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Chapter 1811


At the moment he landed, Darryl spewed out a mouthful of blood, his face pale and his breath extremely weak.


At this moment, the anger from the bottom of Darryl’s heart rushed upwards, his eyes were extremely bloody, and he stared at Leticia closely. This woman was simply a lunatic.


Before Darryl stood up, Leticia’s body flashed and rushed directly to him. One foot stepped on Darryl’s face.

In the next second, Leticia looked stubborn and asked condescendingly: “Hey, little Shuboy, you honestly explain, did you steal the tricks of Mr. Guigu, that’s why you have Bailian’s cold heat?”

When he said this, Leticia looked at Darryl with contempt.

The book boy in front of him, not very strong, even possesses the cold fire of Bailian. He must have learned the techniques of Mr. Guigu in secret.

The Hongsheng next to him also looked at Darryl indifferently. Like Leticia, Hongsheng also felt that the book boy was strange everywhere.


Being stepped on by Leticia’s face, Darryl’s anger rose. Gritting his teeth and said: “Bai Lian is cold and fire, I merged with myself, and my teacher…”

At this moment, Darryl wanted to say that it had nothing to do with my master, but when he thought of his identity as a book boy at this time, he stopped in time and changed his name: “It has nothing to do with Mr. Guigu.”

Fusion by yourself?

Hearing this, Leticia obviously didn’t believe it, and his eyes flashed tricky and displeased: “Don’t lie to me, just your strength. Can you integrate Bailian cold fire? If you don’t explain it, I can show you good looks.”

As he said, Leticia drew a golden soft whip from his body and jokingly said, “Know this thing, it’s called a whip, as long as you get a few whips, your soul will collapse.”

When he said this, Leticia looked smug.

Hongsheng, who was next to him, frowned, but did not stop him.


Seeing the whip, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath, and said coldly: “Don’t be too much, I’m Mr. Guigu’s book boy, if you ruin my soul, Mr. Guigu will definitely not be merciless. about you.”

Hearing this, Leticia couldn’t help but chuckled: “Don’t scare me, my master is Beiming Xianzun, and you are just a new book boy who has been here for a few days. You think Mr. Guigu will do it for a book boy. , Fell out with my master?”

Finished. Leticia raised the whip, no doubt: “Quickly explain, where did your Bailian cold fire come from?”

Darryl gritted his teeth and sneered.

“court death!”

Seeing Darryl’s attitude, Leticia stopped talking nonsense. With a flick of his jade hand, he hit the whip with a scream, and slammed towards Darryl.


The air was torn apart wherever he hit the whip, like a golden lightning, it was amazing.

Seeing that the god whip was thrown, Darryl couldn’t think much, because he was slapped by Leticia, he was very weak, but he didn’t know where the strength was at that time, he rolled on the spot and broke free of Leticia directly, and then pulled his leg. Rushed forward.

Darryl knew that he was not Leticia’s opponent at all in the fight, but he couldn’t let her be humiliated either. He thought about it, and after breaking free from Leticia, he immediately ran back to the yard. At that time, in front of Guiguzi, Leticia would definitely not dare to be so presumptuous.

However, Darryl was not familiar with the environment of Guixianshan. At this moment, he could not choose his way, and the direction of running was not the small courtyard where Guiguzi lived, but the outside of Guixian Mountain.


Seeing that Darryl could break free of his own control in this situation. Leticia’s pretty face changed, and he stomped his feet, and then clung to the whip and chased after him.

Hongsheng was also stunned, and then followed closely.

In the blink of an eye, Darryl and Leticia had three figures. It rushed out of the scope of Guixian Mountain.


Seeing the environment in front of him, he was so unfamiliar, Darryl almost wanted to cry without tears.

This doesn’t seem to be the way back to the yard.

No matter what, let’s get rid of the lunatic Leticia first.

After making up his mind, Darryl continued to run forward. After a few minutes, he came to a black valley and saw that the valley was scorched and black, and there was no grass growing. In the center of the valley, there was a huge deep pit. , Very shocking.

What is this place?

Seeing this scene, Darryl was stunned, and then he saw the mountain wall not far away. There is a cave. On the big rock beside the cave, a few big characters are vaguely engraved: The place where the evildoer is annihilated, and those who come will stop.

The place where the evildoer is obliterated?

Darryl frowned secretly, realizing that he had come to a forbidden place. Instinctively wanted to turn around, but he could see that Leticia and Hongsheng behind him had already caught up. At that time, Darryl gritted his teeth and rushed towards the cave.


