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Chapter 846


Brandon and Ian immediately refuted.

“That is the king of the Nordic killers. He has made nearly two thousand shots and has never failed. They are all extremely powerful characters. I don’t believe he will overturn here in Levi.”

Bert sighed: “I guess it is the king of killers that caught the attention of the God of War. Velador is a forbidden place for mercenaries and killers.”

“It can only be understood this way, it is impossible for Levi to fight back!”

Brandon couldn’t accept that Levi killed the King of Killers.

“Then Grandpa will not move Levi next time?”

Mack asked.

“Don’t move for now! If the God of War War God knows that we hire killers, it will not affect us badly.”

Brandon said.

“Hey, this annoying thing can’t die?”

Ian and others were very angry.

“Before the annual meeting, just solve him.”

Brandon heard something: “By the way, how is your brother Xiao Kun’s injury?”

Porter Xiaotian is still lying on the hospital bed after being broken.

“Big brother’s injury is okay, but it is impossible to recover before the annual meeting!”

Bert sighed.

“How can this be good? At the annual meeting, if other Porter family members know that your eldest brother’s limbs have been abolished, our Porter family’s face will be lost.”

This hidden danger is no less than Levi.

Then I will be laughed to death.

“Dad, I have looked for so many doctors, and I can’t cure my eldest brother so quickly.”

Ian said: “Grandpa, I know someone who should be able to save my father!”


Everyone asked.

“I heard that Frank Feng, the king of military doctors in the field, has come to Jinling. He is best at treating fractures and these diseases.”

Ian said.

After saying everything, everyone knew that the ancient style had arrived.

“Ah? What is this famous doctor doing in Jinling?”

Brandon asked curiously.

“He is here to heal Hart Zihan. It is said that he can restore Hart Zihan’s burned face as before, without transplantation or plastic surgery at all!”

Ian said.

“What? Hart Zihan? How can this work!”

“This woman must be ruined! Who told her to have something to do with Levi! No treatment!”

Brandon looked cold.

“Xiao Kun, you go to Jinling and bring me the ancient military doctors from the field. He can’t treat Hart Zihan. He wants to treat my son’s limbs! He must be able to walk on the ground before the annual meeting!”

Brandon wants to cut back the ancient style.

“Grandpa, something is wrong! The ancient military doctor in the field is from the Emperor Iron Brigade, and it is said that he has a very high status. If we rashly arrest him, wouldn’t we want to offend people? This kind of person is not easy to offend!”

Ian offered his opinion.

Brandon glanced at him and said, “Have you forgotten your seventh uncle?”

Chapter 847

Ian suddenly realized: “Yes, Uncle Lloyd is the Emperor Iron Travel Tiger General! Gufeng also belongs to the Emperor Iron Travel. Even if we act excessively, we won’t offend people.”

“Yes, Xiaolong is a general! What happened to a small doctor?”

Brandon dismissed it.

Now, except for the God of War, he doesn’t care about anyone else.

Immediately, Bert personally went to the First People’s Hospital of Jinling City.

He led people directly to the ward where Hart Zihan was.

At this time, Frank Feng was applying herbs to Hart Zihan for treatment.

Suddenly the door of the ward was opened, and ordinary people rushed in.

He knocked the herbal medicine in Frank Feng’s hand to the ground, and pulled the herbal medicine off Hart Zihan’s face, and even pulled out the infusion tube.

Then grab the ancient style and go out!

“Who are you? What are you going to do?”

Frank Feng said with a grim expression.

“Mr. Frank Feng has been wronged, and I will explain to you later.”

Bert smiled apologetically, and was about to leave.

“You let me go! Don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Frank Feng angered.

“Mr. Gufeng, don’t worry, we will never harm you!”

The doctors and nurses in the corridor could not stop them.

Soon, Frank Feng was brought downstairs in the hospital.

But Bert ran into someone head on.

“Get out of the way!”

Bert shouted.

But looking up, it turned out to be Levi.

Bert was stunned.

I didn’t expect to encounter it here.

“What are you doing?”

Levi asked faintly.

Seeing Levi, Gufeng’s eyes revealed a touch of expression.

He is safe.

“none of your business!!!”

“Get out of the way!”

Bert said angrily.

“Put down people, I can let you go!”

Levi said coldly.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Get out of the way! Does he have anything to do with you?”

Bert roared angrily.

“This is my brother, I naturally want to take care of it!”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.

