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Chapter 966

Marshall has already selected a good Lord.

Each of the six Tang Sect Lords is a hidden weapon Lord.

In addition, the eighteen Lords of the Garrison family blocked everything to prevent Levi from having any possibility of escape.

In addition, he will take the other members of the Garrison family to watch the game outside to prevent other possible situations.

“Levi even the God of War said that you are very strong. I, Marshall, will see how strong you are tonight?”

Marshall was looking forward to it.

On the other side, Levi took the gift home.

This blood ginseng is so helpful to his mother right now, it is simply what she needs most.

In the past two days, he also sent someone to find some good medicinal materials to treat her mother’s illness.

Unexpectedly, someone brought blood ginseng.

If this blood ginseng is used properly, some stubborn diseases can be eliminated, it can also strengthen the body, restore the mother’s body, and even prolong life.

To exaggerate a little bit, it also relieves her skin.

The effect of beauty and beauty is definitely not bad.

In short, this blood ginseng is too timely.

After Levi asked Frank Feng, he directly used this blood ginseng for Ollie.

See the plum dyed back.

Levi gave her the piece of Hetian jade casually.

“If someone gives you a gift, the three of us have a share!”

Levi approached.

“Thank you.”

Sarah didn’t know much about jade, so he accepted it as a normal jade pendant.

But she knows where, this piece of Hetian jade is of the highest grade, and it is so valuable that it cannot be imagined.

After all, it was Hetian jade from the Tianfu royal family’s Garrison family, and it was by no means an ordinary variety.

Generally speaking, people who know jade will have their jaw dropped when they see it.

In the future, Sarah will know how valuable this piece of jade is.

“By the way, aren’t you okay?”

Levi remembered that Sarah told himself this morning.

“Yes, let’s go to the room.”

Sarah pulled Levi into the bedroom, sneaky.

Make Levi very curious.

“You should know that I took a 100 billion project?”

Sarah asked.

“I know.”

Can Levi not know?

This is his company.

You are the boss, you can take any items.

“When the project is actually launched, my worth will increase several times. At that time, with my worth, the Logan family and Mann family can no longer control me. As for me, I am free to decide my own things, such as-marrying you .”

Sarah said.

Levi finally understood why she took the initiative to ask for the project.

Sarah looked at Levi solemnly: “But just in case, I decided to take double insurance! Let my parents and grandma have no chance to block them, and can only watch us get married!”

“No need, I will take care of everything then.”

Levi planned to reveal his identity at the wedding.

As long as he reveals his identity, the Logan and Mann family will definitely not stop him.

Sarah glanced at him and said, “No, you, I can’t count on it!”

Levi: “…”.

He looked helpless.

He understands that Sarah still thinks that he is relying on Porter’s family for food.

I think I am incapable.

Even less able to solve this matter.

“I decided to adopt a method! This is a safe guarantee to ensure that they have no objections.”

Sarah smiled mysteriously, but then lowered his head with a shy expression on his face.

“What’s the solution? So easy to use?”

Levi was curious.


Sarah stammered and couldn’t say it shyly.

Chapter 967

Levi touched his head with a look of doubt on his face.

“What the hell?”

Although Levi is the invincible God of War.

But in terms of feelings, it’s like blank paper.

I can’t figure out Sarah’s thoughts at all.

Sarah glared at him fiercely: “You are really elm bumps, I mean you want a kid!”

“Ah? Ahh… I… I see…”

Levi reacted instantly.

Sarah wants a child!

The method is really good.

I am pregnant and have a baby.

If they don’t, they have to recognize it.

“As long as I’m pregnant, neither the Logan family nor the Mann family can do anything about me. What’s more, at that time my value is beyond their control. I will be the Lord of my marriage at that time! No one can stop it. “

Sarah said angrily.

Levi said, “Is this bad?”

“Why not?”

