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Chapter 981

Levi was already lying on the bed and fell asleep peacefully.

Because he understands that no one can get close to this villa tonight.

In the theater compound.

Suzaku controls several computers, and there are dense red dots on the map above.

The red dot is the target person marked by Suzaku, the Lords who have received a reward from the Garrison family to kill Levi.

“They all set off!”

In Skynet’s monitoring, the whereabouts of these people were unobstructed, and they moved to the center of the city.

“Well, let the Eighteen Tribulation Cavaliers act!”

Suzaku said.

“In addition, I want someone to enter the provincial capital!”

Suzaku said.

“Leave it to us! From now on, no one is allowed to enter here.”

Wesley and Alton were all dispatched, blocking the Lords who came to them from the provincial capital.

Among the group of Lords who assassinated Levi, the fastest was the Southeast Three Tigers. These three brothers practiced martial arts since they were young and are superb.

They were soon near the villa.

“We are the fastest, kill Levi mother and son, 3 billion is ours.”

The southeast three tigers showed excitement in their eyes and rushed in immediately.

Only in the next moment, two figures appeared in front of them.

The most important thing is that these two people are riding two snow wolves under them…




As soon as they met each other, the three of them lost consciousness and fell to the ground…

Next, a number of figures appeared around the villa, and when they were about to enter the villa area, several figures must have appeared.

They have one thing in common, they are all riding snow wolves…

Immediately, one person after another disappeared.

When a few people come, a few people disappear.

The number of people is rising rapidly…


two hundred…

five hundred…

Five hundred thirty eight…

In the end, more than five hundred people disappeared, and they just didn’t get half a step closer to the villa area.

After solving all this.

Eighteen figures appeared around the villa area and then disappeared.

Heavenly Tribulation Eighteen Cavaliers successfully completed the task!

In the Jinlong Building.

The members of School Stone couldn’t help but wait a little anxiously.

“It’s been half an hour, why is there no news at all?”

They paced left and right.

Helen was not there, she had already returned when she learned that the Lords were going to kill Levi.

“Old Yun, how about I send someone to see it?”

Xiao Xiao asked anxiously.

“No, there must be someone paying attention to such a big movement. We can’t reveal our identity.”

Yun Lao Dao.

“I can’t wait for such a little time? What are you afraid of? Levi can’t die? Impossible!”

Old Yun stared at everyone the same.


Everyone keeps waiting.

But one hour passed.

Still nothing happened.

Now Yun Lao is not calm anymore.

Does it take so long to kill a Levi mother and child, more than 500 Lords?

This is not quite right!

“Wait a little longer! It may be that they are in conflict with the quest. After all, whoever kills can get 3 billion, and everyone wants to grab it.”

Someone analyzed it.

“That’s true! There were more than 500 people, but only one person or a group got 3 billion in the end. They must be in the middle of robbing Levi.”

Mr. Yun also agreed with this analysis.

Everyone keeps waiting.

It’s another hour.

There is still no movement.


Old Yun couldn’t sit still anymore.

“The big thing is bad, the big thing is bad…”

At this time, someone came and brought bad news.

Chapter 982

“what’s happenin?”

Old Yun asked.

“The Lords who went to kill Levi disappeared for no reason. All 538 people disappeared! It’s like they haven’t been to this place before!”


After hearing the news, everyone only felt that five thunderstorms struck the top.

“What? Everyone disappeared? Everyone disappeared?”

Old Yun looked incredible.

The same is true for others.

“Yes! It’s so strange! All of these people disappeared? And there were no signs of fighting at the scene! All of them didn’t even reach the villa where Levi was, and they just evaporated out of thin air…”

The man said.

“How come? More than five hundred top Lords have evaporated out of thin air? This is obviously impossible!”

Stone Xiao was surprised.

Old Yun took a deep breath and said, “Someone must have shot! Otherwise, more than five hundred Lords can’t disappear. This is unexplainable! It’s like being haunted! Absolutely impossible!”

