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Chapter 991

“He, luck is so good, every time he can hide perfectly…”

Mr. Yun helplessly explained what happened.

“That’s right, it stands to reason that this wild species has been frozen to death on the street. This kind of fate has lived a long time!”

Garrison West’s conversation turned: “But the Garrison family can’t kill a wild species, how shameful it is to spread it out, you know? My Garrison family’s face has been lost to you!”

“If you can’t kill Levi’s mother and son, you will die! I will kill him if you forcefully kill him, understand?”

“Anyone who stops Jiang Hai will kill you without mercy!”

“If anyone dared to divulge the news, then slaughter the entire river and sea! Don’t keep any of the people who knew about this back then!”

Garrison West’s cold and harsh voice rang on the phone.

Old Yun couldn’t help taking a breath.

Kill everyone?

“Lord West, there were not a few people who knew about this in Jiang Hai back then. If they didn’t come forward, they would have thousands of them.”

“It’s going to be killed?”

Old Yun’s apple slid and swallowed fiercely.

“Kill! Everyone is killed! No news can be spread! Jiang Hai and this group are already unreliable!”

Garrison West ordered.


Garrison West is far more ruthless than his father and grandfather!

But this is the one who does big things.

Mr. Yun firmly believes that Garrison West will be stronger than Lawrence in the future.

“Lord West understands that we only have one night! Tomorrow Levi and the two will go back!”

Yun Lao Dao.

“Well, kill this wild mother and child at all costs!”

“I remember that the Garrison family raises Lords everywhere in the south, right? I’ll give you permission to mobilize them!”

Garrison West said.


At midnight.

Two hundred Lords have gathered around Mr. Yun.

They were all kept secretly by the Garrison family in various places in the south.

It is not just the terrifying power of the first family, which spreads across every corner of Morendam.

It is also for one day unexpected situation, can be used.


Old Yun gave an order.

“Frank Xiangqian, none of you can escape tonight! Die! This is the end of the fight against the Garrison Family!”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Yun Lao’s eyes.

The Lords are dispatched one after another, and tonight Jiang Hai will kill all the people who know the news.

This is the prestige of the Garrison Family!

Dare to disobey the Garrison family is just looking for death.

In Edburgh Manor.

Ollie has been with her family for a long time.

Levi stood outside smoking.

At this time, Qin from the western theater called.

“Boss, I might come to your wedding! My mission can end early!”

Qin said excitedly.

“Yes, I am waiting for you!”

It would be great if Qin could come to witness his wedding.

“At that time, I promised to come together with Old Wei from the North, Old Xiao from the South, and Old Chu from the East. The Ninth Great War Zone will at least be available? Is this your wedding?”

“Aside from our identity, you are our boss and our Lord. We have reason not to attend your wedding!”

Qin said excitedly.

At that time, he will join the commanders of the Ninth World War Zone to attend Levi’s wedding.

They want to witness the brilliant moments of the boss’s life together!

“Okay, I have enough wine to wait for you to come!”

Levi is looking forward to the wedding more and more.

“By the way, the boss has one more thing…”

When Qin was about to say something, Levi said, “Hold on, there seems to be something wrong.”

It turned out that Levi noticed the abnormal situation around him.

Chapter 992

Dozens of Lords suddenly appeared around Edburg Manor.

Even the shadow of the number one Lord of the Porter family came to Levi’s side: “Mr. Garrison has a lot of people here…”

Qin on the other end of the phone asked, “Boss, is there no one around you?”

“I came alone, without anyone.”

Qin smiled and said, “Boss, how can I trouble you to do it yourself? Didn’t I just say there is one more thing? I have run out of the camp of beasts, and I have come back. I am already in Jianghai now.”

“Also, the Zijin Guards in the West Territory also need to be adjusted, and they have returned with the Camp of Hundred Beasts. I will let them protect you immediately!”

“Okay, save me doing it!”

Levi approached.

Zijinwei’s famous terrorist team in the west, everyone in Zijinwei is a Lord.

The nature of the camp is the same.

There are more than two hundred Lords on the periphery of Edburgh Manor.

