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Chapter 936

She regretted it.

I shouldn’t have left Zhenjiang just now.

After stepping out of Zhenjiang, he not only annoyed the Garrison family.

It was also because of her that affected Sarah’s life and work, and even his relationship with Levi.

But the relatives behind Sarah were right to draw a clear line with her.

So as not to be retaliated by the Garrison family.

Looking around, Ollie became more and more inferior and afraid.

Once I die, I guess it can save a lot of trouble, right?


When she had thoughts of suicide, Levi’s voice sounded.

“Son, Sarah her…”

“Mom, I know everything! You don’t have to blame yourself, no one can despise you in the future, because you are my mother Levi!”

Afterwards, Levi took his mother for a long time.

She looks a lot younger.

But years and hard work left too many scars on her face, which could not be erased.

But Levi believed that everything would be better.

He would never let his mother suffer anymore.

“By the way, Mom, do you want to visit Nelshire?”

Levi asked.

Ollie shook her head: “I’m not going anymore, I’m a disaster now, and I will bring catastrophes wherever I go. The Porter family almost wiped out the clan once.”

“Okay, we will settle down in Jinling for the time being. When Sarah and I remarry, we will move back to Case York!”

Levi didn’t want her mother to be in any danger, so he took her back to the military compound.

Ollie felt relieved to see the courtyard that was very close to the people.

If it was really a big villa duplex or something, she would be embarrassed.

Ollie is very smart.

Through the compound, it was judged that Levi was actually quite ordinary, but Sarah was worth over 10 billion.

She immediately understood-why Sarah’s grandma and grandfather were so disgusted with her.

Sarah’s family didn’t like Levi at all.

“This daughter-in-law is good, but the status is too high, my family can’t afford it! This kind of improper marriage and love is a tragedy in the end.”

Ollie thought this way.

Isn’t that the case in her marriage?

Nelshire Porter’s family and Jingcheng Garrison’s family were completely improper.

Didn’t such a tragedy finally lead to it?

It just so happened that I persuaded King’s Landing myself to stop getting dyed with my son.

Together, we won’t get together in the end.

Came to the compound.

When the five members of Wesley knew Ollie’s identity, they fell to their knees in fright.

“Why do you kids give such a big gift? Get up!”

Ollie smiled.

“Mom, these are my brothers and sisters! You will live here with peace of mind from now on! With them, no one dares to bully you!”

Levi promised.

Ollie was just a word of relief.

If the Garrison Family came to seek revenge, could their five young men be able to stop it?

How easy is it?

Chapter 937

How did she know that the one who kneeled in front of her was a fierce King of the Five Great Wars on the battlefield.

Except for the God of War, no one paid attention to it.

In fact, there are still eighteen riders hiding in the dark around.

With these people, no one can come.

On the other side, after Sarah was taken back to Mann’s house, Melina directly let her kneel on the ground.

“When do you recognize your mistakes before you can get up!”

Melina was extremely angry.

“Parents, what’s the matter? What’s wrong with Sarah?”

Dale and Edith hurried over.

“The good daughter of your education!”

Melina stared at the two and said, “Guess who she brought back today? Levi’s wild mother!!!”

“Ah? Levi’s mother? Isn’t he an orphan? How can there be a mother?”

Dale looked surprised.

“Hmph, you don’t know? Levi is not an orphan, his mother is alive! What a pity, he is a beggar!

Older than me, wrinkled, like a ghost! Dirty and smelly, like crawling out of the sewer…”

Melina said angrily.

Mann Jianguo echoed: “It should be a sanitation worker. I think she is still wearing sanitation clothes.”

“On the bustling commercial street, where does your daughter go shopping with such a beggar! If this is photographed by a reporter or someone who is interested, he will suffer a lot from the dye!”

“Furthermore, you are divorced from Levi. In what name do you lead other wild mothers to go shopping?”

Melina shouted.

After listening to Dale and Edith, they stared at Sarah angrily and said, “You really did something wrong with Sarah! You actually ran to pick up his mother! I tell you, I will never go back and forth!”

“The original Levi didn’t have much ability, he just climbed you up and was eating your soft rice. Now it’s alright, there is a mother called Huazi, and you have to support the two big burdens!”

