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Chapter 961

Tomy was trembling with fright, and immediately said: “Father is, good boy’s fault. I didn’t distinguish the priority! A Levi is like an ant, and can be crushed to death at any time.

Marshall said angrily: “That’s right! Don’t be afraid of him and value him just because he killed a Irving Garrison. Irving Garrison is just a servant at best. You are too shameful of my Tianfu Garrison Family.”

The young generations of the Tianfu Garrison Family bowed their heads, like children doing wrong things.

They also feel very embarrassed.

Why take a lowly seed so seriously?

“Such a ba5tard is not worth seeing! He is not qualified!”

Marshall’s most beloved grandson Yun Garrisonfei said coldly.

Marshall nodded with satisfaction: “This is the man from the Garrison family in Tianfu, learn something! It scares a wild species! If it reaches the ears of the Garrison family in Beijing, I will be ashamed!”

“Lord, the address of the Alton Warlord has been found here, and we will go straight to it now.”

The butler said.

“Okay, hurry up, the old man can’t wait.”

Marshall smiled.

Soon, the Garrison family and his party came to the theater compound.

Levi moved, but they didn’t.

The huge movement outside attracted the attention of the Wesley people.

They thought they had come to find the fault again.

Several people walked out ferociously.

“Why are you here? Looking for something?”

Owen is already full of fighting spirit.

Because he found a lot of Lords from the crowd.

Really all of them are super Lords.

Most of them are stronger than Irving Garrison who came before.

“For a long time, I haven’t seen so many Lords.”

Owen smiled and said.

“King Alton, the great benefactor of our Tianfu Garrison Family, finally see you.”

With the support of his children and grandchildren, Marshall suddenly came to Alton, kneeling and said.

Other children and grandchildren, such as Yun Garrisonfei and others, all knelt to the ground.

“The Garrison Family of Tianfu pays homage to the great benefactor——Kirin Battle King!”

Everyone in the Tianfu Garrison Family was grateful.

Back then, if it weren’t for the unicorn, there would be no Tianfu Garrison Family now.

Phillip looked at him in surprise.

The Garrison Family of the Tianfu imperial family, who is better than a hundred clans to worship, had to kneel in front of the Five Great War Kings, without any airs.

Not to mention the God of War!

That must be an unimaginable existence.

“It’s you? Mr. Marshall, it’s been a long time since I saw you. It’s been three years, right?”

Alton quickly helped Marshall up.

The Garrison family was overjoyed.

Do Alton Fighting King remember them?

“Kirin Warlord heard that you were in the south of the Yangtze River, so I came non-stop.”

“These are…”

Marshall turned around and couldn’t help asking.

“Come, let me introduce to you, this is Wesley, Owen, Suzaku…”

Alton introduced the other four people to Marshall one by one.

Marshall crouched around his waist and showed great hospitality while holding his hands.

This is the remaining four kings.

These five people follow the God of War all the year round.

The overseas battlefield is even more fierce.

At this moment, they all knew each other unexpectedly.

What a joyous event!

Even if he is the lord of the royal family, he needs such a character as his background.

The status of these five people, let alone him, even the first family, the Beijing Garrison Family, must be taken seriously.

If they get to the gate, they have to be kindly invited in.

“I don’t know, will I have a chance to meet the God of War?”

Marshall looked hopeful.

Tianfu Garrison’s family is full of longing.

Chapter 962

Alton smiled and said: “Yes, God of War is very approachable.”


Marshall looked excited.

His children and grandchildren also cheered.

To be able to witness the true face of the God of War is probably the wish of every big family.

What did Alton think of, he couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Garrison has traveled all the way to Jiangnan, is there something else?”

Marshall smiled and said, “Seeing the Alton Battle King is your top priority, but let’s do a small thing with ease.”

“Small things? How small is it?”

Alton looked curious.

Marshall said somewhat embarrassingly: “It’s not a big deal to deal with a traitor from the Garrison family. It made the Alton Warlord and the other warlords laugh.”

“It’s housework, so you can handle it as you please.”

The Alton people didn’t care.

Alton then invited Marshall into the house.

This made the Garrison family flattered.

How many people in this world can the King of the Five Great Wars personally invite in?

