The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 902

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Chapter 902

Geoffery immediately drove a car to escape, drove at the maximum speed, and ran the red light all the way.

He also understood that if he was caught by Levi.

He must be at a dead end.

Levi watched him escape.

“Would you like to follow to see where he went?”

Wesley asked.

Levi shook his head, “No, he must have gone to the three great heroes.”

“The location of the three great heroes is Long Villa on the outskirts of VR District!”

Brandon said immediately.

Levi lit a flue and said, “Okay, let’s go in ten minutes, the goal is Long Villa.”

“No one can insult my mother!”

Ten minutes later, Levi said softly.

He and Wesley went straight to the Long Villa where the three great heroes were located.

During the usual one-hour journey, Geoffery rushed back in forty minutes.

“Ah? what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing Geoffery’s bloody face, the three great heroes were shocked.

“Father, uncles, I have encountered a cruel stubble! The ba5tard of Ollie is very powerful now, especially the five people under him are terrifying, and the people I took with me have been cleaned up!”

“Now he is coming to kill me, father, uncles, save me!”

Geoffery was really frightened.

Jon snorted coldly: “It makes no sense! Dare to kill the son of Jon? Nelshire hasn’t appeared yet!”

Marshall dismissed it and said, “He still wants to run to our site to kill people?”

“Does it really mean that the three of us are old?”

Irving said angrily: “I immediately summoned everyone’s hands and wait for me. I want to see who dares to break into Long Villa!”

Soon, all the triumphant trump cards were assembled.

These people are the old men who laid the ground for the three great heroes when Nelshire was fighting for the front.

Everyone is a master of the craft and a ruthless person.

Who is not timid in Nelshire?

“Unexpectedly beat son and grandchild of Jon like this! Don’t worry about the consequences, I will definitely pay you back for this hatred!”

Jon comforted.

Seeing Geoffery’s appearance, he was furious.

Geoffery trembled in pain, “Father you must save me, I have a hunch, I have a strong hunch, I’m going to die!”

Geoffery had a strong hunch that Levi would kill him.

“Don’t be afraid! With the three of us here, let alone a lowly breeder, don’t even want to take you away from God of Death!”

Marshall and Irving said angrily.

Jon was even angrier: “I promise to kill everyone in the Porter family, and I will chop that cheap breed into pieces to feed the dog!”


At this moment, the magnificent gate of Long Villa fell to the ground with a single kick, making a huge noise.

“Geoffery come out to die!!!”

A sound was like a roar of thunder, spreading to every corner of Long Villa.

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