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Chapter 976



Make no secret of it.

This is the confidence of Lawrence Group.

Helen and the others knew what kind of existence was behind Lawrence Group.

So they are unscrupulous.

I haven’t been afraid of anyone in these years.

If it weren’t for Lawrence Group’s low-key, hidden behind the scenes, it is estimated that her name would be known throughout the South.

Sarah was shocked by Helen’s words.

Grab it directly?

Directly order yourself?


Originally, Sarah saw that it was Lawrence Group, so he had the urge to give up.

But after meeting Helen, her thoughts disappeared.

Why give up?

“Sorry, you are not my boss, you have no right to order me! What’s more, our company has already won this project! You can’t grab it!”

Sarah sneered.

“Who said you won the project?”

Helen said coldly.

“Naturally it is the project party. I have already met. I have all negotiated. This project belongs to my Dongtian Group. You are late, please go back!”

Sarah just had a good talk with the project team yesterday, and he paid the deposit.

Helen laughed.

“The project belongs to you? Has the specific contract been signed?”


Sarah was taken aback.

“But I have already paid the deposit. If the project party goes back, it will have to pay liquidated damages.”

Sarah looked up at Helen.

At this time, she suddenly received a phone call from the person in charge of the project.

The other party expressed willingness to pay three times the liquidated damages and also destroy the agreement with Erick Group.

“However, Mr. Logan, you can continue to participate in the bidding. It turned out that no one has the strength to compete with Erick Group, but now there is.”

The project party is in charge of humanity.

Since this project is a technology category, Lawrence Group has no right to interfere too much.

Allowing the project party to default is already the maximum.

So now Sarah and Lawrence Group are bidding fairly.

“How? Do you dare to say that the project belongs to you?”

Helen put his arms around him, condescendingly.


The plum is very angry.

Knowing the background of Lawrence Group, I did not expect that the project party would rather breach the contract and let them participate in the bidding.

But the more this happens, the more I can’t let plum dye.

Just for a breath!

“Have you seen our strength? Are you sure you want to compete with us?”

Helen smiled.

“Miss Sarah, we have checked your information. If you don’t rely on Erick Group, your Dongtian Group will not be as competitive as Ants in our eyes.”

The other one sneered.

Helen curled her lips and smiled: “What’s more, we didn’t pay attention to Erick Group!”

“Listen to me, obediently give us this project! It’s good for you! Fighting with us, it’s likely that you will lose your life.”

Sarah’s face changed; “Are you threatening me?”

Helen showed a hypocritical expression: “How can it be a threat? I just look at the face of my girlfriend and give you some advice. It’s good for you.”

“Beauty? I don’t have a girlfriend like you! Don’t come to this one!”

Sarah said angrily.

“Haha, just wait and see! Not only this project belongs to us, but also your company in the end!”

Helen laughed.

Recently, Lawrence Group does have plans to annex some large groups, including Erick Group and Dongtian Group.

“You have a big tone?”

Chapter 977

At this time, a voice sounded in the field.

I saw Levi come to the meeting room.

“You! Levi!!!”

Upon seeing Levi, Helen gritted his teeth, revealing a hideous side.

After her plan was seen through, Levi ruthlessly drove her out of that city!

“Do you still want to acquire my Dongtian and Erick? Let’s dream of an idiot!”

Levi sneered.

He just heard that Lawrence Group had come, and he checked, it turned out to be the property of his biological father Lawrence.

He hurried over.

Unexpectedly, the people got together.

A shameless scum like Helen is in Lawrence Group.

It can be seen what Lawrence Group is.

“Your Erick and Dongtian? Hahahaha…”

Helen suddenly laughed.

Looking at Levi’s eyes was like looking at an idiot.

“Levi, you are really shameless! Dongtian Group is from Sarah, and it may have something to do with you, but what does Erick Group have to do with you?”

Helen sneered.

“Tell you the truth! We have decided to acquire Erick Group! By the way, we also acquired Dongtian Group!”

One person next to him said.