The other side.

Levi lives with his mother temporarily.

Ollie lived in peace of mind.

But she was always sad.

Irving Garrison failed to kill their mother and son, and there must be others coming.

This cannot be avoided unless they are dead.

“Sister Porter, I just heard someone say, what is the Garrison Family imperial family of Tianfu, it is said that local celebrities and wealthy people have all gone to greet them, and they have taken up the Ten Mile Long Street.

“Does it have anything to do with Mr. Garrison’s last name?”

Auntie Cross, who came back from shopping, was talking about it.

“What? Garrison Family Royal Family?”

Upon hearing this, Ollie’s heart gave a thud.

The time to come is finally here.

His son is strong, so how about being No. 1 in Jiangnan?

In front of the Tianfu Royal Family Garrison Family, it was still as small as an ant.

Not to mention the behemoth behind it, the Garrison Family, the capital of the Ten Thousand Clan.

But firmness flashed across her face.

In any case, we must strive to ensure the safety of Levi.

He must not be hurt.

In the evening, Marshall left the theater compound.

“Mr. Garrison is okay. My God of War will meet with you tomorrow.”

Kylin promised.

“Well, I also prepared gifts for the God of War and his mother! I hope the God of War can laugh at it!”

Marshall heard that God of War’s mother was there, and he quickly sent someone to Tianfu to choose gifts.

It will be there before tomorrow!

“Mr. Garrison is interested!”

Alton smiled.

Go back to the villa prepared in advance.

“Have you found out where their mother and son live?”

Marshall asked.

“I found it! Not far away! Everything is under our control!”

Tomy said.

“Okay, don’t worry. Just look at them, and after seeing the God of War tomorrow, we will pack up the night before we return to Tianfu.”

Marshall’s face immediately became serious, staring at his son and asked: “What? Are you beginning to pay attention to this waste again?”

Marshall didn’t regard Levi as a thing at all.

In his eyes, it was nothing more than an ant that stomped to death.

Your children and grandchildren value him so much?

Treat him as a hidden danger?

What qualifications does such a small person have?

“As my sons and grandsons of Marshall, I’m so good at it? I’ve said that it’s easy to solve! Don’t you understand the meaning of easy solution?”

Marshall scolded angrily.

“Yes, my father taught a lot! A little Levi appeared in front of the Tianfu Garrison Family, like an ant!”

Tomy couldn’t help saying.

“Well, that’s almost the same! Let’s make every effort to prepare to see the God of War War God tomorrow!”

Marshall asked.

Chapter 963

Early the next morning, Ollie got up to make breakfast for Levi and Sarah.

She didn’t know how long such a happy life could last.

Enjoy a day is a day.

Sarah asked during breakfast, “Are you busy during the day?”

“Yes, someone wants to see me. I have to go.”

Levi didn’t know who Alton was talking about.

Anyway, let him meet and give Alton a face.

“Well, tonight, when you come back, I will discuss something with you.”

When he said this, a shy look flashed across Sarah’s face.

“OK, no problem.”

On the other side, the gift the Garrison family had transported from Tianfu arrived.

The gift is divided into three parts, packed in three exquisite wooden boxes.

After checking it again, Marshall smiled in satisfaction.

After the Garrison family arranged their appearance, they went to the theater compound together.

To show respect, all went on foot.

When the local giants heard this, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

In the morning, Marshall brought his descendants to the military district compound.

“Mr. Garrison, my boss will come here for a while, you wait a moment.”

Alton said.

“Hahaha, let us wait for the God of War, it is my honor to wait!”

Marshall laughed.

Tomy also agreed: “Yes, just ask the world, how many people can wait for the God of War?”

“That’s not a lot, at least I haven’t heard of it.”

For Marshall and Tianfu Garrison Family, waiting for Levi is a kind of supreme glory.

Not to mention dozens of minutes, what about waiting for ten days and a half months?

Maybe it will become a good story when it spreads out?

About an hour later, Levi came.

When they saw Levi, Marshall and others were stunned.

First, Levi is too young, right?

Second, is he too ordinary?

Levi’s dress is ordinary and casual, if he doesn’t exude aura, it’s really no different from ordinary people.

