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Chapter 971

Marshall said awkwardly: “That must be the God of War, you are powerful, he can’t compare with you!”

He was right.

Even if the Garrison Clan in Beijing is the first family in Morendam, how strong Lawrence is.

Compared with Morendam’s God of War, he was still a little behind.

“Then why does he think that I am a wild species? Is he qualified? Is the Garrison family qualified?”

Levi kept asking questions.

“No! No! In front of you, the Garrison Family has no qualifications!”

Marshall hurriedly said.

He was so scared that his body was trembling all the time.

“Do you want me to disappear from the world? Garrison Family is afraid that they don’t have this ability, right?”

Levi sneered.

“Okay, I can take as many people as you come!”



Marshall and others immediately kowtowed their heads for mercy: “God of War is forgiving!!!”

“We were wrong, we didn’t know it was you…”

Everyone kowtows and their heads are bleeding.

In particular, Marshall almost lost his life.

“Spare our lives and promise all conditions.”

Marshall was anxious.

This is if God of War is angry.

Maybe the entire Tianfu Garrison Family was gone.

This trip is not worth it.

Who would have thought that this wild species would be the god of war in God of War…

Levi smiled and said, “Go away, I won’t kill you! You are not qualified either! I’m afraid your blood will dirty my hands!”

“Of course it also depends on the gift you give during the day! I like all three gifts, so let’s offset it!”

Everyone in Marshall breathed a sigh of relief, and this finally saved his life.

Fortunately, gifts were given during the day.


“You should be able to contact Lawrence directly, right?”

Levi asked suddenly.

“But…you can…”

Marshall answered.

“Okay, go back and tell Lawrence-Levi and my mother are living well! Maybe someday I will be in a bad mood and go to Garrison’s house! Let him wait!”

“But, my identity cannot be revealed, I will leave a big gift for the Garrison family.”

Levi instructed.

Marshall and the others shivered and said quickly: “Definitely, we will definitely get it!”

“get out!”

After getting permission from Levi, everyone fled like crazy.

However, Marshall and others did not leave immediately.

Instead, he found Alton and confessed everything.

“You guys…”

The unicorn was very angry.

No wonder the boss knew what these people were doing during the day?

It turns out they just killed the boss…

“What you have done let me say what is good about you? From then on I have nothing to do with you! But next time, I will be the first to not forgive!”

Alton said angrily.

After that, Marshall and his party returned to Tianfu overnight.

They understand that they will have to be extremely low-key in order to survive.

“Father, do we want to tell the Jingcheng Garrison Family about this? Do you want to explain everything?”

Tomy and others asked.

“No! Listening to the tone of the God of War, there must be a battle between him and the Jingcheng Garrison Family. Could it be ours?”

Marshall said angrily.

“That’s true! In their eyes, we are worse than a little ant!”

Everyone nodded.

“Come on, help me contact Lawrence! He will handle his affairs by himself!”

Just when Marshall wanted to contact Lawrence.

I didn’t expect to call.

“Father, it turned out to be from the Garrison Family in Jingcheng. It seems that they also know the news!”

Tomy was surprised.

“Give me the phone.”

Marshall answered the phone.


An old voice came from the other end of the phone.

Chapter 972


A cold and old voice sounded.

Hearing that, Marshall’s expression changed, and he respectfully said: “Yun always…it’s me…”

Judging from Marshall’s demeanor, it is obvious that the other party has a very high position.

In fact, the person who called him was not the senior Garrison Clan in Beijing.

But a servant…

A servant one rank higher than Irving Garrison.

Yun is always a servant of the Jingcheng Garrison Clan that has been arranged to guard by his side since the birth of Levi’s biological father, Lawrence.

It can be said that Mr. Yun is responsible for everything about Lawrence.

He is not only responsible for protecting Lawrence from safety, but also for his chores.

Therefore, Mr. Yun, the servant, has a good position in the Garrison Clan, even the head of the Garrison Clan of Tianfu must look up.

Because this is not a level at all.

The Garrison Clan in Beijing is really too strong.

A servant can also give orders to the lord of the royal family.

