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Chapter 91


This time it was the turn of Lao Jiu, San Garrison and others to sneer.

It made Du Yuesheng and others very inexplicable.

“His identity is something you all must look up to!!!”

After Lao Jiu said this, he was ridiculed ruthlessly by everyone.

It is impossible for everyone to believe how powerful a person just released from prison can make people look up to him.

The more cautious Garrison Nanhui chewed the old nine words carefully.

It seems that Levi has a bit of identity and strength now.

Probably met a nobleman in prison.

But so what?

No matter how powerful it is, it is no match for Du Yuesheng.

Don’t face so many unions.

No matter what, Levi had only a dead end.

Levi waved his hand, Old Jiu and San Garrison obediently shut up and stood aside.

Levi looked at Du Yuesheng and others carefully, and said with a smile: “Du Yuesheng?”

“Presumptuous!!! Is the name of King the city that you, a little beast, can speak directly?”

Charlie immediately said angrily.

“Yes! You trash ants are not qualified to talk to King the city!”

Ramond also stared at Levi angrily.

Levi curled his lips and smiled: “Charlie, the Garrison family’s connections and strength are okay! It’s better than I expected!”

The Garrison Family’s ability to make such a big battle is enough to prove that the Garrison Family is a giant of Case York.

“Hahaha… Know that we are stronger?”

“Kneel now, maybe we can spare you a dog!”

Van and Colleen sneered.

Levi looked at a group of clowns with a sneer and said, “Garrison family, I gave you a full one month deadline. Don’t you have the confidence to think about where I am?”

Hearing that, the Garrison family was stuck first.

Then Van immediately said, “Hmph, isn’t your confidence like Lao Jiu? Do you think the Garrison family is a vegetarian? We have all found out. You and Lao Jiu are in the same prison and you met him!”

Hearing that, Levi sneered: “Hahaha… It looks like Garrison Yaoyang hasn’t woken up yet? If he wakes up, he can tell you everything.”

Hearing Garrison Yaoyang, Edmund went crazy and immediately said angrily: “Levi today I won’t let you go. I will turn my son into a vegetable. I will definitely kill you today!!!”

Levi ignored Edmund’s dog-like barking. He looked at Garrison Nanhui and smiled and said: “To my best third uncle, haven’t you ever thought about why all this is?”

At this moment, Garrison Nanhui’s face changed.

This month, he felt that Levi was abnormal.

But he just can’t tell.

Everything is reasonable but it seems unreasonable.

Now that Levi said this, Garrison Nanhui felt abnormal.

Levi is such a smart person, don’t you know that with the strength of the old nine you can’t shake the Garrison family?

Now that you know, why are you still emboldened to provoke?

Even if all the big guys on the the city Road are now surrounded, why doesn’t Levi blink his eyelids?

That means he has enough confidence to face it!

He glanced over Levi and looked at the five people behind him, namely Wesley.

He felt that these five people were very unusual, with an aura of unrequited power!

Their eyes were cold, as if the two thousand people in front of them were nothing.

“Huh? That person seems a little familiar?”

The Wesley at the front looked a bit familiar, but he didn’t know where he had seen it.

Are these five talents Levi’s trump card?

Chapter 92

Ramond didn’t think so much, staring at Levi with a sneer: “You rebellious son, don’t your parents even greet you when they see you?”

Levi’s adoptive mother Boyd Wanruo looked at Levi disgustedly: “I knew you were a white-eyed wolf. I shouldn’t have picked you up on the street and let you be killed by a wild dog! You are a wild breed who didn’t know what a beast was born. Shouldn’t live in this world!”


Facing the insults from his adoptive father and adoptive mother, Levi took a deep breath.

If it weren’t for the love of adopting him, just these few words would definitely make these two people fall to the ground.

He is chilling!

The adoptive father and adoptive mother did this to him!


This is what makes him most distressed!

Ramond sounded like a knife: “To be honest! We don’t treat you as a son at all! You are just a tool we use!”

