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Chapter 941

“Levi, you have to understand a reality-it is impossible for you and Sarah! The identities do not match, we firmly disagree!”

“Secondly, as long as you stay in Jiangnan Province, it will eventually affect Sarah. So you and your mother leave!”

Mann Jianguo immediately explained what Melina was saying was too harsh.

“Of course, I won’t let you leave in vain! 50 million to arrange real estate work, enough for your wife to live a lifetime. The premise is that you don’t harass you again.”

Dale took a deep breath.

Edith sighed: “Child, let’s get to know each other! Just let Sarah go! Let us also be regarded as letting go!”

Ollie’s face changed and she hurriedly said, “Son, let’s agree to come down!”


This made Melina’s eyes brighten.

In their eyes, Ollie is a woman who loves to take advantage.

Will definitely be entangled in plum dyeing.

Unexpectedly, he agreed.

Ollie continued: “Son, mom, tell you the truth. Sarah is a good girl, but you are not worthy of her. Your identities are too different, and being together is destined to be tragic! Mom, I am a good example. !”

Ollie has another consideration.

If the Garrison family came to seek revenge, Sarah would be life-threatening with them.

Letting her go is the best choice.

“Levi, did you hear that, your mother is more active than you! You are not full of enthusiasm, you have to bow to reality!”

Melina smiled.

Levi looked at his mother deeply.

Secretly in my heart——

Mother, you said that the door is not right.

But did you know? Your son is now king of the world, invincible.

What about the background?

The whole Velador is the background!

Who can be the enemy?

At the same time she waved her hand, and the concubine Mann Jun next to her put a check and other things into Ollie’s hand.

“We don’t need these things! Let alone the mercy of others!”

Levi stopped Concubine Mann Jun.

“I tell you, no one can control where I Levi is going! I can’t help but let my fate!”

“In addition, Sarah, I won’t let it go. I love her sincerely! No one can intervene in our affairs!”

Levi clearly expressed his attitude.

As long as Sarah’s heart remains unchanged, no one can stop it.

His identity is not afraid of anyone.

“Levi, you are so cheap! You are really unscrupulous to entangle Sarah! Are you still a man? Your mother told you to let go. Why are you still struggling with Sarah?”

Concubine Mann Jun said angrily.

“It’s your turn to intervene in my affairs?”

Levi’s eyes were sharp.

“Okay, you Levi, don’t you leave yourself? Then I will drive your mother and son out!”

Chapter 942

Mann Jianguo and Melina left angrily.

They have made up their minds to drive Levi and her son out of the city.

After returning to Mann’s house.

Sarah already knew what they were doing.

“Levi is not worthy of you anyway! Your identities are so different, don’t think about it in this life.”

Faced with the answers given by his parents, Sarah really wanted to throw out Levi’s status as the grandson of the Porter family and the heir of the Garrison family in Jingcheng.

But in that case, I’m afraid it will be even more deterred.

Facing the deterrence of the Garrison Family in Jingcheng, the Mann Family was scared to death.

Sarah felt more distressed about Levi’s mother and son.

On the one hand, he faces the blame of the Garrison family, and on the other, he faces the risk of being driven out of Jinling by the Mann family.

How to do this?

Sarah was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

Melina and the others have already begun to discuss how to drive Levi’s mother and son out.

“That kid is good at fists and kicks, we have to find some good people and drive them out!”

The other side.

Ollie cried and said, “Son, mom is causing you trouble. If mom doesn’t show up, you and the girl Sarah will get together. It’s doing well now, and you will also be kicked out.”

“Presumptuous! Who dares to drive us out?”

Levi said angrily.

“Yes, Auntie, just stay here without worry, let me see who dares to move?”

Wesley and Alton refused to agree.

They are here, don’t even think about it when I am the king of heaven.

Ollie looked sad.

The trouble continues.

It’s a trivial matter to be kicked out.

It’s mainly Yejia in Jingcheng.

This evening.

Nelshire Porter’s house is quiet, no different from the past.

In the meeting hall.

Senior Porter family gathered for a meeting.

Regina is the owner of the family, she is in charge of everything.

Brandon assisted without any regrets.



Suddenly there was a bang in the yard.

Immediately afterwards, the ground shook violently, making people horribly different.

“what happened?”

Everyone left the chamber and came to the front yard.

I saw a figure standing in the yard.

His feet sank deeply into the floor.