“I don’t care what your relationship is, this person is going to be taken away by the Porter family, so quickly get out of it!”

Levi shook his head: “No!”

“You fucking toast and not eat fine wine!”

“Call me!”

Bert gave an order, and everyone rushed forward.

But dozens of seconds later, all fell to the ground and howled.


Levi kicked Bert away.

“You…do you dare to hit me???? You are a treason!”

Bert subconsciously substituted himself into the role of an elder.

I feel that Levi’s beating him is an act that violates the laws of nature and violates ethics!


Levi kicked again.

“Okay! Levi, you ruined the Porter family, right? Then you wait!”

Bert cursed and left.

“Okay, I’ll just stand here and wait. How many people can you call!”

Levi sneered.

Chapter 848

“Okay, wait! See how I killed you!”

Bert hurriedly left.

I told the Porter family all the time.

“What? Did Levi cut him off?”

Brandon’s eyes are about to fly out.

“What do you do with trash? Even Levi can’t handle it!”

Brandon scolded angrily.

“Remember, no matter what you do, you must bring me the Gufeng military doctor!”

Bert was kicked twice by Levi, it was a depressing one.

Bert immediately gathered the manpower and came to the hospital in a mighty manner.

As soon as he was about to enter, a large number of gangsters suddenly emerged from the surrounding area, with hundreds of people encircling them.

“What are you doing?”

Bert asked.

“What are you doing? This is not where you should be, get out of here!”

The gangsters angered.


Bert panicked, he really thought Levi would wait alone.

As a result, so many people were arranged to wait for him.

In Levi’s eyes, a mere Porter family really didn’t have the right to let him wait!

He has hundreds of people waiting for a phone call.

“Okay, let’s go!”

“Want to go, it’s not that easy! Call me!”

Finally, Bert and others were beaten by Fat.

Bert fled back to Nelshire.

“What? Levi gathered a group of gangsters to fight for you? Still like this?”

Brandon looked disappointed.

Both sons are rubbish!

“Wait? Levi mingled with a group?”

Brandon was surprised.

“Yeah, a bunch of gangsters, rubbish at the bottom of society!”

“Trash! I don’t deserve to be Brandon’s grandson. There is such a noble blood flowing in my body, but it is embarrassing to mix with a group of streets!

The identity of Levi must not be known to the outside world, otherwise the face of my Porter family will be lost! “

Brandon felt that Levi was increasingly unworthy to enter Porter’s family.

It’s a street scum, the lowly people at the bottom of society.

“My dignified Porter family, what a noble blood? We must never let this low-level ba5tard enter the Porter family and pollute us!”

The Porter family unanimously rejected Levi.

“Dad, what about the old military doctor?”

Brandon looked arrogant: “Directly order him to come to Porter’s house, I think after revealing the identity of the Rusten, the military doctor can’t come here obediently?”

“That’s true! The status of the seventh brother in the Emperor Iron Brigade is important. Ordering a small military doctor is not a trivial matter!”

“Come here, take the pen and ink and the official seal of Lao Lloyd! I want to personally write an order to Frank Feng!”

“See Cross Ru to see people! Order him to come to Porter’s house in the name of General Rusten!”

After Brandon wrote the order, he sent it to him.

When Levi and Frank Feng received the envelope, they looked dumbfounded.

Chapter 849

Especially the letter is written with two big words-command.

The content is very simple, just a command——

In the name of General Rusten of the Emperor Iron Brigade, Frank Fengsu was ordered to come to Nelshire Porter’s family for treatment. Those who disobey the order will be engaged in military law!!!

The content is short, but sonorous and powerful!

Levi and Wesley were dumbfounded.

“Who the fuck is Rusten? Is this my soldier? Is it from the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Levi was surprised.

As the commander-in-chief of the Ninth War Regiment, Levi was naturally very busy.

But for his pro-army, the Emperor Iron Brigade, he knew every one of them.

Only this week Xiaolong is very strange.

Frank Feng smiled and said: “General, I know this person! Because he has been cured!”

“It’s not a member of the Emperor Iron Brigade, but a member of other troops. It’s a deserter and was captured by the enemy!

He was rescued by our comrade, because he knew some secrets, so he was kept in custody. I write a letter to my home once a year. It is estimated that for the sake of face, I will describe myself as a member of the Emperor Iron Brigade! “

Levi smiled and said, “That’s true, he wrote back saying that he was a member of the Emperor Iron Brigade, and then the Porter family was passed on as a general!”