“I will rush in and kill everyone!”

“After that, all the people on the list will be killed!”

When more than two hundred Lords were about to attack, a group of people appeared in front of them.

They exude a sense of horror and violent killing.

Just like a beast.

The Lords of the Garrison Family felt threatened, and they subconsciously showed fear in their hearts.


They hesitated.

Jiang Hai still has such a Lord?

Or a group? ? ?

The Lords of the Garrison family naturally encountered Zijinwei and Baijuying.

“Protect God of War! Take it!”

In the next moment, Zijinwei and Baijuying attacked, as if tigers descended from the mountain.

Soon there was a melee with the Garrison Family Lords.

As soon as they came into contact with Zijinwei and Baijuying, the complexions of the Garrison Family Lords changed drastically.

These people have blood and murderous aura on them, as if they had crawled out of the sea of ​​blood in the corpse mountain.

It was something they had never encountered before…

These people are like lunatics.

Recruiting and fighting for life, and well-trained, cooperate with each other tacitly.

Soon the Lords of the Garrison Family couldn’t support it.

It was defeated in less than five minutes.

Falling down, running away.

“No one can escape!”

Baijuying and Zijinwei continued to pursue them.

It took a total of half an hour, and all the Lords of the Garrison family were captured.

This is the violent fighting power of Zijinwei and Baijuying!

The Garrison Family Lords haven’t reacted yet. Where did this group of lunatics come from?

Levi was watching from a distance.

At last he smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Not bad!

Zijin Wei is already famous and his strength is beyond doubt.

After being tempered in actual combat, the Camp of Beasts has become more mature and more terrifying.

“There are still a few people, catch them back together!”

Levi ordered.


the other side.

Mr. Yun is already sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai.

After all, there must be no problem with sending so many top Lords.

“Tonight, the rivers and seas must be bloody!”

“Let you know the fate of ignoring the Garrison Family! No one will remember the Garrison Family’s majesty without a bit of thunder!”

Old Yun had a cheerful face.



At this moment, the door of their villa was suddenly knocked down and all the glass windows burst.

Hundreds of people rushed in from outside, wearing uniform black uniforms…

Suddenly, Yun Lao and a few people’s faces changed wildly.

“who are you?”

Old Yun asked.

“Catch it before you stop, don’t force us to do it!”

Hearing this, Old Yun smiled: “Do you know who I am? Want to catch us?”

Chapter 993

Despite this situation, Mr. Yun and the others all looked arrogant.

After all, they are from the Garrison Clan in Beijing.

There is arrogance in his bones.

Who dares to catch them?

court death!

“Who cares about you? Take it!!!”

With an order, the Lords of Baijuying and Zijinwei immediately killed them.

Even though Mr. Yun and the others are also Lords, they can’t stand the crowds on the other side.

Soon, they all fell to the ground.

“I am Yun Garrison, the personal servant of Lawrence, the heir of the Garrison Family in Beijing. Do you dare to catch me? Do you know that you made a big mistake?”

“Hurry up and let me go, otherwise you don’t know how you died!”

Mr. Yun also wanted to scare others with his identity.


The one who answered him was a kick and kicked him hard in the face.

“I care about you as the Garrison family!”

What Zijinwei and Baijuying received were orders to protect God of War.

No family will look at it.

Especially people who want to assassinate God of War.

“Who are you guys anyway?”

Yun Garrison was puzzled.

Is this all related to Levi?

Soon, they were taken to a dilapidated warehouse.

Yun Garrison saw the Lords sent out before, and they were all tied here.

One by one, his nose and face were swollen.

Apparently they were wiped out just now.

Who the hell is it?

Yun Garrison observed that these people are well-trained and uniform in clothing. Could it be…

He thought of a possibility.

A cold sweat came out of fright.

At this time, the warehouse door was pushed open, and a figure walked in.

Why does Yun Garrison feel a little familiar?

When he came closer, Yun Garrison was so scared that he almost didn’t lose his soul.

It turned out to be Levi!!!

He did all this just now?

That’s incredible, isn’t it?