At this time, Leticia and Hongsheng came quickly and hovered above the black valley.


Seeing the place in front of him, Hong Sheng frowned secretly and couldn’t help saying: “This seems to be the place of heaven…”

Hearing this, Leticia didn’t have the madness just now, and her delicate face was a bit solemn. Awe and complexity gleamed in his eyes. As a disciple of Beiming Immortal Venerable, Leticia had heard that thousands of years ago, God’s Domain had a large-scale removal of evildoers. The place where the incident took place at that time was called the place of heaven’s punishment.

“Junior Sister!”

Finally, Hongsheng reacted and whispered to Leticia: “Or let’s go back.” The place of God’s punishment in front of him was messy, giving people a bad feeling.

Leticia shook his head: “Brother, what are you afraid of? This place of God’s punishment is nothing but a ruin. The little book boy, I taught him, instead of looking for Mr. Guigu, he escaped from Guixian Mountain. Obviously there is a ghost in his heart. “

With that said, Leticia looked around and immediately saw Darryl who had fled to the entrance of the mountain wall. He immediately chased after him without thinking much.

Hongsheng took a deep breath. Quickly keep up.

In the blink of an eye, Leticia reached the entrance of the cave, and at this time, Darryl had just entered the cave.

“Hee hee!”

At this moment, seeing Darryl who was in a panic, Leticia was in a good mood and said with a smile: “Little Shuboy, are you still running?”

When he said this, Leticia had a playful expression on his face.

This crazy woman.

Darryl cursed inwardly and sneered: “If you let me out, I will go out? Why should I listen to you?”


Hearing this, Leticia’s pretty face sank, a little book boy who dared to talk to himself like this, he was looking for death.

The next second, Leticia turned his eyes and got an idea, and chuckled lightly: “Okay, if you don’t come out, let’s see how I treat you.” As he said, Leticiayu raised his hand, and the five elements real fire was released again.


Next second. A sea of ​​flames instantly formed at the entrance of the cave, and then the flames spread rapidly toward the depths of the cave. Speaking of which, Leticia knew that after Darryl used Bailian’s cold fire before. The real fire of the Five Elements couldn’t hurt him at all.

But Darryl had just been injured by Leticia, and he was very weak at this time. It was impossible to use the cold fire of Bailian to consume the real fire of the five elements.


Seeing the fire spreading in, Darryl was furious. It came out directly.

Leticia’s guess was correct. At this time, Darryl was extremely weak and could not use Bailian’s cold fire. Although the five elements couldn’t hurt him, the hot flame also made Darryl unbearable.

“Hee hee…”

Seeing the flames burning wildly, Leticia was so excited that he couldn’t tell. He stood at the entrance of the cave, clapping his hands and laughing: “It’s so fun, the flames shrank their heads.”

In her heart, Darryl hid in the cave and couldn’t come out, just like a turtle with his head back.

Chapter 1812


Listening to Leticia’s laugh outside the cave, Darryl was extremely annoyed. At the same time, as the flame became hotter and hotter, Darryl gritted his teeth and touched the depths of the cave.

After a dozen steps, Darryl saw that not far ahead, there was an energy vortex filled with powerful energy fluctuations.


Darryl felt it clearly. The energy vortex in front of him was an enchantment.

And this enchantment is obviously much stronger than the enchantment that Juanhong deployed in Lingguo Garden. Not only that, it seems to contain a strange suction.

Isn’t this the place where the evildoers are annihilated? How can there be an enchantment?

At this moment, Darryl only felt his brain humming, and he was very puzzled.


At this moment, Leticia outside the cave could not hear a response, and once again released the real fire of the five elements, seeing that the fire was getting bigger and bigger, and the whole cave was about to burn.


Seeing this situation, Darryl couldn’t say how annoyed it was. It was really unlucky to meet a lunatic like Leticia, and he couldn’t go out anyhow today.

but. The fire in this cave is so big, it’s not a problem to continue to hide.

In just two seconds, Darryl’s brain turned rapidly, and then he gritted his teeth and rushed directly into the barrier.

Darryl thought it through, no matter what was behind the barrier, it was better than being caught by Leticia.


At the moment when he rushed into the barrier, Darryl only felt that his whole person was enveloped by a terrifying force, and the surroundings were dark, and then a strong sense of dizziness came. Then, when the eyes went dark, I didn’t know anything.

At this time, outside the cave.

“Junior Sister!”

