The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 954

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Chapter 954


Sarah looked puzzled.

How can it be like, is she dreaming?

Aren’t the top executives of the Erick Group known as the elites among the elite?

How can they decide on a 100 billion project so hasty?

As soon as they heard her name, they immediately agreed.

What does it mean?

Since this group of people knew that Levi was the boss, they secretly ranked Sarah first.

This is the boss!

“Natalie, your reputation is too big, right? They all agreed because of you, right?”

The high-level executives agreed so happily, Sarah could only think that they were looking at Natalie’s face.

“Where is my reputation so great…”

Natalie added silently: “They all look you, the boss, I just work for you couple.”

After moving into the new house, Ollie was cooking chicken soup and wanted to send it to Levi at noon.

At this time, someone rang the doorbell.

The nanny has opened the door: “Who are you looking for?”

“Is Ollie here?”

A loud shout came.

Ollie ran out of the kitchen hurriedly.

What she saw were Sarah’s parents and grandma.

“Hello, come in quickly!”

Ollie said affectionately.

“Do you really use yourself as the owner of this house?”

Suddenly, Edith roared.


Ollie was frightened immediately.

“My daughter bought this house! Why do you live?”

Edith stared at Ollie and asked.

“It’s Sarah who bought it… she bought it for me…”

Ollie whispered.

“Who are you to her? Why would you buy it for you?”


Ollie was speechless for a while.

Talk about daughter-in-law, it’s inappropriate.

After all, Levi is divorced, and in all respects, she has nothing to do with Sarah.

Sarah did not speak well of buying a house for her.

“Can you see it? She can’t even tell herself!”

“Because Sarah has nothing to do with her at all! I suspect she was a scammer who bought her a house!”

Edith said.

Melina immediately echoed: “Yes, our family is pure and kind! We are fooled by others!”

“This house is tens of millions worth. Why would Sarah buy it to an unrelated stranger? Normal people will know what’s going on if you think about it. Sarah is definitely cheated!”

“There are too many bad people these days!”


Everyone was rushing to analyze.

Finally, his eyes fell on Ollie.

Dale scolded: “Explain! How did you defraud my family? If we find evidence, I will definitely let you sit in prison!”

“Yes, if we don’t explain, we will call someone to check you and let you sit and wear it!”

Everyone began to threaten.

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