“you you you you…”

Old Yun was speechless in surprise.

“Are you wondering who I am? Haha.”

“They are all my subordinates, and the hundred giants who stopped you in the afternoon are all mine.”

“In addition, I did the disappearance of more than 500 Lords you gathered on the dark web.”

Hearing Levi’s words, Mr. Yun just felt like a bolt from the blue.

How could this “wild species” be so terrifying?

How far is he now?


How to say he is wild.

Half of the noble blood of the Garrison Family is always flowing on him!

Can such people have low accomplishments?

“Lord Levi is really great! None of us expected you to achieve such an achievement! As a slave, I am so relieved!”

Old Yun suddenly changed his tone.

“Yes, Young Lord Levi has such an achievement, and the servants are very excited! I can’t wait to tell Young Lord Lawrence and Patriarch Garrison Kuanglan!”

Other servants also said one after another.

Levi’s smile deepened: “Oh? What do you mean?”

He didn’t know what these people meant.

Lao Yun immediately explained: “Lord Levi, listen to my explanation. Before, the family targeted you because the family didn’t understand it, but thought you were an ordinary person with nothing to do. Such a family would naturally look down on it.

But never expected, Lord Levi, you will bring us such a big surprise! With your current abilities, even if few Tianjiao in the Garrison Family can match yours! “

“As long as I tell the news to Young Lord Lawrence and Patriarch Kuanglan, they will definitely welcome you back to the Garrison Family with the highest standards of etiquette from the Garrison Family!”

“Pick me back to the Garrison family? Are they worthy? A small Garrison family is also eligible?”

Chapter 994

The language is not surprising and endless.

As soon as Levi said this, Mr. Yun was stunned.

Little Garrison Family?

In Morendam, there are still people who don’t pay attention to the Jingcheng Garrison Family?

Too arrogant, right?

Old Yun couldn’t help saying: “Lord Levi, I admit that you have two brushes, even I can catch them. You are indeed a genius among geniuses. But you should not despise the Garrison Family. The Garrison Family’s strength is beyond your imagination.”

“Don’t say anything else, among the younger generation of Garrison Clan, you are still stronger than Lord Levi! For example, your younger brother, Lord Garrison West, is better than you in all aspects at present! Lord Levi needs you. Understand that there are people outside of people, and there is truth outside of heaven!”

Others echoed: “Yes! Lord Levi will be more humble in order to go further!”

“What’s more, as long as you return to the Garrison Clan, with the experience of the Garrison Clan’s rich resources and huge contacts, I believe that Young Lord Levi will be dozens of times stronger than now!”

Levi glared at everyone and said, “F*rt!!!”

“There are people outside the world, there is heaven outside the sky? You should say this to the Garrison Family, right?”

“Better than me? It’s ridiculous! Not to mention the younger generation of the Garrison Clan, but the entire Garrison family can’t pick one who is better than me, right?”

Levi straightened up, with an arrogant expression on his face.

The brothers of Baijuying and Zijinwei who were present were in awe.

This is the God of War!

Better than him?

is it possible?

Morendam can produce such a God of War for thousands of years!

The only five-star God of War titled God of War.

You tell me that the younger generation of Garrison Clan is better than him by more than two hands?

What are you talking about?

Old Yun looked surprised.

Feeling the aura of Levi’s body that looked over the world, made him feel in a trance.

As if he said it was true.

“Yes, yes, Lord Levi is strong enough! Lord Levi, let us go. We will tell them your news immediately and we will pick you up soon.”

Old Yun said.

The others stared wide and looked at Levi expectantly.

“Don’t kill me? Are you ready to take me back?”

Levi smiled.

“With your current achievements, Lord Levi, it’s too late for the Garrison Clan to reuse you. Why would you still kill you?”

Old Yun smiled.

“What about my mother?”

“Ms. Porter is your mother, and of course her status is honorable! But Young Lord Lawrence has already married his wife, and Miss Porter’s position is a bit embarrassing.

But if we persuade the Lord, it is estimated that we can also enter the Garrison Clan’s gate. As long as you promise to return to the Garrison family, this opportunity is also great. The rectification of Miss Ollie’s name is just around the corner. “

Old Yun immediately said.