Seeing the fire in the cave getting bigger and bigger, Hongsheng finally couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but said: “It’s almost done, don’t be too foolish.”

In Hongsheng’s mind, even though Darryl was just a little book boy, the junior sister set fire to the cave, which was a bit too much.

“Why am I messing around?”

Leticia looked savage and said disapprovingly: “This guy, he must have ulterior motives to be a book boy for Mr. Guigu. Mr. Guigu was deceived by him. I did this for Mr. Guigu to clear the door.”

Seeing her rebuttal, Hongsheng couldn’t laugh or cry.

Leticia was too lazy to talk nonsense with Hongsheng, and continued to shout at the cave: “Hey, you D*mn little bookboy, can you get out?”

However, apart from the blazing fire inside the cave, there was no response at all.

At this moment Leticia didn’t know that Darryl had entered the barrier inside the cave.


Just when Leticia was still shouting. I saw two figures, flying quickly from not far away, the bones of Xianfeng Dao, it was Guiguzi and Beiming Xianzun.

Seeing Master and Gui Guzi coming, Hongsheng’s expression changed, and suddenly he became a little nervous.

But Leticia didn’t care much.


Soon, Beiming Xianzun and Guiguzi landed, and then, Beiming Xianzun frowned and asked: “Why are you here? Where is Mr. Guigu’s little book boy?”

While talking, Immortal Venerable Beiming looked at the still burning cave and frowned secretly.

Speaking of which, Beiming Xianzun and Guiguzi were originally in the yard while sipping tea while discussing the truth. They didn’t care about the three young people at all, but afterwards, they saw that the three of them had gone for so long and did not come back. Bei Mingxian Zun and Guiguzi went out to search, but they searched Guixianshan, but they didn’t see any of them.

Afterwards, at the boundary of Guixian Mountain, I saw the smoke rising from the place of Heavenly Punishment from a distance. Beiming Xianzun and Guiguzi couldn’t think about it, so they hurried over to check.


at this time. Hearing Xianzun’s question, Leticia shook his head and said with a smile: “That little book boy is a liar, I’m teaching him.”

Talking. Leticia quickly said what had just happened. At the end of the talk, Leticia pointed to the cave: “This little book boy, actually learned Mr. Guigu’s stunts. It’s really hateful.”

In her heart, Bailian Lenghuo was not something ordinary people could possess, and Darryl could use it at will, and he must have learned it from Guiguzi. After all, Guiguzi was a strange person of a generation, and it was normal to control Bailian Lenghuo.


Gui Guzi originally had a calm face, but when he heard Leticia’s words, he was shocked.

At the same time, Beiming Immortal Venerable’s face changed drastically, and he was furious: “Leticia, you have caused a catastrophe this time.” His tone was full of blame.

This Leticia is so ridiculous that he burned Mr. Guigu’s book boy with fire, you know. Although Mr. Guigu hadn’t been in God’s Domain for long, his position was detached, and even the Nine Heavens God was respectful.


Facing the Beiming Immortal Venerable’s reprimand, Leticia was very aggrieved, and muttered: “This little bookboy is very weird. What’s wrong with my interrogation for Mr. Guigu? Besides, he has the cold fire of Bailian, and these flames can’t even burn. he.”

“shut up!”

Bei Mingxian was so angry that he glared at Leticia fiercely: “You have caused a serious disaster, and you still don’t know how to repent? After returning, let me face the wall for three months.”

As he said, Beiming Immortal Venerable looked at Guiguzi in embarrassment: “Mr. Guigu, I’m really sorry, my apprentice is too foolish, please bear with me. I will go in and bring the little book boy out.”

Gui Guzi smiled, but his face was ugly.

In the mainland of Kyushu for thousands of years, Guiguzi was regarded as the first person in the ages, although he had received many disciples. But it was Darryl that he appreciated the most. This time Darryl accidentally entered God’s Domain and caused a catastrophe. In order to protect him, Gui Guzi said that he was his own book boy, but he never thought that this female disciple of Beiming Immortal Venerable , Actually deceived others and blocked Darryl in the cave. And burned him with fire…

Gui Guzi was very short-term, and wanted to get angry at this time, but still held back his identity.

Seeing Guiguzi’s face changed, Beiming Xianzun stopped talking nonsense. With a wave of his hand, he directly extinguished the real fire of the five elements in the flaming mountain, and then his figure flashed and rushed in directly.

Guiguzi followed closely!


Going to the depths of the cave, seeing the scene in front of them, both Beiming Xianzun and Guiguzi were stunned.

