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Chapter 906

The rest of the people in the field rushed up immediately and built a thick wall with their bodies in front of the villa to block Levi and the others from entering.

At this moment, Geoffery in the villa was terrified.

At this time, the housekeeper took a few people to find Geoffery.

“Come, Lord Shane can’t stay here anymore, we have to run away quickly! They rushed in right away.”

Butler said.

Geoffery looked desperate: “Even Myron and Cary are defeated, is there anyone in Nelshire who can stop them?”

“Or where can I escape?”

The butler said: “There is a place!”

Geoffery thought of something, hope ignited in his eyes, and said in ecstasy, “Could it be the Peace Hotel?”

“Yes, that’s right! As long as you enter the Peace Hotel, you are safe! No matter how powerful they are, there is nothing they can do about it! The Peace Hotel has first-rate guarantees and no one dares to break them!

“Then take me there quickly!”

“Well, let’s escape from the secret road to the Peace Hotel!”

The key took Geoffery to escape from the secret road.

Although the three great heroes are invincible in Nelshire, even the Frank family is not an opponent.

But in order to be careful, they deliberately dug a secret passage in Long Villa.

Just for escaping when danger strikes.

They used it on Geoffery today.

This shows the importance of taking precautions.

Outside the villa, more than one hundred people stood side by side, everyone stacked into a wall, trying to block Levi.


But in the next second, Ron slammed past like a tank.

The human wall was directly washed away.


The door of the villa was even shattered.

“If you can’t stop it, why bother?”

Levi shook his head.

“If you want to kill my son, step over our bodies first!”

They couldn’t stop it, the three great heroes used their bodies to block Levi’s steps.

“Mr. Garrison I don’t know what my son said, I apologize to you, just ask you to spare his life!”

The three great heroes also saw that Levi was extraordinary.

Ollie’s son must be the dragon among men.

They can’t fight.

They just want Geoffery to live.

If it can be resolved peacefully, it will be resolved peacefully, even if they have to bow heads.

If it can’t be resolved peacefully, Geoffery will delay his position as much as possible.

Try to arrive at the Peace Hotel before Levi finds him.

“Would you delay? It’s useless, no matter where he goes, I will be able to catch him!”

Levi smiled.

“If you want to kill my son, step over the three of us first! Come on!!!”

The three of them wanted to delay Geoffery for a while, and continued to stop them.

“Go away!”

Levi roared.

The three great heroes were all thrown out.

They successfully entered the villa.

Chapter 907

But there was no evidence of Geoffery who was long gone.

“Boss, this kid has already run away!”

Alton said.

“Boss, I found a secret road. Just now, Geoffery must have escaped in the secret road.”

Wesley ran and said.


The three of Jon breathed a sigh of relief.

Marshall laughed and said, “Don’t look for him! Even if you find him, you will return without success!”

Irving also smiled and said: “Yes, listen to my persuasion, and give up quickly! If you find him, there is no way.”

Jon nodded in agreement.

Levi was happy: “Oh? Why?”

“Because he went to a mysterious place, you can’t find!”

Marshall smiled.

“It’s the Peace Hotel!”

Levi suddenly remembered the Peace Hotel Brandon had mentioned.

As long as you enter the Peace Hotel, you are safe.

No one can snatch someone out of the Peace Hotel.

“Forget my kid! Give up! My son has arrived at the Peace Hotel, as long as he doesn’t come out, you will never be able to do it!”

Jon laughed.

“Of course you can wait! My son can stay at the Peace Hotel for a lifetime, but can you wait for a lifetime?”

Jon asked back.

There was a mocking smile at the corner of Levi’s mouth: “Oh? He can enter the Peace Hotel, why can’t I go in and get him out?”


Jon laughed after hearing these words.

They looked at Levi with idiot eyes.

It seems that he is extremely stupid to say this!

“Don’t you know that as long as a person enters the Peace Hotel, the Peace Hotel will use all resources to protect this person! No matter what your background and strength, the Peace Hotel will never allow guests to suffer any harm.”

“Not to mention that you break-in and killed my son!”

“You must know that Phillip Barton, the owner of the Peace Hotel, is definitely a legendary character. No matter which line of business is involved, he must give him face! Therefore, the myth of the Peace Hotel has not been broken. Whoever dares to break through is at a dead end!”

