The Protector Novel Levi Garrison: Read Full Story Online

The Protector Novel Levi Garrison revolves around an orphan adopted by a cruel family. If you are fond of reading lite-novels, you must not miss this action-packed story that articulates the struggles of a person with a noble heart.

The story of The Protector Novel is full of twists and turns. It articulates an unending journey of love, action, patience, revenge, forgiveness and greed. The tale further elucidates how people turn their backs when it comes to materialistic benefits.

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The Protector Novel

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The story of Protector Novel explains how Levi Garrison, the lead character of the novel spends his life despite the hardships he faced. He gets adopted by a family after he lost his parents. Though he gets shelter at the house of his adopted parents, they treated him not as less than a punching bag.

In almost every stage of his life, the lead character gets deceived by the people he trusted the most. Despite being treated poorly, he keeps working hard and starts a business. The people around him were not happy with his progress, rather they considered it a threat for themselves. So, they started thinking of ways to get rid of him.

The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Read Online

Image Of The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Read Online

The story further describes how his family prepares traps to kick him out of their ways. As he started strengthening his business, he started to get negative attention from his family. His own family started perceiving him as a threat so they decided to remove him for their good.

On his wedding day, he was given drugs by the people he trusted the most. It was the turning point of story as all the actions that could have brought him fortune bring trouble. The most important day of his life turns out to be the most unfortunate one.

After giving him drugs, his family blames him to be indecent with his sister-in-law. This was something he never thought of in his entire life. The people whom he loved the most were standing against him. They were blaming him for a crime he never committed.

To increase his troubles, the whole family stands against him and declares him to be indecent. Though he was innocent, he gets jailed for five long years. The lead character’s life turns upside down from this stage of the novel but he remained patient and believed in himself. He knew that he will get a chance to avenge all his sufferings once in his life. After all, he was jailed for few years only. Above all, he was not ashamed of anything because he knew he was innocent.

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The Protector Novel Levi Garrison PDF

Among all his loved ones, from his adopted parents to siblings and the whole family no one stood behind him when he needed them the most. The only person to hold his back was his wife. Although they didn’t even spend a single day together but she remained loyal to him.

As you read the story of The Protector Novel Levi Garrison, you will get to know how his wife believed in him and waited for him until he returned. Her family was against her decision and they kept forcing her to marry another man and live her life happily. But instead of choosing a prosperous life for herself, she chose to wait for the guy she married and given her heart to.

This was the moment when the lead character of this novel came to know about the bitter reality of human relationships. The girl whom he just married believed in him but the people he served since his childhood kept using him for their own good.

What will happen when he comes out of the jail? Will he avenge for his suffering? To know answers to these questions, read the full story online.

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