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Chapter 986

“Then Garrison Xian…Let’s set off at King’s Landing!”

Fortunately, Brandon responded quickly, and almost called Levi the wrong identity.

“Okay, then let’s go!”

The Porter family’s motorcade returned to Jianghai mightily.

This time, he showed the highest etiquette.

As a result, I owed too much to Ollie.

Secondly, because of Levi’s identity.

Along the way, Ollie was extremely excited.

If the Garrison family gave up their grievances, she would be able to raise her head to live in the future without worrying about it every day.

As soon as the convoy set off, Mr. Yun on the other side got the news.

“Okay, let’s go too! Give Levi a big gift!”

Old Yun smiled.

Soon, Porter’s motorcade arrived in Jianghai.

Drive to the Porter family ancestral house in the outskirts.

Ollie has fallen asleep.

Looking at his mother, Levi said in his heart: “Mother, your dream son is here to guard! The Garrison family will never embarrass us!”

Brandon is already immersed in future plans.

With Ollie, Levi wouldn’t be able to deny himself as grandpa.

In the future, the Porter family must have a place.


At this moment, the car suddenly braked to a halt.

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

Brandon immediately shouted.

I saw Lords in black appearing from both sides of the highway, with murderous aura.

After Brandon got out of the car, he saw several familiar faces–Yun Garrison, that is, Yun Lao.

“Old Yun…what do you mean?”

Brandon was puzzled.

“Hahaha, because there is the God of War War God in that place, it is difficult for us to start. As long as Levi, mother and son are brought out, we will have a chance to start!”

Mr. Yun laughed.

Brandon realized that he had been deceived.

At first he was curious as to why the Garrison Family suddenly let go of their hatred.

Even let Ollie restore the Porter family status.

It turned out to be a conspiracy.

I just wanted to lead Levi and the others out and kill them.

At this time, Ollie also got out of the car.

Seeing Mr. Yun, she trembled all over.

She can’t forget this person.

After all, it was Lawrence’s great servant.

“Miss Porter is almost thirty years old, we meet again!”

Lao Yun smiled first, and then changed the conversation: “It’s a pity, I will say goodbye as soon as we meet.”

Ollie smiled miserably: “Are you still going to let us mother and child?”

“Hahaha, it’s impossible! You and this wild species are not worthy of living in this world. It’s almost 30 years. Don’t you understand this truth?”

Old Yun laughed loudly.

“Where is Lawrence, ​​is he really willing to kill me? How willing to kill his own flesh and blood?”

Ollie asked.

Old Yun sneered: “Bone bones? Is it a wild breed? Young Lord Lawrence has only one biological flesh-that is Garrison West! He also has only one wife-Long Aoqing!”

“Who are you? Do you know Young Lord Lawrence? Don’t be a b!tch! Still want to marry into the Garrison Clan? Impossible!!!”

Yun Lao’s words seemed to pierce Ollie’s heart with one knife after another.

Her heart was bleeding.

“After Ollie today, you and the wild species you gave birth have completely disappeared! Lord Lawrence won’t have any troubles anymore!”

Old Yun laughed loudly.

“You mean we will die?”

Levi asked suddenly.

“Are you that ba5tard?”

Old Yun asked angrily.

Levi said coldly: “If it weren’t for my mother by my side, you would have died just after you said this!”

Chapter 987

He didn’t want to show the murderous violent side in front of his mother.

Otherwise, Mr. Yun would have died just after saying these words.

Ollie took a deep look at Levi.

At this moment, she seemed to feel a kind of fear.

It was the violence that flashed past Levi…

However, Mr. Yun and the others were taken aback by Levi’s words.

“What a mad tone? Want to kill Yun Lao? It’s ridiculous!”

“A wild species dared to show off its power? It’s purely looking for death!”

Everyone angered.

Old Yun didn’t get angry and laughed instead: “This is the difference between the wild species and the young Lord West! Young Lord West will use his strength to prove himself! And the wild species will only be quick! The heavenly dragon and the ground reptile are not comparable!

Brandon said coldly at this time: “Yun Garrison put his mouth clean! For an old and disrespectful fellow!”

Brandon’s voice made Lao Yun and the others feel more and more incredible.

“What? Brandon, how dare you say it? Are you brave!”

