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Chapter 946

“It is an honor for you to die by my sword!”

Before the words fell, Irving Garrison moved.

His speed is too fast and too fast to be caught with the naked eye at all, as if he was teleporting.

It is ten times faster than the 47 killer king.

The distance of more than ten meters came in a blink of an eye.

“So fast!!!”

Wesley and Alton exclaimed again and again.

Even on the battlefield, there are few things so fast.

In addition, Irving Garrison’s sword air rolled, and a wave of air was forced out, as if it had drained the air in this space.


A terrible wind swept outwards.

But what Irving Garrison didn’t expect was that Levi was faster!

First come first!

The two passed by in an instant.

The two stood motionless for more than ten seconds.

At this time, Levi’s eyelashes blinked.

He is safe and sound.

However, there was blood on Irving Garrison’s neck.

Kill in a flash!

Irving Garrison’s eyes opened wide, unbelievable.

He would die at the hands of a wild species?


Irving Garrison’s body fell weakly.

One person, Irving Garrison, who was in awe of the city, was killed in seconds like this.

It is spread out, I am afraid that many people will be shocked to drop their chins.

“Haha, the boss didn’t expect that if you haven’t shot for such a long time, you will become more terrifying…”

Owen laughed.

Wesley analyzed: “The first family of Velador is really amazing! Is a servant so terrible?”

“Yeah, it is said that Velador Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I saw it today.”

“It’s a pity that the Garrison family met the general!”

After Levi returned the knife to Suzaku, he said faintly: “Send him back! I, Levi, officially declared war on the Garrison family!”

After returning to the room.

Ollie was still trembling.

“Mom, it’s okay, go to bed now.”

Levi smiled.

“Huh? Where’s Irving Garrison? What about the others?”

Ollie was nervous and frightened.

“He was cleaned up, it’s okay, you will be safe from now on!”

Levi comforted.

There was a touch of shock in Ollie’s eyes.

Can even Irving Garrison handle it?

Would she look down on her son?

Does he really have the strength to compete with the Garrison Family?

Do not.

This is impossible.

No matter how strong Levi was, he couldn’t compete with Garrison Family.

Garrison Family is like a dragon in the sky.

Before, Levi saw her as a reptile ant on the ground, but now it is a bit stronger, at most a sparrow.

How can a sparrow compete with the heavenly dragon?

The Garrison Family is too strong!

What should I do next?

After knowing that Irving Garrison was dead, the Garrison family would definitely come.

And what comes is stronger!

Can my son still handle it at that time?

If the Garrison family came back, she could only kneel down and beg the Garrison family to let their mother and son go.

Garrison Jia made any request, she would agree.

The big deal is that she is dying for Levi, anyway, she still has some secrets in her hands, which should be very valuable.

Chapter 947

When Irving Garrison’s body was sent back to Nelshire.

The three great heroes and Phillip who were waiting for the news were dumbfounded.

Irving Garrison is dead?

Seeing that the wound was killed by a spike?

This super-existence of Nelshire was suppressed by one person more than 20 years ago.

Was killed?

This this this…

They cannot understand!

Such a powerful character can be seconded?


If this spreads out, it will definitely be a major earthquake!

Even though he is a servant, he is extremely powerful.

The fear he brought to everyone is still vivid.

“He…what is his strength?”

The three great heroes panicked.

The idea of ​​revenge disappeared all at once.

Besides, who dares to take revenge?

Are you looking for death?

“The top priority is to send Irving Garrison back!”

Qizhen Lin Road.

“But where to send it? Where can the Garrison Family be contacted with our qualifications?”

Irving said, in front of the Garrison family, they are not as good as dogs.

There is not even a chance to be a dog.

“Mr. Barton is relying on you, your connections are all over the world.”

The three great heroes all looked at Phillip.

Phillip shook his head and said: “Although I have contacts all over half of Asia, to be honest, I am not the one who can climb the first family of Velador! I don’t even have the qualification to kneel in front of the Garrison family’s gate!”


Three great heroes took a breath.

Is this Garrison family too strong?

Phillip is not qualified to know?

“But I do know a patriarch who is a sideline of the Garrison family-Tianfu royal family Garrison.”

Barton Qingdao.

Among the giants, there are ordinary giants and royal families.

Above the royal family is the royal family.

To put it in an exaggeration, it is equivalent to the ancient relatives of the emperor.

Of course it is just a metaphor.

The royal family is just a name for the family.