Lawrence Group has been behind the scenes.

The reason for the jump now naturally has something to do with Lawrence.

He is about to inherit the position of Patriarch of the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

It needs to be approved by everyone in the Garrison Clan.

So, you need excellent results at hand.

Therefore, all his industries all over Morendam have surfaced, and they have to expand more than ten times in a short period of time.

Helen’s Lawrence Group was tasked with annexing Erick Group and other companies.

“Okay, then we’ll just wait!”

Levi smiled.

Lawrence still wants to annex his company?

It’s idiotic about dreams!

Who will annex who is not necessarily!

“Okay, Sarah, are you sure you won’t give up?”

Helen asked.

“Not give up!”

“Okay, then you just wait! I will make you lose miserably!”

“After acquiring your company, I will let you surrender at my feet!”

Helen left a few ruthless words and left proudly.

Sarah pursed his lips and looked at Levi and said, “You all know?”

“Well, actually you don’t have to hide it from me. Lawrence and I will meet each other sooner or later.”

Levi approached.

Sarah nodded.

Think about it too.

I ran into Lawrence’s enterprise so soon.

“Hey! Lawrence Group is too large, controlling the entire Jianghai behind the scenes. There is no certainty to compete with it.”

Sarah sighed.

Just being tough, it’s just a fight with Helen.

But when it comes to real competition, the gap is too big.

“Why are you afraid of it? We still have their turn to go wild in our turf!”

Levi didn’t pay attention to Lawrence Group in the slightest.

“It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s that Lawrence Group is too powerful, and even Erick doesn’t have the qualifications to wrestle!”

Sarah looked helpless.

This gap is an insurmountable gap.

It cannot be compensated by hard work and confidence.

“Don’t you fight for that technology project?”

Levi asked.

“Struggle, you must fight!”

The thought of winning this project and increasing their worth, the Logan and Mann family couldn’t control themselves.

Sarah was full of energy.

“If you don’t want to, you can change to another project. Tell Natalie.”

Levi said.

You are the boss’s wife, and another project is a matter of one sentence.

“Levi, this is a 100 billion project? How can there be so many? If you want to change it, just change it?”

Chapter 978

Sarah stared at Levi incredulously.

Is it so casual to change projects?

It is still a 100 billion project.

Levi is getting used to being a ba5tard, right?

Everything can be said so casually!

How did she understand that changing projects is really just a matter of her word.

Lawrence Group also has an industry in the provincial capital, in a building.

Helen and other senior officials returned here.

“It’s very simple. First take down this billion-dollar technology project, and then knock down the Erick Group a little bit!”

Helen and others have already made a detailed annexation plan.

They are discussing.

At this time the door of the meeting room was pushed open.

Seven people came in.

The headed old man wore a cyan gown, with a murderous look on his face, and his body exuded the momentum of a mountain topping.

All the people present suddenly felt breathing stagnant.

“Lao Yun…Boss Yun is here to welcome you if you have missed a long distance, but also hope to forgive your sins…”

Several senior executives of the Lawrence Group knelt as soon as they saw him.

“Kneel down!”

Helen and the others also knelt down, shivering.

The Garrison family has strict family rules, and bowing down is the most basic etiquette when meeting people with high status.

Not kneeling is disrespectful.

Disrespect is a dead end.

Stone Xiao, the current leader of the Lawrence Group, understands that this is about to happen.

A person like Yun Lao will never come once in 30 years.

When he comes, it definitely means something is going to happen.

“Well, I heard that you are doing a good job. You have taken control of Jianghai’s economic lifeline, and we must continue to expand, striving to expand the entire southern industry under its banner. This will have a great effect on Young Lord Lawrence as the Lord of the Patriarch!”

Old Yun said sharply.

“Understood, we are planning to annex the Erick Group, which is in the limelight. This is absolutely powerful for us.”

Xiao Stone said.

He asked boldly: “Does Yun always come for that wild plant?”

“Well, that’s right. That wild species has become a hidden danger! I must get rid of it by myself!”

