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Chapter 96

“What? Only 20,000 people can see with the naked eye? There are at least thousands of tanks and armored vehicles? There are thousands of fighter helicopters?”

Hearing these shocking data, the heads of Du Yuesheng, Ba Garrison and others were about to explode.

This is definitely not a level that they can reach, let alone a level that they can contend!

Why are we here?

Is it good to live well?

The gangsters and gangsters on these roads had weak legs, their bodies trembling, and they were almost fainted.

They just came out to fight.

Do you need airplanes, tanks and artillery to dispatch tens of thousands of troops?

When the Garrison family saw the scene in front of them, a chill rushed from the soles of their feet to the sky, as if they were about to freeze their blood.

It’s so scary!

Why did the troops suddenly appear?

How to play this?

What is going on here?

Garrison Nanhui’s expression was extremely gloomy, and things were getting closer and closer to the most terrifying result he expected.

Du Yuesheng thought for a while and said, “Will it be a military exercise? This place is empty and suitable!”

Charlie took two deep breaths: “I think so too! I also received news in the morning that a large number of military vehicles were moving in this direction. Get in the way!”

Compared with that terrible result, everyone would rather believe that it was a military exercise.

Garrison Nanhui shook his head: “Not necessarily! This definitely has something to do with Levi!”

“It’s all loaded standard weapons! It’s not hollow bullets! It’s real guns and live ammunition! I promise!”

The mercenary leader James said seriously.

From the experience of him and his subordinates, it can be seen that these troops are real guns and live ammunition!


Immediately, the voices of everyone sucking in cold breath continued to hear.

Everyone panicked now.


Tanks and armored vehicles stopped one after another when they were 500 meters away from everyone.

However, a large number of infantrymen passed over the tanks and armored vehicles and continued to march, like a flood tide.

I was so scared.

This great plain is full of people!


A large number of infantry is approaching step by step, and now everyone sees more people.

“What we saw just now is really only a part of the people. Now there are at least forty to fifty thousand people who can appear in our eyes! It is followed by twice the force!”

“To tell you the unfortunate news: this time there are a hundred thousand people!”

James said this fact, even he himself was desperate.

Such forces will absolutely sweep everything on the battlefield!!!

Hearing this fact, everyone’s eyes were filled with silence.

One hundred thousand people!

That’s a whole hundred thousand people!

“I, I, I, I…”

A big man like Du Yuesheng was so scared that his teeth trembled, and he didn’t say a word for a long time.


A large number of infantry columns stopped at a distance of less than 20 meters from everyone, which was almost the distance of handover.

These soldiers looked cold, held tightly the standard weapons that had been loaded in their hands, and aimed at everyone.

There is no doubt that as long as a shuttle swept over, the Garrison family and Du Yuesheng present would definitely fall down!

In front of real fighters, they have no fighting power at all!

Seeing a series of cold muzzles facing him.


These thugs threw down their weapons and raised their hands.

Chapter 97

How could they want to come out for a fight, attracting a hundred thousand troops!

There is only one thing that everyone regrets: Why didn’t you study well in the first place, so you want to get out of society?

Seeing the army press down, Du Yuesheng’s several big men were also scared.

The two Garrison Mingzhu in his hand did not know where they were dropped.

Other people, such as the smiling Buddha Eighth Lord, had high blood pressure, if it weren’t for someone to help them, they would have fallen to the ground long ago.

The so-called Lord Thirteen Taibao was so scared that he didn’t even dare to lift his head!

Charlie was so frightened that he vomited blood. As long as the army took a step forward, the gun would be on everyone’s head.

too frightening!

Those mercenaries hate Garrison Nanhui!

If you know this, don’t give 10 billion.

I’m going to spend my life!

At this moment, dozens of transport planes in the sky suddenly moved, and the doors behind them called.

“Swish swish…”

One by one paratroopers landed.

Hundreds of helicopters moved immediately, hovering over Charlie and others.

