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Chapter 956

Ollie smiled.

She knew it would not be that simple.

Unexpectedly, this kind of problem occurred just after staying for a day.

Sarah is a good girl.

Her family is also right.

In the final analysis, it was her own reason. She was a cumbersome. Following Levi’s side, it was useless except to hurt him and be laughed at by others.

“Why don’t you clean up yet, what are you doing in a daze?”

Melina can’t wait to start.

Finally, Ollie and Cross Sao packed up their luggage.

“Hurry up!”

The crowd urged.

Ollie came to the kitchen and packed the cooked chicken soup into two portions.

“This is the chicken soup that I have cooked by myself. I want to give Sarah a little, and I would like to thank her!”

Ollie said.

Unexpectedly, Cross Wentao stepped forward and snatched the lunch box from Ollie.


He poured all the chicken soup into the sewer.

“If you want to go, you can entangle Sarah? Do you want to ask Sarah? Tell you, it’s impossible!”

Cross Wentao said viciously.

Concubine Mann Jun said in agreement: “Yes, that’s right! Besides, would Sarah drink your soup? You are so dirty, so people dislike it? I guess you will vomit disgustingly after a sip!”

“Hurry up! My family can’t drink such dirty things!”

Edith glared fiercely.

Finally, Ollie and Cross Sao were pushed out.


Cross Wentao closed the door severely.

“Ah! Get rid of this annoying spirit, it’s comfortable now!”

Dale smiled.

Melina frowned, and said dissatisfied: “No, there is still her scent in the room, so quickly open the door and open the window to let out all these disgusting smells!”

“I have to say, Sarah chose a pretty good villa!”

Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei were very satisfied.

“Well, grandma is in charge, this villa is for you!”

“As for Dale and Edith in the future, what kind of house do you want to live in? Sarah’s worth is getting higher and higher.”

Melina directly gave the villa to Cross Wentao.

“Well, we don’t mind. As long as you don’t live with Levi’s mother, anyone can live!”

Dale’s goal was on Ollie, and they didn’t care about the villa assignment.

“Thank you grandma and grandma, thank you aunt and uncle.”

Cross Wentao was overjoyed and got such a good villa in vain.

At this time, Ollie and Cross’s sister-in-law had already arrived at the gate of the community and ran into Levi head-on.

“Mom, Aunt Cross, what are you doing?”

Levi asked.

“Mr. Garrison, you don’t know, Sarah’s parents kicked us out! Hey!”

Ollie didn’t want to say, but Cross’s sister-in-law said everything.

“Go, come back with me! It’s the other way around!”

Levi took the two to return.

Chapter 957

Ollie was unwilling in every way, but she was stubborn but Levi.

Levi also blamed himself.

Bringing my mother back, I have already suffered twice.

Next, he was going to replace the security of the entire community with his people.

In this way, no one can get close to the mother.

Let alone hurt her.

“Ding Dong, Ding Dong…”

When the doorbell rang, the Mann family was puzzled.

“Wen Tao go and open the door to see who it is?”

As soon as Cross Wentao opened the door, there was a roar outside: “Who gave you the courage to drive my mother out?”

This roar scared many people in the Mann family.

“It’s Levi!”

The next time they saw Levi coming back with Ollie.

“We drove out, what’s the matter?”

Cross Wentao looked arrogant.

“This is my mother’s house. What qualifications do you have to drive her out?”

Levi said coldly.

“Your mother’s house? You can pull it down! This is obviously a house that Sarah bought. What does it have to do with your mother?”

Concubine Mann Jun said angrily.

Cross Wentao even smiled and said, “Now, this villa is already mine, and my grandparents just gave it to me.”

Mann Jianguo and Melina nodded: “Well, this villa belongs to Wen Tao. It has nothing to do with your mother?”

“Hehe, who are you? What right do you have to distribute the house that Sarah bought? Give it to others?”

Levi asked.

Melina smiled and said, “You don’t care about Levi. You and Sarah have divorced. You can’t control her property, but we are her parents and relatives. We can control it, understand?”

“Well, I’ll tell Sarah right away!”

Levi had to make a call when he took out the phone.

The faces of Melina’s group changed.

If Sarah knew, this matter would be difficult to handle.

After Levi told Sarah the matter, she came quickly.

“Parents, what are you doing?”

“I bought this room for Auntie, why are you driving her?”

Sarah said angrily.

“No! You buy her for a bad name! If it spreads out, it will be a joke!”

“What will the outside world look at when that time comes, shamelessly?”

Dale and others were determined.

Sarah smiled helplessly: “Okay, how can you let Auntie live in this room?”

Melina glanced at Levi and said: “Okay, then I said! She can live in the villa, but Levi must give you the money to buy the house!”

“Grandma, aren’t you embarrassing?”

Sarah was anxious.

This villa is worth more than 20 million. Where did Levi find so much money?

“If Levi had no money to buy a house, his mother would not be eligible to live!”

“Yes, what villa to live in without money?”

Everyone said coldly.