For a long time, a servant Irving Garrison was able to suppress the Porter family’s head, and Brandon didn’t even dare to let go.

Today, I dared to yell at him.

Is this going against heaven?

Where did they know that Brandon was not afraid at all now.

With Levi here, what is he afraid of?

“Well, Brandon? You are so courageous! Believe it or not I will destroy the Porter family?”

Old Yun said angrily.

Brandon’s heart trembled.

Not to mention that Yun is old, even the previous Irving Garrison has this ability.

They are too strong, it is too simple to destroy the Porter family.

“I don’t believe it! Your Garrison family is so arrogant in the capital, and you run wild! I really think no one can rule you!”

Brandon argued.

“Brandon, do you mean that you are going to fight the Garrison Family to the end? Are you on the side of this wild breed mother and son?”

Old Yun’s eyes shot out cold light.

“Yes, it’s a confrontation, so what? We are afraid that you will not succeed?”

Regina said.

She is the head of the Porter family.

“Yes, with me today, no one can touch my daughter and grandson! I not only want to keep them, but also restore their reputation. These are my daughters and sons and daughters of the Porter family!”

Brandon roared.

Lao Yun was very angry. For a long time, no matter where he went, anyone treated the Jingcheng Garrison Clan with respect and dared not disobey.

The Porter family is the first!

This punished the Garrison Family’s majesty.

According to the regulations of the Garrison Clan in Beijing, the Porter family will definitely be annihilated!

“Well, well, your Porter family is crazy! Even a little girl is going to fight against the Garrison family in Beijing! You are guilty of being ambitious!”

Old Yun roared.

“Want to keep the mother and son? Brandon, what is your ability to keep them? Relying on your Porter family? It’s ridiculous!”

Old Yun waved.

Immediately, dozens of Lords appeared.

These were all top Lords he brought from the Garrison family, and each one was comparable to Irving Garrison.

In front of such a battle, the Porter family had only a dead end.

“So what? I will try my best to keep it!”

Brandon was free.

For the truth.

Also see his attitude for Levi.

“Your Porter family can’t keep it!”

Yun Lao is cold and ruthless.

“What about us?”

Suddenly there was a voice.


The next moment, I saw a dense group of people appearing in the forests on both sides of the highway.

There are hundreds of people on the left, and thousands on the right.

There were also dense crowds before and after…

For a time, thousands of people surrounded this place…

Chapter 988

This kind of battle frightened everyone.

Including dozens of old Yun.

They never expected that there were so many people in ambush around them.

Even though Mr. Yun and the others are very strong, but there are so many people all at once, and he still feels a little flustered.

The Porter family was taken aback for a moment, and then showed ecstasy.

Because the people who came, they all know!

The crowd surrounded an old man, and it was Frank Lao Frank moving forward.

“Jiang Hai Frank Xiangqian and Jiang Hai’s top hundred giants are here to welcome Miss Ollie back to Jiang Hai!”

Frank Xiangqian stepped forward and shouted loudly.

More than a thousand people around the top 100 giants all shouted together: “Come home Miss Ollie!!!”

This sound was like a tiger roaring in the mountains and forests, it was extremely shocking!

Ollie looked at the scene incredulously.

what’s going on?

Frank Xiangqian glanced at Brandon and said, “Will you take Miss Porter home? What are you waiting for?”

Brandon reacted, but he looked at Yun Lao.

It means they stopped it.

Frank Xiangqian narrowed his eyes slightly, and he said coldly: “With me, the hundred giants in the rivers and seas, I want to see who dares to block the way?”

“Yes, who would dare to stop the people picked up by the top 100 Jianghai giants?”

Others also shouted.

It’s the other way around!!!

Upon seeing Mr. Yun, surging anger emerged.

I thought it was a Porter family, and dared to resist the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

Unexpectedly, the entire Jianghai hundred giants would be on the side of Ollie’s mother and son.

Is this provoking the Garrison Family’s majesty?

“Hold on, I see who dares to leave?”

Old Yun swept towards Frank Xiangqian and the others with a majestic expression.

“Ollie and Levi’s mother and son are the people of the Garrison Family in Beijing to kill! Do you understand?”

“Everyone hurry and leave! Don’t get involved in this matter! The Beijing Garrison Family’s affairs are not something that A Mao Agou can participate in!”

The Garrison Family sternly scolded.