The imperial family not only reached the top of its horror in all aspects, but also needed hundreds of years of heritage.

The royal family generally stood for five hundred years, even for thousands of years,

The family imagination after so long knows how strong it is.

However, the Garrison Family of the Tianfu Royal Family is just a sideline of the Garrison Family of Beijing.

So how strong is the Garrison family in Jingcheng?

“Well, just send Irving Garrison to the Garrison Family in Tianfu! In this way, the Garrison Family in Jingcheng can also know!”

The three great lords unanimously agreed.

“I hope the Garrison Family can send a Lord as soon as possible to deal with this kid!”

“I can’t bear this tone!”

Phillip said angrily.

At this moment, the Mann family was thinking about how to drive out Levi’s mother and son.

“Finding someone to drive out is the last resort! Think about it, is there any way?”

Melina asked.

Cross Wentao with his legs and feet rolled his eyes and said with a smile: “Grandma, I thought of a way, we should be like this…”

When Cross Wentao finished talking about the method.

“it is good!”

Melina immediately applauded.

“Wen Tao’s method is great! It will definitely drive their mother and son out!”

Everyone laughed.

Chapter 948

Cross Wentao’s method is very simple.

Restrict Levi and Ollie’s life, all aspects.

Let them not survive in this city.

When the time comes, they will leave on their own initiative.

“Grandma, let’s make arrangements right away! Levi, I can’t let you and your wild mother have a meal in Jinling!”

Cross Wentao said coldly.

Been here for a few days.

Ollie has gradually adapted to life here.

After making breakfast for Levi in the morning, she went to the nearby vegetable market.

Buy some fresh meat and vegetables and cook them for Levi at night.

After choosing a vegetable stall, hand it to the stall owner.

Just as the stall owner was about to put it on the scale, he saw Ollie’s face clearly.

“No! No! My food won’t sell you!”

The stall owner took the food back immediately.


Ollie was taken aback.

Xindao this person is so strange.

He didn’t even sell vegetables to himself.

She didn’t care, and went to the stall next to her.

As a result, the stall owner saw her face clearly and immediately said: “No, my food won’t be sold to you, let’s go!”

Several stall owners around saw her as if they had seen a plague god, and they evaded one after another.

At this time Ollie realized the problem.

She deliberately walked far away and came to the other end of the vegetable market.

“My dishes are not for sale today!”

The stall owner saw Ollie and said immediately.

Ollie pointed to the side with wonder: “Aren’t they just buying? Why can’t I get here?”

“Yes, anyone can sell my food! Only you can’t! Get out! Don’t delay my business!”

The stall owner drove Ollie away abruptly.

Ollie wandered in the vegetable market with a helpless look.

Then she tried again, no matter whether it was selling vegetables or meat or other things, she didn’t sell it to her.

As if she was blocked by the entire vegetable market.

Everyone was hiding when they saw her.

She changed another vegetable market, and the result was the same.

No one wants to sell her things.

The same goes for coming to the supermarket.

She was not allowed in at all.

Ollie had realized that someone was deliberately embarrassed.

She tried other places.

The mall won’t let her in.

The restaurant wouldn’t let her in.

The hotel would not let her in.

Any industry in this city seems to have blacklisted her.

She can’t even ride buses and taxis.

It seems that someone made her unable to survive in this city.

Today is a rainy day, and Ollie’s falling symptoms are already onset.

She endured the pain and wandered on the street.

Gradually, more and more terrifying pain struck, and Ollie’s forehead had already seeped a layer of fine sweat.

Her legs trembled and she could hardly walk.

After finally seeing a pharmacy, Ollie hurried in.

She has to grab a few pictures of Chinese medicine to relieve it.

“Go out! Go out! Our pharmacy doesn’t welcome you!”

Chapter 949

It was just that Ollie was pushed out as soon as she walked to the door of the pharmacy.


Being pushed, Ollie staggered and fell to the ground.

The double pain hit Ollie’s painful tears.

She stubbornly propped up her body and continued to search for other pharmacies.

I found four or five pharmacies along the way, and the results were the same.

The drugstore would not let her in at all.

In the sixth pharmacy.

The owner is more kind-hearted.

The shopkeeper said directly: “Auntie, please leave! It is estimated that the entire Jinling pharmacy has been greeted, and no one will sell you medicine! Just change the city! Auntie, don’t blame us, we can’t help it.

At this time, Ollie finally gave up.

Someone deliberately made her get through.

