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Chapter 1626

It is Xue Shan’s daughter, Xue Peng’s sister, Xue Mi’er.

Xue Mi’er is also a bounty hunter, originally there was a task to do today, but just learned that Xue Shan was seriously injured, so she hurried over.

When she arrived in the room, Xue Mi’er saw Xue Shan lying on the bed, still in a coma, and suddenly panicked.


A few seconds later, Xue Mi’er reacted and asked Xue Peng anxiously: “How is father?”

Xue Peng smiled and comforted: “Father is fine for the time being. Don’t panic. Speaking of which, thanks to this gentleman.”

When the voice fell, Xue Peng pointed to Darryl and recounted the situation just now.


Xue Mi’er was stunned, her eyebrows frowned lightly, and she looked up and down on Darryl: “He saved his father?”

When she said this, Xue Mi’er’s eyes flashed with complexity, and she obviously didn’t believe it. This person looked ordinary, and it was difficult to connect with a pharmacist with good medical skills.

But Xue Mi’er didn’t think much, as long as his father was fine.


At this moment, Xue Mi’er thought of something and directed at Xue Peng: “I just got news that Auf may be hiding in a cave a dozen miles north of Alandis. According to the news, Auf caught several beautiful women. , I don’t know what to do.”


Hearing this, Xue Peng was shocked and excited: “Ma De, there is finally news about him!”

Off, is a big fugitive from the Principality of Heaven. This person is powerful and does no evil. Six months ago, the Bounty Alliance received a mission. The target was this Off. It’s just that Off was too cunning. He almost caught it several times. He ran away.

Beautiful woman?

At the same time, Darryl’s eyes flashed, naturally thinking of Miaoying and Yanhong in his mind. Speaking of which, Miaoying and Yanhong are faeries, powerful, and should not be caught, but after all, this is a different world, who knows if accidents will happen.

Excited, Xue Peng said to Xue Mi’er: “Take care of your father, I’ll catch Oufu!”

With that said, Xue Peng took a big sword and was about to leave, but suddenly his body trembled and his face paled.

Obviously, Xue Peng was also injured when he escorted Xue Shan back.


Seeing this scene, Xue Mi’er hurriedly held Xue Peng and said worriedly: “I’ll go, you can stay and heal your injuries.”

The eldest brother was injured, and he was definitely not Ove’s opponent.

Xue Peng frowned: “Can you do it alone?”

“Don’t worry, I know a lot of Mrs. Ou, so I will check it out secretly. I won’t show up and do it with him unless I have to.” Michelle persuaded.

At this time, Darryl came over and said: “Or, I will go with this young lady?”

Speaking of it, the bounty alliance has nothing to do with me, but if there are Miaoying and Yan Hong among the women Ove caught, wouldn’t I miss it?


Michelle turned her head to look at Darryl, and couldn’t hide her contempt: “What can you do for me?” This person doesn’t have any holy power, and it’s a burden to carry.

Feeling Michelle’s contempt, Darryl didn’t care.

“younger sister!”

At this moment, Xue Peng showed a slight smile and said to Michelle: “Since Mr. Darryl said it, let him walk with you.”

Although the strength of Darryl is not strong, his medical skills are brilliant. In case of an emergency, his younger sister is injured, and if Darryl is present, he can take care of it.

“Brother, why let him follow.” Michelle looked upset.

Xue Peng smiled bitterly, and then seriously said: “Father hasn’t woken up yet. I am your brother, so you have to listen to me. If you don’t listen, don’t go!”

The sound is not loud, but it is beyond doubt.

Seeing Xue Peng’s resolute tone and Xue Meier’s opposition, she still reluctantly stomped her foot and walked out quickly.

“Mr. Darryl, trouble!” Xue Peng smiled awkwardly.

Darryl waved his hand to indicate that it was okay, and then quickly chased it out.

When I got outside, I saw Xue Mi’er standing on the side of the road, her beautiful face full of arrogance.


Seeing Darryl coming out, Xue Mi’er said with no anger: “When you get to the place, everything will follow my arrangements. If you don’t follow the instructions and something happens, I don’t care about you, you know?”

“Good!” Darryl smiled and nodded.

To be honest, Xue Mi’er’s arrogant attitude made Darryl feel very uncomfortable, but in order to find out if Miaoying was among the beauties captured by Off, Darryl didn’t bother to care about it.