“Maybe I am a more traditional person. I always want to give you the best and give you the utmost respect! I think that giving birth to children should come after we really get married. Now we are in a state of divorce after all.”

“Sarah, if you are pregnant at this time, it will affect you very badly. I don’t want to see you suffer from these unprovoked criticisms! You have been suffering enough these years! So the childbirth matter should be left until after we get married. ?”

Levi said seriously.

Sarah was also moved when he heard Levi say these words.

“I’m not mistaken about you in King’s Landing! So everything I do is worth it! You listen to me, we have to have children! Only in this way can we get rid of them!”

There were tears in Sarah’s eyes.

Levi cared about her so much.

It doesn’t matter if she suffers.

“Okay, I listen to you.”

Levi rubbed his hands and smiled.

It has always been his wish to have a child with Sarah.

But in six years he owed too much.

He dare not take the initiative.

“But not tonight, I have something else.”

Levi said suddenly.

Marshall will bring someone to kill him soon.

He is not in this mood.

“Who said it’s tonight.”

Plum dyed him white.

Levi felt hot all over, and he immediately went outside to enjoy the cool.

With a wave of his hand, someone appeared in the dark.

“God of War, please tell me if you have something!”

“Go, remove all prevention and control around the community! Let the people in the dark come in!”

“God of War, understand!”

Soon, the heavily guarded community disappeared at all.

All personnel were evacuated.

Otherwise, Levi was worried that Marshall’s people would not be able to get in.

It’s late at night.

Levi was drinking tea outside the villa to enjoy the coolness.

At this time, Marshall led everyone to the outside of the villa area.

“Let’s start, we must kill Ollie’s mother and son!”

Marshall gave an order.

Six Tang Sect Lords and 18 Garrison Family Lords instantly entered the villa area.

Soon, it disappeared without a trace.

Marshall sent dozens of Lords to guard around the villa area, which was considered triple insurance.

Let Levi’s mother and son not escape from birth.

They found Levi’s residence long ago.

Eighteen Lords of the Garrison family were around, blocking any exits of the villa to prevent Levi from escaping.

Six Tang Sect Lords went to assassinate Levi’s mother and son.

In front of the villa, Levi was looking at the clothes she was wearing.

The six Tang Sect Lords were already less than 50 meters away from him.

“This is Levi! Kill him!”

After confirming Levi’s identity, the Tang Sect Lords suddenly used killing moves.

Chapter 968

“Shoo, hoo…”

Suddenly there was a terrifying sound in the air.

Hidden weapons drew a wave of white air in the air, killing Levi.

The hidden weapon Lords of the Six Great Tang Sects wanted a one-shot kill.

So the six people released hundreds of hidden weapons in an instant.

Levi will definitely be pierced into a sieve!

There is no doubt that he will die under the battered hole.




But what they didn’t expect was that one hidden weapon hit Levi’s body, unexpectedly bursts of sparks appeared, and the sound of metal clashing.

“What’s going on? He has protective clothing on him? Kill again!”

The Six Great Tang Sect hidden weapon Lords reacted too quickly, and launched a second wave of more violent hidden weapon attacks without any gaps.


But the hidden weapon hit Levi’s body, still the same, there was no way to penetrate it.

“Huh? No, he is wearing my Tang Sect gold silk armor suit?”

When someone saw Levi’s golden metal clothes clearly, they were surprised.

“No way! Where did he get the Tangmen golden silk armor?”

“Does it look a bit like?”

“We have failed, withdraw quickly!”

The six Lords left quickly after a brief exchange.

Levi looked at the person who left, and he smiled.

I have to say that this golden silk armor is really easy to use.

The hidden weapon just now is Ron’s unstoppable horizontal training, and it will be injured somewhat.

You must know that Ron is impenetrable, and bullets can’t penetrate it.

This golden silk armor is really easy to use.

Even better than body armor.

The eighteen Lords guarding the periphery of the villa suddenly saw the six Tang Sect Lords who had fled, and they were shocked.

