhappy.

Gufeng took out the military green certificate and handed it all.

After reading through the documents, his face changed drastically.

Looking at Frank Feng in awe: “Are you Frank Feng, a military doctor in the Emperor Iron Brigade battlefield?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

“I’ve heard too much of your deeds! You saved too many soldiers from danger, and you saved the God of War several times! You are my role model!”

Full of excitement.

“You laughed, I just do something that I can do.”

Frank Feng smiled.

“Please come in, Miss Hart’s face can’t be helped by others, I believe you can.”

Completely and politely take in the ancient style.

Levi was dumbfounded.

I used to block myself in every possible way, but when the antiquity came, I was invited in.

After Frank Feng checked Hart Zihan, he gave the answer that he could be treated, and the cycle would not be too long.

Compared with the repair of Levi’s scars, Hart Zihan’s old wounds are simply too simple.

“Then I will be treated for one week, and then apply the herbal medicine for another month according to my method, and then I will recover.

Gufeng even gave a specific time to come.

Hart Zihan looked expectant, showing ecstasy.

At the same time, the admiration for Levi was a little bit more.

This man is amazing.

This kind of genius doctor can be found.

After leaving the hospital, Levi and Frank Feng returned to the military district compound.

“General, I heard a rumor earlier-47, the king of the Nordic killers, came out of the mountain and came to Velador. I don’t know who to assassinate!”

Gufeng chatted.

“Hitman 47? I know him! Once assassinated an official in the mysterious 51st District of the United States, and retreated! It was also the head of a general in the Middle East battlefield!”

Levi said lightly.

“But he dare to come to Velador to kill? Isn’t Velador a forbidden place for mercenaries and killers?”

Levi’s eyes became cold.

“Yeah! The courage is too great! Even though he is the king of Nordic killers!”

Frank Feng laughed.

“I will ask Suzaku to check where this person is later. A killer of this level comes to Velador and does nothing. It is a potential danger!”

Levi said.

The two soon came to this sparsely populated neighborhood, and there was no one on the road.

Even the street lights were dim, as if they were going to be extinguished at any time.

There was a kind of weird atmosphere everywhere.

“This place is quiet, no one will harass!”

Frank Feng said with a smile.

But Levi didn’t answer him, his brows frowned.


The next moment, a bullet came.

Chapter 842


Levi threw Frank Feng aside with a god-level reaction.


Where they were just now, a bullet came, directly punching a fist-sized hole in a wall.

If it hits someone in the head, it will definitely explode like a watermelon.

“Sniper rifle!!!”

Gufeng took a breath.

As he entered and exited the battlefield, he knew what bullets had such power.


Before he could react, another shot came.

Levi and the two continued to avoid.

Another hole was penetrated in this wall, and the wall was still swaying.




Next, the undercover killer 47 fired with a sniper rifle, and one round was fired.

Levi and the two have been avoiding.

Finally, Levi and the two jumped into the courtyard and hid behind the bunker.


Then, the 30-meter-long wall collapsed.

The bullet was smashed abruptly.

“Killer 47!!!”

Levi and Frank Feng looked at each other and immediately judged.

It turns out that the king of the Nordic killers is here to deal with himself!

Levi smiled.

But this guy really has two things.

Occupy the commanding heights and suppress them with superb sniper technology.

That is, Levi can escape ten shots.

Others, even a Lord like Tatsuno, would not be able to dodge a single shot.

The killer 47, who was commanding the heights in the dark, looked horrified.

For ten years, his sniper rifle has been shot into the soul every time, and there is absolutely no need to fire a second shot.

However, ten shots were fired today and none of them killed anyone?

Is this too ridiculous?

But assassin 47’s eyes burst out with a touch of expression.

For the first time in ten years, I met such an opponent.

He was very excited.

Unprecedented excitement.

He must be killed!

And to kill this goal, he has a great sense of accomplishment.

The next moment, he jumped directly from the twenty-story building.

At this moment, Levi’s ears flickered behind the bunker, and he was listening to all the changes around him.