Seeing his happily promised, Xue Mi’er didn’t say much, and turned to leave the city.

Darryl unhurriedly followed.

After leaving Alandis and walking north for more than an hour, Darryl and Xue Mi’er came to the barren hills one by one, and they saw that the barren hills were overgrown with vegetation, and there was a large platform halfway up the mountain. The light was faintly shining.

There is only one mountain road to the platform, but there are many people guarding it at the foot of the mountain.

Each of these people is not low in strength, and their faces are hideous, all of them are Ove’s subordinates.

Xue Mi’er hid in the dark to observe, and said coldly: “Follow me!”

With that said, Xue Mi’er bypassed the people at the foot of the mountain and reached the back of the mountain slope, approaching from a secret path towards the platform. Xue Mi’er is a local, so he is very familiar with the environment near Alandis.

Soon, when they arrived near the platform, Michelle and Darryl hid behind the tree and observed in secret.

I saw that inside the platform, there really was a big cave, faintly, I could hear bursts of women’s crying from the cave.

At the entrance of the cave, a bonfire was lit, and a few big men were sitting around them, talking and laughing while drinking wine.

The headed one was burly, with a scar on his face, extending from the right eye to the corner of his mouth. The unspeakable ferociousness was filled with powerful sacred power.

It was Ove.


Seeing Off, Xue Mi’er bit her lips tightly, her eyes could not hide the anger: “This ba5tard, really caught some women and locked them here.”

Darryl did not respond, but listened carefully to the cry of the woman coming from inside the cave. There seemed to be no Miaoying and Yanhong in the cry. Darryl suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

At this time, the cave mouth.

Off and several subordinates had already drunk a lot of alcohol at this time, and they were all inexplicably excited under the stimulation of alcohol.


At this moment, one of them said to Ove: “The few noble women we caught, one is more beautiful than the other, but for some ransom, that is too bad.”

The voice fell, and the others followed.


“Brothers have been on this broken mountain for so long for this business, and they have forgotten what a woman feels like.”

Hearing this, Ove grinned, his eyes gleaming with evil spirits: “Look at all of you guys who are not promising. Okay, when you finish drinking these wines, you can go in and play. Remember, don’t let these women commit suicide If you die, you won’t get the ransom.”

“Thank you, boss!” Several subordinates were overjoyed and responded in unison.

Darryl and Xue Mi’er heard clearly the conversation between Off and several subordinates.

“These bastards!” Xue Mi’er clenched her pink fist tightly, her delicate face flushed, and she was very embarrassed.


Darryl also frowned secretly, with a trace of anger in his eyes.

This Oufu is really notorious. Even if he kidnapped these women, he still has to let his men have fun.

Chapter 1627

“You are here to guard!”

At this moment, Xue Mi’er reacted and said to Darryl: “I’ll go back and find someone.”

Xue Mi’er knew that it was impossible to rescue the woman in the cave with the strength of the two of her own. Now that the situation was investigated, the only thing she could do was to go back and move the rescuer.

“This method is wrong!” Darryl shook his head.


Seeing that he didn’t obey the command, Xue Mi’er was very upset, and said coldly: “Stop talking nonsense, this action, everything is under my command.”

Darryl was helpless, and smiled bitterly: “You heard it just now. These people quickly finished drinking. When you bring people over, I’m afraid the woman in the cave has already suffered.”

Although Darryl heard that there were no Miaoying and Yanhong in the cave, he couldn’t just watch Ou doing evil.

Upon hearing this, Xue Mi’er was stunned, and her heart suddenly became entangled.

Yes, here is a round trip to Alandis, at least an hour, such a long time, I am afraid that the innocence of the woman in the cave will be ruined by people like Ove.

But…what else can you do if you don’t go back and call someone? Relying on himself and Darryl alone were not the opponents of people like Auf at all.


When Xue Mi’er was secretly anxious, she saw Darryl take a deep breath, then stood up, moved some rocks, and placed them on the mountain road.

Just now Darryl carefully observed the environment. Most of Auf’s men were under the mountain. In order to prevent them from coming up to support, a stone formation was deployed on the mountain road they must pass.

In this way, when the fight really starts, they won’t be afraid that they will come up to support Ove.


Seeing this scene, Xue Mi’er was anxious and angry, and couldn’t help shouting: “What are you doing?”

