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Chapter 957

Ollie was unwilling in every way, she was stubborn but Levi.

Levi also blamed himself.

Bringing his mother back, he has already suffered twice.

Next, he was going to replace the security of the entire community with his people.

In this way, no one can get close to mother.

Let alone hurt her.

“Ding Dong, Ding Dong…”

When the doorbell rang, the Mann family was puzzled.

“Neil go and open the door to see who it is?”

As soon as Neil opened the door, there was a roar outside: “Who gave you the courage to drive my mother out?”

This roar scared many people in the Mann family.

“It’s Levi!”

The next time they saw Levi coming back with Ollie.

“We drove her out, what’s the matter?”

Neil looked arrogant.

“This is my mother’s house. What qualifications do you have to drive her out?” Levi said coldly.

“Your mother’s house? You can pull it down! This is obviously a house that Sarah bought. What does it have to do with your mother?”

Edith said angrily.

Neil even smiled and said, “Now, this villa is already mine, and my grandparents just gave it to me.”

Javier and Melina nodded: “Well, this villa belongs to Neil. It has nothing to do with your mother?”

“Hehe, who are you? What right do you have to distribute the house that Sarah bought? Give it to others?”

Levi asked.

Melina smiled and said, “You don’t have to care about it. You and Sarah have divorced. You can’t control her property, but we are her parents and relatives. We can control it, understand?”

“Well, I’ll tell Sarah right away!”

Levi had to make a call when he took out the phone.

The faces of the other group changed.

If Sarah knew, this matter would be difficult to handle.

After Levi told Sarah the matter, she came quickly.

“Parents, what are you doing?”

“I bought this house for Auntie, why are you driving her?”

She said angrily.

“No! You are bringing a bad name! If it spreads out, it will be a joke!”

“What will the outside world look at when that time comes, shamelessly?”

Dale and others were determined.

Sarah smiled helplessly: “Okay, how can you not let Auntie live in this house?”

Melina glanced at Levi and said: “Okay, then I say! She can live in the villa, but Levi must give you the money to buy the house!”

“Grandma, aren’t you embarrassing?”

Sarah was anxious.

This villa is worth more than 20 million. Where would Levi find so much money?

“If he had no money to buy a house, his mother would not be eligible to live!”

“Yes, what villa to live in without money?”

Everyone said coldly.

“Okay, I’ll do it! Isn’t it 20 million?”

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