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Chapter 919

In addition, Levi’s name was also given by Ollie herself.

She hopes that Levi will come to the world, to the effect that it means to force the Garrison family.

She expects her son to become a talent!

But the Jinvale Garrison family and Levi’s biological father would never allow their child to be named Garrison.

The child is a cheap species, a wild species.

It’s not worthy of the noble surname “Garrison” at all.

Only last name Porter!

Ollie pleaded again, only for the child’s surname Garrison.

Let her leave a thought.

This matter was promised by his biological father.

The only time he helped Ollie.

Levi didn’t know, he almost didn’t even have the surname Garrison.

I will never let you go!

Levi’s eyes were sharp and sharp.

“It looks like Auntie is sick!”

Sarah’s voice sounded.

She saw a casserole on the stove, with traditional medicine dregs inside.

There are still a dozen packs of traditional medicine in the cabinet next to it.

Levi suddenly remembered that when his mother was pregnant with him, she knelt for three days and three nights in the heavy rain in front of the gate of the Garrison family.

At that time, there were many root causes of the disease, and the whole person was more than ten years old.

There were a lot of symptoms left at that time, right?

Whenever it is cloudy or rainy, it will roll in pain!

Thinking of these miserable pictures, Levi’s eyes turned red.

It would have been nice if he knew it earlier.

Mother will not suffer so much!

“By the way, mother is not at home! Where will she go?”

Levi said.

“She should go to work, and she needs to go to work to support herself! Seeing that auntie drinks so many herbs, seems that all the money she makes will be used for medicine.”

Sarah told a tragic fact.

Levi couldn’t even imagine how his mother survived for nearly thirty years.

“Come, let’s go out and look for it!”

Levi and the others searched around the courtyard.

At the same time, Levi asked Tyler to check his mother’s current occupation, which place was there.

Found a street.

Didn’t see anyone at all.

A garbage truck was rumbling next to it.

The stolen goods clogged in the sewer are being pumped out.

But the tube can’t be inserted into it, and it can’t be pulled out.

The stolen goods can only be pulled out manually by hand.

But a group of sanitation workers looked at each other, and no one went to pull the stolen goods.

“If anyone clears these stolen goods, I will reward fifty!”

The group leader said.

Everyone shook their heads.

There are too many stolen goods in the sewer, and it is too ugly and dirty.

No one wants to.

“I will do!”

At this time, a woman in sanitation overalls raised her hand.

“Okay, Ollie, come, clean it up, I’ll give you fifty!”

The group leader said to the woman.


“What? Ollie???”

At this moment, Levi and Sarah’s pupils widened, and their scalp burst!!!

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  1. This novel is mind captivating. I love the writer’s style of keep the reader in eagerness to see what next. One’s whole attention is arrested.


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