At this time, Darryl had already deployed the stone formations. Hearing Xue Mi’er’s inquiry, he responded lightly: “Preparing to save people, I made these to block the people below and prevent them from rushing up.”


Hearing this, Xue Mi’er was stunned, looking at Darryl complicatedly, only thinking that there was a problem with this person’s brain.

Just get some rocks and put them on the road, so that they can block the people below?

This person is not a lunatic, right?

Xue Mi’er at this time didn’t even know that the stones that Darryl pendurated seemed to be messy and ordinary, but they were actually an extremely powerful ecstasy formation.


At this moment, Off and several subordinates were very excited after drinking the last bottle of wine.

“The wine is finished, let’s go in and pick the beautiful girl!”

“Walk and go in together.”

“Haha, I’m so excited.”

Several subordinates talked and laughed, and they hooked their shoulders and thought of walking inside the cave.


Seeing this scene, Darryl hurriedly said to Xue Mi’er: “Wait when I attract their attention, you find a chance to sneak into the cave and rescue people.”

When the voice fell, Darryl took a deep breath and stood up, and walked over and shouted: “Hey, such a good thing, you have a part in seeing you, should I also choose a beautiful woman?”


Suddenly, Off and some of his subordinates were stunned, and then they looked over and looked at Darryl up and down.

“Boy, who are you?” Off’s face was gloomy and asked coldly.

Darryl smiled slightly: “Don’t be nervous, I’m just a passerby. Seeing you are quite lively here, come and have a look!”

Passing by?

As soon as the voice fell, Off and some of his subordinates were furious, and they followed closely, and the few people looked at each other, and quickly came to Elisa. Ma De, a passer-by, dared to make trouble, and he was looking for death.

Oops, this person is sick!

At the same time, Xue Mi’er, who was hiding in the dark, stomped her feet in a hurry. This Darryl didn’t have any sacred power, so he dared to provoke Auf, is it too long to live?

Patting his forehead, Darryl stood up cautiously, and sneaked up.

“Ma De. Chop him for me!” At this moment, Off was also very angry, and pointed at Darryl and yelled.


When the voice fell, several of his men pulled out their weapons and rushed towards Darryl directly.

Seeing the few people rushing over, Darryl didn’t panic at all, but he pretended to be very frightened on his face, and shouted: “Oh, I’m really a passerby, even if you don’t like it, you can’t do it. what.”

While shouting, Darryl pretended to turn around and escape, but secretly used his Dantian internal force.


In the next second, the guy who rushed to the front was hit by Darryl’s heart, with a muffled groan, the whole person flew out directly, and passed out after landing!

Ok? !

Seeing this scene, whether it was Ove or a few other people, they were all taken aback.

What’s the situation, this kid doesn’t have any sacred power, how did he fall?

At the same time, Xue Mi’er, who was hiding in the dark, also had her eyebrows furrowed, looking at Darryl, her eyes were full of complexity.

How did he do that?

“Ma De!”

Finally, Off reacted and cursed: “Knock him to death for me! The black dog must have drunk too much just now and tripped by himself.” The black dog was the guy who was knocked out by Darryl.

Black dog, haha, this name is interesting.

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help laughing.

And hearing Aofu’s words, the remaining few men howled one after another, and rushed towards Darryl again.

At this moment, Darryl stopped pretending, moved his wrist, and directly greeted him.

Bang bang bang…

After just a few seconds, the robbers all fell to the ground, each with a painful expression.


Seeing this scene, Xue Mi’er’s body trembled, completely stunned.

This Darryl is so fast, how did these people get knocked down, he didn’t even see once.

At the same time, Off was also shocked!

“Good boy, it turned out that it was pretended just now!” After reacting, Ove roared, holding a huge hammer tightly, and slammed directly towards Darryl.

The hammer weighed a few hundred catties, but it was breathed out by the Ove Dance, and its power was amazing.

Darryl didn’t try hard, but with his flexible posture, he surrounded the bonfire and started fighting with Aofu.

“Quickly, enter the cave to save people!” Darryl did not forget to yell at Xue Mi’er while pestering Off.

At this time, Xue Mi’er, seeing Darryl and Aofu fighting against each other without losing the wind, was completely stupid, but when she heard Darryl’s yelling, she still reacted quickly.

Ok? one left!

Seeing Xue Mi’er, Ove became even more angry, and his eyes instantly became blood red.


However, just as Xue Mi’er was about to rush into the cave, suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps from the bottom of the mountain, and immediately after that, I saw Auf’s men under the mountain, dozens of them, rushing over quickly.