Everyone clearly saw that a famous sniper was hidden in the helicopter, and the sniper rifle was aiming at each of them.

There are even machine guns, facing them after adjusting the angle.

The paratroopers descended from dozens of transport planes in an endless stream. After landing, they turned their backs to Levi in a half-squatting posture, facing everyone in the Garrison family, and their weapons were also aimed at the Garrison family.

There were thousands of paratroopers, and they happened to be guarded in the open space.


There is still movement on the periphery.

Cannon carts were pushed out, the muzzle was facing the sky, not knowing what to do.

But everyone in the Garrison Family and Du Yuesheng’s hearts became more gloomy.

They were surrounded front and rear, and heavy gun tanks drove to their necks.

There were helicopter bombers facing them in the air.

This time it was really 360 degrees surrounded them with no dead ends.


It’s terrible!

The mercenary James and others who could not bear the pressure first.

They threw away their weapons, held them in their hands, and immediately said, “We were tricked by the Garrison Family! We did nothing!”

Finally they lay on the ground, holding their heads in their hands, looking very embarrassed.

Immediately afterwards, Du Yuesheng reacted and immediately pointed to the Garrison family and said: “Everything is made by the Garrison family! They tempted us to do something with a two billion project! We are really confused! I don’t know! We were wrong. We were wrong!”

After the words fell, Du Yuesheng’s several big brothers also followed James’s way, lying on the ground with their hands holding their heads.



Immediately, their subordinates also lay on the ground, holding their heads in their hands!

One by one!

Immediately afterwards, the security guards, bodyguards, escorts, etc. hired by the Garrison family all threw their responsibilities to the Garrison family, and they also lay on the ground one after another…

In a blink of an eye, more than a thousand people all surrendered on the ground.

Only the Garrison family and Guo Lingfei were left.

They watched from side to side, either with cold muzzles or people lying on the ground.

It’s not if they just get down, or if they don’t get down!

Across the distance, Levi shouted: “Charlie?”

Charlie was shocked when he heard his name, and his whole body was cold and sweaty, his face pale as if he was seriously ill.

He looked helplessly at Levi not far away!


“Boyd Wanruo?”


“Garrison Nanhui?”


“Guo Lingfei?”

Chapter 98

Levi looked at the Garrison family and called out their names one by one.

These people dare not say a word to Levi at this moment, because hearing Levi call their names, it was like death calling.

Everyone looked at Levi blankly, wondering what to do?

Everyone was frightened and panicked.

Levi held his hands on his back and shouted at everyone in the Garrison family: “Aren’t you always guessing what my hole card is? I tell you now, this is my hole card!!!”

“The great army in front of you is my trump card!!!”

Levi roared.

As soon as this sentence came out, the Garrison family was dead.

Garrison Nanhui closed his eyes in despair.

Things are exactly the same as he guessed!

Guo Lingfei’s face was frosty, his teeth were trembling all the time.

At this moment, a passage was opened in the periphery, and surrounded by the crowd, a middle-aged man with two stars on his shoulders quickly walked towards the cemetery.

“A lieutenant general! This is a lieutenant general!”

Everyone in the Garrison Family’s complexion changed greatly.

Everyone’s eyes followed this lieutenant to the cemetery.

I saw this lieutenant approaching Levi and saluting: “The commander-in-chief of the First Army of the Case York Military Region Wang reports to the chief! The first army is assembled! Please give instructions from the chief!”

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

The shock is beyond words!

That is the lieutenant general in charge of one hundred thousand troops, who actually called Levi the head?

What is his identity? ? ?

Oh my God!


It was a huge shock to everyone in the Garrison family at this moment, and it was impossible to imagine this!

It is even more unacceptable to this fact!

Garrison Nanhui closed his eyes tightly.

This move by Lieutenant General Wang is equivalent to a real hammering of his thoughts.

Who is Levi!

“Okay! Fire the cannon!”

Levi gave the order.

As soon as Wang waved his hand, dozens of cannons placed around immediately fired firework shells.