Old Yun said coldly.

“That wild species???”

Helen looked puzzled.

“It’s okay to let you know! One is called Levi, right there. He is…”

Mr. Yun said roughly.

When Helen heard that it was Levi, she immediately said angrily: “This kind of person should have been killed long ago!”

“Oh? Is there anything to say?”

Old Yun asked curiously.

“Levi is unscrupulous in doing things, he is greedy of false fame, and is sinister and cunning! I think he will definitely use his status as the young Lord of the Garrison Clan in Beijing to do something… I am very familiar with this person’s character! He definitely takes it. He and his mother came to blackmail the Garrison family!”

Helen said a lot.

Old Yun was angry and said: “Sure enough, wild species are wild species! Even if half of the noble blood is flowing in his body, he can’t bear it. He is full of despicable and shameless roots, can he be worthy of the Garrison family?”

Mr. Yun already feels that Levi’s arrival is a hidden danger!

“Death, he must die!”

Old Yun said angrily.

“Mr Yun, how do you want to deal with him? Will you come forward directly?”

Xiao Xiao asked.

Will Mr. Yun come forward directly, will he be overkill?

“It’s inappropriate for me to come forward directly, I will be noticed by others, and it will have a bad influence on Young Lord Lawrence.”

Yun Lao Dao.

“What about you, now publish a reward order on the dark web-who can kill Levi and Ollie within a day! Three billion rewards!”

Chapter 979


Helen breathed a sigh of relief.

Three billion to take Levi’s life?

Isn’t it worth it?

Can Levi’s life be worth so much money?

Not only her, but others also feel that the price is a bit high.

But this is Lao Yun’s order.

School Stone must execute.

He quickly posted the news on the dark web.

Soon there will be a lot of super Lords and killers taking over the task.

The Lords outside Morendam can only watch.

After all, the time limit is too short.

Not to mention killing Levi, even if he arrives in Morendam, it is not necessarily true.

For a time, the Lords of Morendam South were the most enthusiastic and gathered here one after another.

Everyone must race against time.

After all, three billion.

“Lao Yun, in thirty minutes, hundreds of Lords have already taken over the task, and the number is still increasing!”

Xiao Stone smiled.

“Okay, this time I’m talking about his ability to reach the sky, but I’m not able to return to the sky.”

Old Yun looked calm.

He thought of Marshall again.

I called him: “Marshall, you are optimistic about this waste. In one day, I will show you how Levi died.”

Marshall was taken aback, he said: “Yun Garrison, I advise you to go back to the capital! Tell Lawrence about this and let him deal with it, so you don’t want to mix it up.”

“Haha? Why? I’m still afraid that he won’t succeed? I can solve this kind of small matter, so why bother Lawrence?”

Old Yun looked confident.

He couldn’t imagine what kind of ability Levi possessed, and would escape under such extreme circumstances?

“Well, I have persuaded you.”

“Hmph, you guys are useless! Not worthy of the surname Garrison!”

Marshall smiled bitterly: “Another ignorant person.”

Old Yun didn’t listen to Marshall’s words at all.

I only think he is timid.

Besides, what storm can a wild species set off?

After Helen knew that Levi was going to die, she was happier than anyone else.

She was driven out of that city by Levi six years ago. She has a grudge in her heart and has always wanted to take revenge.

Killing Levi both had their hearts.

Now the opportunity has come.

After Levi died, she would still torture Sarah.

at night.

Erick Group just got off work.

When Levi and Sarah were going home, they saw Helen waiting.

“Why? Is it an old friend anyway? Just ignore me like that?”

Helen sneered.

“Something wrong?”

Levi said coldly.

“I’ll tell you the bad news.”

Helen smiled.


Levi looked puzzled, she could still tell herself the bad news.

“Sarah, avoid it, I have something to say to him!”

Levi patted Sarah, and she walked aside.

“Go ahead, what’s the bad news?”

Levi asked.

“You are dying!”

