The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 953

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Chapter 953

It was Edith who hit Sarah.

She stared at Sarah and said angrily: “Your mother? Your mother is only me!”

Sarah was slapped again and again.

She looked at Edith incredulously.

She hasn’t beaten her since childhood.

I did it today.

“Sarah, you disappointed us too much!”

Dale sighed.

“How can you be so stupid to buy a house for Levi’s mother? What do you think?”

“Are you planning to live with Levi’s family and want to leave the Logan family and Mann family?”

Everyone accused her.

Sarah covered her face, feeling extremely wronged.

She felt that she had done nothing wrong.

“I tell you, if you want to treat Levi’s mother as your mother, then don’t treat me as your mother!”

“For him, we sever the relationship of mother and child! If this is your attitude!”

After speaking, Edith slammed the door and left.

Sarah was stunned on the spot.

The juniors of the Mann family persuaded: “Sister Sarah, even if we marry, we can’t be casual. We must be right, let alone you. You are the hope of the Logan and Mann family in the future.”

Everyone can tell a fact.

The main reason is that Sarah is the greatest hope, and her marriage is sloppy.

Sarah understood, looking at this posture in front of him.

Either he is so strong that he is not controlled by the Logan and Mann family, he is free to call the shots.

Either Levi gave her a big surprise at the wedding and make everyone shut up.

Otherwise, the prevention of Logan and Mann’s family cannot be eliminated.

Forget about the second kind of thinking, Levi can’t count on it anymore.

Let him use the action to shut up the Logan and Mann family.

It’s better to make oneself stronger.

Just recently, Erick Group was about to launch a large-scale technology project. Sarah decided to discuss with Natalie, and she would take over the project.

As long as this project goes on, her worth will be improved by a qualitative leap.

By then, she will definitely be able to control her freedom.

It’s not like getting rid of the family now.

Sarah is an activist.

Immediately she found Natalie, wanted her to integrate, and gave her this billion-dollar project.

But Natalie agreed without even thinking about it.

“Okay, here you are.”

“Huh? Is Natalie so sloppy? A hundred billion project?”

Sarah was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, I gave it to you.”

Natalie replied.

You are the boss of Erick, everything is yours, do whatever you want.

“Should a project of this size not be decided through a meeting? Just give it to me?”

Sarah was surprised.

“Others don’t have any comments! If you don’t believe me, I will call and try one by one!”

Natalie dialed the high-level calls of the company one by one.

“It’s Miss Logan who wants to run this project, I totally agree!”

“It’s Miss Logan, then I don’t have any comments!”


As long as everyone heard that it was Sarah, they agreed unconditionally.

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