Hearing this, Frank Xiangqian smiled: “First, this is on the Jianghai site; second, Miss Porter is the one we want to protect from the top 100 Jianghai giants. Who dares to kill?”

“Yes, in Jianghai’s territory, can our people in Jianghai be bullied by others?”

The hundred giants shouted one after another.

“Brandon, take someone away! I’ll see who dares to stop it?”

“We Jianghai don’t cause trouble, but we are not afraid of trouble! Whoever wants to provoke, we have to fight with him!”

Frank Xiangqian was determined and fearless.

Seeing the attitude of Jianghai hundred giants, everyone in the Garrison family was extremely angry.

When did the Jingcheng Garrison Family lose all their prestige?

Are Jiang Hai crazy?

How dare to fight the Garrison family?

“Frank Xiangqian, you can think about it clearly. This is the matter of the Jingcheng Garrison Family. Are you sure you want to intervene?”

Old Yun asked.

“Think about it clearly. No matter who it is, if you dare to move Miss Porter and Mr. Garrison, you will be an enemy of the top 100 giants in Jianghai! Even if we are not opponents, we must work hard!”

“What about the Garrison Clan in Beijing? We are not afraid! We must manage troubles on our territory to the end!”

Frank Xiangqian faced each other tit-for-tat, expressing the attitude of Jianghai giants stumbling to the end.


This almost exploded Old Yun.

This bunch of lunatics!

How dare to fight the Garrison Family!

At this time, the Porter family convoy moved again, ignoring the old Yun and others next to him.

Seeing the vehicle moving, the Lords of the Garrison Family that Yun Lao had brought were suffocating, and they were holding their weapons tightly.

Just wait for Mr. Yun to give an order.

They rushed to kill Levi and Ollie.

“Puff and puff…”

The scene was very silent, and only the surging heartbeats of everyone could be heard.

Chapter 989

The tense atmosphere in the court is about to erupt.

If the Garrison Family did it, the top 100 Jianghai giants would never agree, and they would stop desperately.

The top Lords of the Garrison family are waiting for Mr. Yun to order.

But after waiting for a long time, until the Porter family convoy disappeared from sight, Mr. Yun did not give an order.


give up?

Don’t kill?

The Garrison Family Lords were very puzzled.

Is Yejiahui afraid of a river?

Back then, Irving Garrison could be quelled by himself!

Frank Xiangqian looked at Mr. Yun and said, “Try it? I have to fight this old bone to compete with you!”

The people of the hundred giants stared at the Lords of Garrison Jiazhong, with a deadly look.

After all, Mr. Yun still did not give an order and let the Porter family convoy leave.


With an order from Frank Xiangqian, the top 100 Jianghai giants evacuated one after another.

Soon, only Yun Lao and others were left here.

“Why didn’t Mr. Yun order us to kill their mother and child?”

Everyone is very puzzled.


Elder Yun sighed: “I really can’t figure out why Jiang Hai’s top 100 giants should give her a head start? Still so determined?”

“Even if they confront the Garrison Family, they are fearless!”

Others even wondered: “What are we afraid of, Mr. Yun? There are thousands of people, we don’t take it seriously!”

“Yes, I didn’t put them in my eyes either. But if we work hard, we will only lose out. After all, we only have a few dozen people, and they are the whole river.

Moreover, with such a big disturbance, it is extremely easy to spread the news. “

Yun Lao analyzed.

“That’s also true! I’m in a hurry. If they stabbed this out, Morendam will know about it all.”

“But we just endure it like this?”

Old Yun said angrily: “Is there any way I can’t bear it? Rush in and kill? Is it possible?”

“Go back first, take a long-term plan!”

This time, the Garrison Family could be said to be a complete failure.

The two people who could have been killed right away were saved by the Jianghai giants abruptly.

This thing is weird!

The Jianghai that Irving Garrison could hold back then, the guarantor who went crazy today, there is definitely something tricky in it.

On the other side, the Porter family team has arrived at the Porter family ancestral house.

Ollie has been in doubt.

Why should the entire Jianghai giants protect her?

Dare to fight the Garrison Family?

Before she could think more, she came to the Porter Family Ancestral Hall.

Brandon couldn’t wait to restore her identity and re-write her name on the genealogy.

However, according to the Porter Family Law, there must be a complicated set of procedures.