Is he the God of War?


Seeing the five Alton people shouting together, Marshall and others were convinced that this was the real God of War.

“They came to see me?”

Levi asked.

“Meet the God of War!!!”

Marshall led his children and grandchildren Qiqi to kneel in front of Levi.

“Boss, let me introduce you. This is Marshall, the Lord of the Tianfu Garrison Family Patriarch! He has a lot to do with me!”

Alton introduced.

“Tianfu Garrison Family?”

A sneer crossed the corner of Levi’s mouth.

Most of them are inseparable from the Jingcheng Garrison Family.

“Yes, God of War, I am Marshall of the Tianfu Garrison Family!”

Marshall lay on the ground and couldn’t help asking: “I heard that God of War is a family name with us?”

Levi nodded: “Yes, that’s right, my surname is Garrison.”


Immediately, Marshall and his children and grandchildren breathed a sigh of relief.

After verifying this fact.

They are extremely excited.

Garrison’s surname can be so good that he can become God of War.

It must have been cultivated by the Garrison Family in Jingcheng and the other Garrison clan.

Be regarded as relatives with them.

Can you not get excited about such a good thing?

Marshall’s Adam’s apple slipped, swallowed fiercely, and asked expectantly: “God of War, the villain still has a question, I don’t know if it’s inappropriate to talk about it?”


Levi approached.

“If the villain is right, you are probably from the Garrison family of Jingcheng, right? You must be one of the few arrogances of the Garrison family of Jingcheng! Garrison surnamed, can become God of War, all I can think of The Garrison family in Beijing is in the same line!”

Marshall said it was a guess, but in fact it was extremely certain.

Chapter 964

The Tianfu Garrison family was looking forward to Levi’s answer.

If so, there are too many benefits for them.

They are branches, backed by the Jingcheng Garrison Clan.

What’s more, make a good relationship with the God of War in advance.

The future is infinitely beautiful.

“Jingcheng Garrison family? Ha ha, they are not worthy!”

It was just a word from Levi that made the Tianfu Garrison Family’s heart cold to the bottom.

Has nothing to do with Jingcheng Garrison Family? ? ?

how can that be?

Except for Garrison Family in Beijing, who can cultivate the God of War?

He can’t think of it!

The few Garrison family clans in the northeast, northwest and Saintberg are at the same level as their Tianfu Garrison family at best.

But there is absolutely no strength to cultivate a god of war in a country!

“Ah? Not the Garrison Clan in Beijing? How could it be possible? The Garrison Clan in other places can cultivate the God of War. You come? I don’t believe it!”

The eyes of Marshall and his children and grandchildren were full of incredible.

They don’t believe what other people have cultivated.

“You are wrong. The boss started from a small soldier to the position of God of War. He stepped on it step by step. It has nothing to do with who cultivated it!”

Alton quickly said.

Levi glanced at Marshall and said: “Listen well, I have nothing to do with any Garrison family, especially the Beijing Garrison family.”

After hearing Levi’s affirmative answer.

Marshall and the others were so shocked that they sucked in cold air.

Can an ordinary person born be able to be the God of War in Great Summer?

how can that be?

Among such wealthy and distinguished families, they have always believed in the idea that it is difficult for a poor family to have a good son.

In their view–


A horrible background.

A noble origin.

Environmental education is different, resources and contacts are different in all aspects.

The poor family is definitely inferior to the noble children.

Even if there is a rise of the poor, they will be obliterated.

So I heard that Levi came from a poor family and became the god of war in a country.

They can’t believe it.

“Okay, get up!”

Levi approached.

“Thank God of War.”

Marshall and others got up and followed Levi into the room.

“Are you a branch of the Jingcheng Garrison Clan?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Levi smiled meaningfully: “You come to Jiangnan, I’m afraid there is one more thing, right?”

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

The air in the field freezes.

Everyone looked at Levi in amazement.

Even Alton looked at him incredible.

How did he know?

Marshall’s complexion changed, and the weather was uncertain.

The eyes are full of incredible.


The Garrison family was dumbfounded.

But they know what the god of war is referring to?

It must be the killing of Ollie’s mother and son.

Marshall took a deep breath.