I saw that there was an enchantment in front of me, how could there be Darryl’s figure?

“Look at the situation!” A few seconds later, the Immortal Venerable Bei Ming reacted and said in a very embarrassing manner: “This little book boy has entered the barrier… If I remember correctly, behind this barrier is the Yaozu The Sealed Land!”

When saying this, Beiming Xianzun was anxious and guilty.

If Darryl was still in the cave, there was still room for recovery, and if he entered the barrier, the consequences would be disastrous.

The Sealed Land of the Monster Race?

Upon hearing this, Gui Guzi realized that it was not good, and quickly asked: “What is the seal of the monster race, please explain to Xianzun clearly. I don’t understand.”

Gui Guzi had just arrived in God’s Domain not long ago, and he still didn’t know much about the situation in God’s Domain.


Beiming Xianzun took a deep breath and slowly explained: “Mr. Guigu, after Pangu opened up the world, you know that humans and gods co-exist in the same world. Later, after the emergence of the concept of class, the gods felt that humans were not worthy to be with themselves. A world. In this case, the entire world is divided into three realms, namely the God Realm, the Human Realm, and the Ghost Realm.”

Chapter 1813

“At that time, there were not only the gods in the realm of God, but there were countless immortal birds and rare beasts. These immortal birds and rare beasts included the Phoenix clan, the Shellmound clan, as well as the Qiongqi, heroic tricks, unicorns, gluttonous… .and many more!”

“But gradually, after the strength of these immortal birds and rare beasts gradually grew, the gods felt threatened, so they collectively referred to them as the demon race, and then launched a war of gods to defeat the demon race in one fell swoop.”

“That big war lasted for a long time. During that time, many immortal birds and rare beasts, knowing that they were not the opponents of the gods, escaped from the realm of gods and went to the human world. Among them were the dragon family and the poor. Qi, unicorns, etc., and those who leave the realm of God are called sacred beasts in your human world.

“And those who did not leave continued to resist the gods, but in the end they did not escape the pale fate.”

“After the battle of the gods is over, all the demon races who resisted are sealed in a sinister place. This place will be a place where the demon race will be sealed.”

When saying this, Beiming Xianzun has been paying attention to Guiguzi’s reaction.


Knowing this, Gui Guzi took a deep breath and asked: “According to you, outside the cave is the site of the God War, and this enchantment is the entrance to the Sealed Land?”

“Not bad!” Bei Ming Xianzun nodded.

Gui Guzi couldn’t think too much, and immediately made a decision: “In this case, let’s go in and bring Darryl back.” With that, he was about to enter the barrier.

“Mr. Ghost Valley is not allowed!”

At this moment, the face of the Immortal Beiming changed, and he quickly stopped Guiguzi: “This sealed land has been imprisoned by countless monsters. Moreover, after being imprisoned for so many years, the monsters must be angry with the sky. Let’s enter rashly. Without that little book boy, he would still be in danger.”

“Sir, you need to know that the monster race was able to fight fiercely with the gods, and the power is not weak. The two of us are not rivals at all!”

Upon hearing this, Gui Guzi was stunned.

He could see that the Immortal Venerable Beiming was not joking. The monster race was able to fight against the gods back then, and the strength must be very strong, so he rushed in, fearing that there would be no return.

But Darryl was the disciple he admired most, and he couldn’t just watch him enter a dangerous situation and let him go.

Thinking about it, Gui Guzi immediately took out his portable hexagram and began to divination for Darryl. Guiguzi is the number one person in the ages, knows everything, knows everything, and is a master of divination.

Seeing Guiguzi took out the hexagram plate, Beiming Xianzun was not talking, watching closely.

Soon, Guiguzi made a divination, and his expression eased a lot.

“Mr. Guigu, how?” Beiming Xianzun hurriedly asked. At this time, the aura of a generation of Xianzun was completely gone, but he was cautious in front of Guiguzi.

After all, Darryl strayed into the Sealed Land of the Demon Race, all because of Leticia’s mischief.

Gui Guzi breathed a sigh of relief, and said slowly: “The Guaxiang said that Darryl entered the land of the Yaozu seal this time, and it will be dangerous and will go through a lot of disasters, but in the end, it will turn into good fortune.”

With that said, Gui Guzi looked at the enchantment in front of him, and said with emotion: “Perhaps, this is an experience for Darryl.”

At this time, Guiguzi didn’t have any worries in his heart, because the hexagram said clearly that Darryl strayed into the Sealed Land of the Demon Race this time, there was no danger, but a chance.