Obviously, the sound of fighting here alarmed them.

“Quick!” Auf yelled, “Catch this woman for me!”

While yelling, Off’s eyes couldn’t help but glance at Xue Mi’er, shining with excitement.

This woman is so beautiful. Compared with those noble women in the cave, she is not inferior. She must be caught alive.

When the voice fell, dozens of his subordinates screamed and rushed towards Xue Mi’er.

That’s it!

Seeing this, Xue Mi’er’s body trembled, and she was too anxious.

How can I stop so many people?

Thinking about it, Xue Mi’er glared at Darryl fiercely. It was this person who wanted to mess around. Now it’s fine, neither of them can run away.


When Xue Mi’er was secretly annoyed, the scene before her completely stunned her.

I saw that dozens of Ove’s men rushed into the rock, one by one, they seemed to lose their way, turning around in the same place, and they couldn’t get out.

Chapter 1628

what happened?

Isn’t this just a pile of rocks?

Seeing this scene, Xue Mi’er only felt his brain buzzing and was extremely shocked.

At the same time, Off was also stunned.

He clearly saw that dozens of his subordinates were trapped in a rock, all of them dizzy, as if they were playing hide-and-seek.


Soon, Off reacted and cursed: “What are you doing in there? Don’t you hurry up and help?”

When the voice fell, dozens of people trapped in the stone formations all wanted to cry without tears.

“Boss, we can’t get out.”

“These stones are too evil, they seem to be movable.”


The voices of dozens of subordinates came, and Ove was anxious and angry.


At this moment, Darryl found the opportunity and punched Ove in his heart. Hearing Auf snorted, the whole person staggered back a dozen steps, and the sledgehammer in his hand fell to the ground.

With this punch, Darryl urged five layers of internal force, and broke two of Auf’s ribs.

Speaking of it, if Darryl broke out with all his strength, Aofu would definitely die, but Darryl knew that this was Roland Continent, and his Dantian internal strength was of a different kind. If his true strength was exposed, he would definitely be in needless trouble, or be low-key. Good point.

Anyway, the current situation is basically under my control.

“Quickly go in and rescue people!” Darryl shouted at Xue Mi’er.


Hearing the shout, Xue Mi’er reacted and rushed into the cave quickly.

Darryl took a deep breath, walked slowly towards Auf, and said leisurely: “Auf, right? You can’t run away today, so behave and catch it!”


Seeing Darryl walking step by step, Ofu’s face was extremely gloomy, he never expected that there were so many people in him that even a kid could not stop him.

What was even more unacceptable to Off was that the man in front of him had no holy power at all, and he could still wound himself.

“Made, go to hell!” Seeing that Darryl was less than two meters away from Aof, Aof suddenly yelled, and at the same time raised his right arm, showing the sleeve arrow on his arm.

Ok? There are hidden weapons!

The moment he saw Xiujian, Darryl frowned secretly, instinctively trying to hide, but the distance was too close, it was too late.


Off quickly pressed the machine spring, and the sleeve arrows shot out, and he saw Darryl’s body tremble suddenly, his shoulder was pierced instantly, and blood spurted out.

At this time, Xue Mi’er rescued the woman trapped in the cave. She just saw a scene, and her body trembled.

D*mn it!

Seeing these women rescued by Xue Mi’er, Darryl was also stunned.

I saw that these women were all in their twenties, one of them more prettier than the other, wearing aristocratic dresses, but they were all frightened.

This Ove had a pretty good eye, and he had caught so many beauties.


Muttering in his heart, Darryl endured the sharp pain from his shoulders, took a deep breath, stared at Auf, and showed a smile: “Auf, you are gone. Is it interesting to do this kind of meaningless resistance?”

While talking, Darryl raised his hand to seal the acupuncture points on his shoulders, stopping the bleeding.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Ove or Xue Mi’er, their mouths were open wide, eyes full of incredible.

Just tap on the shoulder and the blood stopped flowing.

How did he do that?

There is no such thing as acupuncture in the Roland Continent. At this time, Darryl’s approach was more magical than magic in the eyes of Ove and Xue Mier.

“you you…”

Finally, Ove reacted, his tone trembling, obviously panicked.

The next second, Aofu’s eyes flashed fiercely, and he rushed directly towards Xue Mi’er. Xue Mi’er was startled and instinctively backed away.

