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Chapter 951

Yesterday, all shops that rejected Ollie, regardless of the industry, received severe punishments and warnings from relevant departments.

Several stores even closed their doors for rectification.

The reason is simple-deny the rights of consumers, and some even insult, push and beat consumers.

This is unexpected for everyone.

It was something the Mann family didn’t expect.

Cross Wentao immediately contacted some persons in charge.

The answer given is very simple-yesterday someone filmed the whole process of the shop’s rejection of consumers, and they reported it.

This made Cross Wentao and the Mann family angry.

How could someone report something that was originally good?

Of course, they would never think of Levi’s body when they died.

I don’t even think that everything was arranged by Levi.

I can only sigh that Levi is very lucky.

This has been many times, and they feel that Levi is lucky.


Levi smiled at Ollie and said, “Mom, let me take you to several places.”

Although Ollie was puzzled, she still followed.

It turned out to be yesterday’s vegetable market.

“Auntie, are you here? Hurry up, I will choose the freshest vegetables for you!”

“Auntie, come here, I will sell you the best meat, and I will give you something more!”

“Auntie, you are here at last, I have prepared some wild products for you long ago, and I will give it to you to replenish your body!”

The stall shop that rejected her yesterday has changed the same today.

Not only to sell things to her, but also to deliver things.

Next, Levi took Ollie around several places.

Ollie was overjoyed and was willing to sell her things.

When he came to the drugstore yesterday, the owner knelt down and apologized.

After all, pharmacies are different from others. They deliberately do not sell medicines, but they will kill people.

Ollie looked incredible: “Son, this…”

Yesterday was cast aside by everyone and squeezed out by the whole city.

Today, Ollie has the feeling that she is the most noble person in the city.

“Mom, you have to trust your son. These are small things.”

Levi smiled.

Ollie was in a trance.

But a strong son is a good thing.

She took a deep breath, and even had the urge to bring Levi to the Garrison family.

Let you see-my son of Ollie is not a humble species, he has the strength that rivals the Garrison Family!

Just like his name-King over the world.

But Ollie understood that this was an extravagant hope.

How strong is Levi?

It can’t reach the Garrison family.

Why can Levi be able to match the Garrison Family’s wealth of thousands of years and countless generations in just over 20 years?

At this time, Sarah actually drove up.

“Go, Auntie, get in the car and take you to a place.”

Sarah smiled mysteriously.

Levi was very puzzled, to see what she was going to do?

Chapter 952

Soon, Sarah drove Levi and the two to a high-end community.

Levi already understood the purpose of Sarah.

She definitely bought a house for her mother.

Sure enough, after getting off the bus, he took Levi and the two straight to a small townhouse.

This is all well-decorated, just check in with a bag.

“Mom, this is a house I bought for you. You will live here in the future!”

“In addition, I have hired a nanny for you to take care of your body.”

Sarah smiled.

After listening, Ollie came out.

This daughter-in-law is too kind.

I didn’t dislike her and didn’t say, but even bought her a house, or a villa.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a girl, I just live with King’s Landing. This is too expensive.”

Ollie said.

“That works, he won’t take care of people. Besides, it’s close to the company, so we can take care of you.”

Sarah smiled.

This villa cost her 20 million.

In fact, don’t look at Sarah’s worth.

But she invested all the money in the company.

The money she has on hand is only tens of millions, which is equivalent to more than half of the money.

“Mom, Sarah’s kindness, you can take it! Indeed, it’s pretty good here.”

Levi smiled.

He also wanted to buy a big house for his mother, but Sarah was ahead of schedule.

“Levi, mom doesn’t have to go back, you go get back all mom’s things.”

Sarah commanded.

Ollie was stubborn and could only stay.

Soon the nanny was also in place. This is the gold nanny selected by Sarah.

If you have nothing to do, you can talk to Ollie and go shopping.

“Girl, our family owes you too much.”

“Let Kinglin compensate you well.”

Ollie was very moved.

Sarah smiled lightly: “Just give me less trouble.”

Seeing the harmonious picture in front of him, Levi felt happy too.