Helen showed a terrifying expression and looked at Levi ferociously.

“Don’t worry, you will never see the sun tomorrow morning!”

“I have been waiting for this day for a long time!”

“You are dead, look at how I tortured Sarah, don’t worry, she will come with you soon!”

Helen laughed wildly just like a pervert.

“I’m going to die? Hahaha…”

Levi smiled.

Helen was puzzled.

He… Isn’t he afraid of death?

“I tell you, your identity won’t let you live, you will definitely die!”

Helen gritted his teeth.

Levi’s smile deepened: “Then I’ll make a bet with you, OK? You can see me alive tomorrow!”

Chapter 980

“Well, if I see you alive tomorrow, I will kneel and kowtow ten times! It’s at the gate of your company!”

Helen agreed.

She knew the ins and outs, and even knew that Mr. Yun personally supervised the battle.

It is impossible for Levi to live.

So she was relieved to dare to make this bet.

“it is good.”

After coming to Sarah’s side.

She asked curiously, “What is Helen looking for?”

“She explained that I’m going to knock my head ten times…”

Levi said.

Sarah looked at him in surprise: “Huh? Is Helen crazy? I will give you ten knocks!”

“I guess my conscience has discovered it! Anyway, I just wait and see her kowtow tomorrow!”

Sarah was confused: “It’s strange, how could she find it conscience?”

In the evening, after dinner.

Levi left the villa.

From Helen’s words, Levi knew that the Garrison family was going to do something to himself.

This time it is no longer any branch or collateral, it must be the Jingcheng Garrison Clan.

Then he needs to prepare in advance.

Came to the theater compound.

“Suzaku checked the strangers who entered the provincial capital today, and screened out all the targets!”

Levi ordered.

“Okay, this is difficult! I need to open the God of War Railway Brigade Skynet to check!”

Suzaku frowned.

Levi nodded: “Okay, I’ll give you permission!”

The Skynet of the God of War Railway Brigade can cover every corner of a city in a large area, making it easy for Suzaku to find it.

The whereabouts of the Lords who came to kill Levi were nowhere to be seen, all covered by the skynet.

“Also, let the Eighteenth Cavalry of Heaven Tribulation prepare, and after Suzaku has determined all the goals, we will solve everyone!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, understand!”

Wesley nodded.

After all this was ordered, Levi went back to accompany his mother and Sarah to dye.

As if nothing happened.

In the Jinlong Building.

Mr. Yun, Stone Xiao and his colleagues are always paying attention to the situation.

Helen is more concerned about this matter, so she applies to stay here.

“Lao Yun, so far, 388 Lords have come here! The number is still increasing, and it is estimated that it will increase to 500 before twelve o’clock!”

Xiao Stone laughed and said, “Five hundred Lords! Levi can’t handle it no matter how much he can, right?”

“This time all the top players are here! He has no chance of surviving!”

Old Yun said coldly.

This is because when the dark web releases missions, it specifically sets a limit-only top Lords can accept missions.

So what Levi faced was the assassination of the top 500 Lords.

Helen listened in a straightforward manner.

Levi’s ten lives are dead!

Bet yourself that he will live?

Haha, it’s ridiculous!

Want me to kneel and kowtow to you?

How can it be!

Don’t even think about having this kind of opportunity in your life!

I won’t give it to you!

Finally it was twelve o’clock.

“How many people are there?”

Old Yun asked.

Garrison West had already urged once and asked him about his situation.

It seems that the Garrison Family in Jingcheng is waiting anxiously.

“A total of 538 people!”

“The reward for this mission is too high, and there are people coming here!”

Xiao Stone replied.

“Okay, let them start!”

Old Yun ordered.

Xiao Stone immediately issued an order on the dark web-the operation began.

“Levi, don’t blame me for killing you, because wild species are not worthy to live in the world!”

A cold light flashed in Yun Lao’s eyes.

From this moment on, there were people taking action in every corner of the provincial capital.

The goal was impressively the villa where Levi’s family lived.

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