The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 906

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Chapter 906

The rest of the people in the field rushed up immediately and built a thick wall with their bodies in front of the villa to block Levi and the others from entering.

At this moment, Geoffery in the villa was terrified.

At this time, the housekeeper took a few people to find Geoffery.

“Come, Lord Shane can’t stay here anymore, we have to run away quickly! They rushed in right away.”

Butler said.

Geoffery looked desperate: “Even Myron and Cary are defeated, is there anyone in Nelshire who can stop them?”

“Or where can I escape?”

The butler said: “There is a place!”

Geoffery thought of something, hope ignited in his eyes, and said in ecstasy, “Could it be the Peace Hotel?”

“Yes, that’s right! As long as you enter the Peace Hotel, you are safe! No matter how powerful they are, there is nothing they can do about it! The Peace Hotel has first-rate guarantees and no one dares to break them!

“Then take me there quickly!”

“Well, let’s escape from the secret road to the Peace Hotel!”

The key took Geoffery to escape from the secret road.

Although the three great heroes are invincible in Nelshire, even the Frank family is not an opponent.

But in order to be careful, they deliberately dug a secret passage in Long Villa.

Just for escaping when danger strikes.

They used it on Geoffery today.

This shows the importance of taking precautions.

Outside the villa, more than one hundred people stood side by side, everyone stacked into a wall, trying to block Levi.


But in the next second, Ron slammed past like a tank.

The human wall was directly washed away.


The door of the villa was even shattered.

“If you can’t stop it, why bother?”

Levi shook his head.

“If you want to kill my son, step over our bodies first!”

They couldn’t stop it, the three great heroes used their bodies to block Levi’s steps.

“Mr. Garrison I don’t know what my son said, I apologize to you, just ask you to spare his life!”

The three great heroes also saw that Levi was extraordinary.

Ollie’s son must be the dragon among men.

They can’t fight.

They just want Geoffery to live.

If it can be resolved peacefully, it will be resolved peacefully, even if they have to bow heads.

If it can’t be resolved peacefully, Geoffery will delay his position as much as possible.

Try to arrive at the Peace Hotel before Levi finds him.

“Would you delay? It’s useless, no matter where he goes, I will be able to catch him!”

Levi smiled.

“If you want to kill my son, step over the three of us first! Come on!!!”

The three of them wanted to delay Geoffery for a while, and continued to stop them.

“Go away!”

Levi roared.

The three great heroes were all thrown out.

They successfully entered the villa.

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