Jon smiled triumphantly.

“Is the Peace Hotel really so magical? I don’t believe it! I just want to enter the Peace Hotel today to get people out!”

Levi smiled brightly.

He doesn’t believe in evil!

No matter how mysterious the Peace Hotel is, no matter how vast it is, and no matter what its background is.

Can’t stop him!!!

Unless stronger than him!

But this is impossible!

“Come, let’s go, Peace Hotel!”

Levi took the five people to the Peace Hotel.

At this moment, under the leadership of the housekeeper, Geoffery successfully entered the Peace Hotel.


After Geoffery entered the Peace Hotel, he was relieved.

“I’m finally safe!”

“Levi, you want to kill me? Impossible! You ba5tard can’t kill me in your life!”

Chapter 908

Lying on the floor, Geoffery was gasping for breath.

Only then did he feel the pain on his face.

Just now because of the shock, he was numb and didn’t feel any pain.

“Isn’t Ollie’s humble breed abandoned on the street? How could he be so powerful?”

Geoffery was puzzled.

A ba5tard is so powerful that even the three great heroes of Nelshire can’t hold him down.

“Fortunately I ran fast, otherwise this kid would have killed me!”

Geoffery had a feeling of being left behind.

“Lord Shane, please stay here with peace of mind. I will tell you what happens.”

The butler persuaded.

At this time, the six came to the Peace Hotel.

Peace Hotel is still decorated in the style of the last century.

On the surface, it looks nothing unusual.

But when Levi and his men were about to enter, they were stopped.

“Hello sir, you need to make an appointment in advance if you want to stay at the Peace Hotel! Guests who have not made an advance reservation are not allowed to enter!”

The security guard at the door said politely.

Peace Hotel is not accessible to ordinary people.

Either make an appointment in advance or get permission from the boss.

Levi took a look, and the security guards had thick calluses on their hands, and the deformation of the skull joints went in.

Absolute fighting Lord!

A fighting Lord no less than dead beasts and wolf kings.

He actually worked as a small guard at the Peace Hotel.

It shows how terrifying the Peace Hotel is.

But Levi still didn’t pay attention.

“Sorry, I’m not here to stay at your hotel.”

“Then sir?”

The security guards looked puzzled.

“I’m here to kill! Don’t worry, I will leave when I finish killing. I won’t cause you trouble!”

Levi’s tone was plain.

In the ears of these security guards, it was almost like a thunder on the ground.

Their scalp is about to explode!

The Peace Hotel has a history of at least two hundred years.

The rules have been passed on for more than two hundred years.

But this is definitely the first one to say this!

Came to kill someone in the Peace Hotel?

It’s an understatement.

As everyone knows, if this matter spreads out, the entire Nelshire will tremble.

Someone would come to the Peace Hotel to kill someone stupidly?

Either he is brain-damaged or is sick.

Either he doesn’t know the rules of the Peace Hotel.

Apart from this, there is no third possibility.

For so many years, no one dared to break into the Peace Hotel.

“Sir, this is Peace Hotel.”

The security couldn’t help but be reminded.

They thought that Levi didn’t know that this was the Peace Hotel.

“I know it’s the Peace Hotel, but I’m going to kill someone! Do you understand?”

After speaking, Levi was about to enter.

“No, you can’t go in!”

“Peace Hotel has the rules of the Peace Hotel. You can’t enter, let alone murder!”

The security guard stood in front of Levi.

Chapter 909

Soon, a man in a suit came out.

Look at the pace and momentum is definitely a special forces level.

“what’s the matter?”

The security told him the situation.

The face of the man in the suit changed, and he took a deep look at Levi.

“Hello, sir, this is Barry Wood, the manager of the Peace Hotel! You should have heard of the rules of the Peace Hotel, right?”

“Once a person enters the Peace Hotel, they are our distinguished guests! The Hotel will guarantee all his safety! You cannot enter the Peace Hotel, let alone kill our guests! Please go back!”

Barry persuaded.

He was surprised where Levi’s courage had just broken into the Peace Hotel.

Anyone who knows the rules of the Peace Hotel will never come.

For so many years, no one!!!