In his opinion, no one in this world would refuse this temptation.

Once Levi agreed, he would become the young Lord of the Garrison family, the first family in Morendam, the head of the ten thousand clan.

Who can refuse this temptation?

What’s more, she can rectify Ollie’s name and step into the door of the Garrison family!

“Lord Levi quickly let us go? Didn’t Miss Porter always dream of being recognized by the Garrison family? Didn’t you want to marry Lord Lawrence? As long as we go back, this matter will basically be settled!”

“Mother is expensive with children. With your achievements, Miss Porter’s dream will come true!”

Everyone urged Levi to release them in the name of Ollie.

Seeing that Levi did not respond, Mr. Yun continued: “Lord Levi, you don’t want to carry the name of wild species all the time, do you? As long as you want, I will immediately make you the noble young Lord of the Garrison family!”

Chapter 995


At this time, Levi smiled suddenly.

This made Mr. Yun a few people stunned.

Because Levi was mocking.

“Lord Levi, are you suspicious? Really, as long as you let us go back, the things just said can be realized immediately! After all, the Garrison Clan will not give up a genius!”

Old Yun said.

“No! I’m laughing at you stupid!”

“I’m telling you, I didn’t look at the Garrison family, and I wouldn’t look at the identity of Garrison Family Young Lord!”

“In addition, it is not rare for Levi’s mother to cross the gate of your Garrison family, and it is not rare for my Levi’s mother to marry Lawrence! Because he is not worthy! He is not worthy of my mother, and even less worthy of the Garrison family. My mother!”

Levi said loudly.

“what did you say?”

Mr. Yun was shocked.

Someone even said Lawrence was not worthy of Ollie last year?

Does the Garrison family deserve Ollie to marry?

The Garrison family is the first family, and the Garrison family has noble blood, which is the noble and pure blood that has been deposited for thousands of years.

What is Ollie?

But it was from a family in Jiang Hai.

Although regarded as a royal family, compared to the Garrison Family, he was a humble and humble inferior.

How can she be worthy of the Garrison family?

Levi was completely crazy and was talking nonsense.

Levi sneered and said, “Don’t you say that mothers are expensive by children? Just because she is Levi’s mother, the Garrison family is not worthy, let alone Lawrence!


It’s crazy!

Don’t even pay attention to the Garrison Family?

It’s true that you have made great achievements.

But these things are not worth mentioning in front of the behemoth Garrison Family.

At best, Levi was just a little better than the senior servants of the Garrison family.

Compared with the real core of the Garrison Family, it was far behind.

Not to mention the comparison with the entire Garrison family.

“Lord Levi, you are too arrogant. When you see the tip of the Garrison Family’s iceberg that day, you will take back those words!”

Old Yun stared at Levi.


Levi just smiled with a sneer on his face.

Old Yun was angry.

He now wants to let Levi know how good the Garrison Family is.

“Lord Levi, dare you let me go back? I promise you will see the power of the Garrison Family! You will regret your stupid thoughts today!”

Old Yun asked.

“It’s okay to let you go back. Bring me a message to Lawrence and the others-if you have any means, do not kill me. When I arrive at Garrison’s house, you will not even have a chance to regret it.”

Levi smiled.

“Well, Lord Levi, I will bring your arrogant words to you. Don’t regret it!”

Old Yun sneered.




As soon as his voice fell, his arm was trampled off.

Subsequently, both legs were also broken.

The same is true for several others.

They were abandoned one after another, and screamed like a pig.

“You can let you go! But you have to crawl and leave!”

Levi sneered.

Lao Yun and his party didn’t know how they crawled back, anyway, they shed blood all over the place.

In the end, they were thrown out of the river like dogs.

Lao Yun, who was lying on the ground and unable to move, received a call from Garrison West: “I should deal with it now, right?”

“Lord West, Levi is extraordinary! We are planted in his hands!”

Old Yun was about to cry.

“What? This wild species still has this ability?”

Garrison West on the other end of the phone obviously didn’t believe it.

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