In two days, he was going to bring Erick’s parents back.

Hearing his mother came back, the two elders wanted to come and have a look.

When old people gather together, there are also topics, and they can also get rid of boredom.

What’s more, Levi has this condition.

In the evening, after Sarah returned home.

But they were surrounded by Melina.

“Grandpa, what’s the matter with you grandma? And what’s the matter with your parents?”

Sarah looked at everyone with a look of puzzlement.

“Do you know what you did today?”

Melina asked coldly.

“I did not do anything.”

Plum dyed.

“You haven’t done anything yet? You bought a villa for Levi’s wild mother! You are really good!”

“You also hired a nanny at a high price! Are you going to come over with Levi?”

Melina said loudly.

“What’s wrong with buying a house? She is King’s Landing’s mother and my mother.”

Sarah’s stubborn way.


Suddenly, he slapped Sarah’s face severely with a slap.

Chapter 953

It was Edith who dyed plums.

She stared at Sarah and said angrily: “Your mother? Your mother is only me!”

Sarah was slapped and slapped.

She looked at Edith incredulously.

I haven’t beaten her since childhood.

I did it today.

“Sarah, you disappointed us too much!”

Dale sighed.

“How can you be so stupid to buy a house for Levi’s mother? What do you think?”

“Are you planning to live with Levi’s family and want to leave the Logan family and Mann family?”

Everyone accused one after another.

Sarah covered his face, feeling extremely wronged.

She felt that she had done nothing wrong.

“I tell you, if you want to treat Levi’s mother as your mother, then don’t treat me as your mother!”

“With him, we sever the relationship between mother and child! This is my attitude!”

After speaking, Edith slammed the door and left.

Sarah was stunned on the spot.

The juniors of the Mann family persuaded: “Sister Sarah, even if we marry, we can’t be casual. We must be right, let alone you. You are the hope of the Logan and Mann family in the future.”

Everyone can tell a fact.

The main reason is that Sarah has the greatest hope, and her marriage is sloppy.

Sarah understood, looking at this posture in front of him.

Either he is so strong that he is not controlled by the Logan and Mann family, he is free to call the shots.

Either Levi gave himself a big surprise at the wedding and made everyone shut up.

Otherwise, the prevention of Logan and Mann’s family cannot be eliminated.

Forget about the second kind of thinking, Levi can’t count on it anymore.

Let him use action to shut up the Logan and Mann family.

It’s better to make yourself stronger.

Just recently, Erick Group was about to launch a large-scale technology project. Sarah decided to discuss with Natalie, and she would take over the project.

As long as this project goes on, her worth will be improved by a qualitative leap.

By then, she will definitely be able to control her freedom.

It’s not like getting rid of the family now.

Sarah is an activist.

Immediately I found Natalie, wanted her to integrate, and gave her this billion-dollar project.

But Natalie agreed without even thinking about it.

“Okay, here you are.”

“Huh? Is Natalie so sloppy? A hundred billion project?”

Sarah was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, I gave it to you.”

Natalie replied.

You are the lady boss of Erick, everything is yours, do whatever you want.

“Should a project of this size not be decided through a meeting? Just give it to me?”

Plum dye was surprised.

“Others don’t have any comments! If you don’t believe me, I will call and try one by one!”

Natalie dialed the high-level calls of the company one by one.

“It’s Miss Logan who wants to run this project, I totally agree!”

“It’s Miss Logan, then I don’t have any comments!”

As long as everyone heard that it was Sarah, they agreed unconditionally.

Chapter 954


Sarah looked puzzled.

How can I be like dreaming?

Aren’t the top executives of the Erick Group known as the elites among the elite?

How did you decide on a 100 billion project so hasty?

As soon as I heard my name, I immediately agreed.

What does it mean?

Since this group of people knew that Levi was the boss, they secretly ranked Sarah first.

This is the boss!

“Natalie, your face is too big, right? They all agreed on your face, right?”

The high-level executives agreed so happily, Sarah could only think that they were looking at Natalie’s face.

“Where is my face so great…”

Natalie added silently: “They all look at your face, the lady boss, I just work for you couple.”