However, Off’s goal is not Xue Mi’er, but the women she just brought out of the cave.

Those women were imprisoned for a day, one by one was extremely weak. At this time, there was no time to dodge. In the blink of an eye, one of them was held tightly by Ove.

“Slot you, give me back!” Auf pulled the woman and stood in front of him. I don’t know when there was an extra dagger in his hand, and it lay across the woman’s neck, yelling at Darryl.

At this moment, Ofe’s eyes were full of madness.

He knew that he was not Darryl’s opponent, and the only way to get out was to take hostages.

“Don’t, don’t kill me…” The woman was frightened, her body trembled, and she kept begging for mercy, tears kept streaming down.


Seeing this situation, Darryl suddenly became angry.

This Ove is simply a lunatic, dare that hostage threaten him.

After walking through the rivers and lakes for so many years, Darryl is not afraid of powerful enemies. The only thing he hates is that the opponent threatens him with weakness.

“Don’t come over, or I’ll kill her! Step back quickly, if you hear it, step back…” Seeing Darryl’s face change, Ofu howled loudly.

At the same time, Off also clenched the dagger in his hand.


At this moment, Xue Mi’er bit her lip tightly and instantly became nervous, and a heart touched her throat.

She didn’t expect that Ove was more sad and sick than the rumors, and actually took a woman as a hostage.

Darryl did not rush forward, clenching his fist and staring at Ove!


Seeing Darryl stop, Ofe’s face was triumphant: “Made, aren’t you very good? Are you not obedient to listen to me now?”

As he said, Ofe tilted his head and glanced at Xue Mi’er: “And you, I see you are familiar, you should be from the Bounty Alliance, right?”

“Not bad!” Xue Mi’er responded: “Master Xue Shan, the leader of the bounty alliance, is my father.”

As he said, Xue Mi’er took a deep breath and slowly said: “Ove, today you can hardly fly with your wings, so you still give up resistance and go back with us obediently!”

“Go back with you?”

Aofu’s eyes flashed hideously, and he sneered: “Do you think it’s possible? I tell you, even if you die today, I will have a backing.”

Ove yelled and looked around, planning an escape route in his mind.

At this moment, Ove felt extremely resentful.

Mad, if it weren’t for the men and women’s surprise attack, he and his men would have received the ransom.

Seeing Aofu refused to accept the softness, Xue Mi’er’s pissed body trembled.


At this time, Darryl also had no patience. He took a step forward and said coldly at Auf: “Auf, you are also a famous person, don’t you feel ashamed to use a woman as a shield now?”

“Go to D*mnd!”

When the voice fell, Ofe’s face changed, and he couldn’t help but yelled: “What are you, you are qualified to say Laozi?”

Over the past few years, he has crossed the Roland Continent with a fierce reputation, and there are a group of subordinates who follow him desperately, which can be regarded as a generation of heroes.

And how can this little-known kid be so humiliated in front of him?

In the face of Ove’s fury, Darryl didn’t panic at all, and said indifferently: “Is it right? If you want to be a man, just let her go and fight me dignifiedly!”

While talking, Darryl continued to slowly approach.

“Slot you! Stop, you have a special code to stop!” Off’s eyes flashed with hatred, and he shouted angrily.

Yes, Darryl said this deliberately, preparing to psychologically break Ove’s line of defense. As long as Ove is confused by himself, flaws will be revealed.


Seeing this scene, Xue Mi’er’s pretty face changed and she stomped her feet in a hurry: “Don’t be impulsive!”

Is he mad, what if Ove is completely rushed and he really kills the hostages?

Chapter 1629

Darryl’s face was indifferent, and he secretly gave Xue Mi’er a look, indicating not to be nervous.

In the next second, Darryl showed a slight smile and looked at Ofu: “Well, everyone takes a step back, how can you let her go!”

When he said this, Darryl looked at Ofu’s gaze intentionally or unconsciously, and saw a colorful little snake lying right there a few meters away behind Ofu.

Darryl knew that the more beautiful a snake was, the more poisonous it was, and he suddenly had a plan in his heart.


Seeing that Darryl finally compromised, Ove couldn’t help but laughed up to the sky: “The conditions are right, it’s very simple, I want you to remove the stones, and then chop off one of your own hands.”

Up until now, Ove hadn’t figured out how his dozens of subordinates were trapped in those stones, but he knew that as long as the stones were removed, these subordinates would be fine.