“You have your rules, and I also have my rules. Even God doesn’t want to keep the people I want to kill!”

Levi’s smile deepened at the corners of his lips: “You will protect the safety of your guests when they enter the Peace Hotel? I’m going to see what you can do to protect him today!”

“Enter the hotel and kill Geoffery!”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.

“Since you want to rush, don’t blame us for being impolite! Give me a blast!”

Barry gave an order.

Eight security guards rushed immediately.

Eight Lords of the fighting took the momentum of the thunder to kill Levi together.

It is no exaggeration to say that these eight people can match Myron and Cary.

That is the biggest hole card of the three great heroes.

But all they encountered were stubborn stubbornness.




Wesley, Alton, and a few people started to work one after another.

Soon, eight security guards flew out.


The glass door of the Peace Hotel was directly shattered, and the glass slag shattered all over the place.

Barry was dumbfounded.

None of these eight people are opponents?

The people in the hall were terrified.

Especially Geoffery was sitting in the hall panting.

Suddenly the glass door was smashed open.

A few familiar figures walked in from outside.


Seeing Levi, Geoffery was so scared that his eyes flew out.

why did he come here?

Did he break into the Peace Hotel abruptly?

Levi fixed his eyes on Geoffery, smiled, and said, “We meet again!”

Geoffery was frightened and said: “You… why did you come in? How dare you break into the Peace Hotel?? You are so courageous!”

In any concept of Nelshire people.

The Peace Hotel is sacred and inviolable.

It is impossible to break in.

By doing this, Levi was risking a big deal.

There was a cruel arc at the corner of Levi’s mouth: “There is no place in this world where I can’t go? Look, am I not here now?”

Seeing Levi walking over, Geoffery was frightened.

Chapter 910

Geoffery quickly got up and ran inside: “Help me, he wants to kill me!”

“Isn’t it safe to enter the Peace Hotel? Why did he come in? What’s the matter?”

Geoffery shouted anxiously.

The faces of Barry and the other staff of the Peace Hotel were full of embarrassment.

This kind of thing is unprecedented.

It didn’t happen before at all.

Now that this situation occurs, it is the face of the Peace Hotel.

If it spreads out, the Peace Hotel will become the laughing stock of Nelshire as a whole.

They will never allow this kind of thing to happen.

“Stop! If you dare to take a step forward, you will be the enemy of the entire Peace Hotel!”

Barry shouted immediately.

There are more and more security guards coming in, there are a total of 70 or 80.

Everyone is a master of masters.

Picking one out alone is definitely the overlord of one party.

It is even no less than the existence of Shanler and Mylen.

But they are willing to be a little security guard here.

There are still so many people together.

This is unusual.

It shows how powerful the Peace Hotel is.

The boss Phillip Barton is definitely a man with hands and eyes.

Levi was a little more curious about the boss.

Why is he the strongest in Nelshire?

Owen shook his head: “It’s interesting to have so many Lords all at once!”

Levi continued walking forward: “How about being an enemy of the Peace Hotel? I don’t care about a Peace Hotel!”

A simple sentence is like a bolt from the blue.

Everyone looked at Levi incredulously.

In Nelshire, and even the entire South, who would dare not put the Peace Hotel in their eyes?

Seen someone crazy, never seen someone so crazy!

Geoffery hiding behind was extremely frightened.

The Peace Hotel has always been a sacred existence.

But at this moment, he actually had doubts about the Hotel.

“You must stop him, he is a lunatic, he can do what he says!”

“Once he is allowed to break in and kill me, the Peace Hotel will be discredited from then on, so there is no need to open it anymore!!!”

Geoffery used words to stimulate everyone in the Peace Hotel.

Scared the guests like this.

The face of the Peace Hotel couldn’t hold back.

Everyone is responsible.

Everyone blushed.

Especially if the boss blames it, everyone will not be able to eat.

Barry watched Levi step across his designated limit, and immediately said: “Then don’t blame me for being impolite! Take him!”

The Peace Hotel is sacred and inviolable.

Levi’s repeated violations broke the rules and provoked.

Immediately, all seventy or eighty security guards moved.

They are like eighty beasts descending the mountain.

Much better and stronger than the hundreds of thousands of people from the three great heroes just now.

Not one level at all!

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