Leave two deep footprints.

He stepped on the movement just now.

Seeing this man, Brandon was terrified.

That night twenty-eight years ago, this person descended like a demon, killing all the Lords of the Porter family, and even suppressing the entire Nelshire silently, closing all news.

Now he is here again!!!

The long-lost fear struck Brandon and fell to his knees with a puff.

“My lord is here, you are welcome!”

The visitor was Irving Garrison, the servant of the Garrison family.

Irving Garrison’s cold eyes fell on Brandon.

“Brandon, you are so bold!!!”

“Why should you be guilty of telling the whereabouts of Ollie?”

Chapter 943

“Ah? Your lord, you misunderstood, I didn’t! I don’t even know where she was locked up!”

Brandon immediately panicked.

If the Garrison Clan servant in front of him was angered, the Porter Clan would be annihilated.

“Huh, how is it possible? If it wasn’t for you told, how could that ba5tard find it?”

Irving Garrison naturally didn’t believe that Levi had this ability.

“Hey, speak a little more civilized. Who do you mean to breed?”

Suddenly a cold female voice sounded in the field.

It is Regina.

When someone said that Levi was a cheap seed, she naturally refused to agree.

Brandon was scared and silly.

Dare to speak to this Lord who has shocked the entire Nelshire?

Sure enough, Irving Garrison’s eyes fell on Regina: “Who are you?”

“Levi is my brother, you can’t insult him! What’s more, you are not qualified to insult him!”

Regina stared at Irving Garrison.

My brother is the invincible God of War!

No one can insult him!

Irving Garrison looked at it carefully for a long time and said, “You dare to talk to me like this, aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?”


Irving Garrison’s body exuded a cold killing intent, and instantly solidified human blood, making the scalp numb, like falling into an ice cave.

As soon as Regina came into contact with the killing intent, his face was pale and he couldn’t stand firmly.

The fear deep in my heart was hooked out.

It’s as if a pair of invisible hands are tightening your neck.


Regina is very scared!

This is the fear of death!

After a face-to-face meeting, she had been wet with cold sweat all over her body.

Irving Garrison smiled, and he asked, “How about Levi being a cheap seed? Do you dare to say a word?”

Although Regina had difficulty breathing, she squeezed out one sentence from her teeth: “Don’t… allow you… you say this to my brother, I… I’m not afraid…”

“Well, it’s rare for the Porter family to have such a backbone! I will spare your life today! I want you to watch that ba5tard die with your own eyes!”

Irving Garrison said coldly.

“You’re the one who died? Just because you want to kill my brother? Dream about you!”

“Don’t say you are a little servant, what about the entire Garrison Family in Beijing? Still not my brother’s opponent!”

Regina tried his best to speak loudly.

She used to trust Levi unconditionally. Now that she knows Levi’s identity, she believes that his brother’s pair of iron fists will blow everything up.


Irving Garrison suddenly smiled.

A little girl has such confidence in that ba5tard.

Is the little girl a fool?

It’s because of impulse!

“Want to fight the Garrison Family? Then I will tell you the true strength of the Garrison Family today…”

When Irving Garrison finished talking about the Garrison family’s information.

The audience was silent.

The Porter family had always known Garrison Jiaqiang, but never thought it would be so strong.

“Little girl, do you still think your brother can compete with the Garrison family?”

Chapter 944

Regina still looked firm: “I said, my brother, you are not worthy of provocation!”

“Well, well, soon, I will send you his head!”

Irving Garrison smiled and said.

Originally, he was going to annihilate the Porter family tonight.

But Regina’s appearance made him change his decision.

He wanted the little girl who didn’t know the world to see how good he was and how terrifying the Garrison family was.

Before the first family of Velador, how vulnerable your brother was.

When Irving Garrison came to Long Villa where the three great heroes were located, he found that a funeral was being held here.

After understanding clearly.

Irving Garrison’s eyes shot out two cold glows: “What? That ba5tard who gave birth to Ollie did it?”

“In the Peace Hotel, killed Geoffery in front of Phillip?”

“No way, he is too arrogant and too powerful!”

“We and Phillip are discussing how to get rid of him…”

The three heroes wanted to cry without tears.

Although the three great heroes and Phillip are not worth mentioning in Irving Garrison’s eyes, he suppressed once more than 20 years ago.

But this is after all the strongest existence in Nelshire.