In this case, Gui Guzi not only no longer worried, but was a little happy for Darryl, you know, not everyone has a chance.

That’s great!

Hearing this, Beiming Immortal Venerable finally breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time looked at Guiguzi curiously: “Dare to ask Mr. Guigu, who is this Darryl?”

To be honest, Guiguzi is a strange person of a generation, but at this time he attaches so much importance to a little book boy, which makes people have to doubt.

Gui Guzi smiled slightly: “Don’t tell the secret!”

As he said, Gui Guzi slowly said: “It’s okay, let’s go back and discuss the Tao.”

Then a word fell, and Guiguzi walked out of the cave lightly.

Beiming Xianzun looked suspicious, looked at the enchantment, and then walked out.


the other side!

In the endless chaos, Darryl was in a daze, and only felt that he had had a bizarre dream.

I don’t know how long it took, Darryl slowly woke up!

D*mn, where is this?

The moment he opened his eyes, Darryl looked around. Suddenly he was stunned.

I saw that there was an endless forest in front of me, the sky was gray, and the aura between heaven and earth was very weak. Compared with the innate aura in God’s Domain, it was almost a sky and an underground. Even the aura here is not as good as Kyushu. mainland.

In the forest, Darryl saw some rare and exotic beasts, but these rare and exotic beasts did not have the slightest immortal energy on their bodies, but a kind of violent aura was permeated.


Just when Darryl was looking at him, the rare and exotic beasts in the forest also found him, and suddenly screamed, and then rushed over.

D*mn it!

Seeing these rare and exotic beasts rushing over, Darryl was taken aback, stood up quickly, and at the same time summoned Fang Tian’s painting halberd.

At the same time, Darryl shouted: “Hey, I just passed by here, I didn’t provoke you, don’t mess around.” When saying this, Darryl urged the beast ring on his body.

Only by urging the Royal Beast Ring, these rare and exotic beasts could understand what Darryl meant.

Darryl originally thought that he used the Royal Beast Ring to calm these rare and exotic beasts.

However, what made Darryl depressed was that the rare and exotic beasts went crazy one by one, and had no intention of stopping at all, instead they launched a fierce attack.


At this moment, Darryl wanted to cry without tears, so he had to hold Fang Tian’s painting halberd tightly, and fought fiercely with these rare and exotic beasts.

Speaking of it, before being abused by Leticia, Darryl was very weak, and these exotic beasts were not only strong, but also very vigorous in their movements. In contrast, Darryl was not an opponent at all, but relied on Fang Fang. The sharpness of the sky painted halberd also blocked the siege of these rare and exotic beasts.


Half an hour later, these rare and strange beasts realized that they could not defeat Darryl and left one after another.

Seeing this, Darryl sat down on the ground and let out a long sigh of relief.

D*mn, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Afterwards, Darryl looked around again, extremely puzzled.

What the hell is this place? Why are you so lifeless? Except for rare birds and exotic aD*mnls, can no one see it alone?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just when Darryl frowned secretly, he heard a few breaking noises.

Darryl instantly became vigilant, and at the same time raised his head and looked towards the sky.


As a result, at this sight, Darryl’s whole body was shocked, and he couldn’t help taking a cold breath, and his whole body was instantly stunned.

I’m going, what are these?

Darryl’s mouth grew big, and he rubbed his eyes with his hands, very surprised.

I saw that more than a dozen figures were flying towards me, and these figures, one more weird than one, the headed one, were burly, like a strong man, but with a tiger head.

Human body tiger head? Is this special code a monster?

There were others with human faces and leopard heads.

There is also a woman, with a beautiful face, unspeakably charming and charming, just like a fairy, but her lower body is dragged with a long snake tail…

For a while, Darryl froze there, completely staring blankly.

Chapter 1814

At this time Darryl didn’t know that these were the monster races that were sealed here.


Just when Darryl was secretly surprised, these weird-looking guys had already arrived in front of him. The headed man looked at Darryl up and down, full of hostility: “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The tone is sharp, revealing an unruly gesture!


Darryl scratched his head, feeling inexplicably worried, and said: “I passed through an enchantment, and then I got here.”

As he said, Darryl showed a slight smile, and said very politely: “How can I leave here if I dare to ask a few people?”

At this time, Darryl was very careful. He clearly sensed that these were not good stubbles in front of him, and each of them was terrifying in strength. In this case, he naturally had to be polite.

Darryl didn’t know that these were all monster races trapped here.