Adoptive mother Boyd Wanruo echoed: “Yes! There was only one purpose for adopting you at the beginning! Give us a place in this room, and we can get an extra share of the Garrison family’s money! That’s it! Otherwise, you think we will support you like this Wild?”

The Garrison family said in unison: “Yes, our Garrison family has noble blood. How can you deserve it? You are just a wild dog! Dirty blood is flowing on your body! You don’t even deserve the surname Garrison!”

Colleen still couldn’t see the reality, she stared at Levi fiercely: “Levi, do you still want to bring down the Garrison family? Don’t be foolish! Just rely on your boss nine? He is just an ant.”

Levi smiled again: “I have given you a month to think, why are you still a bunch of stupid pigs?”

“Do you really think that my patron is the old nine? Will he dare to lend him ten courage?”

Levi suddenly raised his pitch.

“Mr. Garrison we dare not!”

The old nine and the others knelt on the ground in fright, with a look of horror on their faces.

It wasn’t until this moment that everyone realized that Lao Jiu was afraid of Levi.

He has other cards!!!

Garrison Nanhui gradually thought about a terrible thing…

Levi looked at Guo Lingfei again and said with a smile: “When you come to his tomb, don’t you mean to repent? Don’t you think Erick is looking at you in the sky?”

To tell the truth, Guo Lingfei is a little bit empty.

But Guo Lingfei raised his head, proudly like a peacock: “Huh, he is dead? If he is not dead, can I have the life of today? He should be fortunate that as a spare, treat him as a goddess. Fortunate to have such value!”

Levi grinned: “So you don’t have the heart to repent?”

“Of course!!!”

Levi looked at everyone in the Garrison family again: “You don’t mean to repent?”

“Bah! You a wild species and a dead wild species, what do we confess?”

The Garrison family is even more powerful, calling the wild species directly.

Even Byron and his wife were crying.

Their son died tragically, but he was scolded as a wild species!

Who can bear this kind of grievance?

Charlie was already angry, and he said angrily: “King the city! Could you please do it! I can’t stand it anymore!”

Du Yuesheng nodded: “Well, that’s what I meant!”

“I don’t want to see them still standing!!!”

Du Yuesheng gave an order, and everyone rushed forward.


But at this moment, the sound of a car’s engine came from outside.

Everyone turned their heads blankly and saw cars coming.

The most frightening thing is that there are police cars in it!!!

Chapter 93

These thugs stopped temporarily and looked back one after another.

After taking a look, Du Yuesheng smiled and said, “Brother Garrison is really admired, there are still people coming, and the police car? This network admires him!”

However, Charlie, Garrison Nanhui and other Garrison family members looked dumbfounded.

At a loss where to stand.

All the contacts of their Garrison Family and all the characters they can use are here.

Why is there anyone here?

Charlie immediately asked, “Isn’t King the city the person you invited?”

Du Yuesheng smiled: “Brother Garrison is joking, all the people I invited are here.”

“Yes, all our contacts are here.”

Ba Garrison, Smiling Buddha and others said.

“That’s weird! Who are these people coming from? Not good…”

Suddenly realizing something, everyone looked at Levi.

He is so calm, he must have invited him.

Soon, these cars stopped outside the enclosure.

First, a few people got on and off the police car…

“Public Security Director Fu Xuejian, Deputy Director Wang Dongsheng, Criminal Investigation Team Captain Qin Jian…”

Du Yuesheng was very familiar with the characters in the system and called out their names one by one.


After hearing these names, everyone was struck by lightning.

In particular, the complexions of everyone in the Garrison Family changed drastically, especially Ramond’s complexions were pale and scarcely bloodshot.

Van and Colleen were trembling slightly.

At this time, some people in other cars gradually got off.

Seeing these people, Du Yuesheng, Ba Garrison and others were really almost scared to death.