After moving into the new house, Ollie was cooking chicken soup and wanted to send it to Levi at noon.

At this time, someone rang the doorbell.

The nanny has opened the door: “Who are you looking for?”

“Is Ollie here?”

A loud shout came.

Ollie ran out of the kitchen hurriedly.

What I saw were Sarah’s parents and grandma.

“Hello, come in quickly!”

Ollie said affectionately.

“Do you really use yourself as the owner of this house?”

Suddenly, Edith roared.


Ollie was frightened immediately.

“My daughter bought this house! Why do you live?”

Edith stared at Ollie and asked.

“It’s Sarah this girl bought… bought it for me…”

Ollie whispered.

“Who are you from her? Buy it for you?”


Ollie was speechless for a while.

Talk about daughter-in-law, it’s inappropriate.

After all, Levi is divorced, and in all respects, she has nothing to do with Sarah.

Sarah did not speak well of buying a house for her.

“Did you see it? She can’t even tell herself!”

“Because Sarah has nothing to do with her at all! I suspect she was a scammer who bought her a house!”

Edith said.

Melina immediately echoed: “Yes, our family is pure and kind! We are fooled by others!”

“This house is tens of millions. Why would Sarah buy it to an unrelated stranger? Normal people will know what’s going on if you think about it. Sarah is definitely cheated!”

“There are too many bad people these days!”

Everyone was rushing to analyze.

Finally, his eyes fell on Ollie.

Dale scolded: “Explain! How did you defraud my family to dye? If we find evidence, I will definitely let you sit in prison!”

“Yes, if we don’t explain, we will call someone to check you and let you sit and wear it!”

Everyone began to threaten.

Chapter 955

Ollie said anxiously: “I didn’t cheat, I really didn’t, you blamed me wrong, don’t believe me, ask Sarah that girl!”

“Hmph, she was deceived. Ask her if it is useful? You are very cunning!”

Melina glared at her.

“Hey, who are you? You bothered us to rest normally! Would you please go out?”

Nanny Cross couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but say.

“Who are you? You have a voice here?”

Melina gave Sister Cross a stern look.

“Furthermore, do you know who bought this house? My daughter bought it! I am her father, and this is her mother!”

After Dale revealed his identity, Cross’s wife stopped talking.

“You can explain about Ollie. How did you defraud my daughter to buy you a house? If you can’t say it clearly, no one will have a better life today!”

Edith said coldly.

They have already paid attention, and must educate the mother and son Levi severely.

“I didn’t! Sarah bought it for me, I didn’t lie to her, please believe me…”

Ollie was crying nervously.

“I’m her mother. She didn’t buy a house for me, let alone a villa for me. You are an outsider, and she buys you a villa. Do you think it’s normal?”

Edith’s words left Ollie speechless, and she didn’t know how to refute it.

After all, this matter is unclear.

“Say! Give me a reasonable explanation!”

Edith and her group looked at Ollie condescendingly.

Ollie pursed her lips and said, “I have nothing to say! Sarah really has no reason to buy me a house, but I didn’t lie to her!”

“Hahaha, you also know that Sarah has no reason to buy you a house? Then why did you live in shamelessly?”

“Ollie, do you feel comfortable living here? Does it feel particularly refreshing?”

“You are too shameless? You live in someone else’s house! You still cook chicken soup? You really think of yourself as a lady?”

Everyone in the Mann family humiliated Ollie again and again.

“Why? A fierce expression? You want to hit me? You live in the house my daughter bought. You should kneel on the ground and kowtow to me! Do you dare to stare at me?”

Edith said angrily.

“Ollie, do you think you can still live here? This is my daughter’s house, and we have the right to drive you out!”

“Yes, get all your trash and get out of here! We don’t welcome you! This is our house, you have no right to live!”

Melina began to drive Ollie out.

Sister Cross couldn’t listen anymore, she asked, “Does Miss Logan know about this?”

“We are her parents, do you still need her to know about this little thing? And you, get out with this shamelessly!”

Edith roared.

Both must be driven out.

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