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Chapter 163

The manager glanced at the few salespeople who hadn’t gone out in the rest area over there, frowning tightly, there are customers who they are not serving and don’t want to do business?

Have sh!t in their head?

As seen by the manager, a few salespeople had their heads down and didn’t see them.

“They may have customers on their hands, they don’t have time, and they don’t have good service. It’s me, the manager, who usually disciplines the subordinates. Please forgive me, I must make up for it, okay?” The manager smiled.

Melvin also wanted to say that Carla held him back, the manager is very good, and he can’t be ignored.

“Cough.” Melvin also felt that he was too excited, and said a little too much.

“I’ll call you to ask when the test drive will come back. This car has been selling well.” The manager picked up the phone and dialed out.

Don’t know what was said over there, and the manager has blown up.

“Why don’t you drive abroad? Don’t you know that you can’t drive too far in a test drive? You pay for gas?”

The test drive has been to the suburbs, and it will take at least an hour to come back.

It’s important to let him keep people here. He tried his best. Now they can’t test drive the car, what should he do?

“Well, I’ll see it next time.” Carla stood up, it’s already past four o’clock, Lucia will bring the children back soon, she must be tired to go out to play, she has to go back to cook, can’t waste the time here.

The manager is sweating on his head. What can I do? He looked at the office, Ramiro sat on the chair with Erlang’s legs tilted, and looked at this side through the window.

The manager felt helpless, and the service was not satisfactory at first. Now that he hasn’t done the test drive, what can he say?

The manager handed over his business card, “Then next time you come, call me and I will entertain you.”

Carla took it over, “Okay.”

The manager sent them out.

When they walked to the parking lot at Melvin opened the door for Carla, “I didn’t expect the manager of this store to be so amiable.”

Compared to those salespeople, it’s not all good.

Carla had no expression on her face, and felt that the manager was overly enthusiastic.

At this time, another car stopped next to their car, and Carla took a casual look. As a result, she saw the man getting out of the car.

He stood in the front of the car against the wind, his black trousers wrapped his slender legs, and the shirt on his upper body was loose. He appeared here at the moment, looking like he was taking a break.

He looked cold and stared at her for a moment.

Carla was surprised, how could he appear here?

He has no shortage of cars.

There are several cars in the garage of the villa, all of which are limited editions. She hasn’t seen how he drives them. Maybe men like cars, even if they don’t open them, they have to buy them.

Ryan glanced past Melvin, who was opening Carla’s door, and then fixed on Carla, staring at her, his pupils set off a stormy sea, and dense blood shots stretched from the corner of his eyes and gathered to the center.

Carla shrank inexplicably, she had never seen him so violent in such a calm silence.

“You, why did you come here?” Her tone changed without knowing where, and his speech was incoherent.

“Come down.” He pulled his lips.

Carla sat still, “What do you want to say, say it here.”

He was clearly angry, and she didn’t want to contact him now.

Ryan narrowed his eyes, “Are you sure?”


Threat. Nak3d threat.

Carla glared at him.

Did she mess with him?

As soon as they met, she owed him money?

Melvin sensed Carla’s rejection, and came over, “Do you want to help?”

Ryan strode forward and pulled away from Melvin, hitting his face with a punch with his backhand, in front of him, so close?

Chapter 164

Melvin was caught off guard by being beaten, and he stepped back a few steps. There was a salty smell in his mouth. He wiped the corner of his lips, and there was blood on the back of his hand.

He raised his head and looked at the man who hit him.

His head was a little stunned. In the memory, he had no contact with this person, but when he looked familiar, he seemed to have seen him somewhere. Suddenly Melvin remembered where he had seen him.

He is a frequent visitor to financial news.

The youngest rich man.

But did he offend him?

If you have money, you can bully people casually?

Melvin clenched his hands.

Carla never expected that he would suddenly do something, and quickly went down to look at Melvin, with a torn skin on the corner of his mouth and blood oozing.

“Are you all right?” Carla asked concerned.

Melvin shook his head.

Carla turned and stared at Ryan, “Are you crazy? Why do you do it for no reason?”

“We haven’t applied for a divorce certificate yet, so you are still my wife, cuddling with other men, am I blind?”

“What are you talking about?” Carla frowned, confused.

Who did she hug?

“You make it clear.” Carla also condensed her face, there can be no one by her side.

He is too domineering.

Ramiro, who was hiding from the side, walked over, took out his mobile phone, and handed the photo he took to Carla, “My car is maintained here, and when I pass by, I was driving away but I saw you and…”

He pointed to Melvin, “I just took a picture.”

Carla stared at the photo with a gloomy face, because she knew that Melvin was talking to her at the time, but the angle from which Ramiro took it looked like Melvin had k!ssed her face.

Said coldly, “The angle is good.”

Ramiro gasped. What does it mean that he grasped the angle well? He saw that it was like this.

Their movements seem to be too great, attracting a lot of people to watch. Ryan’s identity is well known to everyone. In order to avoid any scandals, Ramiro proposed to go first, “This is not a place to talk.”

Carla didn’t want to be entangled in front of so many people either.

“I know there is a place.” Ramiro said.

Carla just wanted to get in Melvin’s car, but Ryan grabbed her wrist and stuffed the person into his car.

She wanted to resist, but saw Ryan’s warning eyes, “It’s no good, to be honest, you want to fight with me here?”

Carla’s face was almost distorted, there was no one, she was about to quarrel with him.

Who is making trouble?

He comes up indiscriminately and beats people, and has the face to say that she is making trouble?

She resisted the anger in her heart and sat still.

The place is a property in Ramiro’s hand. It has been renovated, but he doesn’t live. Someone comes to clean it regularly. The place is clean, mainly quiet, and it is suitable for talking about things.

The group of people entered the house, Ramiro let Melvin sit on the sofa, “Let’s go, what’s the matter?”

Ryan grasped Carla’s hand, leaned on the low cabinet beside him, looked down carefully, kneading and playing in his hand.

As if her hand was something rare, she could see the flowers.

Carla wanted to break away, but as soon as he moved, he grabbed it, “Don’t move.”

Melvin blinked, what does he want him to say?

He looked at Carla for help.

“Tell them what your relationship is with me.” Carla couldn’t escape Ryan’s restraint, so she could only let him, but her face was facing out of the window, not looking at him.

Melvin said honestly, “Miss Lane and I have a cooperative relationship.”

Ramiro felt fresh and asked, “What are you cooperating for?”

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