The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 981

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Chapter 981

Levi was already lying on the bed and fell asleep peacefully.

Because he understands that no one can get close to this villa tonight.

In the theater compound.

Tyler controls several computers, and there are dense red dots on the map above.

The red dot is the target person marked by him, the hitmen who have received a reward from the Garrison family to kill Levi.

“They all set off!”

In Skynet’s monitoring, the whereabouts of these people were unobstructed, and they moved to the center of the city.

“Well, let the Eighteen Tribulation Cavaliers act!”

Tyler ordered.

“In addition, I want someone to enter the provincial capital!”

Tyler said.

“Leave it to us! From now on, no one is allowed to enter here.”

Wesley and Alton were all dispatched, blocking the hitmen who came to them from the provincial capital.

Among the group of hitmen who are here to assassinate Levi, the fastest was the Southeast Three Tigers. These three brothers practiced martial arts since they were young and are superb at it.

They were soon near the villa.

“We are the fastest, kill mother and son, 3 billion is ours.”

The southeast three tigers showed excitement in their eyes and rushed in immediately.

Only in the next moment, two figures appeared in front of them.

The most important thing is that these two people are riding two snow wolves under them…




As soon as they met each other, the three of them lost consciousness and fell to the ground…

Next, several figures appeared around the villa, and when they were about to enter the villa area, several figures must have appeared.

They have one thing in common, they are all riding snow wolves…

Immediately, one person after another disappeared.

When a few people come, they disappear.

The number of people is rising rapidly…


two hundred…

five hundred…

Five hundred thirty-eight…

In the end, more than five hundred people disappeared, and they just didn’t get half a step closer to the villa area.

After solving all this.

Eighteen figures appeared around the villa area and then disappeared.

Heavenly Tribulation Eighteen Cavaliers successfully completed the task!

In the Leo building.

The people with Helen couldn’t help but wait for a little anxiously.

“It’s been half an hour, why is there no news at all?”

They paced left and right.

Helen was not there, she had already returned when she learned that the Lords were going to kill Levi.

“Yuri, how about I send someone to see it?”

Helen asked anxiously.

“No, there must be someone paying attention to such a big movement. We can’t reveal our identity.”


“I can’t wait for such a little time? What are you afraid of? Levi can’t die? Impossible!”

Yuri stared at everyone the same.


Everyone keeps waiting.

But one hour passed.

Still, nothing happened.

Now Mr. Yuri is not calm anymore.

Does it take so long to kill two people, at the hands of more than 500 masters?

This is not quite right!

“Wait a little longer! It may be that they are in conflict with the quest. After all, whoever kills can get 3 billion, and everyone wants to grab it.”

Someone analyzed it.

“That’s true! There were more than 500 people, but only one person or a group will get 3 billion in the end. They must be in the middle of robbing Levi’s life.”

Mr. Yuri also agreed with this analysis.

Everyone keeps waiting.

It’s for another hour.

There is still no movement.


Yuri couldn’t sit still anymore.

“It is bad, it is really bad…”

At this time, someone came and brought bad news.

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