“It must be Levi who came to rush to you after learning about your news!”

The two looked at each other.

Sarah looked up and said, “Parents, it’s not what you think! His mother is not like that!”

Sarah really wants to explain Ollie’s life experience next year.

But it’s hard to tell.

“We care what kind of person she is! We don’t want to know!”

“We only have one sentence to give you. From now on, you will be over with Levi! Don’t get entangled anymore! My Mann family is willing to go out and spend all contacts and resources to prevent you from being together!”

“It’s a big deal, I will drive Levi mother and son out of Jiangnan Province!”

Mann Jianguo and Melina said in unison.

This time the Mann family is determined to stop it!

Whatever the billion-dollar condition, these don’t count.

Just to prevent the two from being together.

Chapter 938

Sarah was stunned.

Never expected that the parents and Mann family would resolutely oppose this matter.

This is what she never expected.

“When will you recognize your mistakes before you can get up! Otherwise, you will keep kneeling!”

Melina stared at Sarah fiercely again.

Edith and Dale said immediately: “Sarah, quickly admit your mistake and apologize to your grandma!”

“I don’t think I’m wrong!”

Plum dyed a stubborn face.

“Well, well, then you kneel, I see how long you can kneel!”

Melina said angrily.

For the Mann family juniors, she has always been in control.

Only Sarah would not listen to her.

This challenged her sense of majesty and status.

The other side.

Zhenjiang City.

Everyone including the king of Zhenjiang was carried back one by one by his family members.

None of them can move.

Soon, the person in charge of Zhenjiang King learned the news.

The king of Zhenjiang only knew that his name was Irving Garrison, a servant of the Garrison family in Jingcheng.

But it was this servant who killed the entire Nelshire.

Overnight, a city was suppressed.

The King of Zhenjiang could not imagine how powerful the real Garrison Jiade was…

This is just a servant.

After his call, the king of Zhenjiang shivered.

“Wei Tianfan, do you know you are guilty??”

A cold voice came.

“I am guilty, I am guilty…”

The King of Zhenjiang was about to cry.

“What’s the matter? Ollie left Zhenjiang? Even the courtyard where she was restricted was knocked down? Give me a reasonable explanation for this matter!”

“It’s true that it is the ba5tard born by Ollie who came here! This ba5tard is so powerful, all my subordinates have been abandoned by him, and my bones are all broken…Mr. Garrison, you have to be the Lord for us. what?”

“He also said that sooner or later, he will call the Garrison family. A Garrison family shouldn’t be afraid…”

The king of Zhenjiang said a lot with added fuel and jealousy, the purpose is to intensify the contradiction, with the help of the Garrison Family to avenge him.

After Irving Garrison heard this, he smiled: “Is he just a ba5tard? Do you dare to provoke the first family of Velador? Not to mention the entire Garrison family, even one of my servants, he is not qualified to provoke! His appearance is not worthy of letting him. Garrison family knows!”

Levi thought that what he conveyed to the King of Zhenjiang would be conveyed to the Garrison Family’s ears.

I don’t know that I don’t have this qualification.

The news of his appearance was so humble that he couldn’t even reach the door of the Garrison Family.

It can only be passed to a servant.

“Since Ollie’s mother and son have broken the rules, the Garrison family doesn’t have to abide by the agreement!”

“The mother and son are kept, and they are always a hidden danger to the Garrison Family. The only solution is to let them disappear from the world!”

A strong murderous intent flashed in the eyes of servant Irving Garrison.

“that is really good…”

The King of Zhenjiang almost cheered.

Chapter 939

Wei Yifei gritted his teeth and said, “Levi, you still want to fight against the entire Garrison Family? You don’t even have the qualifications to enter the eyes of others! You don’t deserve a servant to look at you!”

It’s not that Wei Yifei is exaggerating.

It is true that the Beijing Garrison Family is too strong and too strong.

It is so powerful that it is unimaginable.

In their opinion, no matter how strong Levi is, even if he has the power to reach the sky, it is all useless in front of the Garrison Family.

Against the first family, he has only a dead end.

Just as the Zhenjiang King and his son were happy, Irving Garrison’s voice sounded: “Such a disaster has been caused, you guys will end it yourself!”


The scalp of Zhenjiang King and his son burst.

