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Chapter 980

“Well, if I see you alive tomorrow, I will kneel and kowtow ten times! It’s at the gate of your company!”

Helen agreed.

She knew the ins and outs and even knew that Mr. Yuri personally supervised the battle.

It is impossible for Levi to live.

So she was relieved to dare to make this bet.

“It is good.”

After coming to Sarah’s side.

She asked curiously, “What is Helen looking for?”

“She explained that she is going to knock my head ten times…”

Levi said.

Sarah looked at him in surprise: “Huh? Is Helen crazy? She will give you ten knocks!”

“I guess my conscience has discovered it! Anyway, you just wait and see her kowtow tomorrow!”

Sarah was confused: “It’s strange, how could she find it conscience?”

In the evening, after dinner.

Levi left the villa.

From Helen’s words, Levi knew that the Garrison family was going to do something to him.

This time it is no longer any branch or collateral, it must be the Jinvale Garrison Clan.

Then he needs to prepare in advance.

Came to the theater compound.

“Tyler checked the strangers who entered the provincial capital today, and screened out all the targets!”

Levi ordered.

“Okay, this is difficult! I need to open the God of War Railway Brigade Skynet to check!”

Tyler frowned.

Levi nodded: “Okay, I’ll give you permission!”

The Skynet of the God of War Railway Brigade can cover every corner of a city in a large area, making it easy for Tyler to find it.

The whereabouts of the hitmen who came to kill Levi were nowhere to be seen, all covered by the Skynet.

“Also, let the Eighteenth Cavalry of Heaven Tribulation prepare, and after Tyler has determined all the goals, we will solve everyone!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, understand!”

Wesley nodded.

After all, this was ordered, Levi went back to accompany his mother and Sarah.

As if nothing happened.

In the Leo building.

Mr. Yuri, Helen, and his colleagues are paying attention to the situation.

Helen is more concerned about this matter, so she applies to stay here.

“Yuri, so far, 388 hitmen have come here! The number is still increasing, and it is estimated that it will increase to 500 before twelve o’clock!”

Helen laughed and said, “Five hundred hitmen! Levi can’t handle it no matter how much he can, right?”

“This time all the top players are here! He has no chance of surviving!”

Yuri said coldly.

This is because when the dark web releases missions, it specifically sets a limit-only top hitman can accept missions.

So what Levi faced was the assassination of the top 500 hitmen.

Helen listened in a straightforward manner.

Levi’s ten lives are dead!

Bet them he will live?

Haha, it’s ridiculous!

Want me to kneel and kowtow to you?

How can it be!

Don’t even think about having this kind of opportunity in your life!

I won’t give it to you!

Finally, it was twelve o’clock.

“How many people are there?”

Yuri asked.

Xavion had already urged once and asked him about his situation.

It seems that the Garrison Family in Jinvale is waiting anxiously.

“A total of 538 people!”

“The reward for this mission is too high, and there are people coming here from afar!”

Helen replied.

“Okay, let them start!”

Yuri ordered.

Helen immediately issued an order on the dark web-the operation began.

“Levi, don’t blame me for killing you, because wild species are not worthy to live in the world!”

A cold light flashed in Mr. Yuri’s eyes.

From this moment on, there were people taking action in every corner of the provincial capital.

The goal was impressively the villa where Levi’s family lived.

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