Brandon, you would never have imagined that General Rusten, whom you are proud of, turned out to be a deserter captive, right?

He did not serve as a soldier in the Emperor Iron Brigade, but was imprisoned in the Emperor Iron Brigade!

Everyone present was happy.

This is nothing short of a joke.

Brandon’s command is also very well written…

“General, what should I do? The Porter family said-offenders, military law!”

Frank Feng laughed.

The others laughed.

Dare to talk to the God of War War God about military law?

“Fuck fucking shit!!!”

Levi said angrily: “Come on, reply a letter and go back!”

Soon, Nelshire Porter’s family received a reply.

There is only one line on it-what kind of shit is Rusten? Want to cure the illness, Brandon kneels and invites him!

After seeing these words, Brandon almost exploded.

“Dare to say what bullshit my son Xiaolong is? Is this going to rebel?”

“My son is the pro-army of the God of War-a member of the Emperor Iron Brigade, at least the rank of major general! You call it a shit? Is that reasonable!”

“A little military doctor dared to speak wild words? I am really impatient!”

Brandon was almost furious.

“Grandpa, I don’t think it is like a letter from Gufeng, it should be Levi!”

Ian said.

“What? Levi???”

Brandon was surprised.

“Well, you Levi! You are just a gangster, and you don’t put me in the eyes? What qualifications do you have!”

Brandon paced back and forth, eating Levi’s heart.

“What should I do? You guys are all talking about how to do this?”

Chapter 850

“This matter is difficult, Levi is a bit tricky, plus he is with the gangsters. Sending some ordinary people to him can’t get rid of him at all.

But if you send a powerful person to it, you will definitely be discovered by the God of War. “

Ian grabbed his head and shouted: “It’s difficult!”

Brandon didn’t expect that the Porter family’s dignified royal family would have nothing to do with a small ba5tard?

“You can only go one step at a time!”

Without Porter’s harassment, Frank Feng treated with peace of mind for a week.

After preparing enough herbs, he left and returned to the northern war zone.

Hart Zihan’s recovery effect is very good.

Applying herbal medicine, it is estimated that it will be almost healed in one month.

Due to Hart Zihan’s reasons, Dongtian Group’s entertainment section has been losing money continuously, and has been suppressed by all parties in the industry.

In particular, the major media continue to spread various negative news about Hart Zihan.

Sarah sighed all the time.

After waiting for a month, Hart Zihan’s face returned to its original state and made his debut.

By then, I don’t know how many people’s faces will be beaten and swollen.

At the same time, the ten-year annual meeting of the Porter family came quietly, only seven days were left.

Porter Jia spent huge sums of money to prepare for this annual meeting, whether it was venue layout, media promotion, or inviting guests, every step was done in an orderly manner.

On this day, Levi was playing with an ancient bronze sword.

At this time, Takemori said that someone outside wanted to see him.

After Levi arrived, the following luxury cars had their license plates starting from Saintberg.

The middle-aged man headed asked: “Are you Levi?”

“It’s me, who are you?”

“Introduce myself, Porter Yandong from the Porter family in Saintberg, according to seniority, I am considered to be your uncle’s generation.”

Porter Yandong smiled.


Levi responded indifferently.

He knew that Porter’s family had many branches.

It seems that the Saintberg Porter family and the Nelshire Porter family have been fighting over who is the strongest.

“You should know your identity, right? You are the grandson of Brandon of the Nelshire royal family! Your mother Ollie is still my sister!”

Porter Yandong smiled.

“Oh, I don’t admit it. If there is nothing wrong, let’s go!”

Levi turned and left.

“The temper is not small!”

Watching Levi leave, the person next to him couldn’t help but say.

“It has nothing to do with us if you have a bad temper!”

“Anyway, we are sure that Brandon does have a wild grandson wandering outside! See how he humiliated him this year!”

A successful smile crossed the corner of Porter Yandong’s mouth.

Soon Brandon received a call from Tim Porter, Porter’s family in Nanling.

“Brandon, I really didn’t expect you to have a grandson. Why are you embarrassed to let your family live on the streets and become a wild species that nobody wants?”

Hearing the voice on the other side of the phone, Brandon trembled all over.

Sure enough, it was discovered!

He hasn’t figured out how to deal with Levi…

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