Garrison family is going to destroy his Wei family!

A big family like the Garrison family has always worked vigorously and decisively.

These “dogs” they raise cannot make any mistakes.

If something goes wrong, just kill!

Especially if Ollie is let go, this kind of mistake will have to be silenced.

No news can be spread out.


There was dead silence in Zhenjiang King’s eyes.

Although the bones were broken, they were at least alive.

Now even the chance to survive is gone.

That night, everyone who knew Ollie’s information disappeared.

Together with the Wei family also disappeared.

Sarah has been kneeling at Mann’s house for a day and a night.

She always thought she was right.

After all, she is the hope of the Mann family, and Melina will not continue to punish her.

I can only get her up.

Melina and his wife called Dale to the front and discussed: “Well, let’s go directly to Levi and drive their mother and son out of Jiangnan Province! This way, Ran will not contact them anymore.”

“Well, I think it can. Give them some more money!”

Dale and his wife immediately agreed.

Soon, Melina, Mann Jianguo and others came to the military area compound.

Levi was surprised to see them coming.

“Why are you here?”

Melina said, “Where is Levi your mother? Call her out!”

“Son, what’s the matter?”

Ollie walked out after hearing the sound.

As soon as she saw Ollie’s old look and the limping posture when she walked.

Dale and Edith’s faces collapsed in an instant.

I thought it was Melina exaggerating.

I didn’t expect it to be so.

This is totally a cumbersome shame!

How much shame would it bring them if they were together?

They don’t want their in-laws to look like this ghost.

Originally, they didn’t even want Levi, and they were even more unwilling to bring such a burden.

This marriage is right!

Parents still have vision!

This time, I was determined not to let Levi and Sarah dye together.

“Levi, is this your mother?”

Dale asked.

“what’s happenin?”


Dale and they all laughed suddenly.

Chapter 940

Levi was very puzzled.

But the sensitive Ollie has already observed it.

They are mocking themselves.

It was myself that brought embarrassment to my son.

She is uncomfortable.

“No, Levi, aren’t you an orphan? The wild…mother that I found from here? Isn’t it a fake?”

Dale asked.

Levi shook his head: “This is my mother, there will be no fakes.”

“So, you will live with your mother in the future?”

Edith interrupted.

Levi said: “Of course, this is my mother, can I do without her?”

“You are filial, but have you considered the future?”

Dale asked with a serious face.

Levi was surprised: “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you say that you want to remarry with Sarah? Didn’t you threaten to hold a worldwide wedding? Now that you have found your biological mother, you plan to live with Sarah in the future?”

Dale was forcibly suppressing his anger.

“Of course, Sarah and my mother met and got along with each other! It’s okay to live together!”

“Who said it’s okay!!!”

Suddenly Dale roared.

“Don’t you know what you are like? You eat and drink all day! Almost all Erick employees say you are a jerk!”

“Now you have picked up a cumbersome mother? You are planning to hang Sarah for the rest of your life!”

Edith also agreed: “Maybe when you picked up your father again, it’s a burden again! What do you mean? Sarah owes your family? Not to mention raising you, but also raising your parents?”

“It’s okay if your parents are normal! Look at your mother’s current appearance and how old she is. And at first glance, it’s all sickness, which is a big burden!”

“You are killing Sarah! Why does Sarah owe you?”

Dale and his wife were angry one after another.

Ollie shed tears when she was wronged.

She embarrassed her son…

Melina also said: “Let’s talk about Sarah’s identity, the star entrepreneur in Jiangnan Province, worth 50 billion, or even hundreds of billions in the future. That is the top-notch aristocrat at the highest level of society! What about your mother, a Cleaner, no background at all. You don’t match Sarah at all, it’s not right for you to be a poor householder!”

“Yes, if you are together, it will be a joke from now on! My Mann family will be ashamed because of you!”

Mann Jianguo also added.

Ollie’s body was trembling.

The problem she thought of finally happened.

The biggest problem with Sarah and Levi is improper households.

It’s impossible to be together.

The future must be tragedy.

Levi smiled and said, “So, what is the purpose of your coming to me?”

After all, Dale and Edith had a little affection for Levi, so it was hard to tell them.

Melina sneered: “I want you mother and son to get out of Jiangnan Province!”

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