“How’s the matter going? It should be cleaned up, right?”

Obviously, Mr. Yun already knew about Levi and Ollie.

Even if no one notices.

But with the strength of the Garrison Clan in Beijing, sooner or later you will know.


Marshall hesitated.

Old Yun’s tone immediately changed: “What? Did it fail? Marshall, you are a majestic imperial family, why can’t you be a wild species? It really disappoints me, it disappoints the Garrison clan too much! What’s the use of your trash? Shame the Garrison Clan every day!”

Hearing Mr. Yun’s reprimand, Marshall was also extremely upset.

Then the fucking god of war in God of War!

How many heads do I have to kill him?

“Why? Are you not convinced?”

“What’s the use of not accepting it? You can’t kill even a wild species! You are just a bunch of trash!”

Old Yun said angrily.

“Hmph, there is a reason why I can’t kill him, it doesn’t mean that our Tianfu Garrison Family is weak! It’s not a waste in your mouth!”

Marshall also said angrily.

Old Yun was happy: “Okay, then what are the reasons?”

“This matter has nothing to do with me, I don’t want to take action to solve it, can it?”

Marshall snorted coldly.

“It’s just a rubbish excuse! Next, I will act in place of Young Lord Lawrence! Let you see how the b!tch and the b!tch died.”

Old Yun said angrily.

Marshall smiled and said: “I will convey a word to Lawrence for Levi-he and his mother are living well, maybe one day they will go to Garrison’s house, telling you to wait!”

Marshall understood that in the eyes of the Garrison Clan in Beijing, these collateral branches were no different from dogs.

Even a servant abused him.

So Marshall wanted to see the scene of Levi’s uproar in the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

“What? That’s what that ba5tard really said?”

When Mr. Yun heard it, he was very angry.

Immediately, he even said: “Marshall, you actually spread the word for a wild species? You are really good enough? You have lost the face of our Garrison family, you are really inferior to a dog at the door of the Garrison family!”

“Then you have to be tough! I would like to see how you killed him!”

Being so humiliated by Mr. Yun, Marshall couldn’t even tell him about Levi.

“Marshall, wait for you, trash! After I report to the young Lord and Patriarch, I will definitely expel the Tianfu Garrison Family from the Garrison family!”

Old Yun hung up angrily.

“It’s really bullying!!!”

Marshall suffocated and smashed the phone to the ground.

Marshall looked into the distance and said faintly: “How do I faintly feel that he can kill the Garrison Clan in Beijing?”

Chapter 973

“How is it possible? How about he is the God of War? He can’t shake the Jingcheng Garrison Clan with thousands of years of foundation!”

Tomy didn’t believe it.

“Then you wait and see!”

The old Yun on the other end of the phone is now in the north.

He has a gloomy expression.

“Trash, everything is trash! You can’t kill even a wild species, and you still qualify to be a Garrison Clan?”

Old Yun said angrily.

“Yes, there are so many branches of the Garrison Clan in Morendam, but none of them can be used. They are all rubbish! Except for the surname Garrison, where are they worthy of the Garrison Clan?”

Several people also scolded angrily.

“Old Yun, what should we do next? Pass Levi’s words to Young Lord Lawrence?”

Someone asked.

“No! This kind of thing must not affect Young Lord Lawrence at this time! We must handle it quietly!”

Old Yun said in a low voice.

“Yes, it will be the ceremony of the next Patriarch handover soon. Young Lord Lawrence is about to become the noble Lord of the Garrison Clan. If this b!tch and the b!tch are spread out at this time, the impact will be great.”

“Young Lord Lawrence became the new Lord of the Garrison Clan in Beijing, and we will be the servants with the highest status of the Garrison Clan in the future! This also has a bearing on our future!”

Others analyzed.

Two gleams of light came out of Yun Lao’s eyes: “Yeah! That’s right! As servants, we must protect Young Lord Lawrence as the Patriarch. Whoever is the obstacle will kill whoever! Levi, kill! Ollie, kill!”

“As for how to kill, I have a way…”

There was a cruel arc at the corner of Yun Lao’s mouth.