Everyone wondered: “But who has the ability to make these five hundred Lords disappear instantly without leaving any traces on the scene? This is obviously impossible!”

“Yes, such a Lord can’t think of it! Levi will not have such an ability!”

Levi was the first to rule out.

Mr. Yun suddenly thought of something, and couldn’t help asking: “Are there any big people in this place? They just came recently!”

“Lao Yun, if you want to talk about a big man, there is indeed one! Our God of War in Morendam is here! It is said that he has dealt with many big men.

Xiao Stone said.

“The people who are mostly the God of War discovered these Lords. With the ability of the God of War, they can definitely make more than 500 people disappear in an instant!”

Yun Lao said.

“So, this Levi is so lucky? Is God of War saved his life?”

Stone Xiao said helplessly.

Old Yun suddenly remembered Marshall’s words.

Marshall had long advised him not to move.

“Let me just say, the Garrison Family of Tangtang Tianfu can’t kill a wild species? How could it be possible! It turns out that Marshall and the others also met the God of War.”

Mr. Yun quickly figured out all this.

“Yes, it’s very possible. I heard that Marshall was rescued by the Alton Warlord under the seat of the God of War. So he didn’t dare to do anything under their noses because of his feelings and reason!”

Xiao Stone even more affirmed Yun Lao’s conjecture.


Old Yun patted the table fiercely.

“In other words, as long as we are in this place, we can’t kill Levi?”

Yun Lao angrily reached.

“It seems to be the case now! As long as we do it, it is definitely under the nose of the God of War! There is no escape!”

Other humane.

Old Yun said angrily: “How can this wild luck be so good??”

Garrison West had confessed that if the wild species did not die, they would have to die.

“You have to find a way to lead Levi’s mother and son out of this place, not under the eyes of the God of War!”

Old Yun sighed.


“By the way, Mr. Yun, I heard that the god of war in God of War is also the Garrison surname, is it from the Jingcheng Garrison clan? I don’t think other Garrison surnames will cultivate such a arrogant talent except for the Jingcheng Garrison clan!”

Xiao Stone couldn’t help asking.

“Yes, when God of War turned out to be born, we all thought it was the Garrison Clan who gave birth to a genius! After checking it all up, it was not! The old man and Young Lord Lawrence also hope to be the offspring of the Garrison family!”

“If the God of War is a member of the Garrison Clan in my capital, then the status of the Garrison Clan in the capital will rise to a higher level!”

Chapter 983

Old Yun also looked hopeful.

At that time, the old man, Lawrence’s father, Garrison Kuanglan, Levi’s nominal grandfather, said.

After seeing the God of War that day, he would accept him as a godson.

Anyway, they are all family names.

The status and status of the two parties match exactly.

“You said, you want this wild species to have one-tenth of the skills of the God of War! Is it necessary for the Garrison Family to kill him? Young Lord Lawrence and even the old man must personally invite him to return to the Garrison Family!”

Old Yun sighed.

Xiao Stone smiled and said, “Lao Yun’s words are so bad, how can one compare a wild species with the God of War? There is no comparability between the two!”

“That’s true! The wild species is a thousand miles away from the God of War!”

Old Yun glanced around and said, “You can imagine how to draw this mother and child out!”

Xiao Stone turned his eyes and said, “Old Yun, I have a way!”

“you said!”

“Lao Yun, you ordered Jiang Hai Porter’s family in the name of the Garrison Clan in Beijing to get them back to Ollie and restore Ollie’s status as Porter’s family. In this way, Ollie and Levi will definitely leave this place and go to Porter’s house. Don’t we let us kill it?”

School Stone laughed.

After Stone Xiao finished speaking, Boss Yun was satisfied: “Okay, just follow the method you said!”

“I will arrange for a group of Lords to lie in wait. As soon as Levi arrives in Jianghai, I will immediately let him die without a place to bury him.”

That night, Mr. Yun took people to Jiang Hai Porter’s house.