Any slight noise would not escape his ears.

Killer 47 is very fast.

He came to a few hundred meters in an instant.

“Kacha Kacha…”

While running, he was assembling weapons.

When they arrived in front of the bunker where Levi and Frank Feng were, the rocket launcher had just been assembled.


He also filled the weapon!!!

Run, assemble weapons, load ammunition.

All the actions were done in one go, as if they were done at the same time.

“Go to God!!!”


Assassin 47 faced the bunker where Levi was.


The bazooka directly blasted the bunkers and houses down, and the scene was reduced to a sea of ​​flames.

The corner of Killer 47’s mouth raised a smile…

Chapter 843

In his opinion, Bullet Levi may have been able to dodge it just now, but what about such a wide range of attacks?

Can you hide it?

Not to be killed.

Even if it is burned, it must be burned to death!

But the next moment, Killer 47 frowned.

Because he observed the sea of ​​fire, he didn’t seem to see any traces of people.

Burned to death or bombed to death, at least a little movement, right?

Or should there always be the smell of corpse oil?

None of these?

Could it be that…

At this moment, Assassin 47 felt like he was being spotted by a poisonous snake.

His scalp was numb, his whole body was erected, and a chill invaded his body, trying to coagulate his blood.

As a killer, he has always looked at others.

I have never been spotted by others.

This feeling is the first time.

Killer 47 turned around slowly.

Two people stood in front of them-Levi and Frank Feng.

The two were not killed in the flames, they lived well.

“Why (why)?”

Assassin 47 frowned, his expression unbelievable.

The person was clearly behind the bunker just now?

How did they escape?

Assassin 47 is confident that his speed is the limit of human beings. It was impossible for Levi to leave the bunker when he just jumped from a height to here.

How did they do that?

“The answer is simple, because I am better than you!”

Levi said lightly.

The weak can never imagine how the strong can do it?

This is the truth!

Because Levi is more alert, faster and reacts faster than him.


Suddenly Killer 47 shot out two cold glows in his eyes. He quickly drew a pistol from his body and immediately shot it at Levi.

Worthy of being the king of killers, even few people in the army can achieve this speed.

He is fast!

But Levi is faster!

He took out a scalpel from Frank Feng and threw it out.


The scalpel was accurately inserted into Killer 47’s wrist, and his pistol went crooked.

Assassin 47’s reaction was extremely fast. When the pistol was empty, his left hand immediately pulled out a submachine gun from his body.

Shoot with one hand!!!

But Levi kicked a small stone under his foot.

The pebbles swept across the howling sound and directly penetrated the left wrist of Killer 47.


He let out a scream, and the submachine gun in his hand fell to the ground.

At this time, Levi moved and rushed to Killer 47’s position.

Assassin 47’s hairs stood up again, and he violently pulled out a saber and rushed over.

The speed of the two is too fast and too fast.

With the naked eye of Gufeng, only two vague afterimages can be seen.

Between the flashes of lightning, Levi and Assassin 47 passed by.

Assassin 47 reversed his saber and pierced Levi’s neck.

Chapter 844

But Levi was faster than Killer 47.

He grabbed 47 assassin’s wrist, smashed it forcefully, the saber turned in a reverse direction, and cut directly at Assassin 47’s own neck.


A cold light flickered, and then a blood arrow shot.

After the mistake, Levi looked calm, as if he had done a small thing.


The killer 47 behind him fell to the ground with a thump.

Before he died, his eyes were still unbelievable.

Kill yourself?

Frank Feng looked ecstatic: “General, I see you again! Your skill is more terrifying than before!”

At this time, Alton, Wesley and others have already arrived in the field.

There is still a distance from the military compound.

They can all come.

It is enough to prove how fast the reaction speed is.

As soon as I heard a little noise, I rushed over.

They breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that Levi was okay.

“The general will send someone to follow you to protect it from now on, it’s too dangerous!”

Wesley and Alton said.

“Have you forgotten my skills?”

Levi asked.

Even Owen took a deep breath.

“Dispose of the body! This matter must be kept secret!”