As for asking Darryl to chop off a hand, it was Ove’s venting of anger in his heart.


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help cursing in his heart, this Ou was quite ruthless, even letting himself chop off a hand.

Thinking of this, Darryl smiled and nodded: “Okay, you have to speak up!”

“Hey, you are crazy!!”

As soon as the voice fell, Xue Mier’s face was complicated, and she couldn’t help shouting.

This Auf was fierce and despicable, and what he said was not credible. If Darryl really cut off one of his hands, the situation would be completely passive.

Darryl secretly shook his head at Xue Mi’er, and said: “Go, move the stone away!”

Xue Mi’er was very reluctant, but seeing Darryl’s expression serious, she still walked slowly towards the stone formation.


At this moment, Ove stared at Xue Mi’er closely, his eyes gleaming with excitement and cruelty.

Off had thought about it. As long as these subordinates of his own were released, he would immediately let them capture Xue Mi’er alive. As for this Darryl, he broke a hand by himself, and he had no threat to himself, so there is no need to worry.

In his pride, O’F said coldly at Darryl: “She went to move the stone, you can cut your hand off! Don’t think about tricks.”

Darryl responded with a smile, then put his hand in his mouth and made a series of hissing noises.


Hearing the sound, the poisonous snake lying there, as if it had received instructions, crawled towards Ove like lightning.

Yes, Darryl just used his ventriloquist and signaled an attack to this poisonous snake.

“What are you doing?” Off frowned and asked coldly.

At this time, Off, he hadn’t realized the danger behind him, was approaching quickly.


Darryl’s face was leisurely, and he responded with a smile: “It’s nothing, the shoulder injury is a little uncomfortable.”

Off’s eyes flickered, and he was about to speak, when he saw the viper behind him, already approaching, and biting on Off’s calf with one bite.


When the pain came, Ove couldn’t help taking a breath, and when he looked back, his face changed suddenly.

I saw a poisonous snake biting on my calf.


In the next second, Off quickly released the hostages, trying to squeeze the venom out, but the venom spread quickly, and in a short time, a numbness spread all over his body, and Off’s whole body shuddered, suddenly soft to the ground.

what’s the situation?

At this time, Xue Mi’er had just walked to the stone formation, and when she heard the situation here, she hurriedly looked over. At this look, she was immediately stunned.

Seeing Auf’s face turned blue, he was lying on the ground, completely losing his resistance.

After a few seconds, Xue Mi’er walked over quickly and asked Darryl: “What’s the matter? Where did the poisonous snake come from?”


Darryl smiled slightly and looked at Ove pretendingly: “It seems that he has done too much evil, and God can’t stand it anymore, so he sent a poisonous snake to punish him.”

Don’t say anything about ventriloquism, after all, this is a different world.

is it?

Xue Mi’er was stunned, but seeing Darryl’s serious face, there was no doubt.

In the next second, Xue Mi’er took out the rope and walked over to tie Ove’s five flowers. She didn’t forget to kick a few feet: “You have done something bad, and now you have gotten retribution. It really deserves it.”


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help but laugh.

This Xue Mi’er is quite interesting.

At this time, the few noble women nearby also slowed down, and walked over to express their gratitude to Darryl.

“Thank you for saving us…”

“Thank you so much…”

“I don’t know what the benefactor is called yet.”

Darryl smiled slightly and replied: “Don’t be so polite. My name is Darryl. By the way, where is your home? How are you arrested?”

Upon hearing the question, several aristocratic women looked at each other, and then answered them one by one.

“My name is Rina, the daughter of Duke Ruibo of New Moon Principality…”

“I’m from the Stand family…”

“My father is the lord of Liege City…”

Hearing these women’s answers, Darryl was stunned, secretly startled.

Fcuk, the identities of these women are more prominent than one. This Auf was really bold, and he caught so many noble eldest ladies, it is no wonder that he would be wanted by the entire Roland mainland.

After talking a few words, Darryl let these noble ladies go down the mountain and leave.


At this moment, Xue Mi’er came over and said: “You are here to guard, I will go back and call someone to send Ove these people to Alantis for trial.”

Darryl nodded, expressing no objection.

At this moment, Xue Mi’er thought of something and pointed to the stone formation and asked, “How on earth did you do it? Why are these people trapped inside and can’t get out?”