Hearing this, several monsters looked at each other, and then the monster with the head of the human body asked Darryl, “Are you from God’s Domain?”

Darryl nodded.

In an instant, several monsters looked at Darryl’s gaze, showing a bit of hostility.

what’s going on?

Seeing the other party’s expression, Darryl panicked inexplicably.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that this was the place where the monster race was sealed, so he didn’t understand what it meant that he came from God’s Domain.


Two seconds later, Darryl reacted, secretly swallowing his saliva, and said to the tiger demon: “The big brother, I just came here by accident, all by accident, that… if you don’t know. How to send me back, I will go by myself…”

When the voice fell, Darryl turned around and was about to leave.

Darryl could see that these guys who were not human or demon in front of him, as soon as they heard of God’s Domain, looked like they were facing an enemy, it would be better for him to stray quickly.

“When you reach the land of our monster race, you still want to leave?”

As soon as Darryl turned around, the Tiger Demon frowned and gave a burst of shouts, and immediately afterwards, the figure came directly towards Darryl like a cannonball.


Darryl’s body was weak and his strength hadn’t recovered yet, and he couldn’t react at all. Seeing Tiger Demon shot the electricity, he grabbed Darryl’s arm.


Darryl wanted to cry without tears, and hurriedly said: “This big brother, I really didn’t intend to break into your territory, we have something to say, there is no need to do it!”

At this time, Darryl was very depressed.

D*mn, it’s really bad luck today. First, I was chased by the crazy girl Leticia, and now it’s not easy to catch my breath, but I met these guys who are neither human nor demon.

Depressed, Darryl wanted to resist, but this tiger demon’s arm strength was amazing, Darryl only felt that his arm was clamped by iron tongs, and he couldn’t get rid of it at all.

“To shut up!”

Darryl’s explanation, the tiger demon couldn’t listen to it at all, he scolded: “Don’t argue with us, since you are from God’s Domain, you must be a spy sent by God’s Domain.”

The voice fell, and the man with a head and a snake body beside him coldly answered, “Don’t talk nonsense with him, take it directly to the leader!”


Hearing this, Darryl looked confused, these people who are not human or demon, and the leader?


Just when Darryl was secretly curious, he saw that Tiger Demon suddenly raised his hand and slapped Darryl on the back of his head with a palm. Darryl only felt that the sky was spinning, his eyes turned dark, and he fainted.

D*mn, these guys are crazy.

I have already explained it myself, and I have to do it!

After half an hour.

Darryl woke up and found that he was on a hillside and a half, not far from the front, was a large-scale stone hall, on both sides of the stone hall gate, there were a lot of huge beast statues.

What is this place?

Darryl rubbed his head, secretly surprised.

At this moment, a burly figure came, and it was the Tiger Demon who knocked Darryl out before, and pulled Darryl up: “Wake up? Come with me to see the leader. Are you a spy from God’s Domain? , The leader knows when he asks.”

Darryl did not respond, his heart was very bitter.

This tiger demon looked like a straight-headed guy, and he determined that he was a spy from God’s Domain.

However, God’s Domain is the ruler of the Nine Heavens God and is respected by all walks of life. Why is this Tiger Demon so hostile to God’s Domain?

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t dare to ask more when seeing Tiger Demon’s face strained.

The tiger demon’s arm strength was amazing, he picked up Darryl with one hand, and walked towards the stone hall along the stone steps in front of him.

At the beginning, Darryl was still calm, but gradually he was extremely surprised.

I saw that on the two roads leading to the stone temple, there were many monsters with tiger heads standing there neatly, each wearing a uniform armor, five steps one post, ten steps one guard, and heavily guarded.

D*mn it!

Seeing this scene, Darryl was shocked.

With so many people with tiger heads, is this the tiger demon’s lair?

Darryl clearly sensed that these tiger monsters standing on both sides of the road were very powerful, and any one of them could easily crush Darryl!

In shock, Darryl did not dare to relax at all, letting Tiger Demon carry himself into the stone palace.


After entering the stone hall, Darryl was silly at the sight of the scene in front of him, and couldn’t help sucking in the air!

In the center of the stone hall, there is a huge stone throne. This throne is carved from a special stone. It has a black texture and white lines on it. Although it does not have the majesty of the throne of the Nine Heavens God, it is transparent. With a domineering and unparalleled momentum.

On the throne, sitting at this time is a majestic man, wearing a yellow and white robe, with a strong aura.