Levi approached.

After arriving at the military district compound, Suzaku has traced the overseas account of Killer 47.

“Someone remitted ten million U.S. dollars! The person who remitted the money was Porter’s family!”

Suzaku said.

“Haha, the Porter family actually spent 10 million dollars to kill me? Really willing to spend money! It can be seen how important the Porter family annual meeting is to them!”

Levi laughed and said, “Then I, Levi, will just make trouble at this week’s annual meeting!!!”

No words for a night.

The Porter family is also waiting.

Despite this level of killer, the shot is completely reassuring.

But Porter’s family is still worried, after all, everything is unknown before getting the exact news.

At dawn the next day, Brandon came to ask the result.

“Grandpa, it should be okay! Killer 47 talked to me on the phone last night before he started his hand. He said that Levi would not see the sun today.”

Ian looked confident.

“And he will leave directly after he kills, and he won’t contact us again.”

“Then who can tell me whether Levi is alive or dead now?”

Brandon tans his hands.


Ian was taken aback.

“Well, Mack, take a walk to Jinling in person to see if Levi is alive or dead!”

Brandon ordered.

“Understand Grandpa.”

Mack immediately went to Jinling.

In the morning, Levi brought Frank Feng to the hospital to treat Hart Zihan.

Hart Zihan is an important territory of Sarah’s career and is extremely important.

Levi attaches great importance to it.

The ancient wind was healing, and Levi came outside to smoke.

At this time, Mack came here, just got off the car and saw Levi.


He was dumbfounded.

Chapter 845

Levi also saw Mack, and he smiled.

As expected, the Porter family came to see if he was dead.

The Porter family fights him?

It’s like ants shaking elephants.

Seeing Levi looking at him, Mack panicked.


Mack’s mouth trembled and stammered.

He doesn’t believe that Levi is still alive!

That’s the king of Nordic killers!!!

How could Levi live?


He would rather believe that the person he saw was Levi’s ghost!

Otherwise he would not believe it.

Seeing Levi walking over, especially with an innocent smile on his face, frightened Mack.

“Ghost, ghost…”

Mack shouted.

He wanted to run, but he was so scared that he couldn’t run his legs as if lead was injected.

Can only watch Levi arrive.

“Hey, are you evil? What the hell is it?”

Levi patted Mack’s face.

“Ghost! Are you a man or a ghost?”

Mack was so scared that he almost urinated.

“Do you think there are ghosts that can come out in broad daylight?”

Levi smiled.

“You… are you still alive? You are not a ghost?”

Mack gradually recovered, seeing that Levi was really a human being.

“What? You still want me to die? Did you find someone to kill me?”

Levi asked.

“No no no no…”

Mack hurriedly concealed it, and the cold sweat broke out.

I was so scared that I lost my soul.

He couldn’t think that Levi would still be alive!!!

how can that be?

Under the king of the Nordic killers, even the officials of the 51st area of ​​the United States can kill.

Not to mention an ordinary person Levi

what happened?

Hasn’t the king of the Nordic killers come?

Ian spoke to him clearly last night.

He took the money away.

Why is Levi still alive?

What’s wrong with this?

Where is the killer king?

“Well, did you encounter anything last night?”

Mack asked curiously.

“I slept well last night, what’s wrong?”

Levi asked in surprise.

“Ah, that’s all right.”

After speaking, Mack quickly returned to Nelshire.

Tell the Porter family the news.

“What? Levi is not dead? But there is no news about the King of Killers?”

The Porter family was stunned.

“You quickly contact the killer king to see what’s going on?”

Brandon urged.

Ian began to contact the whereabouts of the killer king through various channels, dark webs and personal connections.

Can not be contacted.

The king of the Nordic killers just disappeared.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m sure that someone else arrived in Jinling and took away the weapons I arranged!”

Ian said.

“It’s possible that he met a Lord in Jinling and disappeared directly.”

Brandon analyzed.

At this time, Mack put forward a hypothesis: “Is it possible that the King of Killers would kill Levi and be counter-killed?”

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