One round of cannonball fired, shaking the earth, like a roar of thunder.

“Mr. Erick is going all the way!!!!”

The next moment, one hundred thousand soldiers shouted together.

The voices of hundreds of thousands of soldiers gathered together, it was the thunder of thunder, the scene was huge, shaking the world.

Byron and his wife cried again.

This is Levi’s highest courtesy to see Erick off!

Levi faced Erick’s grave and said excitedly: “Brother, this is a belated funeral!”

After doing all this.

Levi turned around slowly.

At this moment, the five members of Wesley have changed into military uniforms, and each of them is carrying a star on their shoulders.

Five major generals!

What was even more frightening was that Wesley held a military uniform in his hand and came to Levi.

Major General Zhuque helped take off Levi’s black suit and put on this military uniform for him!!!

After finishing.

Wang and all the soldiers looked at Levi in awe.

What lies ahead is their immortal army soul!

It is their idol and the legend of Velador-General God of War!

Levi’s epaulettes are adorned with five stars!

He is the only five-star general in Velador’s history!!!

Seeing this scene, Garrison Nanhui had passed out.

Levi’s imposing sword points to the sky at this moment, unmatched!

He looked at the Garrison Family and said coldly: “Remember the day when you went public? General God of War said he was going to the dinner party! That’s right!”

“Because I am General God of War!!!”

Chapter 99

The Garrison family members naturally remember the listing celebration party!

That day General God of War declared that he was coming!

But the Garrison Family was so excited that she even thought that the Garrison Family would rise by this!

The result was destroyed by Levi.

The Garrison Family regards Levi as a family sinner!

Because Levi blocked the Garrison Family’s luck!

Later, the Garrison family used various relationships to try to cling to the God of War, but they were all rejected!

The most puzzled thing about the Garrison family was that General God of War in Ming and Ming had already come to the dinner, but everyone didn’t notice it.

Now I want to understand!

Because Levi is General God of War!

Why did Levi unscrupulously make a big fuss for the Garrison Family celebration?

Why did Levi give the Garrison family a one-month apology?

Why did Levi warn Garrison Family again and again?

Why is Levi so confident?

Because he is the supreme General God of War!

For example, Katie said that General God of War was the commander-in-chief of Velador’s Ninth War Regiment, and he wiped out the whole family!

It’s just that it’s too late, it’s too late.

With the knives on the neck, everyone reacted!

Levi slowly and solemnly put on his military cap, and after wiping it lightly, he looked at the army of one hundred thousand.

Upon seeing this, Wang shouted: “God of War!!!”

“God of War!!!”

“God of War!!!”

“God of War!!!”

One hundred thousand soldiers shouted out that exciting title together.

They looked at the only existence in Velador’s history who could afford this title!

The sound is majestic, supreme, and shakes the sky!

Seeing and hearing such a scene, the Garrison family was fascinated for a while!

This man is Velador’s God of War!

Just listening to this momentum, everyone understands that if he is there, he will protect the land of Velador for thousands of years!

He is the only army soul god in the minds of Velador Million Army!

But the regrets of the Garrison family members were about to shatter one by one.

Because this person once belonged to the Garrison family.

Fight for the Garrison Family!

It’s just that the Garrison Family did those cruel things and drove him out of the house.

Levi’s eyes slowly fell on everyone in the Garrison Family, and said faintly: “I didn’t expect it? The wild species that should be killed by wild dogs in your eyes! Right now is in the wild, and there are more than 10,000 people under one person!”

Hearing this, the Garrison family was collectively shocked!

He looked at Charlie: “I was supposed to be your grandson, but now I am the commander-in-chief of the Ninth War Regiment, with a million soldiers!”

He looked at his adoptive father and adoptive mother: “I was supposed to be your son, but now Megatron is in the court, and I will be the king and the general!”

He looked at Van Colleen: “I was supposed to be your brother, but now I have both power and wealth, and I am the king!”