Brandon couldn’t help looking at Levi.

Levi touched Regina’s head and said, “Make everything simple!”

Regina also echoed: “Yes, keep everything simple!”

After receiving orders from Levi and the Patriarch, Brandon decided to keep everything simple.

Before regaining her identity, Ollie suddenly stopped Brandon.

Everyone looked at her blankly.

“Father, are you sure you want to restore my identity and the genealogy?”

Ollie asked.

“Yes, that’s right!”

Brandon nodded.

“But the Garrison Family didn’t agree. You are antagonizing the Garrison Family by restoring my identity! The Garrison Family will definitely blame it. Are you not afraid? Isn’t the Porter Family afraid?”

Ollie asked.

“Don’t be afraid! I figured it out clearly, how could the children of my Porter family be left out? Garrison family blames them, I will fight them, and I will restore your identity after I have tried my best!”

Levi nodded: “Afraid of what a Garrison family will do?”

Chapter 990

Hearing Levi’s voice, Brandon had a bottom in his heart.

The sky is falling, and he is holding it!

“The ancestors of the Porter family are here, and today I will restore Ollie’s identity…”

Soon the ceremony ended.

Ollie’s name reappeared in the Porter family tree.

On this day, Ollie waited too long for too long.

She cried with joy.

I originally thought that this whole life would have passed.

I didn’t expect to see my son without telling him, but he recovered his identity.

She is willing to let her die now.

Of course, she still has one of the biggest wishes-in front of everyone in the Garrison family in Jingcheng, shouting to them: My son is not a wild species, my son is the supreme king, even you have to look up.

Of course this is impossible!

The Garrison Family in Jingcheng is too strong and powerful!

No matter how great Levi was, he only struggled for 20 to 30 years.

But the Garrison Family in Jingcheng has been the hard work of countless people for thousands of years. How can it be compared?

After Ollie recovered her identity.

Even Porters from all over Morendam called to congratulate.

This makes Ollie incredible.

Before, after her accident.

Not to mention Jiang Hai Porter’s family, other Porter’s families have cleared their relationship, and it was too late to escape.

Why did you come to congratulate this time?

Can’t figure it out!

And the actions of the Jianghai giants, Frank Lao treated death as home, everything was strange.

As everyone knows, all this is because of her son.

In the evening, after nearly thirty years of absence, Ollie had a reunion dinner.


Old Yun and his party are still somewhere in the river.

Don’t kill Levi’s mother and son, will they dare to go back?

Garrison West could kill them.

“I can’t find out, why did Frank Xiangqian do this? Even if they know it is the Garrison family, they still have to protect them!”

They searched for a long time but couldn’t find out.

“Do you think it has something to do with Levi? I think he is quite mysterious.”

Someone raised a question.

“Levi? Do you think it’s possible? If he has the ability to order Jianghai’s hundred giants, do I need to kill him? Young Lord Lawrence will take him back when he knows it!”

Old Yun said coldly.

“That’s true! He doesn’t have such great ability as a wild breeder!”

Everyone nodded.

At this moment, Garrison West called.

“Yun Garrison, how are things going? It should be finished, right? Three days are enough for you.”

Garrison West’s voice came.

“Lord West, this…”

Old Yun was stunned.

“No? You haven’t killed that wild species yet?”

Garrison West on the opposite side became angry at once.

Old Yun couldn’t help fighting a cold war.

“Lord West, listen to my explanation…”

“I don’t listen, any explanation is an excuse! The most important thing is that you didn’t kill him! Are you a bunch of eateries?”

Listening to Garrison West’s insult.

Old Yun was cold all over.

He knew Garrison West’s methods best, this was a pervert!

The methods are ruthless…

Thinking of his fate, Mr. Yun was going to be scared to death.

“Lord West, the situation has changed, maybe Levi can’t kill it!”

Old Yun said.

“What? That wild species can’t kill? Your brain cramps, right?”

Garrison West roared.

“Lord West really has a situation…”

“Do you want me to kill that wild species myself?”

Garrison West asked.

“Lord West doesn’t dare, how can you do such a small thing?”

“Little things? Three days, I haven’t killed anyone! You tell me the little things?”

Garrison West was very curious: “Is the vitality of this wild species so tenacious? Is it impossible to kill?”

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