“Okay, I’ll do it! Isn’t it 20 million?”

Chapter 958

Everyone was taken aback when they heard this sentence.

Looking at Levi in a daze.

This sentence came from his mouth?

“Okay! Twenty million is easy, right? I want you to take it out on the spot!”

Melina was angry.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll transfer to Sarah right away!”

Under the gaze of everyone, Levi transferred 20 million to Sarah.

“Huh? Really! Where did he get so much money?”

After the transfer was successful, everyone was shocked and looked at Levi incredulously.

Where did this ba5tard get so much money?

Randomly transferred 20 million, indicating that he still has a lot in his hands.

Sarah was not surprised.

After all, Levi is Porter’s grandson, so it’s not surprising that he put out a little money.

Although he didn’t earn the money, it at least solved the current situation.

“Okay, Levi counts you ruthlessly. But, Sarah, you can’t transfer the money back!”

Finally, Melina left dejectedly.

Cross Wentao is the most angry.

The villa we got is gone.

This time Ollie was able to live with peace of mind.

What’s more, Levi changed the security to his own person, and there would be no danger.

Don’t talk about bullying Ollie anymore, getting close is always a problem.

Ollie put the things in the room again, especially the photo of the three people on the bedside.

Levi picked up the frame and said, “Mom, throw it away.”

“Can’t throw!”

Ollie immediately hugged the frame in her arms.

“This is my only thought, I must keep it.”

Levi pursed his lips and said, “Mom, are you still thinking about that man?”

Ollie did not answer, but you can tell by looking at her eyes.

She was still thinking about that man.

She did not regret what happened back then.

“You miss him, but he doesn’t miss you. After solving your problem, he returned to the capital and immediately married another woman and gave birth to a child. It seems that he is only two years younger than me.”

Levi told a fact.


When Ollie heard the news, she was struck by lightning.

The eyes of the whole person are incredible.

“What? Is he married? Still having children?”

Ollie was surprised.

“Da da da…”

She took a few steps backwards and almost fell to the ground.

“He once told me that he only loves me in this life, forbidding me, and abandoning you is the meaning of the family, and he can’t reverse it.”

“He gave me an oath that he will never marry again in this life, and the position of the bride will always be mine. It will not be given to anyone else!”

“For the promise he made, I have been looking forward to it so far, dreaming that he will come to pick me up one day, and then Mingzhong will marry.”

Speaking of this, Ollie was already crying in silence.

“It turned out to be extravagant hopes, it turns out that he has been lying to me! He turned around and married another woman!”

Ollie said miserably.


Hearing this, Levi clenched his fists, his eyes violent.

Is this the man from the first family of Morendam?

Are you sure it’s not a rogue who is full of lies?

This is the so-called noble blood?


Extremely ridiculous!

They have waited for more than 20 years for the pledge to give others that kind of promise.

You turned around torn and married other women.

Promise that if you can’t do it, don’t say it!!!

This kind of heartbreaker should be beaten to death!

Levi’s eyes shot out a ray of cold light.

“Don’t worry, your happy days are running out! After my wedding with Sarah is over, it will be the end of the Garrison family.”

Chapter 959

Sarah pursed his lips, letting Levi say.

It’s right to be angry.

She also wanted to hit someone.

I want to question this guilty man face to face.

But who is it?

The heirs of Morendam’s First Family, exist like a dragon in the sky.

Not to mention that they confronted them for revenge.

Not even qualified to see one side.

What if Levi is the number one local figure?

Can’t fight against the first family of Morendam!

What’s more, the current Levi is nothing.

The one who can best deal with is the identity of Porter’s grandson.

However, the Porter family could be suppressed by a servant of the Garrison family.

It is impossible to challenge the Garrison family to seek justice for Ollie!!!

Revenge, don’t even think about it in this life!

Just live in peace and stability.

I can only vent from the mouth.

“Mom, what’s his name?”

Levi asked.

“Lawrence Garrison!!!”

Ollie squeezed these three words from between her teeth.

“Okay, I remember! Soon, I will make this name a shame!”

Levi said coldly.

Tianfu City, the gate of the royal family’s Garrison family.

In the morning, there was one person-Irving Garrison, the servant of the Garrison Family.

It turned out that Phillip sent him here.

Phillip met Marshall Garrison, the lord of the Garrison Family imperial family in Tianfu.

And told Marshall all what happened.

“Mr. Garrison, I can’t contact the Garrison family in Jingcheng with my abilities, so I can only send you people here.”


Marshall thought for a while and said: “This lowly seed has grown to this point??”

“Irving Garrison was killed by him? Irving Garrison is a Lord sent by the Garrison Family in Beijing to guard the south. Just one person shows how powerful he is.”

“Yeah, who would have thought that a wild species is so powerful.”

Phillip was very depressed.

After all, the reputation of the Peace Hotel was ruined.

“For the honor of my Garrison family, this mother and son must die! If the outside world knows that they are still alive, my Garrison family can’t afford to lose this person!”