“You keep on guarding.”

Outside the villa area.

Marshall looked relaxed: “Should be killed? I’m very relieved of these six people.”

At this moment, the Six Great Tang Sect Lords quickly withdrew.

“problem occurs?”

Seeing them, Marshall knew something was definitely going on.

“Mr. Garrison’s big business is not good. Levi is wearing a protective suit like my Tangmen gold silk armor suit. Our hidden weapons can’t hurt him at all!”

Another said: “In my opinion, it is Tang Sect’s golden silk armor!”

“What? Is there anything else?”

The first thing Marshall and his children and grandchildren thought of was the God of War.

During the day, they gave a golden silk armor to the God of War.

But they wouldn’t think about the connection between Levi and God of War.

One is Morendam’s God of War, and the other is Garrison Family’s cheap seed.

The two are not comparable!

So they will not associate these.

It can only be said that Levi happened to have a piece of armor on his body.

People always don’t dare to think about things they fear, so they are sure that this thing is not true.

“That means that Levi is a bit powerful, no wonder the God of War praised him. He should have something like soft armor on his body that can withstand attacks.”

“Go, let’s go and see for ourselves. If the assassination fails, kill it directly. I see how he can stop it!”

Subsequently, Marshall personally led the Lord Lloyd Lloyd to the villa.

Together with the eighteen Lords guarding the periphery, they surrounded the villa.

At the door of the villa, Levi was still sitting.

At this moment, people appeared in the dark.

Marshall’s army came.

“Levi is dying! After today, there will be no place to bury him!”

With an order from Marshall, the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of Velador all dispatched.

Chapter 969

These eighteen people are Lords raised by the Garrison family with a lot of money, and it is the first time that they have joined forces.

They believe that gods block and kill gods, and Buddhas block and kill Buddhas.

Eighteen people killed Levi in an unrivaled posture.


The long knives in their hands passed through the cold air.


Levi let their knives fall.

It just made a sound and couldn’t cut it through.

“Old Mr. Garrison see it? He has armor on his body, so he can’t cut it through!”

Tang Sect Lord reminded.




Eighteen Lords attacked continuously, but they couldn’t cut anything.

On the contrary, the weapons in their hands were sharpened.

What kind of armor suit must this be?

Even the current body armor can be cut through.

“How do I feel that he is wearing Tang Sect gold silk armor suit? Ordinary armor suit can’t last so long!”

Tomy whispered.

“A bit scary?”

Marshall wanted to see exactly what Levi was, but he was a little far away and couldn’t see clearly.

Levi, who was entangled with the Eighteen Experts, suddenly burst into light in his eyes.

“It’s me…”


As soon as the voice fell, Levi moved.

Kick one away.

The Eighteenth Lord was in his hands, just like a paper, without any fighting power.

Soon, all eighteen Lords were kicked off.


Very shocking!

Marshall and the others know the strength of these people best, and at least eighteen people are better than ten Irving Garrison.

This is not an opponent?

“Kill! Kill him for me!”

“This person must be got rid of! Otherwise it is the shame of my royal family Garrison Family! Even the God of War War God knows it! Must die!”

Marshall was anxious, and sent all his subordinates out of his mind, and he was bound to kill Levi.

In an instant, hundreds of Garrison Family Lords all killed Levi.

At this time, Levi also walked over step by step.


He let a knife slash on him.

No matter what kind of offensive, the golden silk armor can withstand it.

But the Garrison Family Lords found out.

No matter how they chop, they can only chop on Levi’s body.

Places like the head and neck can never be cut.

And Levi can withstand their attack, but they can’t withstand Levi’s attack.



Levi walked all the way, and many people lay down on the ground.

In the end, the Garrison Family Lords did not dare to step forward.

This man is terrifying.

It can’t be killed at all.

What does this make them do?

Gradually, Levi had forced them back hundreds of meters.

It seemed that he was less than a hundred meters away from Marshall and the others.

