The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 950

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Chapter 950

Soon, the traditional medicine and other medicines Ollie needed were delivered to the door.

This is where he got it from Hanson.

The medical team of the Dragon Legion has all medicines.

“Ah? Son, aren’t we banned in Wingston? Why is there still medicine?”

Ollie looked at the traditional medicine with surprise.

“Mom, don’t worry about it, this problem won’t trouble us.”

Levi approached.

In the yard of Mann’s house.

“Hahaha, grandma, don’t you know? Levi’s wild mother passed out in pain!”

“Sure enough, controlling the drug is equivalent to controlling her lifeblood. There is no need for sanctions in other industries.”

Neil and Edith laughed into a flower.

Today they are all behind the scenes.

Who would dare not agree with those merchants?

Especially when they saw Ollie’s struggling, they were extremely excited, and they took pictures of her with their mobile phones and showed them to everyone.

“Hahaha, within three days, Levi and his mother will definitely move out of Wingston!”

Neil laughed.

“Isn’t it? If this continues, Levi’s wild mother will not be starved to death, but will also be hurt!”

Melina also laughed.

Willis smiled and said, “Levi is also a cheap bone. He toasts and doesn’t eat fine wine! How good is it to leave with fifty million? Have to force us to use means?

“In the end, how ugly is it for you to leave by yourself? You can’t get a penny!”


“A ba5tard is a ba5tard! Dare to fight against the Mann family? See how we play it!”

The Mann family laughed together.

“What are you doing? What are you laughing at?”

At this time, Sarah walked in.

“Nothing to see!”

Everyone evaded and hid their phones.

“You are dealing with mother and son, aren’t you?”

Sarah asked coldly.

Melina simply admitted: “Yes, that’s right. We are going to drive mother and son out of Molentor Province, so no one will harass you anymore.”

“What? I won’t agree!”

Sarah looked surprised.

“You don’t need to worry about it, Sarah! Within three days, they will leave automatically.”

Edith and Neil said.

“You can’t call the shots on this matter, unless you sever the relationship with your parents and with us.”

Melina said bluntly.

Sarah just looked at them angrily, but helplessly.

But she resolutely refused to agree to this matter.

Melina even smiled and said: “Levi, Levi, we are still wondering how to prevent you from dying with our daughter. I didn’t expect you to pick up a wild mother back. Isn’t this giving us a chance?”

Sarah gave her a fierce look and returned to her room.

Having sanctioned Levi and his mother, the Mann family was extremely proud.

But how did they know that something big happened in Wingston this night.

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