“Brandon, since Ollie is free, let’s restore her identity! This is the order of my Garrison Clan!”

Mr. Yun gave the order directly.

Brandon didn’t think much.

Ollie could be picked up as soon as he heard, he was also very excited, and immediately agreed.

The next day.

Levi’s family is still the same as usual.

As if nothing happened.

But actually there was a big earthquake last night…

Sarah and Ollie didn’t know.

“Sarah, you go to work first, I have something to do.”

Levi went to the theater compound first and asked about the situation last night.

In front of Erick Group Building.

Helen hid in the dark and kept watching.

She came to make sure that Xia Levi was not dead.

Of course it was because Stone Xiao didn’t tell her the news.

“Huh? Only Sarah is alone. Still walking so panic? Levi is definitely dying!”

Helen almost laughed out loud.

Her most hated enemy is dead!

“Levi next, let’s see how I tortured Sarah!”

Helen smiled.

She put on her sunglasses and came to Erick Group step by step.

“I’m looking for Sarah!”

When he came to Sarah’s office, Helen looked arrogant: “Oh? Mr. Logan is still thinking about going to work? Why don’t you cry?”

One sentence makes Sarah inexplicable.

What happened to Helen?

Is your brain abnormal?

Last night he said he would knock his head on Levi.

Today I said some inexplicable things.

What’s wrong with her?


Sarah asked.

“I just came to see you. Your psychological endurance is much stronger than I thought. I thought you would fall.”

“Or you don’t love Levi and don’t care about him at all?”

Helen looked at Sarah’s okay appearance, she was also very curious.

It seems like something went wrong.

“I don’t care about him? I don’t love him?”

Plum dyeing became more and more inexplicable.

What is she here for?

At this moment, the door in the office opened.

Levi came in.


Seeing Levi, Helen screamed.

Chapter 984


Sarah was even more puzzled.

Why is this Helen talking nonsense?

“Where am I a ghost!”

Levi smiled.

Helen looked horrified and stared at Levi incredulously.

“She is so weird, how to say something inexplicable!”

Sarah’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly, and a trace of confusion flashed in his beautiful eyes.

“She came to kowtow to me!”

After speaking, Levi took the frightened Helen out of the office and came to the gate of the company.

At this time, Helen gradually reacted.

“You…you didn’t even die???”

Helen asked incredulously.

“I told you earlier, I won’t die!”

Levi smiled.

Helen quickly sent a message to confirm.

The answer Stone Xiao gave was that he was indeed not dead!

“Why are you alive? Impossible!”

Helen was puzzled.

“What? You arranged for someone to kill me?”

Levi’s smile deepened at the corners of his lips.

“No, I’m leaving now…”

Helen turned around and was about to leave.

“Hold on, did I let you go?”

Levi’s voice sounded.

“What? You won’t let me go? What are you doing?”

Helen is not afraid of Levi.

He is just a wild species that will die at any time.

“Remember yesterday’s bet?”

After hearing this, Helen’s complexion changed, but she gritted her teeth and refused to admit: “Bet? What bet? Why don’t I know?”

“Besides, you are qualified to bet with me?”

“I was here yesterday evening, you said yourself, if I am still alive today, you will give me ten knocks!”

Levi said word by word.

“Impossible! No such thing! How could I agree to such a boring bet?”

Helen still refused to admit it.

“Get out, I’m leaving!”

Helen was about to push Levi away.

“Kow your head, I can let you go!”

Levi’s voice was cold.

Helen looked embarrassed.

She kept this bet in mind.

Just give Levi this wild seed ten knocks?

How can it be!

That must be a shame for her life!

She is the vice president of Lawrence Group!

Characters of the Garrison Clan in Beijing!

According to the upper-level statement, she was touched by the light of the Garrison Clan, and even her blood was noble.

Kneel down to this low-lying wild species?

This is embarrassing her.

So she refused to admit it!

“You keep talking about gambling, do you have any evidence?”

Helen asked.

She was bitten to death.