“My God! Mayor Dean Porter! Deputy Mayor Fan Zhiqiang! Shangcheng District Mayor Xia Longfei, first secretary Cross Xiaoliang, and the director of the Urban Construction Bureau, the director of the Land and Resources Bureau…”

Du Yuesheng was even more familiar with these Case York leaders, calling out their names one by one.

At this moment, he is going crazy!

What are they here for?

Although Du Yuesheng is known as the King of Case York, it is only a title. There are too many people who can suppress him in Case York.

For example, these people in front of him are what he fears most!

Many people just have to say a word, and he will be dead.

Not only Du Yue was afraid, but Old Lord Jiang, the smiling Buddha, was also afraid.

These people are their natural enemies!

Although the nature of the Garrison family is different from them, they are still scared when they see these big guys coming!

What’s more terrifying is that they don’t know the purpose of these big guys!

Garrison Nanhui is very smart. He found that Dean and Fu Xuejian were wearing black suits with a white flower on their chests.

Obviously, this is here to worship Erick!


At this moment, his head is about to explode.

He re-examined Levi, what is his identity?

Even these big guys are coming to worship Erick.

Dean and others walked outside the encirclement, Fu Xuejian frowned and roared: “Get out of the way!!!”

The thugs were all stunned by this sound, and tacitly gave way.

They were in a cold sweat and watched in horror as Fu Xuejian and others passed.

On the other side of the road, Du Yuesheng, Charlie and others had been waiting anxiously.

Seeing Mayor Dean and others come out, they immediately greeted him.

It’s just that Fu Xuejian said coldly: “Go away!!!”

“Don’t block the way!!!”

Suddenly, Du Yuesheng and others were frightened, and stood aside, not daring to move.

Take out a handkerchief and wipe the cold sweat from his forehead.

Charlie was so scared that his blood pressure rose and he almost fainted.

Everyone can only watch Dean and others head to the cemetery.

Chapter 94

Before coming to the cemetery, everyone first nodded to Levi and paid homage to Erick. Then they walked to the Byron and his wife and said with a sorrow.

Byron used to work within the system, so he naturally knew who it was.

He cried with joy and raised his head and laughed: “Erick! Have you seen it? The mayor has come to worship you!”


The two old men cried bitterly.

Dozens of big men from Case York paid homage to Erick one by one!

Seeing this scene, Du Yuesheng and others were heartbroken!

One by one seems to fall into the Wannian Ice Cave…

They gradually understood why Lao Jiu and San Garrison gave their lives to Levi…

Du Yuesheng also understood why Cross Tianlin reminded him not to go when Cross Tianlin couldn’t notify him in the morning.

It turns out that Cross Tianlin knew all this long ago!

You can’t wade through this muddy water!

Guo Lingfei, Yi Pengfei, and Cross Lan saw the highest level of Case York worshiping Erick one by one.

They have mixed feelings in their hearts, unspeakable tastes.

Don’t even know what is waiting for them next?


Charlie’s two legs kept trembling, and it was difficult to say a word.

Edmund didn’t have any revenge in his heart.

Garrison Nanhui’s head was messed up.

“This, this…”

Ramond was surprised and didn’t know what to say?

Boyd Wanruo looked at “Wild Species” with incredible eyes?

Van, Colleen and others were dumbfounded.

What status is Levi now?

Why are they even the mayor and vice mayor here?

Isn’t this something that can be done not just with a network of people?

Countless questions fill their heads.

“Mr. Graham’s sorrow!”

After this group of Case York lords finished their worship, they did not stay longer, but left.

They never looked at Du Yuesheng.

This makes them very confused.

What is this operation?

Suddenly Ramond smiled: “I see! Mayor Porter and the others came to worship because of the face of Byron and his wife. They were also old leaders in the system!”

“That’s right, it is normal to come to worship when Levi makes such a big noise!”

Charlie immediately said.

Van also figured it out: “If Mayor Porter and the others are Levi’s patrons, why don’t they deal with us? They just leave?”