On both sides of the throne, there were a dozen figures standing quietly. They were exactly what Darryl had seen before, some with leopard heads and some with snake heads…

Seeing this, Darryl was up and down in his heart, and he was very panicked. At the same time, he also noticed that all the people present were all beasts, not a single bird.

D*mn it.

At this moment, looking at the man on the throne, Darryl only felt a force of pressure on his face, almost out of breath.

At the same time, the man on the throne also looked at Darryl up and down, with a look of confusion.

“Tiger Ben!”

Finally, the man asked the tiger demon beside Darryl, “Who is this?”

The man on the throne is the King of White Tiger. Ten thousand years ago, Pangu opened up the world, and the world gave birth to four innate beasts, namely, Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku and Xuanwu. After that, the four great beasts derive their own races. .

Today, the white tiger clan has lasted for 30,000 years. Because the white tiger is one of the four innate spirit beasts and has a long life span, the fifth-generation white tiger king sitting on the throne at this time.

And the tiger demon who catches Darryl is the number one warrior next to the White Tiger King, Hu Ben.

Hearing the White Tiger King’s question at this time, Hu Ben hurriedly said: “Back to the leader, this guy, coming from the barrier of God’s Domain, must be a spy, so I caught it!”


Hearing this, King White Tiger’s face changed, and his eyes flashed with strong hostility.

At this moment, seeing Darryl standing there stupidly, Hu Ben scolded: “I saw our Beast League White Tiger King, why don’t you kneel down?” As he said, he gave Darryl a kick.

Chapter 1815

Darryl couldn’t stand steady, so he knelt down.

Beast League? White Tiger King?

The moment he knelt on the ground, Darryl was furious, and at the same time he was extremely puzzled.

In the next second, Darryl smiled bitterly at the White Tiger King and said, “This… the great king, I just broke in accidentally. I am not a spy of God’s Domain at all. This is a complete misunderstanding.”


Hearing this, Hu Ben couldn’t express his anger, and shouted: “The gods of God’s Domain. And the Nine Heavens Gods, all of them are virtuous and despicable people. They all deserve to die. You are from God’s Domain. What are you not spies?”

When the words fell, the other beast monsters around also all opened their mouths, punishing Darryl’s mouth.

“Back then, if God’s Domain hadn’t launched a God War, we wouldn’t have been trapped here.”

“Don’t talk nonsense with him, just kill it.”

The accusations of the demons came from you to me, Darryl only felt that his head was big, but he gradually understood the situation, knowing that thousands of years ago. There had been a war of gods, and these were all the demonic tribes who were sealed here.

In the Divine War of the year, the Monster Race suffered countless deaths and injuries, and hated the Divine Realm, so it is no wonder that he knew that Darryl came from the Divine Realm and would be so hostile.

“All right!”

At this moment, the White Tiger King looked around and waved his hand: “Don’t make a noise, since this person is from God’s Domain. You don’t need to ask more, just drag it out and hack it.”

When I said this, the White Tiger King did not have the slightest emotional fluctuation on his face. In the divine battle that year, the Baihu clan suffered heavy casualties and almost wiped out the clan, and he almost hated God’s Domain to his bones.

Knowing that Darryl was from God’s Domain at this time, the White Tiger King didn’t have the slightest toleration.


Hu Ben responded and walked over and grabbed Darryl before dragging him out for execution.


Darryl was taken aback and wanted to cry without tears.

He broke into here by mistake and was about to be beheaded. This is too wrong. You must know that the grievances between God’s Domain and these monster races have nothing to do with them.

Depressed, Darryl couldn’t think too much, so he urged the power of the original spirit to try to get rid of the tiger.

Feeling Darryl’s struggle, Hu Ben sneered: “No need to struggle. Here, your life is ours.”

Darryl did not respond, and continued to urge the power of the soul.


The next second, I heard a dragon chant, and then in front of Darryl, a shadow of the dragon flashed away. It was the soul contract between Darryl and Krista. Speaking of which, the soul contract between Darryl and Krista would not be easily revealed, but Hu Ben was a powerful person in the White Tiger clan, and what he displayed was the power of the spirit beast.

And Krista belonged to the Shellmound clan, and was also the power of the spirit beast, which was considered to be of the same origin as the Baihu clan, so at this time, under the pressure of Hu Ben, the soul contract between Darryl and Krista appeared.


Seeing this scene, whether it was the White Tiger King sitting on the throne, or Hu Ben and the other beasts around him, they were all stunned.

For a while, there was silence in the stone hall.