Lawrence longed for the position of Patriarch for a long time.

He once said that in order to ascend to the position of Patriarch, he can give up everything and do whatever it takes.

So abandoning Ollie and Levi’s mother and son is nothing to him.

Compared with the position of the Patriarch of the Garrison Clan, Ollie’s mother and son are simply worthless.

At this moment, Mr. Yun received a call.

It is Lawrence’s nominal son Garrison West.

It was the child that Lawrence abandoned Levi’s mother and son and returned to Beijing to marry his wife.

Lao Yun and other servants watched Garrison West grow up.

Know that he is a ruthless character.

Lawrence was ruthless and vicious enough.

But Garrison West was dozens of times more dangerous than Lawrence.

The future must be a hero!

“Lao Yun, I know everything. At this moment when my father takes over as Patriarch, do you know what it means for these two people to appear?”

Garrison West said coldly.

“Lord West, I will understand! You must kill your brother Levi and his mother!”

Old Yun was quick to speak, and said the wrong title.

“He is a wild species, what is the qualification to be my brother? Is he worthy? Soon I will become the heir of the first family of Morendam! Is he qualified? A waste wild species!”

“I tell you, Garrison West doesn’t have such a brother! In this world, my father has no other son besides me!”

“Kill, I must kill the mother and son of the lowly seed! Never let them keep!”

Garrison West on the other end of the phone roared again and again.

Yun Lao’s words completely angered him.

In his opinion, calling Levi his brother is a big shame to him.

Da Xia’s noble blood was flowing in him.

Levi is a wild hybrid, with muddy blood, low and humble.

How can it be compared with him.

“Don’t let their mother and child disappear, I will let you disappear!”

Garrison West said lowly.

Chapter 974

Old Yun and the others were terrified.

Realize that I have made a mistake.

For today’s plan, Levi must be killed.

“By the way, Lord West, Levi also said something…”

Mr. Yun passed the words Marshall said to Garrison West.

When Garrison West heard this, he was furious: “What? That wild species still wants to come to the Garrison family? He wants to enter the door of the Garrison family?”

“It should be! It is estimated that he will not let this opportunity pass after he knows his life experience! He will enter the door of the Garrison Family by any means and let the Garrison Clan recognize his identity!”

Yun Lao Dao.

“Absurd! Still want to enter my Garrison Clan? What qualifications does he have? A wild species, so whimsical?”

“My Jingcheng Garrison family is the head of the ten thousand races, the first family. It never produces waste! A wild species wants to become the Garrison family? Want to appear in the genealogy? How could it be possible!!!

Garrison West sneered again and again.

“Lord West, in my opinion, he already knows his identity and will never let go of this opportunity anyway! Think about it, once he becomes the young Lord of the Garrison family, he will soon become a man.

Old Yun said.

“With me here, he wouldn’t want to step into the door of the Garrison family! He wanted to kneel and enter the door of the Garrison family to admit his ancestors and return to the ancestors is wishful thinking!”

Garrison West exclaimed.

But what they understood was different from what Levi wanted to do.

In their opinion, Levi must have entered the gate of the Garrison family three times and nine worshippers to recognize the ancestor and return to the ancestor, and let the Garrison family recognize their identity.

Levi meant to fight the Garrison family and smash the door of the Garrison family to enter.

“So I only give you three days! Within three days, he must die! This wild species stayed for too long, which is definitely the biggest shame to the Garrison Family!”

Garrison West was angry with this “brother” who had never met before.

“Understood, I guarantee that this matter will be handled cleanly.”

Mr. Yun set off overnight and took people to Jianghai.

In Jianghai, the Garrison Clan in Jingcheng has a base camp and almost controls the economic lifeline of Jianghai.

It’s just that no one knows.

Even the Frank family of the first family did not know that there was such a behind-the-scenes existence.

Only one Lawrence Group is known outside.

As everyone knows, this is Lawrence’s company, used to control the Garrison family’s southern industry.

It turned out that Irving Garrison was in charge.

In the next few days, Sarah was busy with new projects.

But Natalie came to tell her today that something went wrong with this project.