“Yes, it must be such a thing!”

Du Yuesheng was sure.

“So as long as we don’t hurt the tombs of Byron and Erick, the others will do whatever we want?”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Edmund’s eyes.

He wanted to kill Levi a long time ago.

“That’s it! Levi must kneel in front of me today!”

Charlie shook his crutches.

These thugs recovered from the fear just now and looked at Levi fiercely.

At this moment, Levi waved his hand, and Wesley came to his side.

“Tell them, the action begins!”

Levi ordered.


Wesley nodded.

Immediately, he took out a walkie-talkie and ordered: “The action begins!!!”

Seeing the Garrison family staring at him blankly, Levi smiled at them: “I’m sorry, I’ve been waiting for a long time, today’s real main course is here!”

Van said angrily: “What tricks are you playing with, Levi?”




It’s just that he didn’t finish his words, and he sent a flare into the air in all directions.




Seeing the flares explode in the air, everyone was at a loss.

Chapter 95

Even a big man like Du Yuesheng has never seen such a scene!

I don’t know what messages these flares convey?

But there was a group of mercenaries among them, but their faces changed wildly.

As soon as they saw the flare up, they realized that something big had happened.

This is a flare used by the military!

“No, Mr. Garrison, we need to evacuate as soon as possible!!!”

The mercenary leader told Garrison Nanhui.

It’s just that Garrison Nanhui, who is equivalent to a club in this respect, would understand what he meant?

“What to withdraw? I haven’t figured out what’s going on yet!”

Garrison Nanhui said coldly.

“Then let’s withdraw it ourselves, no more money!”

The mercenaries knew what this signal flare meant, and they were about to leave.

There is no need to catch your life for money!


But when they were about to evacuate, suddenly there was a movement from the ground to shake the mountains, shaking everyone up and down.

Everyone clearly saw the sand and gravel under their feet tumbling and shaking.

The shaking became more and more violent, and some people even lost their feet.

It’s as if a big earthquake is coming.

The mercenary leader squatted slowly, listening with his ears to the ground.

In an instant, his face changed wildly.

This is too much!

In the past, they had been surrounded by hundreds of mercenaries on the battlefield in the Middle East, and the movement was big enough.

But now the movement and experience he heard told him that the movement was hundreds of times that of the hundreds of people they met.

If you calculate the number of adults, that’s almost 100,000 people!

100,000 people?

What kind of concept is this, he can’t imagine!!!


At this time, there were bursts of low roar in the air.

Everyone looked up and saw a fighter plane passing by at low altitude. They could already feel the storm.

These more exaggerated fighters lined up and flew around, circling the sky above this place.

Everyone is counting the number of fighters!

At least hundreds!

Not only that, there were hundreds of helicopters coming in the lower airspace, densely packed, obscuring the sky.

It suddenly became dark in front of everyone.

The density of these planes blocked the sun!

The most exaggerated is the arrival of dozens of huge transport planes, hovering in the air, not knowing what to do!


The earthquake tremors more and more!

Many people can’t stand still!


The outermost person in the encirclement yelled, and everyone looked behind.

At the end of the line of sight, giants appeared one by one.

After seeing it clearly, the blood on everyone’s face disappeared.

Everyone’s faces are so pale that there is no trace of blood!!!

Because those giants are tanks and armored vehicles!

In all directions, three hundred and sixty degrees open without dead ends!

The mercenaries estimated that at least a thousand!!!

This is an epic battle army!

“Look at it!!!”

Everyone saw the interlaced tanks and armored vehicles, and infantry appeared in them, so densely packed that they couldn’t even see them at a glance!!!


The tank formation was followed by a large number of infantry, stepping in a uniform pace, shaking the earth.

“Four columns are one regiment! A rough estimate, we can see twenty regiments!”

“We can see 20,000 people with our naked eyes!”

“But it’s only a small part! The real force is still behind!”

The mercenaries analyze everything from their professional perspective.

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