“You don’t need to tell the Garrison Family of Jingcheng about all this. A lowly seed is not qualified to let them pay attention. I will solve it.”

Marshall turned the two night pearls and shouted at the door; “Immediately prepare manpower, and go with me to Jiangnan to kill Ollie’s mother and son.”

“Huh? Patriarch Garrison, you want to go there in person?”

Phillip was surprised.

Originally thought Phillip would send a Lord casually to kill Levi’s mother and son.

Unexpectedly, the relative of the lord of the royal family would go.

“Mr. Garrison, are you so afraid of Levi?”

Phillip was surprised.

Marshall smiled and said, “No, no, no, he is far from being qualified to let me pay attention! Even less qualified to let me deal with him personally.”

Phillip is also a wise man, and immediately said, “Could Mr. Garrison go to Jiangnan for other things?”

“Yes, that’s right. Earlier I heard that the God of War had returned to Jiangnan with the King of the Five Great Wars. Actually, I had the idea to go a long time ago, and I have been preparing for this. I just happened to go there.”

Marshall said.

“Does Mr. Garrison have any relationship with the God of War?”

Phillip asked.

“En, yes, the Alton King under the command of the God of War is the great benefactor of my Tianfu Garrison Family.”

“Three years ago, if I hadn’t had him, our family would have been buried overseas.”

Marshall sighed.

That year, he took important members of the Tianfu Garrison Family to participate in a cooperation.

The result was an ambush and almost annihilated.

In the end, Alton rescued them.

The Garrison Family of Tianfu also regarded Alton as a great benefactor.

Chapter 960

Phillip smiled and said, “That’s it! You can just take this opportunity to meet the God of War! Maybe he won’t meet others, but if you go, he will definitely meet.”

“Well, that’s what I meant. I’ve long wanted to pay homage to the God of War! I heard that it is still my own family name? I wonder if the God of War came from the Garrison family in Beijing?”

Because I heard that the God of War was surnamed Garrison, Marshall had this conjecture.

He once checked the files.

However, God of War is a ssssss-level archive, one level higher than Jingcheng Garrison Family.

Can’t find out…

Phillip immediately agreed: “Yes, yes, it is very possible! Garrison surnamed, can become God of War war god, I am afraid that only the first family Garrison family?”

“I think it will probably be. The Garrison family is genius like a cloud. It is very possible to become the only five-star war god in his twenties.”

In Marshall’s view, the probability of this matter is very high.

“By the way, isn’t that kid a bit powerful? Bring more manpower and bring some Tang Sect Lords.”

Marshall ordered.

Phillip smiled when he heard that a Tang Sect Lord was coming.

Tang Sect has been circulating for a long, long time.

The Tang family in Shuzhong has been a family since the Wei and Jin dynasties, and is famous for its hidden weapons and other kung fu.

Even now, Tang Sect actually exists.

It’s just that it’s in a remote place, and most people don’t know it at all.

There are still countless Lords in the door.

Especially used by major families in Tianfu.

Among them, the Garrison family has the strongest and most Tang Sect Lords.

It is said that the Tang Sect Lord kills people invisible.

So Phillip felt stable.

No matter how good Levi is.

When encountering a Tang Sect Lord, there is nothing but death.

Soon the Tianfu Garrison Family was ready to enter Jiangnan the next day.

It was heard that the Garrison Family of Tianfu Royal Family was coming.

The famous families in Jiangnan, and even the rich and powerful people from the major places next door came to greet them one after another.

Even the top ten kings in Jianghai, headed by the Frank family, also rushed to Jiangnan to greet them.

The big family members held a welcoming ceremony.

Colorful flags and banners hung all over Shili Long Street.

This is the power of the royal family.

When I heard that the royal clan Garrison Family was coming, they formed a posture of a hundred clans to come and worship.

Although it was a royal family, it was just a collateral branch of the Garrison Family in Jingcheng.

If it’s really from the Garrison Family in Jingcheng, I’m afraid it’s the ten thousand people who came to worship.

This is the first family in Morendam, the head of the ten thousand clan.

At this moment, many knelt down to worship on both sides of the long street.

This is their welcoming ceremony and respect for the royal family Garrison Family.

Sitting in the car, Marshall looked at the scene outside the window, he was very satisfied.

“Yeen, it’s not bad. Look, this is the prestige of my Garrison family! Everyone just kneels on the ground and worships as long as they hear of my Garrison family’s prestige.”

At the next moment, Marshall changed his words: “Because the Garrison family is so powerful, it is well-known at home and abroad. So once the public knows that the Garrison family heir in Beijing has a sordid kind and first love here, it will bring much shame to the Garrison family. And loss?”

“So these two people must disappear! Only if they disappear, there will be no such hidden danger!”

Marshall’s eyes were full of killing intent.

“Father, where shall we go first?”

“Killing Levi’s mother and son or looking for Alton Battle King?”

Marshall’s eldest son Tomy Garrison asked.

“Of course I saw the Alton War King. What qualifications does that cheap breed have to compare with the Alton War King?”

Marshall snorted coldly.

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