Secretly asked: “Does the matter spread so quickly? Even the God of War War God knows about this b!tch and the b!tch?”

Sure enough, good things do not go out, but bad things spread thousands of miles away.

The God of War knew that more people would know about it next.

At that time, the Garrison Family in Jingcheng will become a joke for the entire Morendam!

Together with their Tianfu Garrison Family’s reputation will also be damaged!

They will not be able to look up at that time.

To prevent this from happening.

Levi’s mother and son must be killed earlier.

Never future trouble!

Originally, Marshall wanted to leave the night before.

Now I am afraid of nights and dreams.

Let’s kill Levi’s mother and son tonight.

Marshall looked at Levi and said awkwardly: “Yes, yes, there is one more thing. Solve a traitor in the family!”

Chapter 965

Levi smiled.

The smile on the corners of the lips deepens, and the smile is meaningful.

I really came to kill myself!

Sure enough, the purpose of this group of people will not be so simple.

“Family traitor? I heard it’s pretty good, you have to send some Lords!”

Levi smiled.

Marshall and his children and grandchildren became more and more sure that God of War knew everything.

Even Ollie knows how terrible the ba5tard is.

I’m afraid this b!tch and the b!tch have made a big joke

They have been ridiculed.

“Lau God of War is worried about the God of War, don’t worry, I will definitely solve this family traitor!”

A fierce stern flashed in Marshall’s eyes.

“Well, good. Waiting for your news.”

Levi nodded.


Marshall’s eyes lit up.

Could it be said that the God of War of God of War also disliked that b!tch and the b!tch ashamed?


After all, God of War is also the Garrison family!

There was such a scandal in a surname, and his face didn’t shine.

In any case, these two cannot stay.

I will supervise myself tonight and kill these two people.

“By the way, the god of war, my Garrison family, prepared a little gift for you and your mother and wife. I hope you can laugh at it!”

Marshall waved his hand.

The children and grandchildren immediately brought three exquisite gift boxes.

“What does it mean?”

Levi was slightly angry.

Alton quickly said, “Boss, just accept it! Mr. Garrison has no other meaning!”

Levi smiled.

He neither accepts the gifts of other people nor accepts them.

But why didn’t the Garrison family’s gifts be accepted?

What’s more, they are here to kill themselves!

Why don’t you accept it?

“it is good.”

Levi agreed.

Marshall was overjoyed and opened the three gift boxes one by one.

In the first box is a golden silk armor coat made of special metal.

“God of War, this is a special gold silk armor suit that combines ancient and modern craftsmanship. The biggest feature is that it can hold sword attacks, can block bullets, and can withstand high temperatures. It is much easier to use than bulletproof vests. Considering that you are fighting on the battlefield, I specially send you this gift.”

Marshall said.

Levi picked up the golden silk armor and looked at it.

It is indeed a good thing.

“Okay, I like it.”

Marshall excitedly opened the second box, which contained a blood-red wild ginseng.

“God of War War God, this is a blood ginseng given to Lingmu! The effect is not more than that, it is of great benefit to the body!”

“Okay, I like it, I accept it.”

Marshall suppressed his excitement forcibly, and continued to open the third box and said, “This is a piece of Hetian jade, which we gave to Mrs. Ares!”

“I also hope that God of War will say hello to both of you!”

Levi gladly accepted the gift and said with a smile: “Well, that’s not bad. I like the gift you gave!”

“If there is nothing wrong, I will leave. I do not wish you success in eradicating traitors.”

Levi drew a weird arc at the corner of his mouth, and said with a smile.

The God of War not only accepted the gift, but also cared so much about the “traitor” of their Garrison family.

This made Tianfu Garrison Family extremely excited.

They really got acquainted with the God of War.

Also established such a deep relationship!

This future is unimaginable!

Even in front of the Garrison Clan in Beijing, they have the right to speak.

“Then Alton Warlord, let’s not bother us anymore, we have other things.”

Marshall happily returned with his children and grandchildren.

He is planning to get rid of Levi’s mother and son at night.

In order to be foolproof, he has to plan ahead.

“Ollie’s mother and son must never see the sun tomorrow morning!”

Marshall sneered.

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