“This, this…”

Marshall and the others looked at the scene in front of them, full of incredible.

Does this wild species have such a strong strength?

Why can’t it be killed at all?

Although the distance was close, the lights were dim, and they still couldn’t see clearly.

“Kill him for me! Kill him for me quickly!”

Marshall shouted.

He already had a trace of fear.

Levi smiled at this time and said: “The gold silk armor suit you gave Marshall is really good! The actual combat experience is full!”

This sound resounded like a bolt from the blue sky, blasting into the ears of Marshall and his children and grandchildren.


This voice is so familiar…

And the content of his words…

Marshall all realized later.

Reacted little by little.

The golden silk armor given by Marshall?

When was it delivered?


The few Marshall who had reacted were as if they were struck by five thunders.

Chapter 970

Marshall’s scalp exploded, and his eyes were about to fly out.

The golden silk armor he gave?

Didn’t he give it to the God of War during the day?

Is the person in front of him the God of War? ? ?

At this time, Levi was very close to them.

Marshall and his children and grandchildren all looked at them vigorously.

An extremely familiar face appeared in front of them.

Isn’t it the God of War?

I just saw it during the day.

Seen again in the evening.

Still in such an awkward way…

“Mr. Garrison, the armor suit you gave is really good. It works much better than the body armor. I’m so satisfied.”

Levi smiled at them innocently.


At this moment, I don’t know why, Marshall and others’ legs were weak.



One by one, they knelt down in front of Levi.

The other Garrison Family Lords who surrounded Levi were at a loss.

“Kneel, what are you doing in a daze?”

Marshall shouted.


They also knelt to the ground one after another.

Levi smiled: “Why are you kneeling? Come to kill me? Marshall, didn’t you come to kill me?”


At this moment, everyone in the Tianfu Garrison Family understood.

God of War is Levi!!!

No wonder he didn’t recognize the Garrison Family’s identity, and even more dismissed the Jingcheng Garrison Family in words.

No wonder he knew their other purpose of coming to Jiangnan…

No wonder he said that ba5tard is very powerful, so he should bring more manpower…

It turns out that he is the God of War!!!

They found themselves wrong.

If it is really a useless wild species, can kill the Lord Irving Garrison?

Can you bring Ollie back from Jiangzhen City?

Can you destroy that stone tablet?

The most embarrassing thing is that they knew they were going to kill him on the spot, and they cooperated stupidly.

After a long fight, the wild species to be killed is the God of War.

“I was wrong, God of War, we were wrong, we made a huge mistake…”

Marshall was so scared that his body was wet with cold sweat, and his soul was no longer possessed.

Dare to kill the God of War?

For Morendam’s soldiers to hear, I am afraid that the Tianfu Garrison Family will be flattened.

What they committed was a huge mistake!

“Aren’t you a royal family? Aren’t you noble blood? Give me a lowly wild species and kneel down?”

Levi smiled.

“God of War… you are supreme, it is normal for us to kneel down!”

Marshall hurriedly said.

“Then if I don’t have this level of identity! I’m a low-level wild species forever worthy of being insulted and killed by you?”

Suddenly, Levi raised his voice, which frightened Marshall and others.

“You tried so hard to kill me and my mother, don’t you think that my mother and I are humble, and the blood flowing in the blood is muddy low-grade blood? Will disgusting us bring shame to the Garrison Family?”

Levi continued to roar.


Marshall was stunned, not knowing how to answer.

They really think so.

Wild species are not worthy to live in the world.

“Why? Your blood of the nobles of the Garrison family is noble? You were born as a Lord? Is it noble than us?”

“Okay, then I ask you! How am I better than you in the name of the God of War War God? I want to ask, I was an orphan in the past to the point where I was the God of War War God, who can you Garrison Family? Who can you noble race?”

“Where’s Lawrence? Isn’t he the heir of the noble race? How is my status better than him??”

Levi almost roared.

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