Originally there was no competitor at all, Erick Group can make the decision at all, and it has already been set.

But today, a large company suddenly jumped out to grab the project, its behavior is extremely domineering.

Natalie hurried to tell Sarah.

“Which company is it?”

Sarah asked curiously.

“It’s a Jianghai company called Lawrence Group. It didn’t have any reputation before, but it suddenly appeared.”

“As a result, the assets of this company are too scary. It is like controlling Jianghai’s economic lifeline. Erick Group is far inferior!”

Natalie said.

Sarah immediately inquired about Lawrence Group.

The information of this group is not confidential, but it is more difficult to check.

It took Sarah a little effort to find it.

“The legal representative of this group is Lawrence? A familiar name! It seems like I’ve heard it somewhere…”

Sarah muttered to himself.

“Isn’t Lawrence… Levi’s biological father?”

Sarah suddenly remembered, and she was startled in a cold sweat.

Chapter 975

Bidding with Garrison’s family?

How can it be?

For the first time, she wanted to give up.

How can you compete?

What’s more, the opponent came to grab it.

At this time, Natalie’s secretary ran over and said a few words to her.

Natalie’s expression was quite ugly. She said, “This afternoon, the person in charge of Lawrence Group is coming. You will receive it when the time comes. It is estimated that it will come for the project.”

“it is good.”

Plum dye took a few deep breaths.

What about Lawrence’s group?

What if the Garrison Family is strong?

She took down this project first.

Lawrence Group came to grab it, it was impossible.

When eating at noon, Levi looked at Sarah carefully and asked, “What’s wrong with you? His face is so ugly.”

“It’s okay, because of work headaches.”

Sarah did not tell Levi about the Lawrence Group.

I was afraid that Levi would cause unnecessary trouble when he knew Lawrence.

It’s better not to say.

After all, the arm can’t twist the thigh.

In the afternoon, several black cars arrived.

People from Lawrence Group are here.

Sarah went to meet them specially.

The head was a woman and two men, followed by a few assistants, who were aggressive.

“Sarah? It really is you!”

The headed woman suddenly smiled.

“you are…”

Because the other party was wearing sunglasses, Sarah didn’t know each other.

When the woman took off her sunglasses, Sarah trembled and his eyes showed shock: “It’s… it’s you…”

“Remember me? I thought you had forgotten me.”

The woman smiled charmingly.

“You… are you now the top of Lawrence Group?”

Sarah asked.

“Thanks to you, after being driven out of Jiangbei by you, I am doing well! I am currently the vice president of Lawrence Group!”

The woman smiled.

This woman was called Helen Guan, and she was once a good girlfriend and senior sister of Sarah.

She brought Sarah into the workplace, which is equivalent to half a Lord.

Take care of her in all aspects.

It was only later that Sarah discovered that all of this was an illusion.

Treating her well is to get close to Levi.

At that time, Levi had already established the Garrison Group, and his career was rapidly rising.

Helen also gradually revealed his ambition, often calculating Sarah, causing a series of false impressions that made Levi misunderstand.

In the most serious case, in order to separate the two, Helen arranged for others to arrest Sarah in the hotel and almost committed a crime.

After Levi found out, he completely drove her out of Jiangbei.

So two people are enemies.

The so-called enemies are extremely jealous when they meet.

Sarah sneered: “You don’t have to go in, right? Our company doesn’t welcome some people!”

“What do you mean by Sarah? I’m here today on behalf of Lawrence Group, okay? Do you dare to reject Lawrence Group?”

Helen said angrily.

Finally, Sarah had no choice but to take a few people into the company.

In the meeting room.

“Just talk about your purpose? I’m very busy!”

Sarah is straight to the point.

Helen smiled and said, “We are here this time for that technology project! I heard that it has been taken over by your company.”

“Yes, that’s right. I have already taken the project, you have no hope. You can’t just grab it, right?”

Sarah’s attitude is very tough.

Helen smiled and said: “Yes, we are here to grab the project!”

She was condescending: “Sarah, you must know something about Lawrence Group, right? Then I will order you to abandon this project in the name of Lawrence Group and give it to us!”

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