How can an orphan of a lowly breed do all this?

Why not shock him.

“Hey, after all, half of the noble blood of the Garrison Family in Beijing is flowing through him. Although he is a cheap species, it does not mean that he is weak!”

Irving Garrison attributed the power of Levi to the blessing of the noble blood of the Garrison family.

Denied Levi’s efforts.

“No wonder it’s so extraordinary, if you give him more resources, it will be even more powerful.”

The three great heroes were surprised.

“Well, that’s right! If he is allowed to continue to develop like this, the future must be a big hidden danger, bringing enough threats to the Garrison Family!”

“So, I’ll commit suicide for this person!”

Irving Garrison’s eyes shot out cold light.

Originally, he wanted to send three great heroes to remove Levi.

He shot himself to kill, it would be too bad for his status.

Even if he is a slave, he is extremely noble.

Such a ba5tard is not qualified to let him kill.

But hearing that Levi was so powerful, he was a little interested.

To obliterate a genius is also a very fulfilling thing.

“If you have an adult, you will do it yourself, it will be difficult for that kid to escape!”

“We immediately checked the whereabouts of Jianzhong, and he was in Jinling.”

The three great heroes all smiled.

Geoffery’s hatred can finally be reported.

This night, Ollie had a terrible nightmare.

Irving Garrison, the servant who once suppressed Nelshire’s head, came to kill her and Levi himself.


In the dream, she saw Levi pierced through her body with her own eyes.


Ollie was shocked and woke up.

When she opened the window to breathe, she realized that this was not a dream.

This is real!

Irving Garrison is really here!

Chapter 945

A dark shadow stood on the wall of the military district compound.

Ollie was so clear that he recognized at a glance that he was the servant Irving Garrison.

The Garrison Family sent someone to really take care of him.

“Ollie and your ba5tard can’t come out and die?”

A cold drink came, all over the courtyard.

Only then did the army dogs in the yard quarrel.

It turned out that Irving Garrison had just arrived, but none of them found it.

With Irving Garrison’s sound, Ollie fell to the ground with fright.

Irving Garrison came, they had no way to survive.

It doesn’t matter if she is dead.

The key is Levi.

“Mom, you sleep well.”

Levi’s voice came, and the window was closed at the same time.

The next moment, Levi and Wesley appeared in the courtyard.

“Well, that’s good! It’s a cheap breed with a normal noble blood! No wonder a low-ranking person wants to be a high noble? This noble blood is really good, and having a little bit can change your life.”

Irving Garrison sneered.

In the larger the family, the theory of bloodlines and people’s classification is more serious.

For example, Irving Garrison originally had another surname and another name.

But as a servant of the Garrison family, the Garrison family gave him this name.

Irving Garrison felt that he had won the supreme honor.

Immediately abandon his own surname and real name.

Always use the name “Irving Garrison”.

This is a status symbol for him!

“Bold, a servant dare to talk to my boss like this?”

Ron urn sound urn airway.

“The kid does have some skill, and he was able to find Zhenjiang City! But this is also your wrong choice!”

“I came to kill you and your mother today! You two can’t live!”

Irving Garrison said coldly.

When they heard that Levi was going to kill Levi, all Wesley people were happy.

Doesn’t this man have eyes?

“court death!”

A bloodthirsty arc swept across the corner of Owen’s mouth.

He is excited to be able to compete with Lords.

“No, I am coming!”

Levi stood up.

I learned from my mother that in fact, the Garrison family didn’t take her seriously. For nearly thirty years, the servant Irving Garrison was really in charge of her.

The king of Zhenjiang is the dog he mobilized.

So it was Irving Garrison who really tortured his mother.

He is going to commit suicide!

“Suzaku give me the knife!”

Upon hearing this, Suzaku handed Levi a saber.

The words “Suzaku” are engraved on it.

“Interesting, it turned out to be from the army! I didn’t expect you to become a soldier!”

Irving Garrison deserves to be a Lord.

From the habits and temperament as well as the weapons used, the identities of Levi were determined.

“Some eyes!”

Levi smiled, holding a short-edged saber and walking towards Irving Garrison step by step.

“You want to kill me too? Idiot dreaming!”

Irving Garrison sneered.

He slowly pulled out a long knife, glowing with a cold blue light.

More than 20 years ago, with this sword, he fought to make a god and suppressed the entire Nelshire City.

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