When she said this, Xue Mi’er’s eyes were full of curiosity.

Up to this point, dozens of Ove’s men were still trapped inside, like headless flies.

This one….

Darryl scratched his head and said with a smile: “It’s actually very simple. When I placed this stone before, I applied a potion that can make people hallucinate on each stone. After these men of Ove entered, After inhaling these medicines, I became delirious, and naturally I was trapped in it.”

The formation technique was more profound and difficult to understand than ventriloquist, Darryl was too lazy to explain to Xue Mi’er, so he casually made up a lie.

It turned out to be so.

Upon hearing this, Xue Mi’er nodded suddenly, then curled her lips and said: “I thought you had any special skills, because you used this little trick.”

When the voice fell, Xue Mi’er didn’t say more, and hurried down the mountain to call people.


After Xue Mi’er left, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a little bored.

At this time, Ov’s poisoning deepened and he was completely unconscious.


At this moment, Darryl’s gaze fell on Ofu and couldn’t help muttering in his heart.

This Auf has done so many bad things in Roland Continent, robbed and murdered, and did all the evil. There must be a treasure on him.

Thinking about it, Darryl walked over and searched Auf’s body. Soon, he found out a crumpled map, and saw that this map drew the entire Roland continent, but the paper was yellowed. Obviously the age was It’s a long time.

And in the upper right of the map, a place is specially marked with a red dot.

Treasure Map?

Seeing the marked red dot, Darryl was stunned, without the slightest excitement.

Mad, what use is the treasure map for yourself? I don’t need money myself.

Although a little depressed, Darryl still put away the treasure map.

After a while, Xue Mi’er came with people, and escorted Auf and his men to Alandis.

Chapter 1630

Sending Off to Alandis for trial requires a lot of procedures, so Darryl didn’t follow, and when he reached the bottom of the mountain, he said goodbye to Xue Mi’er and the others.

Returning to Alantis, seeing that the time was still early, Darryl didn’t rush back to his residence, but wandered on the street.

“Manny Carnival Night?”

A few minutes later, Darryl passed by the entrance of a tavern, and was immediately attracted by the name of the tavern. He saw that the tavern was well located, the decoration was relatively high-end, and there were a lot of guests, not inferior to the tavern of Blue Rose.

The tavern is a good place to inquire about the news. Although I had the help of Blue Rose before, I couldn’t be idle.

Thinking about it, Darryl entered the tavern hall.

Entering the tavern, Darryl asked for a place by the window, ordered a bottle of wine, pours himself while observing the surroundings, and see if he can hear news about Miaoying and Yanhong from the guests around him. .


Looking around, Darryl’s eyes fell on a private room on the second floor, and he saw a man and a woman sitting in the private room, talking and laughing.

The man was not very old, he looked about twenty-five, he was dressed in bright knight armor, and he was indescribably handsome, and his body was filled with powerful holy power.

The woman’s long purple dress shows her s3xy figure, which is indescribably charming and s3xy.

The male Darryl didn’t know him, but when he saw the female, Darryl was stunned.

It was Irene.

Why is she here?

Is the man her friend?

A few seconds later, Darryl came back to his senses, wanted to say hello, but held back.

It was embarrassing to break into Irene’s room by mistake. I guess Irene still misunderstood herself at this moment.

At this time, Yajian is here.

Irene sat in the elegant room, her delicate face couldn’t conceal her excited smile, and she became more reserved.

The handsome man sitting across from Irene is the long-famous royal knight of the Principality of Heaven, Wick.

Five years ago, in the grand competition held in the Duchy of Stars, Wick defeated the crowd and won the first place. He was specially named the king’s knight by the king. After that, Wick was committed to loyal to the king and became the king’s side. The celebrities, it can be said that the scenery is infinite.

Wick is not only powerful and powerful, but with his handsome appearance, he has captured the hearts of many young ladies.

Irene is one of Wick’s many admirers.

“Your Excellency!”

At this moment, Irene smiled lightly and poured wine for Wick: “I’m so happy to sit with you and drink!”

In the morning, Darryl broke into his room. Irene was in a bad mood and went out shopping to relax. He unexpectedly ran into Wick. At that time, Ai Lin took the initiative to say hello and was invited to drink with Wick.

At this time, Irene was completely immersed in the joy of meeting the idol.

Wick smiled humbly and said humbly: “Miss Irene is really polite. You are the eldest lady of Simon City. It is my honor to be so loved by you.”