Finally, the White Tiger King reacted, stood up slowly, and questioned Darryl: “You and the Qinglong clan. What is the relationship!”


At the same time, Hu Ben and other beast monsters also stared at Darryl closely, waiting for his answer.

“I…” Darryl was stunned, then realized. The other party may be talking about the Shellmound clan, and responded: “I am the Dragon Lord of the Shellmound clan!”

Long Zun?

Hearing this, King White Tiger frowned secretly, his face was indifferent, but his heart was shocked.

To know. The Azure Dragon is the head of the four innate spirit beasts, and being able to be the Dragon Sovereign of the Azure Dragon clan must not be a general generation.

At the same time, Hu Ben and the surrounding beasts were also stunned.

At this time, Darryl couldn’t help but said: “I would like to ask, the Shellmound clan has always lived on Shellmound Island, why are you called the Qinglong clan?”

The White Tiger King was stunned, and then chuckled slightly: “Fortunately, you are still Dragon Lord, don’t you know that the dragon in your mouth is actually the blue dragon, the first of the four innate spirit beasts?”

Four Congenital Spirit Beasts?

At this moment, Darryl was stunned, unable to relax for a while.

At this moment, Hu Ben sneered, unable to conceal the contempt in his heart: “What is the head of the four spirit beasts? God’s Domain launched a battle of Gods. The Azure Dragon clan fled without a fight and hid in the human world, it is really embarrassing.”

“If the Azure Dragon clan didn’t escape without authorization, our entire monster clan would not fail miserably, let alone be trapped in such a place.”

When the voice fell, the other beast monsters around also nodded one after another, one by one angry.


Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and suddenly understood.

It turned out that the Shellmound clan on Shellmound Island turned out to be the Azure Dragon, the first of the four innate spirit beasts. In order to avoid the god war, they inhabited the continent of Kyushu.

Understand these. Darryl showed a slight smile and said: “I think, the reason why Qinglong avoided the battle of gods back then must have their own plans.”

Seriously, the magical battle of the year. Darryl didn’t want to comment too much, but as the Dragon Venerable of the Azure Dragon clan, seeing the White Tiger King and the surrounding beast monsters at this time had a deep resentment towards the Azure Dragon clan, he couldn’t help but say a few words for the Azure Dragon clan.

As soon as the voice fell, Hu Ben couldn’t help but yelled: “What can you understand as a human? The Azure Dragon clan fled without a fight. It was a cowardly behavior. No explanation is useful.”

Uh …

Hearing this, Darryl was very embarrassed. He smiled bitterly, and didn’t know how to speak for a while.

At this time, the White Tiger King looked at Darryl and said, “What is your name?”

“Darryl!” Darryl answered truthfully without concealing it.

The White Tiger King pondered, and looked up and down Darryl: “Since you are the Dragon Lord of the Azure Dragon clan, why are you in God’s Domain?”

When he said this, the eyes of the White Tiger King were full of suspicion.

At this time, Hu Ben couldn’t help but questioned: “Frankly explain, do you represent the Azure Dragon clan and have served in the realm of God?”


Darryl took a deep breath, revealed a smile, and said: “You are misunderstanding, I came to God’s Domain, it’s a long story…” In the next ten minutes, Darryl will show how to transfer the array through the chaos. The matter of going to God’s Domain was said.

Of course, Darryl didn’t conceal the slightest bit of experience in God’s Domain these few days.


At this moment, after listening to Darryl’s narration, the entire stone palace was in an uproar.

The White Tiger King looked at Darryl with scorching eyes, and said with a smile: “I really can’t tell, you, a human being, can actually turn around the hypocrites in God’s Domain and admire it!”

When he said this, the White Tiger King completely lost his previous hostility. The view of Darryl has been greatly changed.

At the same time, Hu Ben was also very excited. He hugged Darryl’s shoulders and laughed loudly: “Haha, steal the precious fruits of Lingguo Garden. He also pretended to be the Nine Heavens God, these sounds enjoyable.”

The surrounding beast monsters also looked at Darryl for appreciation.

You know, the beast demon present, because of the divine battle back then. He was very hostile to God’s Domain. At this time, he was very happy to learn what Darryl had done in God’s Domain. After all, the enemy’s enemy was just a friend.

For a time, the originally depressive atmosphere instantly eased a lot.

Seeing this scene, Darryl had a smile on his face, and his heart was also relieved secretly.

D*mn, it’s so dangerous. Fortunately, I am the Dragon Lord of the Azure Dragon clan. Otherwise, he would be dead now.

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