Yesterday, she and Levi were the only two, so there is no evidence.

Levi laughed suddenly.

“Evidence? I have it!”

With that, Levi took out his mobile phone.

What Helen said was what Helen said last night.

The ten ringing bets are clear.

“you you…”

Why didn’t Helen expect that Levi would record.

This is almost Levi’s habit.

It is better to leave evidence against such people.

“Now, what else do you have to say? Kneel down and kowtow!”

Levi sneered.

Helen glared at Levi and said, “What if there is evidence? Your evidence is false!”

“Furthermore, even if it is true, I’m just kidding you, and want me to kowtow to you, it’s impossible in this life! You are not qualified to let me kneel for you in this life! Knocking? Impossible! !!!”

Helen was cheeky and insisted to leave.

There is only one way to deal with such a desperate person…

Chapter 985

That is to fight!


Levi slapped Helen’s face with a slap.

The sound is clear and loud.

Helen was slapped and slapped directly.

She looked at Levi incredulously.

“Do you dare to hit me?”

“Fight without kowtow!”


Levi slapped again.

Helen’s face was rapidly red and swollen, just like a pig’s head.

“Don’t kowtow or fight!”


“Don’t kowtow yet?”

When Levi was about to slap his fourth slap, Helen knelt down in front of Levi with a puff, crying: “I… I kowtow… don’t hit…”




Helen banged his head at Levi ten times.

At this moment, the employees of Erick Group are watching this scene curiously.

Even Sarah and Natalie were watching.

“Natalie, what’s the matter? How arrogant Helen would kowtow to Levi? This is simply impossible!”

Sarah said.

The little secretary next to him also echoed: “Yes, that’s right. This Helen is also a high-level member of Lawrence Group. How can this status be?”

Natalie smiled awkwardly, without speaking.

Because he is the boss of Erick.

He is omnipotent.

Sarah looked at the following scene, and his curiosity about Levi increased a little.

The man was put on another veil of mystery.

The door of the company.

Levi smiled and said, “Honesty kowtow! I have to slap a few times!”

After kowtow, Helen fled immediately.

But her eyes were full of resentment and viciousness.

Six years ago, Levi drove her out of Jiangbei, bringing her an indelible shame.

Six years later, it once again brought her a deep shame.

Her hatred for Levi increased again.

“Levi, wait for you, I won’t let you go!”

Helen gritted his teeth.

“You can’t beat me six years ago, let alone me now.”

Levi didn’t worry about her at all.

Helen ran back to ask Stone Xiaoye about the situation of Levi. Stone Xiao’s reply was simple-she had no right to know the following things.

After returning home at night.

Ollie looked excited.

“Mom, what’s the matter? So happy?”

Levi asked.

“Levi, your grandfather is coming to pick me up. He wants to restore the status of my Porter family’s sons and daughters in front of Porter’s ancestral hall and rewrite it on the genealogy.”

Ollie said excitedly.

She has few wishes.

Returning to the Porter family counts as one.

Levi frowned when he heard it.

At first, the Porter family didn’t say to restore their motherhood. Why did they suddenly restore their identity?

Levi smiled.

He quickly sorted out everything.

It must be the order of the Garrison Family.

Brandon thought that the Garrison family ignored the predecessors, no longer dealt with themselves and their mother, and gave up the grievances that year.

But where did he know that this was the Garrison Family’s strategy.

The purpose is to lead myself and my mother out of here, on the way, or kill them in Nelshire.

On the next day, Brandon came to pick Ollie in person.

When the father and daughter meet, it must be a moment of greeting.

Afterwards, Ollie asked curiously: “Dad, the Garrison family asked you to restore my identity? Does this mean you are no longer being held accountable?”

Brandon laughed and nodded: “Sure! I dare to let you go back to Porter’s house, so I must not be held accountable anymore!”

After hearing this, Ollie cried with joy.

“Our mother and child are safe, and we can live with peace of mind.”

Levi didn’t reveal it, just as his mother was happy.

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