Some words, humble, polite, gentleman full of style.

However, Wick had a humble face and a pair of eyes, but he couldn’t help looking at Irene.


It’s so beautiful.

It would be even better if we could spend the night together.

“You are so modest, who doesn’t know, you are the celebrity beside the king, even if my father sees you, he must be polite!” Irene said with a smile.

In the next second, Irene patted her head and smiled apologetically: “Sorry!” She got up and went to the bathroom.


Watching Irene leave, Wick came out with a smile, then took out a vial from his body and poured the medicine inside into Irene’s wine glass.

Yes, what Wick poured in was a kind of drug.

Speaking of it, Wick is a gentleman on the surface, but in fact he is a lecher. In the past few years, relying on his position next to the king, I don’t know how many women have been deceived. Today, a s3xy and beautiful lady took the initiative to deliver her. Wick will naturally not miss it.

Although Irene was the daughter of the city lord of Simon City, Wick was not afraid of being the celebrity next to the king.

Wake’s movements were clearly seen by Darryl, who was sitting on the first floor.


At this moment, Darryl frowned secretly, this guy actually prescribed medicine to Irene?

Fortunately, I saw it myself, otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous.

Thinking about it, Darryl went directly to the second floor without hesitation.

As soon as I arrived in the private room, I saw Irene coming back.

At this time, Irene hadn’t seen Darryl yet, after entering the private room, she smiled with Wick.

“Miss Irene, it’s nice to meet you today, let’s have a few more drinks!” Wick smiled and said, and at the same time he lifted Irene’s wine glass very intimately.

Irene smiled slightly and was about to take the cup.

However, at this moment, Darryl walked in quickly and said to Irene: “Don’t drink, it’s late, it’s time to go back!”)/

When saying this, Darryl couldn’t help but look up and down Wick.

Fcuk, this guy is very strong, it turned out to be an upper-level holy veteran, a level higher than the Heath next to Doug.


Suddenly seeing Darryl, Irene’s body trembled, and the whole person was stunned.

Soon, Irene calmed down, and said in a bad mood: “Why are you here?” Irene hadn’t forgotten the matter of the morning, and at this time she didn’t have the slightest affection for Darryl.

Darryl smiled: “You are here, I can’t be here?”

With that, Darryl glanced at Wick: “Is this your friend?”

Irene nodded, unable to conceal her inner worship, and said: “Yes, not only my friend. He is also my idol. His name is Wick. He is the greatest royal knight in the Principality of Heaven!”

Also a royal knight?

Darryl was stunned, and then couldn’t help but chuckle: “Eileen, don’t be blinded by the appearance of some people. Some people look glamorous, but behind the scenes, they are not good people!”

When saying this, Darryl looked at Wick up and down.

What Darryl said made Irene very unhappy: “What do you mean?”

At this time, Wick’s face also became gloomy, and he looked at Darryl and said coldly: “Who are you? Do you know who you are talking to?”

Ha ha…

Darryl smiled and was too lazy to talk nonsense: “Wick, right? My name is Darryl. Unfortunately, I am also a royal knight. I advise you to pay less attention to Irene. It’s clear.”


Wick frowned, then thought of something, and sneered: “Oh, it turns out that you are the one who won Sam on All Souls’ Day. Born to be supernatural? Ha ha… it doesn’t look very good.”

As he said, Wick’s eyes became cold: “You said I was drugging in the wine, what’s the evidence?” When the voice fell, Wick placed the wine glass on the table, deliberately very hard, and the wine in it splashed all at once. Came out.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was very angry.

This kid was so cunning that he destroyed the evidence.

At this time, Irene reacted and shouted at Darryl: “Don’t talk nonsense, Wick is not that kind of person! If you deliberately made trouble, you can go now!”

Darryl took a deep breath, and said seriously at Irene: “I am your teacher, so I have the right. He did take medicine just now. You were cheated by him on the surface. Come with me!” Go grab Irene’s hand.

To be honest, Irene’s attitude made Darryl very annoyed, but her father, Doug, had helped herself, so she couldn’t leave it alone.

However, Irene was very resistant and pushed Darryl’s hand away.

“Darryl, are you endless? In the morning, I saved face for you, haven’t I told my father?” Irene’s eyes flashed with disgust and said coldly: “I tell you, Wick is mine. Idol, don’t allow you to slander him so much!”

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