He looked at Guo Lingfei and said, “I, who should be your husband and brother, are now oppressive in this world. I am the only one who has no king!”

Levi’s voice is like a knife, engraved in the hearts of everyone.

At this moment, everyone felt no pain and was numb.

Completely numb!

Many people can’t even feel the bleeding from a nail pierced into the palm of the hand!

What did they miss?


Everyone’s heads are blank, there is no flaw in thinking about something.

The Garrison family was thinking, if they didn’t deal with Levi, what kind of world would the Garrison family be like?

Perhaps it has long overpowered Case York and has become the only giant, right?

Guo Lingfei was thinking, what would she be like if she didn’t deal with Erick in the first place?

The husband’s brother is powerful and proud of Velador. Maybe he was the most noble woman in Case York for a long time, right?

But there are not so many regret medicines!

To miss is to miss!

And have to pay a painful price!

Chapter 100

Levi’s complexion changed suddenly and he roared: “When you brought me up, I was proud of the surname Garrison! I secretly swear that I will spend my life to repay this kindness! I will fight for this surname! Let the Garrison family Proud because of me! Later I did half of it. When I planned to develop the Garrison family into the strongest in Case York, what about you? What did you do to me?”

“Designed by my parents, brother and sister-in-law, to make me bear ethical infamy! My favorite relative interrupted my limbs and threw me in the trash! It even framed me to jail! Ah? What about your conscience?”


Charlie couldn’t bear such a powerful pressure, and was the first to kneel to the ground.




Ramond and others knelt to the ground one by one.

They couldn’t hold it long ago.

The cold sweat wet the clothes all over his body and clung to him tightly.

They are short of breath, even asphyxiating.

Levi looked at Guo Lingfei again: “It is ridiculous that my brother Erick has always regarded you as a goddess and you as everything! But you betrayed him, and even designed to kill him! When you overlooked a high-rise building, did you ever think about my brother Yun? Pavilion? Huh?”

“I even told you that if you don’t come to the tomb of Erick to confess, you will end up with Brown Zilong. Do you take my words as deaf ears?”


Guo Lingfei also fell to her knees with a thud.

Yi Pengfei and Cross Lan were scared to cry long ago!

Charlie was the first to confess: “We were wrong! We were wrong! We confessed all the crimes committed!”

“We were also wrong! We confessed!”

One by one, the others knelt on their heads and confessed!

Especially the three Guo Lingfei kowtow to Erick’s cemetery.

“Boom boom…”

Every one is ringing!

Their heads are bleeding.

Ramond even said: “King’s Landing, we were wrong! For our sake of nurturing you, you don’t remember the villain! Forgive us?”

Boyd Wanruo even said: “Levi, in fact, we have always regarded you as our own son! Now as long as you speak, we are still your parents, and the Garrison family is still your home!”

Van took the opportunity to say: “Yes, King’s Landing! Brother and sister-in-law welcome you to join the Garrison family again! Then you will be the Lord of the Garrison family! Right? Grandpa!”

Charlie immediately said, “Yes, yes, yes! As long as you come to Garrison’s house in King’s Landing, you will be the owner of the Patriarch!”

Edmund also said: “Levi, he is responsible for your brother Yaoyang’s affairs! You should have killed him in the first place!”

Seeing the ugly faces of the Garrison family members now, Levi sneered: “If it weren’t for me now, would you kneel here and confess? Will you let me go back to the Garrison family? Will I be the head of the house?

“will not!!!”

Levi sneered again and again: “You only care about benefits, for you emotions are not worth a penny!”

“Since I was in jail six years ago, my grievances with the Garrison Family have also been completely broken!”

“My purpose today is very simple. I have revenge and grievances!”

Levi’s cold and merciless eyes swept over everyone present.

“There are grudges and revenge! There are grievances and complaints!”

One hundred thousand soldiers shouted together, their voices shaking!


Charlie spewed out blood.

Seeing Levi’s resolute attitude, he knew that the Garrison family was going to end!!!

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