All walks of life in the entire city are restricting her.

Especially pharmacies.

For her, this is definitely the lifeblood.

You can not eat for a few days, and you can carry it.

But if the medicine goes out.

She has to hurt her alive.

When I went back, I persuaded King to leave the city as soon as possible.

Also less troublesome to the good girl Sarah.

She knew she was a broom star.

Whoever gets close to her will be unlucky.

This time I killed my son and daughter-in-law.

Ollie returned the same way.

As I walked, I suddenly felt like the sky was spinning.

He fell to the ground with a puff.

When she woke up, Suzaku was already by her side.

“Auntie, what happened?”

Suzaku was crying anxiously.

Ollie told Suzaku what had happened.

“Suzaku, you also persuade King to let him move out of Jinling!”

Ollie said.

“What? The whole industry has blocked you and won’t sell you anything?”

Suzaku is going to explode.


This is the mother of God of War!

Just be treated like this!

Zhu Que took Ollie to try it, and sure enough, both the drugstore and the restaurant drove them out.

Suzaku wanted to solve it on the spot.

But think about it, it’s better to tell Levi.

Bring Ollie back to the compound, Zhuque will do medical skills, and use acupuncture to temporarily stop Ollie’s pain.


Soon I saw Levi hurried back, angrily.

“What’s the matter? All major pharmacies don’t administer drugs?”

Levi said angrily.

“En, not only pharmacies, but also any other industries have put my aunt on the blacklist. They won’t sell her anything!”

Suzaku lowered his head and said in a low voice.

“Well, you Mann family, what you did is amazing! You are waiting!”

Levi was really angry.

Now his Nilin has added one more—mother.

The Mann family is tantamount to offending him.

Levi wanted to laugh.

The whole Jinling is bullying his mother?

What is this old man’s miserable situation? Are you still bullying her?

No grievances and no grudges!

Chapter 950

Soon, the Chinese medicine and other medicines Ollie needed were delivered to the door.

This is where he got it from Tatsuno.

The medical team of the Dragon Legion has all medicines.

“Ah? Son, aren’t we all Jinling banned? Why is there still medicine?”

Ollie looked at the Chinese medicine with surprise.

“Mom, don’t worry about it, this problem won’t trouble me.”

Levi approached.

In the yard of Mann’s house.

“Hahaha, grandma, don’t you know? Levi’s wild mother passed out in pain!”

“Sure enough, controlling the drug is equivalent to controlling her lifeblood. There is no need for sanctions in other industries.”

Cross Wentao and Concubine Mann Jun laughed into a flower.

Today they are all behind the scenes.

Who would dare not agree with those merchants?

Especially when they saw Ollie’s struggling, they were extremely excited, and they took pictures of them with their mobile phones and showed them to everyone.

“Hahaha, within three days, Levi and her mother will definitely move out of Jinling!”

Cross Wentao laughed.

“Isn’t it? If this continues, Levi’s wild mother will not be starved to death, but will also be hurt!”

Melina also laughed.

Mann Xuecheng smiled and said, “Levi is also a cheap bone. He toasts and doesn’t eat fine wine! How good is it to leave with fifty million? Have to force us to use means?

“In the end, how ugly is it for you to leave by yourself? You can’t get a penny!”


“A slut is a slut! Dare to fight against the Mann family? See how you play it!”

The Mann family laughed together.

“What are you doing? What are you looking at?”

At this time, Sarah walked in.

“Nothing to see!”

Everyone evaded and hid their phones.

“You are dealing with Levi’s mother and son, aren’t you?”

Sarah asked coldly.

Melina simply admitted: “Yes, that’s right. We are going to drive Levi’s mother and son out of Jiangnan Province, so no one will harass you anymore.”

“What? I won’t agree!”

Sarah looked surprised.

“You don’t need to worry about Sarah! Within three days, they will leave here automatically.”

Concubine Mann Jun and Cross Wentao said.

“You can’t call the shots on this matter, unless you sever the relationship with your parents and with us.”

Melina said bluntly.

Sarah just looked at them angrily, but helplessly.

But she resolutely refused to agree to this matter.

Melina even smiled and said: “Levi, Levi, we are still wondering how to prevent you from dyeing with our son. I didn’t expect you to pick up a wild mother back. Isn’t this giving us a chance?”

Sarah gave her a fierce look and returned to his room.

Having sanctioned Levi and his mother, the Mann family was extremely proud.

But how did they know that something big happened in Jinling this night.

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